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Casey Anthony Verdict Unacceptable

July 12, 2011

The murder of two-year, ten-months-old Caylee Anthony (left) has not been resolved or punished. 

[Disclaimer: I do not share Debra's views on the Old Testament but I am happy to give her a place to express them, and to draw attention to the travesty of justice represented by the Casey Anthony verdict. See especially Dan's comment below article -HM]

"In these days the judges of the goyim create indulgences to every kind of crimes: not having a just understanding of their office, because the rulers of the present age, in appointing judges to office, take no care to inculcate in them a sense of duty and consciousness of the matter which is demanded of them. As a brute beast lets out its young in search of prey, so do the goyim give to them for what purpose such place was created. This is the reason why their governments are being ruined, by their own forces, through the acts of their own administration." Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (15)

by Debra Siddons

The Death of Caylee Anthony - Please Share The Truth

RE:- The State of Florida vs. Casey Marie Anthony, Case No. 2008-CF-15606-A-O.

The Circuit Court of the Ninth Judicial Circuit in and for Orange County, Florida, U.S.A.

Introduction -

The 42-day trial that began May 24, 2011 [ Case No. 2008-CF-15606-A-O ], State of Florida v. Casey Marie Anthony, in Orange County, Florida, U.S.A. ended with the "Not guilty of murder" verdict, though there appeared to be circumstantial evidence for homicide of the 2-year old girl, Caylee Marie Anthony.

Circumstantial Evidence -

1. Foul odor from trunk in mother's (Casey Marie Anthony) abandoned vehicle.

2. Forensic evidence indicating this foul odor in trunk was human decomposition.

3. Traces of chloroform in the same trunk of the vehicle.

4. Duct tape found on Caylee's dead body (mouth/nose). The same type of laundry bag, duct tape, plastic bags discovered at the crime scene were found in the house where Casey and Caylee resided.

5. Mother (Casey), accused of the murder, shown to be a pathological liar.

6. Google searches for "neck breaking", "how to make chloroform", and "death" found on Casey Anthony's home computer.

7. Accused murderer (Casey) failed to report her daughter (Caylee) missing.

 "Casey Anthony waited a month before telling her mother that Caylee had disappeared during the summer of 2008, and that was only after her parents, George and Cindy Anthony, had recovered a car Casey had been driving, prosecutors said. The vehicle, which the grandparents picked up from a towing lot, had a foul odor inside." -MSNBC

"The trial began on May 24, 2011, at the Orange County Courthouse, with Judge Belvin Perry presiding. In the opening statements, lead prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick described the story of the disappearance of Caylee Anthony day-by-day. The defense, led by Jose Baez, presented its claim that Caylee drowned accidentally in the family's pool on June 16, 2008, and was found by George Anthony, who then covered up Caylee's death and made it so that it would be a secret kept between himself and Casey, to protect her from accusations of child neglect. Baez said that it was the habit of a lifetime for Casey to hide her pain and pretend nothing was wrong, that George Anthony had sexually abused her since she was eight years old, and her brother Lee had made advances toward her and had been given a
paternity test to see if he was Caylee's father."

Post-trial Juror Comment -

"Jennifer Ford, has told the press that the jury were not happy with the Not Guilty verdict that Casey Anthony was given." - end of quote.

What went wrong? -

Courts are to be places for the community and individuals to settle disputes, and to bring Justice to victims of crime with proper sentencing and enforcement of Law in order to deter furtherance of crime. 

A society cannot be civilized if it's lacking Justice and an effective justice  system. The degree of civilized behavior is directly parallel to the efficacy of Lawfulness in the community. Thus Lawfulness in order to be fair must stem from a set of unchanging Laws, and applied equally to every member of society with no-one placed above The Law.

Sadly, this is not the case. The only set of unchanging Law is found in the Bible - The Law of God, and whilst people swear on the Bible, the contents are not taken seriously. Yet, God's Laws are the Laws required to settle disputes or deter the murder of a child.

With so many people outraged over the verdict of 'not guilty' for murder, and a jury indicating dissatisfaction with their decision, or at the very least uncertainty that Justice was served, the case remains unresolved because a child is dead and the outcome does not deter similar crimes, including child abuse, neglect.

4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of My Knowledge: because thou hast rejected My Knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to Me: seeing thou hast forgotten The Law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. - Verse from the Book of Hosea in the King of kings' Bible.

Where do we go from here? -

God has provided a set of Laws for people to follow. Doing so would eliminate poverty, and the many hardships which are often the cause of crime, including murder.

Did Casey Anthony murder her 2-year daughter Caylee?  I don't know for sure. The jury admitted not being certain either of their verdict based on the set of current legalities every juror is faced with, along with arguments by lawyers the public might agree turned this into a media circus used to guide the trial and decision processes.

Like any business or Corporation, the presidents and CEO's should be held accountable for the outcome of the Companies they manage and operate on a daily basis.

The public has watched the Banking Corporation fiasco's  "getting away with murder" as the saying goes, but can we continue to let our complacency overflow into the apparent homicide of a little girl, Caylee Anthony?

As the child's mother, Casey Anthony was responsible for Caylee's welfare. Without evidence to the contrary, she is responsible for her death.  

Lawyers are merely doing their job, and in error, people have come to accept this behavior of legal arguments.

The Work of Justice -

There is only one set of Laws that are Lawful, and these Laws are God's Laws found in The Bible that people swear on when stating they promise to tell the Truth. The Law of God -

What is The Truth?  Jesus clearly said:-

5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy The Law, or the Prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.

5:18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no way pass from The Law, till all be fulfilled.

5:19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least Commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the Kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach [them], the same shall be called great in the Kingdom of heaven.

5:20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed [the righteousness] of the lawyers and politicians, ye shall in no case enter into the Kingdom of heaven. - Matthew.

As an activist for reinstating God's Law, with the hope of returning to a civilized society free of crime and poverty (often the motive for crime), I believe the details of this case and actions of the judge and lawyers within the course of this 42-day trial should be investigated, to ascertain compliance with the Lawfulness of Christ, found in God's Laws in the Bible. It is this Law the majority of the American public believe the practice of Law in the United States of America is based on for all.

Please share this with others and hopefully the efforts of more people at the grassroots level will help to bring a resolution to the death of 2-year old Caylee Anthony.

To those who agree the case and people involved, i.e. lawyers and judge, should be investigated, please show your support by signing this petition and sharing this petition with others. Thank-you.

The Petition page -

Debra Siddons works as a freelance reporter and Truth activist,
covering topics of religious, political, and historical importance.
She can be contacted at [email protected]

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Comments for "Casey Anthony Verdict Unacceptable "

Dan said (July 14, 2011):

The charge was murder and the evidence of murder was only circumstantial.

What was learned and admitted is that the woman is a sociopathic whore and pathological liar and proud of it. But she wasn't on trial for that. More importantly, the show trial media operation wasn't about her - it is about US. Americans have become a bit more de-sensitized. That's the purpose of televising a trial that's none of our business.

I could speculate extensively on this case having been far more than meets the public eye. - because I used to serve the cause Luciferian I know how the 'network' works. I won't, since the purpose of publicizing this show trial is about getting people to buzz and gossip about it, and in the process lower their standards further down the road to beastiality.

Suffice to say media's played this scenario as a paradigm shift in perception of guilty responsibility in America. The whole cast of iniquitous, revolting characters is off the hook. Even made to appear in some way 'heroic'. Martyrs without a cause. I can understand the acquittal based on lack of sufficient evidence to prove she murdered the girl. But this show trial was tailor made to push the envelope of standards of motherly negligence.

Keep in mind for several years very high profile feminists have pushed the notion of extending a woman's right to abort toddlers if the mother decides that motherhood is too much of a burden on her lifestyle.

"The protagonists in this trial were a cast of characters made for a TV soap opera. Casey Anthony the defendant made to look like Hester Prynne awaiting burning at the stake."

Soon as the verdict was in Anthony made a show of letting her hair down. The defense party adjourned to a champagne and pizza celebration at a restaurant across the street from the courthouse. The defense attorney did a photo op flipping the finger at the camera to express the sentiment of *F**CK* YOU, like a true humanist.

That was the most honest moment of the whole show. I can't prove it but I recognize the whole family are either Setians (Aquino/Disney Satanists), or generational Illuminati instruments like Svali. Real Illuminati families are undetectable. They lead outwardly normal lives, many even are church members. All but the most sociopathic ones are DID.

Orlando is Disney, Hollywood connected, Shriners, a Skull and Bones retirement haven, a major underground BDSM enclave - and the county government, judges, lawyers and police are all Freemasons of one kind or another. I mean the case, the trial and no doubt the jury were 'safe hands'.

I hope everyone realizes we were 'had', all the way around?

Sam said (July 14, 2011):

The one thing I learned from watching some of this public trial, is there was one man that lied the whole while he was on the witness stand, and he was also central in the life of the dead child. He does know better, than to let slip certain events in the case, like the "smell of death" in the abandoned car, as a former Homicide detective,,, why did he NOT call the police at that moment? It was obvious to me, it was he that helped his daughter to leave for a while and to cover up his crime. Who paid for that young mother to party it up, her employeer?

His constant denial of the duct tape, which his daughter would theoretically have access to, she had free run of his home. So why would he even try to distance himself from that tape? His shaky denials of that tape being off of the same roll as that tape found on the dead child,,, very strange and as old fans of the program would understand,,, good enough reason alone to get into his stink for only a guilty mind would 'testify' the way he was.

He knew that time was on his side. Time to deteriorate the forensic studies with the degrading of the evidence. He knew how to cover his dirty tracks, and lying from one day to the next on the witness stand was all I needed to hear. The police looked at the wrong suspect,,, could that have been more of those in uniform helping out those that wear the same uniform,,, even if in retirement, they do back each other up.

Clay said (July 14, 2011):

The media and talking heads went ape shit when Casey Anthony was found not guilty, but it had nothing to do with the loss of the child, Caylee. It was all about how bloodthirsty and psychotic we have become: how commonplace overzealous prosecutors are.
I love your site, it's about the only sane place in this world.

Richard said (July 14, 2011):

Demonized by the defense was the meter reader ( Roy Kronk ), who found a skull in August 11, 2008 that was be realized later as Caylee's. The body disposal site was less than a 1/3 mile from the Anthony home. Mr. Kronk tried several times to report the skull, but met with red-tape , and stupidity on the part of the investigating officer.

The officer was fired subsequently-, leaving the body of evidence to decompose and much valuable evidence(soft tissue DNA, etc) vanish.

As it has been stated in the media by lawyers and onlookers, the defense in its opening statement " turned the case on its head", The defense threw out a barrage of allegations , some so bizarre -they canceled out prior theories;

No Justice for Caylee Anthony....Only bread and circus for viewers, and a ratings boon for cable news.....

Debra (author) said (July 13, 2011):

The Law that the lawyers and judge should be held accountable to in all cases and in particular this case since it was filled with lie after lie and subsequently jurors were hard-pressed to make decisions with certainty, are God's Laws in Deuteronomy. For those yet to acknowledge Biblical Laws are based on Commandments, this Law is based on Commandment #7, "Do NOT lie".

The Perfect deterrence, and would have served this case well if carried out -

19:16-19 If a false witness rise up .... the judges shall make diligent inquisition .... if the witness be a false witness .... then shall ye do unto him, as he thought to have done unto his brother. Deuteronomy.

Outside of lying to investigators, what about lies stemming forth from arguments on both sides? Facts should be presented, not interpretations. Isn't that what the jurors are supposed to decide? Did both sides receive diligent inquisition? Were arguments left unclear for the jurors to decipher?

Thank you supporters and Roger who said, "an investigation of the entire legal system is in order."

Michael said (July 13, 2011):

I find it odd how so many Christians can be outraged at the outcome of the Casey Anthony trail and yet they live their day to day lives and never get outraged at the huge numbers of severely deformed children in Iraq who were born that way because of the depleted uranium we dropped on civilians who were innocent. I have not heard one Christian quote from their Bible any verses to deal with evils of dropping radiation on women and children. When our government (the Bush administration) pushed Iraqi sanctions in the UN, Madelen Albright knew full well that such sanctions would prevent Iraq from purchasing chemicals to treat their water, She knew hundreds of thousands of children would acquire diseases like cholera and other deadly water borne diseases. This blood is on our hands, What did these children do to us? Yet we get outraged at one mother here in the US. What hypocrites we all are. Christians especially for they have a history of taking on "safe" issues like protecting the unborn. Where is your outrage now ???

Anthony J said (July 13, 2011):

Though the “Not Guilty” verdicts handed down by the Jury to Ms Anthony neither proves her guilt or innocence, it does show that 12 of her fellow citizens found that the evidence presented against her did not meet the high standard of proving that she committed the crimes of which she was accused of “beyond a reasonable doubt,” a verdict, mind you, one would think would be celebrated for its upholding of the highest ideas of the US Constitution as what stands for one of these people, especially the weakest and most despised, stands for them all.

Instead of celebrating this latest affirmation of the unique power of our Constitution, however, the vast majority of the American people have, instead, launched into what can only be called as an insane attack upon it by impugning the Jury that found Ms Anthony “Not Guilty.”

The reason for them doing so lies in the massive Cable TV and Social Media coverage given throughout Ms Anthony’s tortured saga through the US legal system proclaiming her guilt which have effectively “brainwashed” the public into dishonoring the very instrument that keeps us free.

The Jury did not free Casey Anthony nor did it free O.J. Simpson…..The U.S. Constitution freed them. Pray that we still have the Constitution in place as you mindless people do not see the very covert attack on your freedom, and America is only a heartbeat away from looking like Egypt.

Bob said (July 13, 2011):

I think Casey Anthony is a mind-controlled product of MK Ultra (just like OJ Simpson).

I think the "evidence" against Casey was contrived in order to cover up the fact that some of the local elite were involved in the actual murder of her daughter (a murder which was most likely a Satanic ritual sacrifice).

I think the ongoing media sideshow is merely a classic psyop...which makes it exactly like the OJ Simpson case - utilizing planted and/or contrived evidence and a mind-controlled dupe to shoulder the blame (while sparking outrage from the masses upon being found "not guilty").

They ran the exact same play from the Satanic play book that they ran with OJ, that's all.

With a couple of different characters, circumstances and plot twists.

Pretty simple when you break it all down.

Michael said (July 13, 2011):

There is a much deeper agenda associated w/ the media induced controversy re the Casey Anthony verdict.

For 3 years the media (Nancy Grace etc...) had been drilling into the public psyche the guilt of the mother, the guilt of the mother, the guilt of the mother..... based on emotion and circumstance. The investigators, prosecutors, and the judge all showed there bias toward this media created line of thinking and pursued it accordingly.

Then a jury of 12 people (people like you, or me, or someone who reads your site) had the audacity to render a correct verdict based on the evidence presented! Now I'm hearing that trials by jury are outmoded, old=fashioned and obsolete. Also, that proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is now to high of a standard to reach for any prosecutor. To top it all off the jurors are now receiving death threats!!!

The Constitution is obsolete, trial-by-jury is obsolete, Justice is an outdated concept......

Welcome to the Amerikan Gulag.

Thank you for your work,
Michael Kent

P.S. Acquitting the mother is part of the justice process for Caylee. Now if only the truth can emerge. I bet the father/grandfather George is sweating bullets..., again!!!

Jon said (July 13, 2011):

I think the thing that seems weird to me is the phony outrage about this trial. "People" worship all kinds of dark things and then get upset when they don't get their way when a jury finds a dubious mother not guilty.

In a way I would have thought the public would all be happy I am sure they are working overtime trying to spin an interview to change her fortune and public perception.

You cannot have it both ways. You cannot worship Lady Gaga, millions dead and suffering in wars and famine and then get all bunched up over a drama that lets face it, she murdered her own spawn. Tragic but not the end of the world. .

I just do not understand the outrage. Maybe it was the phony tears that turned into smirks and smiles once the verdict was read that let her off the hook. I think Casey's behavior spoke volumes about how she played the jury. Maybe the jurists are just angry at themselves for being taken. Always knew this case was going away. The father was a detective and he knows too much to have it any other way. A few professional jurors in the doc and it was all decided weeks ago.

Jo said (July 13, 2011):

In the American justice system, not guilty doesn't mean innocent. The jurors have never claimed that Casey was innocent. Their claim is that there wasn't enough evidence to prove that she committed the crime. Those are two very different things.

From what I understand, the prosecutors never established a strong motive and never connected the dots as to how the girl died or how she got into the car in the first place. The jurors were doing their job and looking at the details presented to them.

There is a high burden of proof for prosecutors to prove their case. In this particular instance, the jury didn't believe that the prosecution met that standard. They wanted a little more than innuendo and speculation. They wanted solid proof linking her to the crime before they put someone in jail (or, in this case, put someone on death row).

Ironically, I've been following this more since the verdict came out than I ever did during the trial because the reaction of those who believe that she's guilty has been so over the top.

It's not that I don't feel empathy about the little girl's death; however, it seems that the prosecutors didn't have all of their "ducks in a row" before trying the case.

The part that I'm angry about is that now she can't be tried for the crime if new evidence is found directly linking her to the murder.. That isn't allowed in our system. You can't be tried for the same crime twice.

I'm the first to admit that the American justice doesn't seem fair a lot of the time; however, I believe that God will judge people accordingly - even if we screw it up here on Earth.

Furthermore, a lot of us like the fact that our country doesn't have a State-endorsed religion. We are free to worship (or not) as our conscious dictates. I know that some people would love to see God's Law implemented as our system of law; however, that's just not practical. Would we end up with Protestant Christian law, Catholic Law, Jewish Law or Muslim Law? Some other God's law?

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