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Oct 14 - Backlash Building Against "Vaccines" & Organized Jewry

    (A reader pointed out Owen's Triad Claw hand sign. There will be a swing back to sanity but I don't trust the leaders.) Please send links and comments to hmakow@gmail.comKanye Appears at Candace Owens Premiere, Meets with Right-Wing Celebrities, Refuses to Back Down West appeared on Wednesday at a

Israel Shamir - The Trouble with Judaism

(left, Israel Shamir) that Jewish leadership is supplanting God.This is what the Scamdemic, Agenda 2030 and the New World Order are all About "It is possible there are no (or almost no) Jews who fully understand what the Jews want." Shamir writes. In the Jewish globalist paradigm, "Israel wants to

Hitler was a Freemason

( Hitler in classic Masonic handshake -thumb on knuckle- with Marshall Petain)Normally we associate Freemasonry with the "Jews," Communism and the Left. ButFreemasonry also has a conservative Zionist branch which establishes Conservative,Nationalist and Fascist (Nazi) leaders as a form of false opposition. These leaders destroy genuine conservative, nationalist and Christian forces, as Hitler did.Often,

Headlines for May 19 -- We're Dealing with the Devil

Please send links and comments to It's rare we come face-to-face with pure evil. It's happening on a daily basis but we're in denial. We are in a death struggle with the Devil.  The Devil is our governments which have been subverted. Anyone who supports the covidscam, "vaccines",
(left, Morality Versus Obedience to Evil)Please send links and comments to The Illuminati bankers are relaxing the covid restrictions because they have a major problem on their hands. Not only is Russia challenging their domination, increasingly their own populations will rebel as the harmful effect of their "vaccines" become

The Cancer Killing Humanity (260 Words)

All you need to know to understandmankind's malaise:Sabbatean Frankism, a satanist Jewish movement dating from the Seventeenth Centuryis the basis of the modern Illuminati.The Rothschilds are Sabbbatean Frankists. They control the banking system.Using Freemasonry, they empowered a class of Gentile traitors  to advance their agenda: Destroy civilization and steal

Israelis are Jew-Jab Guinea Pigs

It may seem odd that Israelis are victims of the Jew-Jab. Illuminati Jews (Sabbatean-Frankists)hate anyone who is not a Satanist.That includes other Jews.Sabbatean-Frankist Jews were responsible for Hitler and the holocaust.Ilana Rachel Daniel, is an Israeli health advisor, health and safety researcher, activist, and writer.Israel- The Canary is the Coal

Sabbatean-Frankists are Behind Communism & Covid

Rabbi Marvin Antelman  (193?-2014) deserves credit for exposing the modern Illuminati as a "heretical"  Cabalist Jewish movement named after its progenitors Sabbatai Zvi (1626-1676) and Jacob Frank (1726-1791.)Sabbatean-Frankists, a mostly Jewish movement that includes Gentile Freemasons assumes the identity of the target population and termite-like, subverts it from within.A Jewish authority, Gershom Scholem, describes them

Why It Was Jacob Rothschild

Letter from JR - "Equality" is the End Game If Rothschild were really concerned about equality, he would be giving away his money rather than taking ours. "Equality" is code for depopulation, dispossession and enslavement. As he explained, everyone must be the same. "Everyone must do the same. In all

The Jewish Satanists Behind Covid

Some stories require rereading. In 1989, on national TV, a courageous young woman exposed the satanic Jewish forebears of the Illuminati cult that now dominates the world. They are Sabbatean Frankists who hate assimilated Jews as much as goyim.Respected members of the community by day, they sacrifice babies at night.We are

On the Front Lines With Michael O'Bernicia, Filmmaker and Activist

(Start at 50 min if you don't have 1hr.50)Thanks to a tip from Kevin Boyle, I have discovered a shining light in our battle with the forces of darkness. He is Michael O'Bernicia. His website is    Michael is totally informed on the nature of our predicament. I urge

Were Nazi Jews Responsible for the Holocaust?

"We're an ancient people. In our nearly 4,000 years of history, many have tried repeatedly to destroy the Jewish people," Netanyahu told Congress Tuesdayharkening back to the Holocaust.What he didn't say: It was Illuminati (Sabbatean) Jews like him who repeatedly tried to destroy their fellow Jews. This article from 2012

Why Do Cabalists Hate Married Love?

(I'm taking a break from Coronavirus hysteria, for a reminder how, for centuries, Satanists, like termites, have been gnawing at the foundations of Western Civilization, and won't be content until it is completely destroyed. The Coronavirus is part of this satanic campaign.)The point of marriage is for two people to

My Sojourn on Planet Earth

At age 70,  I'll be getting off this bus soon. Don't like its direction anyway. (Disclaimer- Please forgive me for this overly pessimistic view. I've never so much wanted to be wrong.)by Henry Makow PhDI experienced the planet earth as a human being from the second half of the 20th Century to
 Chris Jon Bjerknes has been off my radar for yearsbut his message once again has struck a chord: The Jewish goal of fulfilling Old Testament prophecyis the principle behind human history.This requires that the Rothschilds ("the King of the Jews") rule the world after a global calamity. "Surely your turning of things upside down shall be

Is the Israel-Iran Conflict a Charade?

Trump is killing the Iran nuclear deal.Netanyahu has convinced Trump that leaving the Iran deal protects Israel. But this means that a full-on Israel-Iran war in Syria is far more likely.If all world leaders are Freemasons,we ask, "Is this conflict a charade?"If so, what is its purpose?To start WW3?As early as 1823, Hoene

Who are the Illuminati?

Rabbi Marvin Antelman  (193?-2014) deserves credit for revealing that the Illuminati originated in a "heretical"  Cabalist Jewish movement -- the Sabbatean Frankists -- named after its progenitors Sabbatai Zvi (1626-1676) and Jacob Frank (1726-1791.) This mostly Jewish movement, which garbs itself in Gentile Freemasonry,  assumes the identity of the

The Satanic Cult That Rules the World

How can one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight unless God had delivered them into enemy hands?" Deuteronomy 32:30 Our "Culture War" describes resistance to society's induction into a satanic cult, the Illuminati, (i.e. Cabalism, Freemasonry, Communism.)A satanic cult controls and exploits its members by corrupting and making them sick.

Jews Active in Post-War Nazi Financial Empire

Paul Manning's 1981 book is more evidence that wars are a charade designed to kill patriots. Nazi Germany was funded and controlled at the top by Illuminati Jewish bankers. Hitler and Bormann were Illuminati agents. In this excerpt, Paul Manning, an establishment journalist who stumbled on the truth, says that Illuminati Jews play

Illuminati Jews Responsible for Nazis Rise?

(left, Antleman's book, Vols. One & Two) THE REAL WAR AGAINST THE JEWS AND HUMANITY BY ILLUMINATI JEWS: Rabbi Marvin Antleman, who died in 2014, was first to identify the Illuminati with the Sabbatean-Frankist cult which took over Judaism and the world beginningin the 17th century. Later they initiated World War Two