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Brazil: Everyone is on the Payroll

August 9, 2011

softdrinks.jpgA murderer in prison in Brazil gets a pension for his family that is higher than the minimum wage of an honest worker.

Marcos writes:
" A  soft drink truck (left) crashed and people ran to steal the drinks. In the past, this behavior would be considered a disgrace among good families. Now anything goes. Lula's welfare program is creating a nation of freeloaders and thieves."

by Marcos in San Paolo, Brazil

Brazil has forged a new concept in political economics: "socialist-fascism."

This combines the worst in capitalism and the worst in Marxism, under an authoritarian single party. Or maybe China did it too, but coming from the opposite side of the economical spectrum. Brazil was a capitalist country now corrupted by Marxism, while China was a Marxist country now mixed with the worst corrupt capitalism.

Believe it or not, President Dilma issued a law that protects any construction for the Olympics and the World Cup (which will take place in Brazil) from any kind of auditing.

It is free time  for corruption, in the order of dozens of BILLIONS of dollars. Sao Paulo City just gave a soccer team US$ 250 MM gratis for a new stadium. Money comes from municipal taxes. The team's president is a member of the Party.

Dilma just lost her fourth minister this year because of corruption charges and a fifth quit voluntarily, before the storm. Now they put in charge of Defense a crazy diplomat who supports Castro, Chavez and Ahmadinejad.

Everybody knows about the corruption. It is all over the press, but nothing is done. The Party says that leftists, even when they are stealing, they do it for the better good. The population is tired and hopeless.

The key to success is simple: the government appropriated the idea of a dole for families that the former president created. Imagine they give 30 million families US$ 50 a month. That's only US$ 18 BI/year. Then they say the opposition will take away the money if they win. They never will loose an election again. With US$ 585 BI in federal revenue, this is a sweet deal.


Dilma lives in  an Ivory tower, she never gives an interview. She "manages" by distributing positions in the administration and grants to political allies from other parties, so they also have an opportunity to steal and therefore, keep supporting the Executive in the Congress.

We now have 40% taxation on the economic output. Only 2% goes to investments, the rest is lost in huge pensions for the public employees, corruption and the government machine  (waste). Some public lawyers in Sao Paulo were found to get US$ 500K a year in salaries (it is illegal).

In order to keep the situation going, the government bonds pay 12% a.a., the highest interest rate on the planet. Friends of the Workers Party and campaign contributors get money from the state bank at 6% a.a. and simply reinvest for free profit.

softdrink1.jpgThis scam moved US$ 180 BI last year. The dole that Lula delivered to the poor is 1/10th of that, but it was enough to make him the "Father of the Poor" and win Dilma the election. Yes, the poor believe he is a champion for the oppressed, while he gave 10 times the money to bankers and large companies. Large companies now have fleets of jets to take politicians to resorts or shopping in Miami and pay Lula US$ 200K for a "lecture" (payment for traffic of influence). Even Lula's  teenage grand-daughter got a US$ 200K grant for her theater play last month.


The opposition is lost and don't know what to do. They are afraid of being labeled  conservative. The universities, most of the press, the unions, even the students organization have all been bought with millions of dollars.

The students political association got a US$ 40 MM new building. Leftist NGOs area are created everyday just to get grants from the state. Magazines get millions in advertising from state companies. Fifty thousand Brazilians die violent deaths every year, but the FARC Marxist terrorists bring guns and drugs into Brazil unhindered. It takes three months for one to get a simple ultrasound exam in the public hospitals.

Brazil has turned from a conservative country to a politically correct, liberal one, where the government showers money on every dirty, anti Christian, sexually perverted cause, like showing pornographic "gay rights" DVDs to eight-year-olds in public schools, while Brazilian kids rank almost last in reading and math in the world.

The government is pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage. All this has taken place in only 10 years or so. But notice, 95% of society despise this situation. It has been forced on us. You see the comments sections in the web newspapers, and you read 500 comments on an article, all of them against the government, all of them disgusted and sad.

However, laws to put murderers and rapists in the streets after a couple of years in prison are pushed by leftist Congressmen. Now they want to destroy Brazilian agriculture by enforcing absurd draconian laws on the farmers,
with the help of foreign NGOs, the international agro-business and the globalist Green Party.

Believe it or not, a murderer in prison in Brazil gets a pension for his family that is higher than the minimum wage of an honest worker. Policemen are afraid to kill criminals that shoot at them, because of the Marxist "human rights' patrol. At the same time, the common folks are kidnapped, murdered and shot in front of their children, but the leftists treat the criminals as victims. Only a crazy gringo would risk coming to the World Cup in Rio.


Inflation is crawling its way back because of government spending, and the currency has gained almost 100% against the dollar, because the whole world wants our 12% interest. Brazil tomorrow is Greece. The public debt at 12% a.a. is exploding.

Among the BRIC countries, Brazil is growing the slowest. It is a lost opportunity, created by a commodities boom and a favorable demographic situation, but wasted by a network of Workers party men (former terrorists and  murderers) carrying briefcases full of bribe money.

Brazil will implode? Of course not. The land is too rich for that. It will only keep being a land of corruption and poverty, with a super-rich leftist elite and a crushed, small middle-class, lacking any kind of real political and intellectual freedom. Just remember that Nigeria, Venezuela and Argentina are all rich countries in resources, but live in poverty.

The Global Left needs a hero, and the despicable vermin Lula is all they have. Brazil was chosen to lead Latin America into the new world order. It is a country with an image of happiness and beautiful beaches. It is not somber Eastern Europe or so-foreign China. It is easier for the NWO to sell an image of happy socialism and "liberal tolerance" with Ipanema beach as a background, even if it is all a big lie.

That's why magazines like the New Yorker and TV shows such as 60 minutes send they reporters here to interview Dilma and Lula and say wonderful things about them.

There is much more, a new scandal every week. It is a Kafkanesque place.
Unfortunately it may be a harbinger of the New World Order.


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Comments for " Brazil: Everyone is on the Payroll "

Marcio said (August 10, 2011):

The report and its comments about Brazil are very accurate.
It shows what Brazil is. Nevertheless, it used to be quite different (in some cases, long ago):

crime and sexually perverted behavior used to be a shame,
people used to die of old age (not murder),drugs were rare (there used to be some alcoholism but much less than now - alcoholics used to be seen as psychiatric patients, not "cool people"), people used to be religious and family oriented (and thus conservative), the Church and the military used to be trusted as the guardians of higher values,
bad language used to be severely punished,
men used to be men (gentlemen) and not to be ashamed of that,
women used to act like ladies, not like whores,
dogs did not use to be our only friends (in spite of their loyalty and affection - lol!), children used to respect and obey parents,
homosexuality used to be something people despised and feared,

a man's word used to be worth a signed contract with witnesses,
primary-educated graduates used to write and read better than high school ones do nowadays, salaries were high enough to support a big family (which used to draw many immigrants),
the average citizen used to be humble, modest, and neighbors used to be our closest relatives, the rich and the poor, blacks and whites, employees and employers used to respect each other.

There are still a few people who keep such habits, either partially or thoroughly, though.

Now it is the opposite. Thanks to the communists after the 1964-1985 military rule and the media that is sponsored by the reds (sometimes disguised as center, center-right, moderate, etc.).

Dan said (August 10, 2011):

A UK Guardian article this morning says exactly the opposite - that Brazil's 'revolution isn't leading to a welfare state', and of course there's truth in that as Marcos said, it's just petty bribery for blind support from the lazy.

The background of Dilma (Hungarian professional terrorist and former bank robber and ex-con), Lula (political whore/hack) tells you the country has been delivered into the hands of the globalists. This year Brazil's claim to fame was touting the 'worlds largest gay parade'.

I commiserate with Henrique's disgust at what't being done to his country as I feel the same way about mine, and what's left of the free world of real cultures. There are millions of people in all countries that don't want their children corrupted and cultures rendered a bad joke.

The weak willed and useful idiots riding party floats naked and scraping for loose change tossed at them to prostitute the former leading countries better enjoy it today, for soon the party will be over, and they will find they are the slaves of distant masters they'll never see.

Henry, the article below is UK Guardian propaganda, globalist spin. They're playing it up like 'springtime for Brazil'.
Gee whiz, after all they can now boast they lead the world in gay parade size and frequency!

Michael said (August 10, 2011):

I've been trying to ring the alarm about Communtarianism or "The Third Way" for quite some time. And your well-written and cogent article "Brazil: Every on the Payroll" puts into perspective quite well the Communitarian mind-set. Thank you for this and the other great articles you write and disseminate. I emailed this article to over a dozen people (mostly on the left). Keep up the good work!

Henrique said (August 10, 2011):

It's truth, and the image sold outside of here ( specially crafted by Rio's higher classes long ago ) of land of "happiness , people always with a smile in their faces" is actually more like what Bertrand Russel wrote about Brazil, a "docile and submissive people, the type we must have as a model for the future".

Lack of self-confidence, total lack of virility, manhood and sense of honor, Brazil is a shame to the world; it's population praises illiteracy, is composed in grand part by scammers, swindlers, crooks of the lowest level, sexually degenerate scum that covers all of this in a "tolerance and diversity" mask.

I'm not appealing here to eugenics ( Andrew Breivik, in his supposed manifesto, refers to Brazil as disgraced because of excessive race-mixing ); the problem to me is not about race-mixing, is what sense of identity comes out of it, or is propagandized to come out of it.

Brazilian mestizos could pretty well be proud, intelligent people with extremely high standards in any subject, ( the greatest Brazilian writer and one of the best novelists ever in history was a mulato by the name of Machado de Assis, known in his time as "the English Mulato" ) but the process of de-virilization that Brazilians suffered was so intense, that they simply cannot help but behaving like trash.

New Age charlatans, Marxist historian revisionists, disinformationists, a lack of any national identity un-related to sex and "carnival" ( front for international rings of prostitution, drug dealing and even pedophilia ) is always in the menu. Brazilian men are grown-up children, and are systematically kept that way by media and education. Brazil is a disgrace with a flag and an anthem. But we're not the only ones...

Henrique, proud Brazilian even still

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