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Letter from India: Good Women = Happiness

October 13, 2010


(See Corey's response to reader comments at the end of the article)

by CC

(CC is a 26-year-old American living in India.)


You can see how important women are to a society. Even though India is so materially screwed up, and nothing here works properly, the people are happy because the women are still very pure and chaste.

And even though America has so much money and everything is so materially nice there, people are unhappy because the women are mostly impure and unchaste.

So the value of women in society is extremely high, if the women are good, even if everything else about the country is completely horrible, the country will still be a happy place. And if the women are bad, then even if everything else about the country is perfect and very nice, the country will be a totally hellish place.


With the degradation of traditional moral culture, the institution of marriage and family is also destroyed, and thus the entire society becomes engaged in immoral activities since there is no strong culture or family to keep them in check.

When sinful activities become common, the women in society become corrupt and polluted. As women lose their purity and innocence, a hellish and intolerable situation is created in society. Consider the following statistics:

-America has an average divorce rate of about 60%
-Since abortion was legalized, over 100 million babies have been murdered in the womb
-the promiscuity rate in America is officially around 30%
-One out of 4 American women under the age of 30 has at least one sexually transmitted disease (STD)
-50% of American women are single, with no husband or boyfriend
-95% of pornography in the world is produced and created in America

As for an example of innocence and purity. At present I am living in a state in eastern India. Young boys and girls (by young, I mean anywhere from 10 to 25 years old) here call each other "brother" and "sister". Their culture is so innocent that they do not see each other as sex objects, but as family.

The only person they can look at with lusty desires is their own husband or wife, and no one else. It is a very stark contrast to the animalistic hedonistic sex-obsessed culture found in the modern western countries.

On the failure and degradation of traditional moral culture, naturally women become free to act and mix with men (in the name of so-called "equal rights", or feminism), and thus adultery becomes commonplace. As a result of promiscuity, the institution of marriage and family falls apart, leaving broken families and dysfunctional individuals in their wake.

The modern society teaches that women should be given as much freedom as men, although this has not improved the social condition of the world, as I have already pointed out.

Women are known as the weaker sex, and therefore they require protection at every stage of life. When she is a child she should be given protection by her father, and when she is older she should be protected by her husband.

But modern education, through it's propagation of misandry (intense distrust or hatred of men), commonly known as feminism, has artificially created a false conception of women's roles and rights, and therefore marriage is practically now just an imagination in modern society. Nor is the moral condition of women very good now, as we have already documented with facts, statistics, and common sense.

 Let's fact it; six characteristics that are generally prominent in the younger generation of American and western women are: immaturity, selfishness, irresponsibility, arrogance, instability, and narcissism.

The psychology of the husband is that he wants his wife to be submissive- chaste and faithful to him. Then the man is ready to take responsibility for the woman. So if the woman agrees to remain faithful and chaste to the man, then the family life will be peaceful. Otherwise, there will be divorce, and the woman and children will be left without protection.

So these are a few thoughts on the causes of the social ills and degradation we are presently witnessing in the modern western countries, as well as a few ideas on how to solve these problems.

I am beginning to wonder if the only truly practical solution at this point to fix the immorality and degradation of the modern society is the implementation of Islamic sharia (law) or some form of theocratic government? But anyway, if anyone's got a better solution, please share your ideas in the comments section or send me a private email.

Corey's Reply to Comments Below:

Here is my replies to the diffent people's comments:

Let me first begin by stating that my comment "Islamic sharia may be the only solution" was spoken in a somewhat joking tone. I am sorry that people did not pick up on this, and they took it deadly serious. At the same time, you cannot deny that the feminism of the western countries has gotten completely out of control, and the implementation of Islamic law would certainly CURB and END the feminism of the culture of the West.

To Steve: Why do you promote this racist idea "I won't marry outside of my own race"? Can you give any good reason for your statement other than the fact that it most likely stems from a racist attitude?

To Mike: I agree with your comments and I sympathize with your frustration with western women. What worked for me is to go to a foreign country in Asia and meet a nice girl there and marry her. Maybe you might want to consider that also?

To SG: I am sorry to hear about your difficulties with your ex-husband. Are you sure that your marital difficulties were ALL his fault ALONE, or perhaps did you also share some part of the blame?

To Dani: Yes, you are entirely correct. I never said the problem is only with the women. You sound like a mature and intelligent person, and I appreciate that. Yes, to put it very simple, American society is in a real mess, and if some serious solutions are not taken to fix these social ills, then the country will soon collapse into literal anarchy. Ever seen the movie "A Clockwork Orange"?

To Salman: Yes, I never said it was only the women's fault. Did you not catch my comment below where I was criticizing indian men? Anyway, I am disappointed to hear that you used to "fuck women that had boyfriends/hubbies", to quote your exact words. So, what caused you to change and develop some sense of morality? Did you have a religious conversation? From your name, it sounds like you are a Muslim. Whatever your religion may be, it is the duty of all moral and religious people to stand up for morality and justice, and to speak the truth about the social ills and immorality of the western societies. Have you heard of Dr. Zakir Naik? He is a very powerful Islamic scholar and preacher. I recommend listening to his lectures, they are quite inspiring.

To Bruce: I fully agree with your statement "More than half of Western women are feminists who are unfit to be wives or mothers, and more than half of Western men are worthless idiots". Yes, organized religion is not the solution, but I was talking more in the sense of the CULTURAL and MORAL values that religions teach, and that perhaps a society that is run according to such moral values might indeed be a good solution to the immorality and degradation of the West?

To Howard: Did I ever say that indian society is perfect? I said the exact opposite- India is a completely materially screwed up country. And, apparently you did not read my comment below where I criticized indian men for being uncivilized, low class pigs and dogs. Yes, you are also right when you say that the modern Indian culture is a western corruption of traditional indian culture. Well, since you think that the whole topic of feminism is a worthless subject and a waste of time to discuss, then why are you wasting your time writing a comment? And, if you think that it is a better solution to "address the frustrations / inequalities that fuelled our modern decay in the first place", then feel free to write such an article and send it to Henry Makow, and I'm sure that he will publish it.

To Josh: Yes, you are correct. The main inspiration for this article were the words of His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada that he spoke in the Bhagavad-Gita. I also based the article off of one conversation/interview that Srila Prabhupada had with a feminist journalist in the mid 1970s.

Sharia law is probably the closest thing to the traditional Vedic culture of India. Indians have consciously given up their traditional culture to try to imitate the western culture, so they are the most sinful. They know it is wrong, and yet they do it knowingly. That is why Krishna (God) is punishing India through it's social ills and widespread poverty, because indians knowingly gave up their moral culture to imitate the animalistic culture of the West.

I have been in India for 3 years. Keep in mind that I never said that Indian society was perfect. I said the opposite- that India is a completely materially screwed up country.

Yes, there are widespread social ills, such as the abuse of women. Below, I wrote a comment where I described most Indian men as uncivilized, low class, uncultured, barbarians, dogs and pigs. Indian women are perhaps the most pure and innocent women in the world. And yet Indian men are some of the most disgusting, low class, barbarian pigs I have ever had the misfortune of having to associate with. Maybe Indian men and American women should get married? They seem to deserve each other.

Anyway, my whole comment about "Islamic sharia" was mostly meant to be taken as a joke. Unfortunately, most readers have taken it deadly serious.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Letter from India: Good Women = Happiness "

Ken said (October 15, 2010):

Better solution than Shariah Law

Josh said (October 15, 2010):

The whole article strikes me as ringing of the Bhagavad Gita philosophy of Ancient India. But then you throw in Sharia? I don't get that? What sharia? Sharia is not a part of Indian culture. It was insultingly forced on the peaceful people of India by the Moghul invaders the Khans.

How long have you been in India? You know in Bangalore, majority of girls are doing prostitution in order to pay for their college education? Yea I mean I agree to a certain extent, at least in the villages of India that people are happier, but I think that is more due to the science of self realization prominent in the Vedic Culture, now dim twilight Hindu society.

I have spent a lot of time in villages in Uttar Pradesh, and the girls are so abused from such a young age. Horribly abused, massively traumatized. I have witnessed first hand. Very young girls 3,4,5 yrs old. Girls are neglected, ignored, and even killed in favor of boys. I don't think India is such a good example of happiness of the girls. Perhaps in the higher castes. But for the lower castes, being a girl in India is either a death sentence or a warrant for extreme hardship in life.

I mean yea Western culture is about as backwards as you can possibly get when it comes to male female relations, and the abortion thing yea your dead on about that. This whole issue of terrorism, its purely karmic retribution for the wholesale slaughter of millions of innocent souls slaughtered in the wombs of women who believe that to be a mother is some kind of a sin.

I certainly agree with idea of the Bhagavad Gita when it advocates the protection of womens' virtue and chastity as a paramount precept for a happy human society. However Sharia law will never make anyone happy. How many 'happy' muslims do you know? Muslims are not happy people. I have spent a lot of time amongst Muslims too, in several countries around the world. Muslims are always pissed off about something no matter where you go.

I am not sure how to take your article exactly. It strikes of the positive Bhagavata cultural (traditional Indian) ideal, and then you throw in the foreign to India Sharia concept which has absolutely nothing to do with the Bhagavata Culture of protection of women.

Howard said (October 15, 2010):

This is complete BS from beginning to end.
Anyone who has ever been to India & environs must be having a good laugh... as am I.

Why do you think they need separate trains for women in Bombay?
Western corruption of traditional Indian values, no doubt.

And if the wife doesn't turn out quite as expected - then what?
We all know the answer, no need to elaborate.

Moreover, this and related articles would be far more constructive if
they were to address the frustrations / inequalities that fuelled our modern decay in the first place.

If everything were so hunky-dory in the 40's & 50's, as you would have us believe,
there would have been no market (vacuum) for what has ensued in the first place.

Much easier to rant & rave about illuminati, gays, modern women, modern men, etc. - I know!

David said (October 15, 2010):

This article is written with the assumption that females are the architects of their own destinies. Nothing is further from the truth. The collective society is responsible. In the west, the dark side society runs their sex school. Representatives of the principal dark side colors or tribes are allowed to finger, season, cook and generally sexualize the virgins. Those females who are lucky not to be screwed by these predators are lucky if they ever find happiness. Their conversion to hyper-sexualized dark siders opens doors to extreme materialism, prostitution and generally unlovable girls. Many switch to gay or feminist lifestyles as if in revenge. The dark siders rule most societies. The sex school has traditions even in India.

Where the society retains some semblances of morality, females are allowed to go about love and marriage as they see fit. The sex school is conducted by force. Both girls and suitors are pounded by snake power until they accede to the designs of society and mamma's boys. The boys are given all opportunity for fun while the suitor(s) must cool themselves and accept the goings on. Good guys are often the suitors. The girls are passed around them a few times then snatched for cooking. I know because I am one of those suitors who can do his own fingering. You finger it, you own it!

Bruce said (October 14, 2010):

I agree with Cory in India that the degradation of traditional moral culture causes societal dysfunction. This is precisely why Satanists invented cultural Marxism, to degrade and subvert humanity. A dysfunctional society cannot defend itself, and the West has been utterly defeated by cultural Marxism. (Now the Satanists can accelerate their conquest of the Muslim countries.) More than half of Western women are feminists who are unfit to be wives or mothers, and more than half of Western men are worthless idiots. Most humans are herd animals who have no power of discernment because they are mentally and spiritually corrupt. They are easily led astray by Freemason preachers, media propaganda, and the satanic film and music industries. Americans live under the illusion they are free. The reality is they are enslaved by tax and finance schemes, their minds are controlled by cabalistic programming, and they have no awareness of reality -- this is magic. Satanists now control all financial, political, media and religious institutions. Humanity is doomed because there is so little opposition to these barbarians.

I disagree with Corey about his belief that Sharia Law, or any other religious authority, offers a solution. Religions were created by humans to control and subjugate other humans. Religion is a lie and is thoroughly corrupt. The Creator has nothing to do with any religion. Humans do not need religion to have morality or a relationship with the Creator. The few remaining humans who oppose the religion of Satanism cannot defeat these barbarians, because Satan is the prince of this world and we are hopelessly outnumbered by its followers and servants.

Humans who want to oppose the religion of Satanism should stop supporting it. Unplug the television, and don’t believe anything from the news media. Educate yourself about secret societies and know the enemy. Don’t look at pornography. Don’t have sexual relations with feminists or idiots. Boycott the music and film industries. Don’t give money to religious or charity organizations, instead give it directly to someone who needs it. Take care of your family. Educate your children. Eliminate negative thoughts and emotions from your mind. Engage yourself in constructive activities. Get more connected to the natural world through gardening or other outdoor activities. The more we separate ourselves from the materialistic, self-centered world controlled by Satanism, we become better human beings and move spiritually closer to the Creator. Guarding one’s own soul from satanic corruption is the most one can hope to achieve in this world, and that is the only practical solution.

Salman said (October 14, 2010):

men are worse or can be worse than fact they are worse

men are emasculated thnx to the jews via liberalism and political correctness....its only half the woman's fault the most...

most men are not men...they are silly boys who get high on crack and can't get their dicks up...

they gek drunk and crunked and then act rowdy and silly and can't make love properly....

believe me...women are the way they are because of the men....

i lived in Canada for 15 years...many men encourage their women to fuck other men...

I know so...cause I used to hit many swinger's clubs as a single guy...

not only that...many men enjoy seeing women fucking with other men and make their women become hookers and porn stars...

most women tend to cheat after their bf has cheated on them or because of having their bf's cheat on them based on past relationships...

i know so because I used to fuck women that had boyfriends/hubbies

i'm sticking up for the women on this one...

Salman An-Noor Hossain

Dani said (October 14, 2010):

As "SG's" response below shows, the problem isn't just with modern Westernized women, it's with the males as well. Everybody across the board has been targeted, and nowadays the males are as equally immature, narcissistic, irresponsible, arrogant and selfish as the females. Boys in men's bodies has become the new norm in our society. Me and my boyfriend have joke about guys who just sit around playing video games and watching porn all day, because that stereotype runs amok. Men used to be men, and women used to be women. Now everybody is just an overgrown child and many times out for themselves.

I have two coworkers who exemplify this. One is a 29 year old girl (I can't say woman because she's not, she wears "Silly Bandz" to her professional job and talks and carries herself like a 16 year old) who hooked up with a 40 year old male coworker who also carries himself like a 16 year old, and until only very recently was still living at home with his parents.

Both of them are serial daters/cheaters (commitment seems to mean nothing to either of them), running through members of the opposite sex like one changes clothes. It was inevitably going to be disaster when they finally hooked up. Two impulsive, immature kids in adults bodies who had no sense of responsibility, no maturity, and who can't seem to get their acts together in life. It lasted about a week I think. :D They broke up, got back together, broke up again for good and now avoid each other like the plague. On to the next impulsive, doomed coupling with whoever.

As a longtime reader of your column it was fascinating to watch, because it was a real life example of everything you discuss on your site, playing out right in front of me. With their socially engineered personalities there's no hope that either will ever have a meaningful, committed long term relationship. They are literally not capable of it. As it is, the 29 year old girl already has two ex husbands under her belt.

The swarm of gross out comedies flooding Hollywood nowadays really promote the Peter Pan immature syndrome, and that's what the teens - 30-somethings are eating up at the movies. The proliferation of 24 a hour a day free Internet porn for everything one can imagine has also played its role in reshaping young minds and redefining how people interact in "relationships."

And then of course there's the parents who coddle their kids/teens and play into their every whim when they're growing up, doing everything for them, so their kids never do actually grow up. It's all a recipe for the resulting immature, hedonistic, selfish narcissists that we currently see around us in both women and men. The problem stems from multiple angles, and all angles must be addressed if people hope to turn this around before there's no longer anybody left of the older generation who has any sense, and where all of society is comprised of this immature, crazy mentality.

SG said (October 14, 2010):

My California-born, ranch-raised mid-40s aged husband left me because he resented having any responsibilities in the home. He preferred spending his salary for fun things. He was cruel to the dogs when he walked them, refused to do any household chores. His drug use was burgeoning, his copy of How to Pick Up Women on Facebook was getting dusty, his skills on World of Warcraft were tiptop, he was getting sloppy leaving his girlfriends' love notes and hotel bills on his desk at home and his porn definitely getting nastier.

I was raised to defer to men and that my well being depends on keeping up my looks and a lovely home. Being the perfect wife just made my situation worse. My limited experience with men since then has been pretty much the same. Men universally seem to have egos in constant need of massage. And they keep score, constantly revising the scorecards after the fact.

I was sold a bill of goods from a very early age and only now do I see the note can never be paid off. I am better off alone.

Mike said (October 14, 2010):

I am 36,STRAIGHT,single,don't smoke,don't drink,never done drugs,physically athletic, own my 2 bedroom home....been told I am better looking than Tom Cruise, but.....besides barely ever being able to even FIND a single girl [even ones I have bought a couple of drink,in the past that turn out to have boyfriends already,but obsession with flattery & attention keeps them from mentioning this until the last moment] the discussion WITH single girls has been DIRECTIONLESS because they only want flattery & attention and then sit there telling me all about their FULL LIVES and that they are doing this & that and wanna do this & that & this & that & this & that....and I come away with the feeling....well !!!! no space in there for you to even want to share life with anyone else...its all about YOU .....& YOU ALONE.

They talk like they are Men without understanding why Men talk to each other in that way !!!! We talk to other MEN in that kinda way to distinguish ourselves from knowing the other person is NOT A FEMALE. So, to me,quite entertaining when women start talking like Men...because it is like they have been told THAT is what "I" want to hear !

And I basically have now come up with a strategy...just to find out if I am bothering myself over a "Slut".If I find NO desire in a girl's mentality or conversation for marriage,I make out I am a "modern guy", cos all us modern guys only want ONE thing in our entire,I say I am a Swinger....just to gauge reaction.Then I have been told by a few girls that they have had no less than 40+ sexual partners [by mid 20's].One having 52 at age 26.How many football teams is that !!!!?

Yeah ! All these demands for women's equal rights & more respect than EVER before in Human History.....for DOING LESS for a Man,being selfish.....and now quite UNCLEAN.

English cockney rhyming slang for "Wife" is "Trouble & Strife".

Now I believe thats quite old. ....Now its "Wife" ="Whats that ?".

And deny a Man in his mid 30's "Sex" for long enough [when he shoulda had a family by that time] sabotage his efforts for finding a wife....then all thats left of femininity seems to be Pornography [which is promoted as men's manly desire fulfiller...only now to be told its actually GAY to obsess over sex] we have the PERFECT INGREDIENTS for a pretty unhappy MAN.

Since it was WOMEN that took the bait first for all this CHANGE with FEMINISM....It can be WOMEN FIRST to correct it all. My energy has been wasted my entire life on this subject.Now lets see some genuine female love for mankind !

Otto said (October 14, 2010):

I do agree with most of the things you wrote about the women of america and how our nation has been degraded. However the Sharia law part I think is really distrurbing. I believe in liberty and God granted rights and a republic, not this crap we have now of course but God forbid we have religious zealots doling out our thought process.

Steve said (October 14, 2010):

see that both Corey and Karen make good points, but its a two way street, both partners have to be "good". Men love your wives with great care and women try to work in with your husbands leadership as a "backer".

That advice from Karen, "don't marry someone you wouldn't have kids with", is tops - that's a great test.

I have been married for 28 years and although my wife has not agreed with me all the time, she backs me most of the time. I do listen to my wife because she has Christian morals (which she keeps) and is intelligent. She has had many insights into difficulties that have come upon us, that have been very helpful. On the infrequent occasion we quarrel, I am 95% of the time the first to apologise, even though I might think I am right, that is another secret of male leadership. Even if the wife is reticent to apologise. It is the continuing justification arguing that really damages a marriage NOT the lost pride. It is not weakness for a man to apologize first, it is strength!

I would not marry out of my national white race, despite western women being corrupted by our controlled media and education. There are many good European women out there if you ask God to lead you to one and look for one in faith.

Corey reply said (October 14, 2010):

Sorry Karen, your whole argument "It's all the men's fault, if men were nice women would also be nice" is extremely oversimplistic, incorrect, and strikes me as misandric in nature.

I've known plenty of very nice American men who are very good people, and who have also been completely shit on by sadistic American women.

Next, you condemn Islamic culture like a typically racist caucasian American/western woman, saying it is oppressive to women. Do you think women are NOT getting abused and murdered in America? Your point is hypocritical.

Now, to be fair, I will agree with you in one sense. Many of the Middle Eastern/Indian men that I've met strike me as very low class and uncivilized. Many, maybe even most, of the indian men that I come in contact with on a daily basis, I can only compare to dogs and pigs (Maybe that's why many of the indian women who go to the West for college or work choose to marry western men?).

So anyway, you have failed to give a "more practical" solution to the immorality and degradation of the western culture.

Karen said (October 14, 2010):

Thank you for well-writen, articulate and enlightening article. Although I can't argue the statistics, the article truly frightened me.

The majority of pornography is produced for men, by men. Both sexes of actors utilized by pornographers are emotionally and/or mentally damaged, drug-addicted and riddled with STDs. Yet so many men buy into the SATANIC LIE of pornographic sex that they wouldn't know a good woman if Jesus himself came down and pasted labels on our foreheads!

The most heart-breaking part of your article, (for me anyway) is "I am beginning to wonder if the only truly practical solution at this point to fix the immorality and degradation of the modern society is the implementation of Islamic sharia (law) or some form of theocratic government?" This statement struck terror into my heart. God made woman as a HELP-MEET, not slave or possession. The definition of the term "help meet" is an aid, a backer and advocate and champion of her husband. Even well protected and much loved Islamic women have been murdered under these laws.

Do you want to meet the GOOD woman of your dreams? Keep in mind what good women want, and BE those things! A few examples are:

1. A man she can RESPECT. He is the head of the household and he should set the example of life for her AND your children in your household.

2. A man who RESPECTS HER. I'm not talking about feminism, far from it. The kind of man who will seek her advice on an issue and consider that advice when making the final decision.

3. A man who is EMOTIONALLY STABLE. Not dominating, cruel or abusive.

4. A man who is APPRECIATIVE. You don't have to say "thanks" every time the dishes are washed. Just making sure that the things she needs from you are taken care of is worth a mint!

I could go on, but you get the picture.

Oh, and one other piece of advice from my mother (bless her Southern heart): "Don't ever date anyone you wouldn't have children with."

Keep up the good work, gentlemen!

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