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Brazil Firmly in Illuminati Grip

November 12, 2009

lula_bush.jpgby Marcos in San Paolo (Exclusive)

The situation in Brazil is as bad as in Russia.[President] Lula [da Silva] is part of a communist party that is taking Brazil into the arms of the New World Order.

The Workers Party is a member of the Forum de Sao Paulo, an association of Communist groups including terrorist organizations such as the FARC in Colombia. The main goal of the Forum is to develop the Marxist revolution in South America, in what is called the Bolivarian Movement, for Simon Bolivar, the historical figure who wanted an unified Hispanic South America. The main inspiration is Fidel Castro. The Communists have already taken over most universities, newspapers and media, following the teachings of Gramsci and Marcuse. There is a wave of political correctness, gay rights and all kinds of leftist agenda points.

Lula has betrayed his own country several  times: he has given away much of Itaipu (see note below) to Communist-led Paraguay; he has pardoned debts from Bolivia; he has given much aid to Venezuela. He also created a huge Indian reservation on the border with Venezuela, a no-man's land that is open to any kind of incursion and is a threat to Brazilian sovereignty, since it spreads into Venezuela. It is another supranational country.

The narco-terrorists from FARC have free access to Brazil, and have been dumping drugs and heavy guns to the drug dealers, especially in Rio. 50,000 Brazilians are killed every year in drug-related violence, but Lula  doesn't touch the drug dealers because of the (not so) secret agreements with the FARC. Lula's government is also terribly corrupt, not at the levels of previous governments, but now in billions of dollars.

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of York have just awarded Lula the Chatham House Award for bringing peace to the continent ! Yes, the man supports drug dealers, terrorists, a Marxist revolution in the continent and is regarded as a man of peace !!!

Chatham House is a know Illuminati Think Tank. Lula is now the official court's jester.

Lula also will take to Copenhagen the boldest proposal for CO2 reduction in the world: 40% until 2020. There was absolutely no debate about it. Nobody even knows here that hundreds of scientists are against Al Gore's lies. This policy will kill our economy. Sao Paulo state already approved a law to reduce 20% of CO2 emissions.

I firmly believe Lula has been bought by the NWO. The Illuminates probably told Lula that Brazil will now be regarded as a top country. They gave Brazil the Olympics and the World Cup. This is crazy, considering the level of violence in Rio. They will probably include Brazil in the G10, where Lula will look very important to the fools here, while he does everything he is supposed to do.

One has to understand that Brazil has a very deep inferiority complex. Being among the great countries will look like a victory, even though those countries will be under the thumb of the Illuminates. The game is over here: there is no real opposition and the main competitor for the next election, Jose Serra, is also a leftist.

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Itaipu-One of the largest dams in the world. It is on the border and Brazil paid for everything. 
When the former Bishop, communist president of Paraguay was caught in a scandal with a bastard child, his popularity dropped. His answer was to ask for an outrageous substantial increase in the amount paid from Brazil for the use of Itaipu. (Paraguay uses only 10%).
Against all reasoning, Lula agreed and made the Paraguayan look like a communist hero, a David who smashed the Brazilian Goliath.

Lula Wants to "Re-educate" Brazilians to love gays

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Brazil Firmly in Illuminati Grip"

Altamir said (November 19, 2009):

I disagree with Lisa on certain points. Policemen as BOPE were specially crafted to deal with the situation in Rio and just reacted in a mostly fair way against the violence standards and high tone of the bandits. Traffickers there in Brazil are insanely cruel and deceptive, and in many regards worse than the infamous Iraq terrorists.

The answer to crime-related killing sprees was no other than adoption of Israeli-style recon and tactics and the erradication of influence of corrupt policemen (which BOPE achieved). The police there didn't have any other option left, even if they wanted to — and boy they wanted with all heart. People at HR centres have yet to recognize that Brazilian police only committed to violent combat as a last resort before drug trafficking war engulfs the whole country city-after-city. Their aggressive reaction forced the violent mobs to retreat in Rio and stay on the defensive, a deed which by itself can be called a victory.

But I agree that Brazil's true problems are structural in nature. Commercial protectionism is rated high, the educational system was taken by anti-God marxist revolters; per capita income and GINI indexes are laughable given the level of industrialization and strong agricultural backbone.

Now about the Jewish people, I don't buy a thing that they are inherently evil or vested with malice (they really helped Brazil with military and industrial affairs in exchange of strategic alliances, but such thing occurred equally in most other reasonably civilized countries). They play to their interests just like any other group, with the notable exception of some révolutionnaires (like the Rothschilds of the past and other corrupt Jews) who are inconspicuously planning and preparing the scene for an amusing 'Sanhedrin revival' — the Communist NWO kind of thing. "
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Kevin said (November 17, 2009):

I have spent about 6 months in Brazil, and have noticed a few things.

A. Mmost people strongly believe in Voodoo, and many practice this as opposed to Catholicism. I do not see any churches, although I suppose they might practice in different types of building.

B. The population is overly obsessed with sex. Jealousy, cheating, cuckholding, affairs, people being "bi", homosexuality, trannies, prostitution, etc. It is hard to have a relationship with a Brazilian girl that is not consumed with thoughts of being cheated on.

C. It seems the amount of people living a gay lifestlye seems to have exploded. Places I went 4 years ago were almost all hetero. The same places I went last year were infested with trannies, and thousands of young boys and girls (16-20) obviously at least experimenting with being gay.

D. For some reason Hitler books and magaizines on every newsstand, demonizing the Third Reich. I talked to more than a few Brazilians who actually thought ww2 was a war between Germans and Jews, and did not even know it was a war between different nations.

E. People are pretty content with the status quo. As though they are broken. The poor are content going to the beach and having sex, and the rich live in fear of being robbed everyday. Bodyguards, gates, carjackings, just a part of life.

Rio is a beautiful city but it seems as though you are going to a hedonism resort. I have always wondered why the culture is so vastly different from neighboring Argentina.

Joseph said (November 16, 2009):

I am one of your many admirers but I need to disagree on a few of your statements about Brazil.

First and foremost: Lula is the single most corrupt president Brazil has ever had. He not only is corrupt but he concurs with corruption all around him. He is not hated by the people but loved because of the grants (Bolsa Familia) that he created. Its a policy that gives money away for people in the Northeast of Brazil for doing nothing.

Lula is a better version of Chavez (Venezuela) in the sense that it doesn't antagonize with international companies. As Chavez, Lula is very very bad as a politician and are both corrupt to the bone.

The Illuminati agenda has been in play in Brazil for much more than 12 years now. Since Mr. Rockefeller appointed a Brazilian Banker to be his main representative in Brazil (Walter Moreira Salles, now dead and ex owner of UNIBANCO) Brazil has been into Illuminati control.

As to the favelas and its inhabitants. Its a shame for the Brazilian people as a whole since its dominated by drug cartels with little interest to assist the populace and a lot if interest to supply drugs and arms.

Rio (as well as other major cities) cannot handle the growth it has been getting.

Brazil is coming close to a rude awakening. Its going to bitter but necessary.

Wolfgang said (November 15, 2009):

I always read your articles with much interest, but I have some reservation with the above. I live more than 50 years in Paraguay and can conform to you, that Paraguay is not a Communist-led country. Our actual President has lost a lot of credibility with his several babies as a catholic bishop and who knows if he can terminate his period as President. A big very questionable land deal by the government signed by him without parliamentary agreement may open a political trial for him in Parliament.

What he got from Brazil is a small increase in payments from Itaipu which is still open to agreement by the Brazilian Legislative.

The Paraguayan People are very nationalistic, individualist and mostly of agrarian origin. A communist takeover of this country is very unlikely. The writer of the above article knows very little about the Paraguayan History.

Reid said (November 15, 2009):

I was just in Brazil eight hours ago and am there frequently in my work as a pilot. On the ride from Rio's Galleao Airport to the beaches area, close to the bay, you see a park full of masonic symbols. As a matter of fact, if you keep your eyes open, the symbols are all over the place in Rio.
Your article is in line with my suspicions!

Marcos said (November 14, 2009):

It is remarkable how little foreigners know about Brazil, Juan's comments [below] are outrageous: Jews have little influence in Brazil, culturally and politically, and their number is low. The Workers' party policy is totally pro-Palestine and there is now a very worrisome contact with Iran.

The large capitalists in Brazil are not controlling Lula, but the exact opposite happens, for two reasons: first, because capitalists have been profiting from government grants, subsidies and contracts forever, and they are afraid to lose them. They regard Lula as a "moderate" and almost never criticize him. Second, because of ignorance of Marxist tactics.

They already have to ask the government's blessing for anything they do, and the situation of state control will only increase. We have now a mix of cultural socialism with economic fascism, just like in China (and soon in America).

About the comment on the drug dealers: they are some of the most cruel and vicious criminals in the world. They have been known to burn adversaries alive in a container, jokingly called "microwave oven". The communities in the favelas are scared to death of them, and keep their mouths shut in order to survive. Of course, as with any Mafia group, they give small tokens to the poor so they are regarded by some as benefactors of the poor.

Henry, the activists of the Workers' Party are known by their trolling tactics in the Internet, flooding forums and websites with disinformation. We must be careful.

Juan said (November 14, 2009):

My name is Juan and lived in Brazil during the last 35 years.

To me Brazil is in the grip of the Jewish cabal, be it Illuminati or not, but it's Jewish controlled.

Brazil, is a country of phenomenal social contrasts, with vast natural resources.
Brazilians are, in general, completely immersed in a propaganda operation, since many years ago, perhaps since Vargas government back in the 30’s-50’s.

As a rule for Latin American countries, in Brazil there exists a powerful elite, mostly parasitary in the sense that always invested in Brazil expecting and obtaining government easy financing (that engrossed our huge, albeit currently silenced foreign debt).

Brazilian business men enjoy saying they are capitalist, making a cult of ‘the price of investment’, but in realities they were always fast in keeping legal and illegal moneys in safe heavens abroad suckling from the huge government ‘tits’. This is crude and brutal truth!.

If history tells a lesson it is one as follows: You will see the results of your hidden politics in 50-100 years.

You have to acknowledge Freemasonry as a powerful factor back in the 19th and well into 20th centuries. Masons were the most cherished figures in official national history.

Now, to me Lula is the culminating expression of the “hidden” hands that controls and subverts all our countries.

He is firmly in Jewish control through the all powerful “FIESP”, Federação das Industrias do Estado de São Paulo. Recently came to the fore, like never before, public visibility of the Jewish community and the Rabbinate, exalting supposed moral and religious standards.

Lula is constantly praised in public Jewish television programs , like the one aired every Sunday morning in Rio by FIERJ, composed of rabidly Zionist ,”Operation Cast Lead” admirers .

Speaking specifically on drug dealers and ‘favelas’, there are two different things.

On one hand, there are the dramatic consequences of servile obedience of Brazilian governments to the ‘green revolution’ designed in the ‘illuminati’ boards of The Rockefeller Foundation back in the 60s and 70’s.At that time Brazil was ruled by a pro-American, anti-communist military dictatorship and the end result was to empty the countryside and engross the largest cities with unqualified people in search of a honest job. All of the sudden, with the political acquiescence of the governments for votes, ’favelas’ and its misery spread like wildfire.

Drugs came later with lack of opportunities for the young that was constantly bombarded with the marvels and riches that money supposedly have to offer,through the uniform information emanating from a countrywide radio and television network (Sistema Globo de Radio e Televisão) that in the now forgotten beginnings was a Roberto Marinho/Time-Warner enterprise. Mainly through manipulated news (Journal Nacional, etc) and soap operas filling the noble time spot from 18 to 22 o’clock, all this very simple and uneducated people was nurtured into a complex of wishes unfulfilled because of lack of money!.

Drug traffic offers salaries that people will never reach in decent jobs. They pay every month, from U$S600 to ‘fogeteiros‘ whose job is burning fireworks to advise of the imminent arrival of the police, up to U$S 2000.00 or more to violent ‘soldiers’, that will defend the ‘boca de fumo’ or drug hellhole spot in the favela , against the incursion of rival gangs or security forces or even protect the massive movement of drugs and weapons as happens frequently in Rio, for example.

The problem is compounded with an evident lack of ‘political will’ to seriously finish with those bandits, due to the obvious connections between the elite and security forces with organized crime. Nobody ever investigated the money laundering operation originating with drugs and I can assure you that many Jewish sounding names connected to banking and financing would emerge.

Of course, there is the same powerful Jewish group interested in harvesting huge profits with Soccer World Championships and Olympics Games, working side by side with an archi-Zionist Rio de Janeiro Governor.

Brazil is not an exception in this almost worldwide Jewish dominated reality.

Michael said (November 14, 2009):

Enjoyed the lowdown on Lula and Brazil. For the scoop on Venezuela go to this blog-

Ignore the occasional mossad disinfo, it's quite obvious when it pops up; he gets around 95% right as far as I can tell, and I live here.

Lisa said (November 14, 2009):

I have spent a substantial amount of time in Brazil, I have Brazilian "family" & I speak Portuguese fluently. A few things: the violence is Rio is blown a bit out of proportion, but the evident poverty there is of insane proportions. The violence remains mostly in the favelas and doesn't spill over to touristy places very often, although theft often will.

The "civil wars" which are played out mainly in the favelas are fomented by police attacks against drug traffickers who are literally just trying to feed their families and keep their communities together by selling drugs and sometimes, more rarely, guns. Of course, some of the drug traffickers are bad people, but not the majority. There are no jobs or only shitty jobs in Brazil. Many, many people live on about 150 US dollars per month. Favela people are very hardened by this kind of life and the police are extremely abusive, especially BOP, who are usually the ones who do the shakedowns (more like military style attacks) in the favelas.

Soon, I think to "clean up" the city of Rio for the olympics, the government will have the favelas, which are people's homes and communities, bulldozed, so the yuppie tourists from the US, Canada & Europe do not have to see the ills of third world life. They have bulldozed before, and relocated the residents to even worse, concentration camp style communities, much like the supposed Jewish ghettos in Germany during WW2. This is what City of God (Cidade de Deus) is. Many of the innocent favela dwellers and political activists will probably be tortured, murdered or "disappear" as is common in Latin America & was common in Brazil during the military dictatorship.

Lula is hated in Brazil, but many of the upper crust Brazilians like him because yuppies always love a leftist and they are always the last ones to be adversely affected by Communism. Lula is viewed with the same disdain Bush was viewed with for Americans. Brazilians are disarmed and economically starved, so there is no chance of them defending themselves against another bout of tyrannical government oppression, and most of them are distracted by soccer and beautiful dancing naked women at Carnaval to make a wide-scale change anyway.

Brazilians are good people, full of love and humanity despite their circumstances. My heart aches for them, much much more than my mostly loveless American counterparts. (sigh)

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