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(left, Triad Claw hand sign signals membership in Kabbalist conspiracy. See complete list) David Livingstone's forthcoming book traces the modern origins of the Illuminati (Satanic) conspiracy to the expulsion of the Marranos from Spain. (Marranos were Jews who pretended to be Christians.) Here is his synopsis:"The expulsion of Marrano Jews from Spain in

Surviving the New World Odor

How we feel depends on our thoughts, something we can control. Think positive thoughts and you will be happy. Instead of counting sheep to get to sleep, count your blessings. We need to thank God for the Miracle of Creation. God loves us. The harder it is becoming, the more we

The Devil and the Jews

Rabbi's book shows the scale and continuity of the Illuminati (satanic) Masonic Jewish Conspiracy Organized Jewry and their Masonic flunkees promote war because ultimately Cabalist success hinges on Christian failureOrdinary Jews and Masons are oblivious to thejeopardy their megalomaniacal leaders are putting them in.The Cabalist Jew is the original huckster. He takes your God (and everything

Universities are Masonic Brainwashing Machines

The mortarboard and black gown signify that, unwittingly, graduates have received a Masonic (satanic) indoctrination. As students return to university, I re-post this reminder that humanity has been colonized by a satanic cult.This colonization of the mindis now explicit in the draconian limitationsbeing imposed on free speech and inquiry. Like deaf men tuning a piano, professors try

Judaized Christianity: Front for New World Order -- Sen. McCarthy

A year before his death, Sen. Joseph McCarthy made the connection between Freemasonry, Communism, and Judaism. He cited British General Charles Cornwallis 1781 prophecy of the Masonic (Communist) takeover of America."Cornwallis well knew that his military defeat was only the beginning of world catastrophe that would be universal and that unrest

"The Wing" - Man-Hating Psychopaths Are New Face of Feminism

A coven of well-to-dowitches and lesbianssay the only safe spaceis a man-free space. They are backed by the liberal establishment. Anyone watching Canada'sgovernment broadcaster, the CBC,knows this is a growing trend.Men have been banished from liberal-dominated workplaces. by Clint Eubanks ( There is a new brand of feminism raising its ugly head among America's female elite.  Its

Some #MeToo Women are Complicit

"Trading sex for career advancement is business as usual in Tinseltown. Always has been and always will be."Ex-movie producer describes the timehe was in Harvey Weinstein's shoes.We are not condoning Weinstein'sbehavior, or that of men like him.We are just pointing out that"sexual harassment" is oftena two-way street with women blackmailing and extorting men. Related

Did a Satanist Write the US Declaration of Independence?

Drafting committee consisted mostly of FreemasonsJuly 4 is Independence Day in the USThe US Declaration of Independence was not written by Thomas Jefferson for the "Christian" reasons we've been told. It was secretly penned by Thomas Paine, a self-professed enemy of Christianity to advance the New World Order agenda.This is

The Sabbatean Frankist Origins of the Illuminati

Rabbi Marvin Antelman  (193?-2014) deserves credit for exposing theorigin of the modern Illuminati in a "heretical"  Cabalist Jewish movementnamed after its progenitors Sabbatai Zvi (1626-1676) and Jacob Frank (1726-1791.)Sabbatean-Frankists, a mostly Jewish movement which includes Gentile Freemasons assumes the identity of the target population and subverts it from within.A Jewish authority, Gershom

Are Muslim Migrants a Blessing in Disguise?

A challenge to the Christians and Muslims of Europe to make the best of a difficult situation.The author is a Muslim born and living in North Africa after living in the US for more than 10 years. He believes the only way up for Europe is a return to religion. He promotes Christian/Muslim

Jewish Shakedown of Poland De-Emancipates Jews

"The Messiah for Jews is not a person, but a spiritual force. It is the spirit of Jewry. I called it Jewry - Yizrael, as opposed to Israel. Yizrael is his own Messiah, this is the view of Jewish Cabbalists. The Jewish Messiah, the spirit of Yisrael makes the

Memorial Day Normalizes Satanic Human Sacrifice

Monday is Memorial Day in the US, dedicated to honoring the war dead.Cabalist (Masonic) central bankers follow a long-term plan to degrade and enslave humanity. This is what Communism is really about. They finance both sides of every war to make human sacrifices to their God Satan, to make money and extend their tyranny.  Illuminati insider Ronald

Germans Conceded Jewish Hegemony 136 Years Ago

(Left, Adolf Stoecker (1835 -1909) was the court chaplain to Kaiser Wilhelm II, a politician, and a German Lutheran theologian who founded the Christian Social Party and attempted to roll back Jewish control. He helped organize the 1882 "Anti Jewish Conference.") An 1882 Manifesto shows how Jewish hegemonywas a fait

Is Israeli Barbarism Rooted in the Old Testament?

Israeli military shot over 500 Palestinians in the head during Gaza protests The whole world, including many Western Jews, are shocked at Israel's brutal response (detailed below) to protests by unarmed Palestinians. According to Mark Weber, hatred and savagery are actually prescribed by Judaism, which is not really a religion but

Freemasonry as Tool of Revolution (Communist Subversion)

Mankind is victim of an ancient satanic conspiracy. The esoteric meaning of revolution is turning the world upside down, replacing God with SATAN.This is behind the ongoing subversion of Western countries -- racial cohesion, gender (family), national independence and Christianity. This is behind the Communist control of mass media, academia,

What's the Hurry?

I wrestle with a tendencyto rush to the next thingand not experiencethe joy of being alive. Why is this? (I blame society) (I describe the New Age 'inner work" my Christian readers hate so much. I believe the soul is our true identity. The purpose of religion is to spiritualize our lives. Religion
Reminder - George Soros was Behind Iran DealAmerican politics today are defined by two versions of the Jew World Order, Zionism (nationalism) on the Right and Communism (globalism) on the Left.The article below is a reminder that when George Soros pushed through the Iran nuclear deal to the consternation of

Feminism Can be Cured (If Diagnosed Early)

(Left, Modern womyn, Communist dupes, go feral without healthy heterosexual intercourse. These are incurable,  up a creek without a paddle, but there is hope for less severe cases. See also, Women's Protests are a Cry for Male Love) The New World Order is a fait accompli.  They put "mission accomplished" (annuit coeptis) on
 Halifax, Life, July 17, 1939) (Edward Wood, Lord Halifax)The pre-war British establishment was Communist to the core.They put Hitler into power in Germany and then maneuvered him intoa war that would destroy Germany as an independent country once and for all. They were all Freemasons. The goal of Freemasonry is the triumph ofCommunism. (from Sept. 2006) by

Syrian War Explained by Occult Dogma of "Creative Destruction"

Left, Russian TV instructs viewers on how to pack for nuclear bomb shelter.I had planned to post a story about homosexuality but I repeat this instead because a horrible war may be unfolding in the Middle East, signaled for months by the irrational Russophobia and Skripal poisoning. The Zionist West cannot countenance

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