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Central Bank, World Tyranny, Fixed Markets

July 4, 2011

evilroot.jpg"The Central Bank is the primary monopoly on which all our monopoly power depends. The occult power of the Central Bank to create money out of nothing is the fountainhead that fuels our far-flung financial and political empire."

Excerpt from "The Occult Technology of Power," which purports to be a manual used to instruct an Illuminati heir, published in 1974. Internal references suggest that it was a work of imagination based on extensive study. Most of it is consistent with my own conclusions.

In its pristine form a Central Bank is a private monopoly of a nation's money and credit issuance supported by the coercive power of the state.

That the Central Bank be directly in our hands is vital until our new order is firmly established throughout the governmental, business, intellectual and political spheres of society.

After our order is consolidated, formal nationalization of the Central Bank with great fanfare is usually advisable in order to dispel any lingering suspicion that it is operated for private gain.

Of course only loyal agents of the dynasty are allowed to obtain high offices in the Bank and our power remains intact. Obvious private monopolies are always the targets of sharp reformist agitators. Only the most paranoid, however, can see through the public facade to the private monopoly of the nationalized or quasi-nationalized Central Bank.

The Central Bank is the primary monopoly on which all our monopoly power depends. The occult power of the Central Bank to create money out of nothing is the fountainhead that fuels our far-flung financial and political empire. I will make a quick survey of a few of the ways this secret money power is brought to bear.

Basically, the power of our Central Bank flows from its control over the points of entry into the economy of new, inflationary money which it creates out of thin air.

Ordinarily, bills of exchange, acceptances, private bonds, government bonds and other credit instruments are purchased by the Central Bank through specially privileged dealers in order to put the new money, often only checking accounting entries, into circulation.

The dealers are allowed a large profit since they are fronts operated by our agents. Our purchase of government securities pleases the government, as our purchase of private debt pleases private debtors. As a quid pro quo to assure "good management" our agents are given directorships, managerial posts, and offices in the corporations and government's so benefited.

As the addiction to the narcotic of inflationary easy credit grows and grows we demand more and more control of our dependent entourage of governments and corporations. When we finally end the easy credit to "combat inflation," the enterprises and governments either fall directly into our hands, bankrupt, or are rescued at the price of total control.

Also, we ruling bankers control the flow of money in the economy through the wide authority of the Central Bank to license, audit, and regulate private banks.

Banks that loan to interests outside the loyal entourage are "audited" by the Central Bank and found to be dangerously overextended. Just a hint of insolvency from the respected Central Bank authorities is enough to cause a run on the disobedient bank or at least dry up its vital lines of credit. Soon the banking establishment learns to follow the hints and nods of your father's agents at the Central Bank automatically.

Further, the periodic cycles of easy money and tight money that we initiate through our control of the Central Bank cause corresponding fluctuations in all markets. Our inner circle knows in advance the timing of these cycles and, therefore reaps windfall profits by speculating in commodity, stock, currency, gold, and bond markets.

Monopolistic stock and commodity Exchanges are a vital adjunct to our power made possible by our Central Bank power. We do not allow a fair auction market to exist, but make a great show of "tough" government regulation to create a false sense of confidence among small investors.

With the aid of our regulatory charade and financial power we are able to maintain Exchanges tailored to our entourage's need to manipulate stock prices at the expense of independent investors. Our privileged specialists on the floors of our Exchanges, aided by the propaganda of our financial press and brokerage houses, continually play on naivete and greed to drain the savings of the unwary into our coffers.

The stock, commodities, and securities held in trading accounts by the Exchange and brokerage houses provides us with a clout far beyond our own actual holdings with which we can manipulate prices and win proxy fights for corporate takeovers.

Little danger to our lucrative racket exists from public-spirited regulation. Our manipulations are so complex that only the most brilliant experts could comprehend them.

To most economists our Exchange operations appear to be helpful efforts to "stabilize" the market. We ruling bankers, if able to keep peace among ourselves, become richer and richer as time passes without the annoyance of exerting productive effort of benefit to others.

Makow Comment: This document is authentic in my opinion, and very gratifying since it blames central bankers for most of humanity's problems, a view I have held  since 2002.


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Comments for "Central Bank, World Tyranny, Fixed Markets"

Luther said (July 6, 2011):

I was so pleased to see the article published on your site for the Fourth of July! Many of us cannot afford to celebrate anything because these central bankers have us by the thrusters. One thing about America is that people use a festive time to talk about all the wonderful things the country has but, deep down they know it is a lie. I believe George Orwell described it as 'doublethink' which is spouting something when you know the reverse is actually true. An example would be slogans like 'War is Peace', 'Freedom is Slavery', 'Ignorance is Strength'.

Mainly, on the fourth the whole family is to get together and be thankful for all they have when others do without everything! Supposedly it is the fault of the homeless for being lazy and not willing to work for their 'dream'. They will sit there gorging their appetites on barbecue, beer and other food and drink thinking they are lucky, still they do not really know if there will be a country this time next year! Much of that is going to depend on the central bank and what they are willing to take.

"Freedom is Slavery" is a very frightening truth when one realizes there is no freedom while one is held in bondage through mortgage, credit debt and IRAs. The disturbing fact is that very few in the entire country are more than two pay-checques away from homelessness! Drink and be merry then America 'cause you're so lucky compared to other countries [for the moment]! "Ignorance is Strength" says it all because if we hide from it, it just may go away. Besides if we follow others that are blind too we end up the same way in the same place. Guess who always wins?

The unemployment stats now are that 46% of the population is without jobs and the rates of inflation due to the illegal Middle Eastern wars is astronomical! Will the truth ever be realized that the time is now to get things straightened out before it is all lost? Many now are beginning to realize that Obama is no different from those preceding him, since his interests are not with the taxpayers but the wealthy 1%. Obama answers to the Trilateral Commission, the international bankers and the policy makers of the Israeli government. These and others groomed him for the presidency since a pacifier was needed.

The central banks have kept their finger on the pulse of the US and other countries and have never had to be afraid to taking too much. This why they take it all with no regrets!

Victoria said (July 6, 2011):

Hello, Henry: Like yourself, these pieces ('Central Bank, World Tyranny, Fixed Markets' and 'Bankers Built Private Empires with Public Credit'), coming as they do from a document entitled, 'The Occult Technology of Power', listing among others, Carroll Quigley as one of the contributors) to me, have the ring of veracity.

As any conspiracy person in your readership will know, Carroll Quigley was a professor at Georgetown University who, in the early 1960's was given access to documents in the possession of the 'elite', in order to write his book, 'Tragedy and Hope', outlining their history. From my understanding, however, the resulting book was suppressed through to the end of the twentieth century though now it is easily available on Amazon.

Even when the information is so blatantly presented, it never ceases to amaze me just how many people scoff at the very notion that any group could wish to gain world control. One despairs.

Nik said (July 6, 2011):

The information contained in "The Occult Technology of Power" is incredibly accurate in describing what has been going on for 100+ years, and even if it is not of authentic Illuminati origins, the author who wrote it knew how the world works very well.

You claimed that the document is authentic in a comment at the end of the "Central Bank, World Tyranny, Fixed Markets" article. Additionally, one of the readers commented that they thought it was unauthentic and you responded with a reiteration of your original claim of authenticity. My question is: As a scholar, what characteristics of the document tip you off that it is authentic? Perhaps you could do a short piece on this so others can benefit.

Continue your excellent work exposing the Illuminati and their dark deeds. In the words of the Apostle Paul: "Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them...But everything exposed by the light becomes visible, for it is light that makes everything visible." (Ephesians 5:11, 13-14)

Thanks Nik,

I assumed this document was authentic based on the fact that it takes available information to logical conclusions, which are consistent with my own. I will discuss why I now think it is an inspired extrapolation in an upcoming article.


Dick said (July 5, 2011):

I haven't read every word of the document you reference in your
recent articles, but I smell baloney. Even if this was written in
the 1970s, there was enough prior material – from the Protocols
onward – to draw on for a colorful forgery.

Frankly, this reads like Austrian School propaganda, and could have been written by any schmuck (maybe G. Edward Griffin?). The Austrian School is Anglo-Jewish propaganda (read the very
informative "Invisible Hands") against the American tradition,
which does not include gold-hoarding, but does emphatically include public credit issuance through a central bank.

The greatest advances in living standards in this country followed the programs of Hamilton, Lincoln and FDR, all true "Republicans" who used public credit for public good, and starved a lot of "economic royalists" in the process - the ones who are so concerned with inflation. Those who opposed public banking – Andrew Jackson being a good example – were utter failures as leaders and created widespread misery with their stupid policies of "individual freedom" and "small government".

Recall also that even Communism was (as stated by Marx) a mere way-station to the Austrians' pure individual freedom utopia, which he carelessly admitted would amount to feudalism. Von Mises reads like Marx with half of the pages missing.

Sorry, but this one doesn't pass the smell test, and is a good
example of how a terrible policy (for-profit institutions lending
public credit) can be confused with the best one.


Thanks Dick

We disagree. I find the info and conclusions inspired. However I no longer believe this is genuine document. I will discuss reasons in an upcoming article.


Dan said (July 5, 2011):

This 1974 publication from the mysterious publisher in Dearborn Michigan is fascinating. It's not new to me, though I found it on the internet - not in the seventies, unfortunately. There's so much so easily available now which allegedly existed 40 or more years ago that I never heard of then, and wish I had. Though I probably wouldn't have understood it then. But I sure do understand it now, and so should a lot of other people. This sentence alone says it all for what just happened in Greece the last few weeks, and Ireland earlier this year.

"When we finally end the easy credit to "combat inflation," the enterprises and governments either fall directly into our hands, bankrupt, or are rescued at the price of total control."

What it doesn't tell you is that nations don't have to accept it. The ones that do suffer from thoroughly corrupted leadership. It's the kicking in of a rotten door. There has been one exception this year.

Iceland Declares Independence from International Banks
By Bill Wilson – Iceland is free.

note: It's scary to me that nobody I know has made the connection that our Senate extended a $100 Billion line of credit to the IMF...which is a chunk of what's covering the 'bailouts' for the EU.

Aloysius Fozdyke said (July 5, 2011):

Your material from 'The Occult Technology of Power' is prescient, but no one is listening.

Are you enjoying the royal visit? It's gratifying to see all the sheeple so enamoured of Wills and Kate. They are the gracious public persona; the glittering, smiling façade of the way things are.

Do Americans realize that the second home loan collapse is already happening? Does anyone care? The way it was organized is that if America doesn't pump-prime, its economy will collapse. If America does pump-prime, its economy will collapse. Take your pick. That said, America will pump-prime again for political reasons as old as dying empires. And it'll take the world with it.

Which economy would you invest in? Which currency do you think is the safest? There aren't any choices any more, are there? Game! Set! Match!

The rule of law is now only a concept. Fuel prices will rise and rationing is set to be implemented. Service cutbacks have already begun. Pension funds and the American constitution are being gutted. Housing prices internationally are falling. The sheeple will demand protectionism and it will spark a trade war.

Fortunately, we have the solutions, the adepts and the people.

And I now know that the Usher of Desecration is in fact a woman.

She'll announce Herself shortly.

Niko said (July 5, 2011):

Wow Henry that "Occult Technology of Power" article is a real bombshell, blew me away. It would be nice to get all the articles or teachings. Reading some of the sentences makes my blood boil. Other sentences like you said are gratifying because it provides evidence to central bankers being humanities number one problem. I agree with what you said, the articles too good and accurate to be fake. Thanks for posting. Niko

Tony said (July 5, 2011):

Right on, Henry. Which is why I have been writing these last years that it is a useless waste of time to fight ANY political problem. Everyone who wants to right ANY political, as well as any other wrongs and evils in the present world MUST FORCE GOVERNMENTS TO CREATE HONEST MONEY, REPUDIATE ALL BANKER DEBT AND CONFISCATE ALL PROPERTY OF BANKERS OF ISSUE. NOTHING will change for the better until and unless these things are done. Period.

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