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December 5, 2009

crossofbethlehemcover.jpgEscape from Israel, Escape from Error

Book by Ro'i Tov

Review By Leland Lehrman
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When a person's heart sets on the road to understanding, acknowledges
the need to abandon imperial doctrine, and internalizes the moral filter that instinctively guides us from truth to good policy, saints and
angels jump from cars and airplanes to lend us the wings that carry us from error. So it was, that fateful day - as I planted Kucinich for
President signs on a street corner - that a former military intelligence officer leaped from his Bronco to congratulate me on my choice of
candidate and ask if I was aware of the problems with the official story of 9/11.

Sure I said, having thoroughly investigated the matter and concluded that it was probably a false flag attack designed to legitimate imperial adventures of the far-flung variety. "It was a CIA-Mossad operation," this particular angel announced with tragic authority, leaving me with a phone number then leaping back into his
Bronco. Under my angel's careful tutelage, I proceeded to discover certain intellectual filters and foundational historical documents that permanently alter one's political vision and point of view for the better - if one values truth that is. Even with respect to that most controversial and dangerous aspect of modern history, it is still a blessing on the path of even the humblest brother to understand the
Jewish / Zionist questions within the larger New World Order controversy.

Predictably, I started a radio show, was just as predictably attacked by the ADL, and in my defense chose to present the basic truths I had learned to the world at large. These truths were immortalized in a widely distributed paper now called "ADL, Zionist Policies Causing Rise in Anti-Jewish Sentiment." The central point of this paper is that Jews can expect additional problems similar to those of the twentieth century if we - I am Russian Jewish on my father's side - are not among the first to criticize and restrain our brethren when we err on the side of, shall we say, Lucifer.

On the other side of the Equator, a man saw my star rise hesitantly. His own was in trouble and he contacted me with a broken English Israeli SOS filled with familiar-sounding tragedy and estrangement, intrigue and wilderness. His name was Ro'i Tov. For months I heard from him on and off. Each time he earnestly communicated a sub textual belief that I - a poor exiled journalist living amongst the Siberian Elms in a rustic New Mexico shack with a growing family - could do something substantial to improve his persecuted life.

Eventually I became hopeful, if doubtful,that perhaps we could one day improve conditions in Israel / Palestine and around the world for all people through a constructive process of education and balanced critique. I hesitated to offer assistance. I was already under attack from Ro'i's long-armed opponents, but his faith in me gave me strength. One day, this angel stepped off an airplane in New
Mexico and we met at a safe house in downtown Santa Fe.

Soon we got down to business, working on early versions of The Cross of Bethlehem while discussing the sordid and tragic religious, historic and political details of the last several thousand years. Ro'i's contribution to my personal understanding of Judaism, Christianity, Israel, intelligence, surveillance and the Hebrew language and culture constitute the type of mountain that Jesus might have been referring to
when He mentioned moving them. When it comes to understanding these topics, moving mountains is easy compared to the faith and devotion to truth required to move the established imperial and dogmatic craggy peaks from the soul.

Ro'i's brilliant, gentle and persuasive intellectual medicine has been crystallized and distilled for all of us through an enormous effort worthy of the attention of religious, political and intellectual leaders worldwide. It is now, finally, available as an inexpensive paperback that deserves pride of place in all libraries, Alleluia. Break bread, drink wine and settle into your favorite arm chair with this book. Most
likely just the first of Ro'i's books, "The Cross of Bethlehem" is a monumental contribution to the English language reader's understanding of the State of Israel and Judaism as it really is. It is a moral victory on such a scale as to simultaneously redeem Ro'i, Judaism and Christianity all at once. If he weren't such a modest man, I would shout his name from the rooftops. God Save Ro'i Tov!

The Cross of Bethlehem is available at Amazon

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at