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Canada's Indian Problem

January 30, 2013

Left - "Idle No More"  has launched blockades of roads and railways. 

Canada's Indian leaders openly threaten
 violence but they're not "terrorists." 

"Idle No More" says new laws undermine their treaty rights but most Canadians view their protests as a demand for still more special privileges and handouts. Canada now spends in excess of $10 billion annually on Native services. Much of this is siphoned off by the Chiefs who earn exhorbitant salaries. Paul Fromm's article below reflects the frustration of ordinary Canadians. 

Makow Comment: No mass protest movement gets started these days without the hidden hand of globalists who wish to destabilize a country or prevent resource development. Illuminati backing is reflected in the sympathetic coverage this movement has received from the left-liberal media, especially the government-run propaganda service, the CBC.   

by Paul Fromm
Director, Canada First 
(Abridged/edited by 

Any Canadian who has witnessed the intolerable buffoonery of the past month can only shake their heads as Canada's indulgent, special-privileges Indian policy comes apart at the seams. Even some of the pro-minority media are exposing some of the hypocrisy and nonsense as the Canadian taxpayers are being set up to be fleeced once again.
* On Idle No More Chief Spence's Attwapiskat reserve, with its population of 1,500 living in Third World poverty on Hudson Bay, a recent Deloitte  audit reveals more than 400 of the transactions it reviewed lacked proper documentation.

'There is no evidence of due diligence in the use of public funds, including the use of funds for housing,' wrote Deloitte. "In our opinion, having over 80 per cent of selected transactions lacking any or proper supporting documentation is inappropriate for any recipient of public funds.'

 The Attawapiskat band council has received approximately $104 million from the federal government between April 1, 2005 and Nov. 30, 2011 for housing, infrastructure, education and administration." The Toronto Star (January 7, 2013)

That works out to over $11,000 per year for every Indian on the reserve. Where has the money gone? So bad are Spence's records that the audit cannot say there was been corruption or theft. There is so little documentation that no one seems to know where most of the money went. 

This is a problem not just for the Canadian taxpayers but for the impoverished Indians in the Attawapiskat band who do not seem to be benefitting from the taxpayers' largess.

Here's an idea. Instead of hotdogging it for media publicity with her hunger strike, Theresa Spence ought to haul her backside to a community college and take a course in elementary bookkeeping.

*  Police confirmed that the Indians were within their rights to ban the media from the Reserve as theirs is "sovereign territory." This is utter fiction. Attwapiskat is part of Canada. A sovereign nation -- say Russia, France, the U.S.A. -- supports itself on its territory. The pathetic Attawapiskat band are nothing but parasites. Authorities have too long indulged the native "sovereignty" fiction.

* A CTV (January 8, 2013) reported: "Spence's ...common-law partner and co-manager of Attawapiskat, Clayton Kennedy, said there are no allegations of 'misappropriation or anything like that.' Kennedy defended his and Spence's reported combined household income of about $250,000 a year, saying: 'I think it's adequate for the job that is being done.'" Adequate? The couple earn $250,000 between them to manage the finances for their band in such a way auditors can make neither head nor tail of it and the people remain in poverty.

(Spence,left, recently ended hunger strike. She said money was spent on lawyers and consultants. Obviously it wasn't spent on accountants or housing.) 

* When the story of the Attawapiskat substandard housing hit the headlines over a year ago, ... many Canadians spontaneously sent aid packages as well. The National Post (January 8, 2013) writer Jonathan Kay describes a CBC investigative report by Adrienne Arsenault: "Perhaps the most pitiful scene in the whole piece is the one in which Ms. Arsenault examines the masses of boxes containing (apparently useful) donations from concerned Canadians. 

Yet until Ms. Arsenault came around, no one had even bothered opening them up: Ms. Spence complains that she couldn't get "volunteers" to do the job. That in itself is a damning indictment of the state of civil society in Attawapiskat. 

We are always told that the preservation of reserves is a great way to maintain First Nations culture. But the opposite is true: The best way to destroy a group's spirit of civic solidarity is to turn the economy into an outsider-funded cargo cult; whereby the locals' only "job" is to sit around waiting for handouts -- to such extent that apparently even rousing themselves to rip open cardboard and plastic is seen as too taxing.


* Finally, as a further bit of lunacy, a Federal judge earlier this month just added another million special people, declaring Metis and non-status Indians to be "Indians" under the law and, therefore, the responsibility of the federal government. The decision will almost certainly be appealed. Jeffrey Simpson of the Globe and Mail (January 9, 2013) noted: "As there are 400,000 people who identify as Métis, the financial obligations on the federal and provincial governments could be extremely heavy, indeed."

Back when the Charter of Rights was being negotiated in the early 1980s, it was obvious that the status Indian leadership and that of the Métis were superficially polite to each other but deeply distrustful. The Indians did not consider the Métis to be fully Indian (as, indeed, they were not and are not), and the groups' treatment experiences within Canada had been different. The Métis, however, saw similarities where status Indians did not, and were anxious that the status Indians not receive constitutional protection that eluded them.

(Manitoba Metis leader, David Chartrand, with flag.)

And now the Federal Court says, in essence, that the two groups were treated sufficiently the same, and were lumped together by governments many decades ago, so they should be considered in a similar fashion today. 

Which will mean endless negotiations, considerable litigation and, if the Métis are ultimately successful, a huge additional financial obligation on the government that status Indians can only hope doesn't come from what they're receiving. If, indeed, the government owes the Indians "hundreds of billions" of dollars, according to one of their lawyers, what might Métis lawyers demand?"

So, now there will be demands for non-status Indians and Metis to be "equal" to the Indians in terms of not paying HST or income tax, having university tuition paid by the taxpayers for their children and being exempt from fishing and hunting laws. More special privileges in the pursuit of equality!

 Will there be "compensation" for who knows what historical slight? Only Canada's activist judiciary can tell and the losers will be the non-Indian taxpayers. 


Canadian Taxpayer Association calls for End of Indian Act 

Although Stephen Harper is a former President of this association, this story has had little publicity. 

Residential School Genocide - Why Apology isn't Enough  by Kevin Annett

First Comment by Christopher:

Canada doesn't have an Native Problem.  Natives have a problem with
arrogant foreigners out of their ecosystem overpopulating, then coming
into their homes doing whatever they want and then telling them not to
touch anything.

Natives need to THINK LONG AND HARD, "If we went over to Europe and
stole all their land and pushed them into little corners, humiliated
them, raped, murdered, kidnapped their children, beat them for
speaking their own language, handed out blankets with smallpox, had
concentration camps(residential schools) until the 1980's, hid mass
graves around the United Church, made arrogant rude snickering remarks
and then nearly wiped them off the face of the earth, WHAT WOULD THE
EUROPEANS DO TO US?". Then do it to them.

Eustice Mullins mentions when the elite are robbing and killing they
find it necessary to hate their victims, much like how white Canada
hates native people.

Natives need to start lighting up flames on anything in Canada they
don't like, and stand up and take what they want, instead of begging
for it from their enemy: CANADA Corporation Ltd., A subsidiary of The
House Of Rothschild. If they don't like bulldozers pushing down their
trees, put some popcorn in them when nobody is around. If they don't
like that Liquor Store next to their reserve, throw a Moltov cocktail
in it when nobody is around. If they need diamonds and gold, mine it,
pluck it and pocket it, instead of handing it over to their
foes.(these are just examples - don't actually do it!).

The key when fighting your enemy is to think outside of the box
creatively and think many steps ahead like a chess game and protect
yourself.  Protesting is a waste of time.  Blocking the roads gets
results.  Singing and Dancing are the highest forms of prayer and do
it whenever and wherever.

Queen Elizabeth II who is a descendant of Nathan Rothschild, tortured
and kidnapped 10 native kids in Kamloops, BC, with her pedophile
husband.  She must have eaten them, they were never seen again.

Who is a greatest danger to the Canadian people? - Marginalized
dispossessed Aboriginals OR the richest people in the world, that
funded every side and started the war of 1812, U.S. Civil war, Opium
War against China, English Revolution (Charles I execution), Russian
Revolution, Turkish Revolution, WWI, Federal Reserve theft, Stock
Market crash 1929, Income Tax fraud, WWII, Invasion of Palestine, 911,
Invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.. etc..???

I don't understand how the Queen can come here without ducking and
cover.  Then again it must be because Canadians pay more attention to
their National Religion: Hockey.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Canada's Indian Problem"

Marcos said (January 31, 2013):

The situation of the Indians in Brazil is similar. They are being used in order to undermine the sovereignty of the country
One tribe of 12,000 people was given a territory the size of Portugal, while land owners with farms in the family for 3 or 4 generations were expelled.

Almost all Indians don't do anything, they only receive dole from the government and live in small villages, not naked inside the forest hunting. A recent survey found out that most have TVs and they dream of owning a car and sending their kids to college. They are basically acculturated poor people who were lucky to be in the land. Millions who have Indian blood but live in the cities never got anything.

Dishonest chiefs are known to sell the right to criminal companies to illegally extract timber from their land, and they also let (for a good bribe) foreign companies and NGOs steal biodiversity material so they can patent it abroad. There are reservations where Brazilian citizens can't enter but which are full of foreigner "workers". The only persecuted group are Christian missionaries, who face lots of trouble from the government.

The creation of these reservations are basically huge scams like the creation of UN controlled federal parks in the United States, a step towards globalism. It also helps to destroy any concept of property rights and individual freedom.

Dan said (January 31, 2013):

KPR said:

"Rather than looking at the Native population as a band of thieves, I believe we would be much better served to instead recognize that the Federal Government is treating us today in much the same way it treated the Indians of past centuries."

Here here! Like the late Russell Means said in 2008, "All public policies in America now were born and bred on an Indian Reservation. The American people don't even realize they're living on one giant Indian reservation." Today's health policy of HMO's in which a person can only go to State-picked doctors was first done through the public health service on Indian reservations. Next is Federal farmland policies have favored corporate takeover and plowed under family owned farms for 40 years, just as Indians were driven of their lands.

A cartel of three food conglomerates have nearly taken possession of all farmland in the world, not just North America. The entire Public School system mandated by the Federal US Department of Education since 1994 was taken straight from the Indian School system. For the Indians it was a system of early brainwashing called "kill the Indian, but save the man". For Americans it's called "dumbing down".

I don't know about you, but I'm 57 and I've been feeling our freedom and dignity being surrounded, fenced and corralled at an alarming rate all my life.

The natives were on the land so they had to get rid of them outright. Then, once the settlers and farmers had opened up and developed the land, they're descendents became the new "Indian". 20 years ago with GATT and NAFTA "outsourced" the heavy industrial sector and it's jobs to Asia. The latest "Indian" is engineers and technocrats that are being forced to wander the planet chasing the highest bidder for their work one year to the next.
(Russell Means died of cancer in October, 2012 at 73 years old.)

KPR said (January 30, 2013):

I think some assumptions in Mr. Fromm's article are specious.

If Canada is like the US, politicians of days gone by signed treaties that promised sovereign lands for perpetuity. If Canada is like the US, dozens and dozens of treaties were, in effect, torn up and nullified by the federal government as what was previously assumed to be wasteland was found to contain wealth in the form of metals or other valuables. If Canada is like the US, the Indians were uprooted and forced to sign treaties that superseded the previous promises, often told to sign or face death by gun or starvation. If Canada is like the US, even promises made on current treaties in effect today, such as cash payments for land taken, have never been fulfilled.

Rather than looking at the Native population as a band of thieves, I believe we would be much better served to instead recognize that the Federal Government is treating us today in much the same way it treated the Indians of past centuries. The real band of thieves who are stealing property and more importantly, souls; is centered in NYC, LA, DC, Ottawa, London and Israel. It serves no purpose to separate ourselves by race when we are all subject to injury from the same evil entity.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at