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Hitler Didn't Want War With England

Since writing this in 2004, Ihave come to the conclusion thatHitler was an active Rothschild agent.It was common knowledge thatthe Rothschilds ran both Britain and USSRand there is no way England would allow Germanyto conquer Russia. His real mission was to lead Germanyto destruction. 21/3/2004by Henry Makow Ph.D. Hitler didn't want

Is "Racism" a Bad Thing?

(Beach scene in Tel Aviv) "We will destroy every collective force but our own," say the Protocols of Zion. 16.4  "Collective force" = Nation, Religion (God), Family (gender) & RaceThey deny other races altogether. This is why only Jews are allowed to have a racist ethnostate.I support the right of ethnic majorities, including Israel

How the Illuminati Kickstarted the Cold War

(Igor Gouzenko with wife Svetlana in hiding in Canada. They had eight children.) When Igor Gouzenko defected in 1945, he exposed massive Soviet spyingon their allies taking place with the complicity of the traitorous Masonic elite. Luckily, the Illuminati were able to put Gouzenko's revelation to good use. MASONIC WORLD GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY"Treason doth never prosper: what's the

French Nationalist Starlet is Zionist Pawn

MARION MARECHAL (AUQUE) UNMASKEDMarion Jeanne Caroline Maréchal, 29, is the granddaughter of National Front (FN) founder Jean-Marie Le Pen and niece of FN Leader Marine Le Pen. Many hoped she would one day succeed her aunt. However, our hopes are dampened by the realizationthat for some reason, there are

Solzhenitzyn - Have No Illusions about Communist Threat

Have been reading Solzhenitsyn's history of Jews in Russia.His message is simply that the Russian Revolution was not anuprising by the proletariat as we have been led to believe, buta barbaric takeover and rape of a Christian country by organized Jewry.As he notes (left) "the global media is in

Makow- What the Burka Means to Me

Since this article was written in 2002, it has been reposted on numerous Muslim,Christian and Hindu websites. I revisit this reaffirmation of gender, marriage and familywhich are all under savage daily attackby Satanists (Liberals, Communists) ingovernment, education & media. "I am not advocating the burka but rather some of the values

Cabalists Preparing Another Holocaust for the Goyim?

The idea that Cabalist Jews and Freemasonsare preparing a holocaust for Gentilesseems absurd.  Until you consider the evidence. by Henry Makow PhDLeonard Cohen was an Illuminati insider.   In response to a recent article, his former girlfriend, Ann Diamond, recalled that in 1990, he urged her to convert to Judaism because in

Thought is Key to Cabalist Power (Satanism)

Humanity has been inducted into Cabalism.The essence of Cabalism is that there is no objective reality beyond thought. Cabalists believe they can create reality using thought. Thus, they monopolize the media, lie with impunity, enforce conformity (PC), float hoaxes and promote dysfunction. Of course,  Reality exists independent of their

Pussy Fury: What Does it Mean?

(Hear my pussy roar! WTF?)What's behind women protesting by dressing up as vaginas and wearing "pussy hats"? I am asking my knowledgeable readers to explain this bizarre behaviour. Is it a renunciation of their feminine modesty and femininity itself? Do these mutants think their vagina is the source of their power? 

Wilhelm Reich: Pervert or Martyred Genius?

Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) was a Jewish psychoanalyst who, like Freud, claimed  sexual repression was the cause of neurosis. He falls into the satanist Jewish tradition of advocating the removal of all cultural limitations to "free sex" (marriage, pedophilia.) As Benjamin Garland says below, "We have this one blatantly insane, perverted Jew
Cucked Westerners deserve enslavement."Modern Australia began as an outdoor prison and that's what its people will have again," writes Aloysius Fozdyke,a longtime member of Sydney's satanistAlpha lodge. "Australians will be the first people to give away a very wealthy continent without a bullet being fired or a dollar changing

Conservative Catholic Media Shills For Anti-Catholic Masonic Hate

(Cardinal Francis George (1937-2015) tried to resist Jewish pressure. Conservative Catholics helped crucify him.) "Catholic traditionalist movement" exerts a subtle but devastatingly masochistic influence on the wider Catholic culture. Indeed, if the Catholic trad movement didn't exist, the globalists would have had to invent it. Then again perhaps they did." -Jude

Muslim Invasion of Europe in Historical Perspective

(Angela Merkel gets Bnai Brith Award in 2007; Germany joins UN Migration Pact) "It remains a fact," says the Jewish Encyclopedia, "that the Jews, either directly or through their co-religionists in Africa, encouraged the Mohammedans to conquer Spain." [in 709] ..."Wherever they went, the Jews threw open to them the gates of the

Jews Grossly Overrepresented at Elite Schools

 Less than 2% of the US population, Jews represent 23% of enrollment at Ivy League universities "Jewish students were roughly 1,000% more likely to be enrolled at Harvard and the rest of the Ivy League than white Gentiles of similar ability. This was an absolutely astonishing result given that under-representation in the range of

Democrats - A Communist Coalition of Disgruntled Minorities

By Henry Makow Ph.D. The midterm results last week can be understood by the following quote from yours truly:"Organized Jewry is a corrosive acid that seeps into the fissures of society (class, gender, race) to undermine it in the name of "social change." Despite this moral posture, there is no genuine desire to

The "Hate" Emanates from the Left

(left, Leftists have put up these hateful fake NY Sanitation Dept. posters. Trump supporter holding a Bible is deemed "trash.")When I tweeted this picture with the message that the "hate" emanates from the Left, two of my readers sent this caution.@krm30586725 20m20 minutes agoMoreReplying to @HenryMakowDon't get caught up in the

"Grievance Studies" Hoax Exposes Communist Takeover of Education

Do dogs suffer "oppression based upon (perceived) gender"? Can observing human-canine interactions help us disrupt "hegemonic masculinities"? Clearly, there's a dearth of scholarly research on this subject. That's probably why the journal Gender, Place, and Culture was so excited to publish an academic paper titled, "Human reactions to rape

Khashoggi's Murder - Why the Fuss?

Famine, starvation, 100,000 dead in Saudi war on Yemen,school bus is strafed, women are stoned for adultery, none of this registered until a journalist is murdered. Why?Khashoggi was an important member of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is Freemasonry of the Communist (Soros) stripe. Under the guise of "Islamism," they advance globalism by supplanting nation

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