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Beware Bogus 9-11 Mini-Nuke Theory

August 16, 2010

911.jpgby Christian Soderberg in Sweden

The people behind the 9/11 False Flag-event have launched a propaganda blitz to cover their tracks.

For example, the "No planes hit the World Trade Center buildings" theory is a straight out lie.

The war industrial complex and global bankers are putting out these propaganda theories so that when they are discovered to be false, the whole 9/11 truth movement and the scientifically sound investigations will be discredited as "crazy, unrealistic conspiracy theories".

There were landing gear and other pieces of the planes found around Ground Zero, so the two planes really did hit WTC towers 1 and 2. Here's photo evidence..

9/11 Aircraft Remains

[Makow- Yeah and Mohamed Atta's passport too!  My hunch is that, if there were no planes in Pennsylvania, at WTC 7 and at the Pentagon, it would be consistent that no planes hit the WTC. The filmmakers-eye witnesses may have been CIA plants and the planes were photoshopped. The planes enter the buildings like a diver into water. Not realistic. Back to Soderberg...)   

The "nukes in the bed rock" theory also seems very unconvincing.  The video interview with Dimitri Khalezov. claims to know the facts while putting down other independent, more scientific 9/11 research.

The interview also shows Khalezov's poor research...for example:

Most of the concrete in those buildings was pulverized, yes, but most of the steel columns were found in the rubble and then taken away, so to claim that most of the structural steel was also pulverized is a lie.

WTC Steel Removal

If someone would have claimed that the main support of the towers was cut with mini-thermo nukes, then maybe.. But that 150 kiloton nukes were detonated deep in the bed rock ..and then the 'thermal nuclear wave' moved inside the towers (..but nothing of this is to be seen from outside of the building) turning everything to micron- dust?! This simply is not true.

..How in the hell did this 'thermal nuclear wave' stay inside the buildings, supposedly turning everything into fine dust except the outside walls ?!

Plus there is no nuclear cavity..

The construction clean up-crew has scraped the whole of WTC site all the way to the bed rock, so that they can begin to lay down the foundations of the new buildings, and nobody has reported any "nuclear cavities" to be found.

Here are few news articles of the Ground Zero bedrock, and I'm sure you'll find more articles with a google search:

Ice Age geology revealed at Ground Zero

Observations from the WTC bedrock

On this page you can see a photo of one of the Twin Towers' core still standing, so there is no "hundred meters deep nuclear cavity" into which all the steel melted as Khalezov claims.

Here's a link to Ground Zero photos. And you can see that most of the structural steel is still there.

This video interview with Dimitri  Khalezov, to me, is just another propaganda operation trying to discredit the 9/11 Truth movement and the real, solid evidence found on criminal activity on 9/11 events.

Khalezov's "facts" on 9/11 and Ground Zero are so poor that I don't think it is an accident.

There is evidence that nano-thermite explosive charges did bring down the WTC buildings, all three of them. Small, unexploded nano-thermite chips have been found in the dust and rubble of the World Trade Center. There was a lot of iron-rich microsphere in the WTC dust which is a byproduct of a thermite reaction.

US Geological Survey and EPA, the US  Environmental Protection Agency, have also reported finding these iron microspheres in the 9/11 WTC dust:

Aluminothermic Residues Form and Composition of Dust Particles Indicates Aluminothermics

There were some louder explosions heard in the WTC towers and 9/11 survivors have told about explosions in the WTC basement, so it is quite possible that there were other kinds of explosives used than just nano-thermite charges.

NIST , National Institute of Standards and Technology , and many "debunkers" claim that thermite cannot be used as a cutting charge. But these "nano-thermites" have explosive qualities, which the regular thermite doesn't have. And a far higher energy release than the regular thermite.

NIST who wrote the official report on why the WTC towers collapsed, never made any tests for explosives or incendiary materials in the case of the WTC buildings.

Apparently it is also possible to mix conventional explosives like RDX in with the nano-thermite material, to give it even more explosive qualities. Also note, that this article below by Livermore Laboratory was published in the year 2000, so this technology was in production before September 11, 2001

Explosive Aerogels: Nanoscale chemistry yields better explosives

Energetic Nanocomposites

This 'sol-gel nano-thermite' described by Livermore Laboratory is very much alike the thermitic material found in the WTC dust by independent scientists; ingredients intimately mixed in a porous silica matrix.

"Similar but not identical systems are nano-laminated pyrotechnic compositions, or energetic nanocomposites. In these systems, the fuel and oxidizer is not mixed as small particles, but deposited as alternating thin layers. ..functional properties of the multilayer structures can be controlled, such as the reaction front velocity.."

. this stuff is a bit more high tech than just "welding sticks" like Dimitri  Khalezov called thermite on the videos.

Here is the press release by the independent scientists who discovered the red/gray layered, thermitic composite chips from the  WTC dust:

Study: Scientists Discover Active Thermitic Material in WTC Dust

And here is study in pdf form published in The Open Chemical Physics Journal in April 2009:

Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

There were demolition charges (possibly nano-thermite charges along with conventional cutting charges) used on every floor of towers # 1 and #2.

The demolition charges by themselves are enough to explain the pulverized concrete.

Here are two videos showing clearly the demolition charges on the floors of the WTC tower blowing out below the collapse itself. You can even see in the videos how the explosion line on the floors doesn't move evenly, but it leaves the corner of the tower intact for awhile till the collapse reaches it.

On some other videos, but on these also, you can see individual explosion plumes blowing out of the towers well below the collapse and the main detonation wave.

South Tower Coming Down

Demolition Pops at South Tower

Thermite reaction causes a rapid heat release of around 3500 degrees Celsius as told by Livermore Laboratory, which is more than enough to melt the structural steel beams and explain why some of the cars were found burned near Ground Zero.

Thermite reaction also explains why there was molten metal found many weeks after September 11 in the WTC rubble.

Some of this molten metal can be seen pouring out of the WTC tower(s) before it's collapse.

 Molten metal pouring out of a WTC tower 

WTC thermite video stabilized

There was a lot of maintenance work done on the WTC complex months, few years prior to September 11, including elevator maintenance, and many floors have been reported of being out of use the weeks before 9/11, so the explosives were most likely planted during these operations.

To why many rescue workers got seriously ill, is because there was a lot of stuff from the towers to burn in the fires that went on for several weeks after 9/11, caused by the heat of the thermite reaction.

Gasses from plastics, metals, paints, chemicals, office materials, asbestos, you name it, to be inhaled.

Also, the air was filled with minute particles of asbestos and building materials, so maybe nuclear radiation suggested by Dimitri  Khalezov isn't even needed for people to get really sick.

So do not promote any theories on 9/11 before you have double and even triple checked them. Don't even believe what I write here untill you have done your own research.

If you really care about the 9/11 truth, understand that you will only cause more harm to the movement and confuse the people just learning about all of this by promoting every theory out there that offer no proof and are based only on speculation. Some of these are straight out lies.

Here are trust worthy sources to 9/11 investigation, 9/11 information and news about the Truth movement.

These are not 'conspiracy' sites but focus mainly on facts, not on speculation.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

YouTube channel of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

911 Blogger. com

911 research. com

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Beware Bogus 9-11 Mini-Nuke Theory"

Bill said (August 17, 2010):

Don't forget WTC6...Remember? The 2nd plane hit the S. Tower at 9:03...WTC6 then blew sky-high at 9:04..Hasn't been explained..Emergency workers responded..this was talked about..It blew up right in front of us..Case closed..You're right nano-therm..rdx..probably the IDF demo boys who worked for Dominic Suter's Mossad-front moving co..Silverstein and Lowy provided an unprecedented 36 hr. power-down the weekend before also..What a job...

Chris Bollyn and Victor Thorn and David Ray Griifin deserve some

Tony said (August 16, 2010):

I have to differ somewhat here. On nine/eleven I was at work at American Free Press. One of my jobs was manning the phones and the email. Shortly after the whole thing began I got a call from a man in NYC who regularly volunteered information to us and who proved to be truthful every time. I have no doubt whatsoever that he told me the truth.

He said something fishy was going on. That he was watching TV and they kept talking about the passenger planes hitting the towers. Said that was not true. He actually saw the first plane hit and it was NOT an airliner. It was way too small and it was green in color.

The U.S. military has some green aircraft, I'm told.

The proven nano-thermite use makes more sense to me than mini nukes although who's to nae-say at this point that both may have had a part but the nano-thermite is what was used to cut the steel and, I would guess, to powder the concrete.

On another subject, I went across the river from DC the next day to look at the Pentagon. Of a certainty, no airliner hit that building. Again, the hole was way too small. We all concluded it was done with a cruise missile at the time because we didn't know that the military already had those unmanned planes up and going. Both are about the same size. Or, at least, use the same sized engines, one of which was the only engine found inside the Pentagon walls. Much too small for an airliner.

Eddie said (August 16, 2010):

I personally saw raw footage here in New York City from NY news channel 4 and channel 1 helicopters from 2 different angles where the explosions sans the airplanes are clealy seen. The news anchor does not mention any planes in the area. It's a heartbreaking discovery.

These are the links I found so far:!v=q4YoC14qi4c&feature=related!v=_NRMgnXL9JQ&feature=related


Brian said (August 16, 2010):

I also have doubts about the underground nuke claims. The Nano-Thermite chips found and identified by Steven Jones and his colleagues seem to nail the case for pre planted explosives/incendiaries, at least to me. I have seen no serious attempt at refuting their findings so far - lame internet debunker shills do not constitute serious refutation.

Check out this interesting video by 9/11 researcher David Chandler, who shows what seems to be a sequence of carefully timed explosions taking out the corner columns of the North Tower as the "collapse" progresses. Watch for the unmistakable evidence of explosives going off beneath the collapse zone beginning at the 2:40 mark -

911 - David Chandler show proof of cutter charge blowing corner column on WTC north tower on 911

As for the no planes theory, I'm not sure on that one. What was that strange flash right before the North Tower hit? What was that appendage beneath the starboard wing of the South Tower plane, and isn't it strange how the entire plane glides right into the building, from nose to tail, wing tip to wing tip? It enters into the building with no loss of velocity whatsoever. Wouldn't all that steel that comprised the tower's structure offer up at least some resistance? I also find it strange how even the very tip of the wings cut through the steel like a knife (check out photos of the gashes). The Shanksville plane left a gash in the ground remarkably similar to the two gashes seen on the towers. That also is odd.

Carl said (August 16, 2010):

Hi, Henry, I recently went to a talk given by Professor Jim Fetzer in London...fantastic talk...even I picked up new stuff. It was filmed, so it should be out there. I think micro nukes were used in the WTC basement. I was banned for forwarding this theory on Propagandamatrix (Prison Planet). I believe they need to make a big space for the WTC debris. Fetzer is also strong on the Tesla style weapon which created the dust...everything that could be turned into dust, was turned into dust, like talcum powder. It covered everything and is killing people to this day.

Like the 19 hijakers, thermite is a was there, but you could not time that many charges in perfect sequence to bring each tower down in 10 seconds.

The French film crew were in on it...hearing a plane at street level and swinging the camera from down, through 180 degrees and locking onto the plane with NO SEARCH for it, was impossible in my opinion...the plane was also too small.

On WTC 7, you can see this is a demolition job, building sag and no where near as much dust.

I think the plane strikes were CGI`d. The silloett of the second strike..the plane is far too big as it approaches the hidden side on the tower. And Cheney kept the planes on the ground, BECAUSE THERE WAS NOTHING TO ATTACK!!!!

Anon said (August 16, 2010):

Soderberg is wrong here. The NWO elite have definitely planned and created these 9/11 truth movements. After all the best way to control the opposition is to lead it. Anyone who has watched the "no plane" or September clues" videos will no doubt find that there weren't any planes used at all. Also, Mr. Khalezov is against the mini-nuke theory (page 48 of his free book), instead he claims the towers came down due to deep underground nuclear explosions which were in-built when the towers were being made. The whole house of cards of the NWO is resting upon the media's version of planes flying into the towers so the biggest damage we can cause is when we can convince the masses that they have been lied to.

Henry, I hope the in next article you can summarize Khalezov's theory briefly.

P.S. maybe that's why the passenger list for all planes have never been published ...haha..cause there were no passengers

John said (August 16, 2010):

I think, after seeing almost every 911 studies, that the no plane theory is the truth, whatever some corrupted mind could say about it.

And my opinion is that the evil organisation who did 911 attack is afraid that people could discover that there was no plane, that the planes were added with the greatest TV fakery ever. So they created "911 movements" with gate keepers from their own camp, telling everyone what is "real" and what is "fake".

Where fake is truth obviously.

For the sceptical, just watch all the parts of September clues, and if after that you still think that planes crashed in WTC, then no one can do nothing for you.

Just watch, and make yourself your own point of view, don't stop to gate keepers warning.

This is the same with the Protocol of Zion, the same gate keepers say "it's fake".... Of course lol

Please watch this series of youtube videos and may be, next time, you'll personnaly answer to those "truth seekers" who post on your website.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at