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Satanism Rules the West

Ugly is beautiful. "It's all good," according to Satanic DoctrineSociety doesn't realize that it is controlled by Freemasonry, a Jewish cult based on Cabalism. Fasten your seat belts folks, because they believe they can overrule nature and common senseand redefine reality. Here are more developments that strike me as occult in nature. by Henry Makow Ph.D. Western society has become a

Naomi Klein: Sins of Omission

(Left. Naomi Klein. The Schlock Doctrine.)Jewish central bankers have always used socialism and communism to usurp the wealth of the goyim underthe pretext of helping the poor.  There has never been shortage of Jewish dupes like anti-capitalistfirebrand, Naomi Klein, willing to help them attack their rivals."Hamish" summarizes Miles Mathis' view that Naomi Klein is hyped

Satanist Jews (Illuminati) are Edomites

(left, the wolf in sheep's clothing is on the Coat of Arms of the Fabian Society) "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Judahites, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." (Revelation 2:9)The Satanist conspiracy that has subverted mankind may be over 2000 years old. 130

Desperate to Stop Trump, Bankers Hype Harassment

     ZIONIST JEWISH FEMINIST MAFIA COMING AFTER DONALD TRUMPIt's apparent that we do not have a free press. The media's collusion in9-11 and false flag terror should have been enough, but the current bias against Trump is truly jaw dropping. The media is headlining every female Trump has ever propositioned while at

Communist "Thought Reform" Used to Homosexualize America

Left. Psychiatrist Robert Lifton on words like "bigot," "homophobic" and "hater" which Communists wield like whips. They are the real haters.Psychiatrist Charles Socarides (1922-2005) treated homosexualsin his New York practice for 40 years. He applied Robert Lifton's analysis of  Communist Chinese brainwashing techniques with thecampaign to normalize homosexuality in the

Julian Lee- "Racists" Defend True Diversity

"STICKER WARS" - ONE MAN'S PERSONAL CRUSADEWhen Julian Lee moved to Portland in 2009, he thought hehad found one of the few remaining white cities in America.However his idyll was spoiled when Jewish subversives  posted stickers in his neighbourhood demanding that "racistactivity" be reported. On walks with his dog, "Moby", Lee

Kevin Annett Rips the Mask from Power

(left, Kevin Annett) From time to time, I am going to repost articles that feature  books which would have made great moviesif we actually had a free and vibrant culture. (We live in a crypto Communist -- Masonic Jewish -- society where artis largely used for propaganda, social engineering, distraction and degradation.)One

Why Things Always Go Wrong

(left, the Demon) Things always go wrong because society has been inductedinto a satanic cult. Things are meant to go wrong. And they aren'tmeant to get better. by Henry Makow Ph.D. I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, and sincerely hope I am incorrect. Things are not going to get better. When you have the

Dalai Lama As Antichrist - Tibetan Buddhism as NWO Model

Dalai Lama Meets Chief Rabbis, Muslim Leaders in 2006According to author "Titus Returns," Tibetan Buddhist Lamas areSatanists and play a major role in the New World Order. His argument seems farfetched but it is credible and definitely worth considering. February 19th 2006, Jerusalem, 20 February 2006 (By Matthew Wagner, The Jerusalem

My Short Romance With the "alt right"

(left, Pepe the frog is the mascot  of the alt right. Here Pepe Pinochet drops leftists into the sea from helicopters.) The "alt right" movement is a reaction against political correctness and the Judeo Masonic (Communist) agenda.Pete Nesbitt found its irreverence refreshingbut as the Pepe mascot suggests, he discovered an ugly underside. "It's

Masonic Gestures Compromise Us

Hidden in plain sightHand signs manifest the covert satanic possession of society. by Henry Makow Ph.D.Common hand signs like the fist bump, the Sign of Baphomet and the "OK" sign (and OK expression) reflect Western society's covert induction into the Cabalist Jewish (Freemason) satanic cult. The uninitiated make these signs thinking they have a

Manufactured Conflict: The Banker's Hegelian Grip

Hegelian Dialectics - A Few Examples From Our Past, Present And Future WorldMasonic Jewish bankers use Freemasonry to manufactureconflict and control both sides. Thus they frogmarchhumanity to enslavement."The Hegelian Dialectic is built around Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis. The key is to control all three steps without letting people know about it." by KMG( is

"Senior" Mourns Canada's Bicultural Heritage

left.  CBC-TV's Toronto news team. Visible minorities are only 20% of the Canadian population but whites watching TV already feel like a minority. Indeed Toronto is already 50% coloured."I never thought that, one day, I would be witnessing the downfall of Canada's Anglo-Saxon and French society." by Joe( I NEVER watch

WW2 in the Pacific -- Totally Avoidable

The Dec 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor attackwas instigated by Communist Jews in FDR's administration to save Stalinfrom potential attack by Japan. 36 million goyim died.As flies to wanton boys are we to th' gods,They kill us for their sport.King Lear Act 4, scene 1, 32-37By Henry Makow Ph.D.In our case, the "gods" are the

The Fraud that Begets all Others

(left, the "key" to understanding the world today bears repetition) The Only Game in Town The medium of exchange (money, currency, credit) has no intrinsic value. It is a coupon created in the form of a "debt" to a cartel of Masonic ( Cabalist, Satanist) Jewish bankers. This is something government could do

Freemason Sadiq Khan Heralds UK's Racial Transformation

Left. Mayor Sadiq Khan participating in a ritual at Swami Narayan temple in LondonCreation of a Muslim Mayor of London sends a message that England is no longera white Christian society. Semper Castleton, a British expat living in Thailand, says hewon't be returning to England any time Semper Castleton (  To

Attack on Gender Reaches Bathroom Door

Obama's threat to cut funding to states and schools that don't comply with his transgender policy doesn't worry me. Obama and his ilk will be history in six months. Indeed, they have insured a Trump victory because this is an issue literally everyone can identify with.As usual, the Illuminati Jews, their dupes

Freemasons Stage Our Political Charade

(left, Kissinger and Putin in a Masonic handshake. See more images below article.) Politics is a charade. All politicians are members of a satanic cult, Freemasonry. Politics is basically Masonic factions vying for ascendancy.  Just as World War Two was a charade, so will World War Three, with Putin cast as the opponent of Jewish banker hegemony instead

Indonesia Proves Islamophobia is a Lie

With 250 million people, Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim country .Bernard Grover is an American who has lived there for nine years.Contrary to Islam's popular image, he says Indonesia is a peaceful and tolerant country where many Christian family values are still strong.  Three years ago, he posted an introductionto Indonesia for those who

Dalai Lama - Saint or Prophesied Antichrist?

Contributor KMG believes that the Dalai Lama is an Illuminati kingpinand possibly the Antichrist of Buddhistand Christian prophesy. " Dalai Lama has many similarities with the Demon King of the Buddhist Prophecy."by KMG( After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took power in China, the Dalai Lama immediately forfeited  Tibet´s sovereignty to China carte

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