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"British" Betrayed 56 Dutch Resistance Agents

May 28, 2011

Before the worst, and at great personal risk, Lauwers actually sent the message "Caught" and was still ignored.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The two world wars were genocides of white Christians perpetrated by the Illuminati bankers based in London.  

Just as Zionists sacrificed non-Masonic Jews, British Freemasonry (SOE, MI-6) Nazis and Communists sacrificed non-Mason patriots of every nationality. FDR, Hitler, Stalin & Churchill were all Illuminati secretly waging war against humanity.

I have summarized how MI-6 betrayed thousands of British and French resistance agents in 1943. This Illuminati treason was documented in the book, "All the King's Men"  (1988) by Robert Marshall.

An earlier book, "The Tangled Web"  (1968) by Philippe Ganier-Raymond tells the story of  Dutch Resistance agent Hubertus Lauwers who was captured in 1941. The Abwehr used him to send and receive information from the British Security Operations Executive. (SOE)

All agents included a secret security code in their radio messages to indicate they were free. Lauwers left his code out but the SOE continued to operate as if it were there. They continued to send information that ultimately led to the capture of 56 agents parachuted into Holland, and the closure of the Dutch section of the SOE.

Before the worst and at great personal risk, Lauwers actually sent the message "Caught" and was still ignored.

"Four times, Lauwers had sent a clear warning to the British. Four times, he had told them he was captured. Four times he had explained that they must not drop any more agents, that the farce had gone on long enough. " (95)

"All to no purpose. Other agents -- Emmer, Ortt, De Jonge,Brinkman, radema, Van Steen, Parleviet, Van Hemert, Jambroes -- had still dropped into the arms of SS Kriminalrat Joseph Schreider." (105)

Later, Lauwers had an opportunity to send the message "Worked by Jerry since March Sixth; Jeffers May Third....Unless the British operators were deaf, blind or traitors, [they had] received enough .. to put an end to the deadly game. (107)

The SOE operator confirmed receiving this message but nothing changed. The Germans continued to use these agents to convince the British the Dutch resistance was active, and the British continued to betray it.

The resistance prisoners suspected treason by the British. "The evidence was piling up -- the heaps of useless florins, the badly forged identity papers, a hundred and one details shamelessly neglected. Not to mention the  security checks [in the radio transmissions] the inclusion or absence of which did not seem to be noticed. Surely an inquiry would be held after the war?" (98)

After the war, the Dutch did demand an inquiry. The British claimed the papers covering the Dutch Section of the SOE were destroyed in a fire in 1946.


The "Resistance" in Holland was a charade. The Germans would actually stage attacks to impress the British; while the British ignored the fact that its agents were being mopped up. This was the war in micro chasm - a ghoulish charade designed to kill patriots and spread havoc and despair.

Just as the British Freemasons fed men into the Nazi meat grinder, Hitler sacrificed hundreds of thousands at Stalingrad by vetoing a strategic retreat, and Stalin worked with Reinhard Heydrich to purge a quarter of his armed forces before the war.  

All wars are designed to degrade and destroy humanity, and increase the power and wealth of the Illuminati bankers. This applies to the current "war against terror" which is an excuse to strip away civil rights and create a police state. MI-6. Mossad and the CIA are behind the Taliban 9-11, etc.
It would be perfectly consistent if we learned they were also behind Katrina, the BP blowout and Fukishima. 

The Illuminati bankers have been fabricating gratuitous conflicts for centuries. Our "leaders" are middle managers in their employ. The mass media and academia puts lipstick on these pigs. They all deserve the contempt we reserve for sell-outs and traitors.

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Comments for ""British" Betrayed 56 Dutch Resistance Agents "

Charles said (May 29, 2011):

Also of interest of course would be Charles Beard's book on Pearl Harbor which
documents the war in the Pacific starting with FDR sitting down with the man who
would be his Secretary of War. They agreed Japan had to be stopped in the early
1930's. No possibility of peace was seen so they allowed the Japanese to expand
and then presented them with a maximum ultimatum. Of course Pearl was intended
as a target. And of course D.C. blamed both Army and Navy commanders for the
"lapse" -they permitted Japan to attack.

In the East, the Japanese commander responsible for ensuring Russia would enter the war may have been part of the Sorge spy ring.

V said (May 29, 2011):

An excellent and depressing factual book I read 2 years ago is called The East Came West' by Peter Huxley-Blythe.
It's one of those books that you will always remember after reading it like 'Under the Sign of the Scorpion' by Juri Lina.

Here is an excerpt:

The Cossacks and more than a million Russians and Ukrainians fought alongside the Germans against Communism during World War II, and they still hate Communism today. But they are not pro-American, nor are they pro-West. While researching material for the writing of "The East Came West," Mr. Peter J. Huxley-Blythe discovered why these people do not trust the United States or Great Britain. When the war in Europe ended, millions of Russian and Ukrainian men, women and children sought sanctuary in the West. They met terror face to face. They were physically beaten into submission and then shipped like cattle back to the Soviet Union to face Stalin's executioners, or to serve long sentences of hard labor in the death camps of Siberia. The author claims that this brutal appeasement policy was contrary to recognized international law and was initiated and carried out by the Supreme Allied Commander, General Dwight D. Eisenhower. From survivors, Mr. Huxley-Blythe obtained the details of the Cossacks' fight for freedom from 1941 until 1945, and from them he learned the method used by the British to betray them. Former members of the "Russian Liberation Army" and refugees told him of the treatment they had received from U.S. troops who forced them back to the merciless Soviet leaders using rifles and bayonets.

Gordon said (May 29, 2011):

Dr Makow

another perspective to the tragedy of the Dutch resistance is the book Between Silk and Cyanide: A Codemaker's War, written by Leo Marks, who was there at the epicentre of it ... transmitting and receiving the messages in question
a heartbreaking yet beautiful book

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