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BP Disaster = Catastrophic Climate Change?

August 9, 2010

"We may be entering a full new Ice Age."

by the Earl of Sterling

An Italian theoretical physicist, Dr. Gianluigi ZangariDr. Gianluigi Zangari says the BP Oil Disaster has caused  a dramatic weakening in the vorticity of the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Current, and a reduction in North Atlantic water temperatures by 10 Celsius.

"The breaking of a crucial warm stream ... may generate a chain reaction of unpredictable critical phenomena and ... may have serious consequences on the dynamics of the Gulf Stream thermoregulation activity of the Global Climate."

The Gulf Stream's impact on climate is well known, keeping Iceland and Scotland comfortable in winter compared to the deep-freeze of Labrador at the same latitude. The Gulf Stream  directly affects weather and climate patterns over the whole Northern Hemisphere, and perhaps even world wide.


The entire 'river of warm water' that flows from the Caribbean to the edges of Western Europe is dying due to the Corexit that the Obama Administration allowed BP to use to hide the scale of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster.

The approximately two million gallons of Corexit, plus several million gallons of other dispersants, have caused the over two hundred million gallons of crude oil to mostly sink to the bottom of the ocean. This has  hidden much of the oil, with the hopes that BP can seriously reduce the mandated federal fines from the oil disaster.

However, there is no current way to effectively 'clean up' the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, which is about half covered in crude oil. Additionally, the oil has flowed up the East Coast of America and into the North Atlantic Ocean, and there is no way to effectively clean up this 'sea bottom oil'.

This massive amount of crude oil, covering such an enormous area, has seriously affected the Loop Current, the Gulf Stream, and the North Atlantic Current system, by breaking up the boundary layers of the warm water flow.

There are several names to the themo-regulation 'river of warm water' that keeps the Northern Hemisphere from going into a new Ice Age. The first section is named the  "Loop Current" and it begins in the Caribbean, flows around the Yucatan Peninsula and goes into the Gulf of Mexico, then loops around the Gulf and exits on the east side and runs between Cuba and Florida.

At this point the current is called the  "Florida Current" and it flows from the Keys up the East Coast of America (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and part of North Carolina) to the Outer Banks. At the Outer Banks the current heads east into the North Atlantic where it is known as the  "Gulf Stream". Eventually the Gulf Stream becomes the  North Atlantic Current, which itself eventually becomes the Norway Current and the Canary Current.

This 'river of warm water' does not begin with the Loop Current, it is part of a much larger system that includes the Atlantic South Equatorial Current which flows north along the coast of Brazil (the North Brazil Current), and becomes the Caribbean Current, and is renamed the Yucatan Current as it flows north into the Yucatan Channel. This entire system is one of the main global themo-regulation processes that regulates the planet's temperatures.

Based on what has already happened (to the Loop Current and the Gulf Stream/North Atlantic Current/etc. and global weather patterns), and what is continuing to happen, we can project increased global climate changes that are both serious and near in terms of time. We may be entering a full new Ice Age.

There is no known way to clean up the massive amount of free crude oil, stripped of its lighter elements by dispersants, now on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and in significant parts of the Atlantic Ocean (where the Gulf Stream flows).

The use of Corexit and other dispersants by BP, with the full cooperation of the Obama Administration has created the most significant danger to the entire planet in recorded history. This is what happens when a great nation slips into being a Third World type of nation, where money alone is the key driving force in government actions.

As full knowledge of the scope of the oncoming mega-disaster to the planet becomes known, the Obama Administration will find itself in a political crisis way beyond Watergate (that cost Nixon his presidency) or the sex affair that almost cost Clinton his presidency. The effect on this years mid-term Congressional elections are apt to be dramatic.

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Comments for "BP Disaster = Catastrophic Climate Change? "

Bruce said (August 10, 2010):

Concerning > Comments for "BP Disaster = Catastrophic Climate Change? "

This piece stinks of disinfo. I call bullshite. First off if you remember early reports and pictures, it was TAR BALLS, not crude. They drilled into the side of an ashphalt volcano. Go to youtube if you want to see. Discovered 25 years ago, undersea ashphalt volcanos are dotted throughout the gulf. Most of the gulfs' seabed is covered with tar and it has a unique ecosystem with microbes that eat the oil. In fact these organism's come out of the volcano with the tar. This has been going on for a long time. No problem. Then an unfortunate act brought this tar up to the surface and then the hype, and the corexit, and the sickness started.

Why can't anyone fly over the gulf. Is there really a problem with oil, or have we all been greased. Problem, Reaction, Solution. And that solution is coming down the pipe right now with new laws/control, moratoriums, and they'll probably toss in a round of vaccines to prevent gulf oil sickness or some other silly made up scare.

Remember. We should be living in small subsistence groups by now from the big ice-age (1990s') caused by humans, that was stridently called for in the early 1970's. Well guess what. Some of the same people now say global warming, er..ahh.. global cooling ...oh ya, caused by humans.

Always, ice records show that carbon dioxide levels follow global warming by at least 60 years. This fact alone blows the whole game.

Dave said (August 9, 2010):

Interesting viewpoint and article, it appears more people are coming awake to the reality of our predicament as a species. I have to somewhat agree with Tim Alexander, the E of S, in that the BP Deepwater catastrophe is a recipe for global disaster and very possibly the tipping point in climate change, but which way will it go, Fire, Ice or Both? If you look at oil and sunlight, you see heating effects, so surface oil would generally collect heat, cause oxygen starvation in the water and increase ocean current speeds. This would in turn drive northern hemisphere thawing, dropping massive amounts of fresh water into the global recirculating cycle and would eventually displace the "hot" currents. So, if it is surface oil, I would expect two to five years of higher than usual average temperatures in Europe. This I think would be followed by a very rapid decrease in temperature and the onset of a new ice age that could come about over a period of a month to three months, have to be able to deposit all that snow. The initial northern hemisphere heating created by surface oil, the sun coming back awake and what appears to be our proximity to entering one of the galaxy's spiral arms (increase in thermal conductance due to an increase in spatial gas density) would cause the atmosphere to retain increasing amounts of moisture to the point of saturation. When the temperature drops there would be a snowball effect I would think, burying Europe under tons of ice and snow. On the other hand, oil on the ocean bottom would really have little effect on weather patterns since the oil is so deep it cannot absorb and retain heat from the sun. Corexit I think is the biggest problem, much like pharmaceutical industry, the oil industry seems to think that fixing things with poisons will make everything better. Sadly, that's not the case, Lipitor to big pharma may be what Corexit is to big oil, however with Corexit, we may all end up paying the price sooner, rather than later.

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