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Henry Klein: Sanhedrin - Head of the Illuminati Snake?

"The Sanhedrin now rules the United States, Great Britain, and Russia and with the atomic bomb, it has enough power to back up its rulership over all the world."  In 1945, a Jewish lawyer and writer Henry Klein revealed that the thrall the Sanhedrin holds over the Jewish people is a template

Anti-Gentilism Causes Antisemitism

Some three thousand years ago, Jewish Pharisees amassed and collated the Babylonian Talmud   declaring eternal war on all Gentiles(Disclaimer - This is the agenda of Organized Jewry. Although many Jews (and non-Jews) have been duped into supporting nation-destroying globalist policies, and the COVID hoax, most Jews don't hate Gentiles and actually want to assimilate.]Anti-Gentilism Causes Antisemitism 

How Jews are Deceived and Manipulated

Back in 2016, I was sitting in a Toronto coffee shop frequented by Jews and overheard a woman lecturing a toddler on the subject of Clinton- Good; Trump- bad."  I don't know of another people sobrainwashed as my own. Cabalist Judaism is a satanic cult like its spawn Freemasonry. Only the initiated

The Plot to Dispossess White Males (in Five Images)

Illuminati Weaponize Blacks to Dispossess Whites Western Men! The Illuminati are taking your women and you are sitting on your hands. Feb 6, 2019by Henry Makow PhD1)The importance of this scene, left, from Gillette's toxic masculinity commercial cannot be overstated.   A white guy sees a hot white woman and is about to speak

Will Illuminati Throw Jews Under the Bus? (Again)

(Illuminati leaders mourn holocaust Illuminati were complicit in.) World leaders gather in Jerusalem today to commemorate the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp by the Red Army 75 years ago. This is a ritual of submission to Jewish victimhood and supremacy. Any resistance to Zionist hegemony is equated with antisemitism and genocide. In

Anti Semitism is Legitimate Self Defence

Every day governments pass new laws banning opposition to Israel as "anti semitic."Numerous states have outlawed Boycott and Divestment using the same term. No one can justify genocide, but the stigma attached to this term is devious mind control. Anti semitism is legitimate resistance to the pernicious agenda of organized Jewry and Freemasonry, i.e.

God is an "Anti-Semite"

Illuminati (Cabalist) bankers are killing God in order to take His place.This is the essence of Satanism."Anti-Semitism" should not be conflated with hating Jews. Many Cabalists (Freemasons) aren't Jews. Anti-Semitism is resistance to Satanism. If you love God, you will be an "Anti-Semite" too.We will not be intimidated by sleazy smear

Were the Nazis the Greatest Hoax in History?

left, Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hitler Miles Mathis:  "Are we there yet? Can I quit? I am feeling a little nauseous. I liked these guys better as evil Nazis than as gay Jewish actors. At least then there was something solid."    No one resembled the Aryan blond blue-eyed ideal less than

Black Trustee Blames Jews for Antisemitism in NJ

As a private citizen, Jersey City school board member Joan Terrell-Paige, left, wrote on FB that Hasidic Jews were harassing blacks to sell their homes: "Are we brave enough to stop the assault on the Black communities of America? My people deserve respect and to live in peace in this

Kurt Nimmo: Trump Institutionalizes Jewish Supremacy

Trump's Executive Order banning criticism of Israel or Jews as "hate"anoints a murderous racist rogue state and its minions as rulers of the world, as mandated in Jewish dogma.  Trump's Executive Order Killing Free Speech by Kurt Nimmo(abridged by's official. If you find the dispossession, murder, torture, and slow-motion ethnic

The ADL - Jewish Supremacist Gestapo

The ADL labels all resistance to Jewish hegemony as hatred. That's like Sept. 1, 1939 Nazis calling Polish resistance "hate."by Henry Makow Ph.DOn Tuesday, Adam Green was kicked off of Pay Pal. Adam Green deserves our gratitude for revealing that a satanic doomsday cult, which pulls Donald Trump's strings, advocates that

Do Jews Put Themselves in the Line of Fire?

Why do Jews act as human shields for the satanist banking cartel? This is the first major US antisemitic attack in my memory. Whether this attack was a psyop or not, its effect will be to identify Jews as responsible for the NWO, when we all know it is much

Trump is Beholden to Chabad Doomsday Cult

(left, Rabbi Shalom Rabushkin, a leader of Chabad crime syndicate) The Illuminati are setting the stage for a nuclear war to fulfill Jewish prophecy.  They are pitting the Zionists (US, UK, NATO? and Israel?) against the Communists (China, Russia, Iran.) Many people suspect that the Chabad cult is the head

Putting a Face on the Illuminati

Some attendees of the 2019 WJC gala: Michael Mirilashvili ($3 billion), Moshe Kantor ($4 billion), Henry Kissinger ($180 million), Ron Lauder ($4 billion), Leonard Lauder ($21 billion), Boris Lozhkin ($500 mill), Baron David de Rothschild & Lord Jacob Rothschild (family net worth estimates range from billions up to $700

Judaism is Template for Totalitarian NWO

(Don't want to be Jewish? You're a Nazi!) Jew or a Communist. The same thing. We face a heavy dose of mind control in mediaand education. Where does this oppressive coercion originate?We are being inducted into Cabalism, a satanic cult that defines Judaism. Shahak explains that Judaism has fostered a "closed society... one of

Andrew Joyce - The Four Pincers of Cabalist Control

The Intersection of the Culture of Usury and the Culture of Zio-Wars: Paul Singer, Bernard Marcus, and Sheldon AdelsonIn a brilliant essay, The Necessity of Antisemitism, Andrew Joyce identifies four elements in Organized Jewry's war on the goyim: Critique, Tolerance, Sterility, and Usury. In the excerpt below, Joyce describes how they

A Different View of JFK

Francis, the author, is a self-described "white voodoo" adept. I don't agree with this reappraisal of JFK but I post for purposes ofdiscussion. This picture of Kennedy in a Masonic handshake withDavid O. McKay, President of the Mormon sect, lends some credenceto Francis' disparaging view of the late President.  However, I reiterate that

Cabalist Bankers Funded Hitler Via Wehrmacht

 Hitler was a puppetput in power by the bankers he pretended to opposeto lead Germany to destruction. Wars are Cabalist central banker pogroms against the goyim.In the Controversy of Zion, Douglas Reed writes that Hitler was taken prisoner in 1919 as a Communist serving as an emissary from Moscow. "In these days when the infiltration of all parties, classes, and

Goyim! The Cabalists are Gaslighting You

(left, Ben Garrison's brilliant tableau entitled"Cultural Marxism." The spider is George Soros.) God is ultimate reality. Mankind is inflicted by a cancer called Cabalism (Satanism.)  Its goal is to supplant God and redefine reality according to its interests and perversions. Thus it must sever our ties with truth by making us question

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