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"Culture War" is Occult Subversion, Not a Civil War

(If we needed any more proof that society has gone over to the dark side, this 2017 government poster in a Toronto subway promoting gay sexual debauchery is it. In a society controlled by a satanic cult, sick becomes healthy.) The European Christian founding peoples of the West are under relentless psychological, and physical attack by the

Jewish Insider Described Child Sacrifice

Some stories require rereading. In 1989, on national TV, a courageous young woman exposed the satanic Jewish forebears of the Illuminati cultthat now dominates the world. Respected members of the community by daythey sacrifice babies at night.We are sleepwalking to catastrophe. Donald Trump is part of this death cult. We

Yoichi Shimatsu recalls Zionist Godfather Samuel Bronfman

(Samuel Bronfman, 1889-1971 made his fortune running alcohol during prohibition) Samuel Bronfman-sponsored Zionists made a deal with the Japanese to tie downBritish troops in Palestine during WW2. In 1946, his terrorists killed 91 people when theyblew up the British HQ in the King David Hotel. But his crowning achievement was

Kevin Barrett- Zionist Terror Pits Christians Vs Muslims

(February and March 2019 witnessed a record 47 attacks on Catholic sites in Europe)"MSM propagandists, including phoney alt-right outlets run by Zionists, want to confound patriots by hyping the 'Muslim immigrant' or 'Islamic invasion' threat. What they don't want you to know about Islam is that Muslims are the world's

Goyim are Trespassing on a Jewish World

(Left, Jewish Pathological Victimhood - Palestinians and not Israeli West Bank settlers are the trespassers.) Organized Jewry believes non-Jews are squatters in a world made exclusively for Jews. The goyim have been anointed as wait staff.This might be the essence of the New World Order.They have empowered a leadership class of goy traitors(Freemasons) by

A Touch of Crass- Hollywood's Sabbatean Sex Propaganda

My two biggest regrets in life are 1) my naive assumption that society was dedicated to improving its citizens lives rather than degrading andmentally enslaving, if not killing them. (See WW1 and 2) My second was to embrace the prevalent Cabalist lie that sex is a religious experience,the highest experience life offers. This led to

Even Jews Ask: Is Judaism a Satanic Cult?

'Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer -- so I wasn't lying -- and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.'"  Harold RosenthalMost Jews and Christians don't know this:The reason for antisemitism is that Judaism is defined by Cabalism, a satanic

15 Examples of Globalist Doublespeak

Just as the skewed term "isolationist" was applied to Americans who opposed US participation in the Cabalist bankers' second white genocide (the Second World War,) a slew of new terms frogmarch humanity into the Cabalist Orwellian NWO. "White supremacist" and "white nationalist" are applied to people of European Christian descent who

Did Seinfeld Serve a Darker Purpose?

Again we discover the comedy team from Seinfeld teaming up to present cabalistic messages. Observe the V in Michael Richards' ("Kramer") leg and in Julia Louis-Dreyfuss' ("Elaine") arm; the circle that Richards makes with the fingers of his left hand, the "X" made by the intersecting hands and wrists of

The "Right" is Zionist Controlled-Opposition

(Anti Communist Jewess, Diana West)Why Conservatives Have Any Voice at AllConservative nationalist voices are still heard in order to create an illusion of political freedom, and sanitize opposition to Communism by erasing its connection to the central bank cartel, Organized Jewry, Judaism, Satanism and Freemasonry. by Henry Makow PhD.Diana West has written a new

"Sex Goddess" Programming -- Worshipping Sex

(left, Hedy Lamarr, 1914-2000)Innocents, we have no idea how destructive the inflation of beautiful women and sex has been. Satanism is all about replacing God with false Gods like these. They sell illusions.Men have been brainwashed to literally worship women and sex.  This can be seen in the #MeToo scandals. Very eligible males can't find

Slave Ship Earth Cast Adrift from God

In The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, (1956) humans are replaced by mindless and emotionlessduplicates, grown in pods spawned by seeds from outer space. This is an apt metaphor for satanic possession.Resistance growing to the globalist attempt to re-engineer humanity.But mankind's plight is still dire. Revised from 21/3/2011 and 26/07/18by Henry Makow, PhD.It

The Face of Communism Close to Home


Fait Accompli -- Communist NWO is Gradually Unwrapped

We think of the NWO as something beingimposed on us. More accurately,the wraps are being removed onsomething that already exists.Western society is de facto Masonic - Communist & ZionistAnd what rough beast, its hour come round at last,Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?Yeats  - The Second Coming by Henry Makow PhDCorporations

What is Communism?

(As society devolves into the Communist satanic cult, people become demons.)Ultimately, mass shootings occur to promote an incremental ban on guns, the main remaining obstacle to the imposition of Communism in the US today. The Rothschilds are Cabalist Jews who worship Lucifer who represents their own demented megalomania. They are imposing

Winston Churchill Was Bankers' Puppet

"This version of the "V" salute is a greeting by Rabbis in the Hebrew tradition. The hand split down the centre represents the 2 fingers on each side of the "V" in deVil, as the initials DE and IL represent the fingers." See also Leonard Nimoy's Vulcan sign is Invocation of the Devil The

The Useful Idiots Among Us

Many people don't realize that they are useful idiots.Manipulated by the Illuminati-controlled media and education system, useful idiots unwittingly advance a socially destructive agenda.  Communists referred to their idealist acolytes this way.Mike Stone identifies some of them. "Today, there's no excuse for not being awake. You have this site and others to learn from. Embark on

"Jews are not our friends"- E. Michael Jones

 E. Michael Jones, left, is the foremost Catholic thinker of our time.  "A Goy Guide to World History" Part 4, describes how satanist Jews (Communists) have systematically attacked and dismantled the Christian social fabric throughout history. Jews and their allies simply are incapable of recognizing that they are advancing a pernicious ancient

Exterminating the Goyim is Basis of the Cabala

The "antisemitism" smear diverts attentionfrom the grim reality - the hate actually emanates fromCabalist Jews and their Freemason agents in the form of a simultaneous attack on our gender, racial, religious and national identity.Jew or not, if you are not an "antisemite" in the sense of opposing this diabolical agenda, you are a dupe

Thought is Key to Cabalist Power (Satanism)

Humanity has been inducted into Cabalism.The essence of Cabalism is that there is no objective reality beyond thought. Cabalists believe they can create reality using thought. Thus, they monopolize the media, lie with impunity, enforce conformity (PC), float hoaxes and promote dysfunction. Of course,  Reality exists independent of their

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