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Circumcision Should be Stopped

Circumcision is a needless operation that maims and traumatizes male babies. (Editor's Note: I do not endorse the information or conclusions presented here, but post for discussion purposes. I think anything that decreases male sex drive is a positive.) by David Richards( Richards is a 24-yr-old Brit who teaches English

Cardinal Dolan! Where is My $20K?

Former Archbishop of Milwaukee,  the present Cardinal Dolan, left, doled out $20K to pedophile priests to ease their transition to civilian life.In contrast, Robert Hoatson who tended to their victims in Newark was forced from the Church without so much as a thank you. "Pedophile priests were and are treated kindly,

Do Jews Suffer from a False Identity?

Many Jews are profoundly out of touch with their own truth. by Henry Makow Ph.D. (revised from April 2003) The Jewish people have been deceived (or have deceived themselves) on two counts: 1. Most do not descend from the Biblical Jews. They are Khazars, from southwest Asia. 2. Judaism

Eight Signs the Illuminati Orchestrated WW2

(left, Masonic Go'fers  and traitors at Yalta. Brother Hitler occupied elsewhere.) Operating behind their agents, Churchill, Hitler, Stalin, and FDR - the Illuminati waged a merciless war on humanity, destroying nations and murdering 60 million people.      This article is indebted to 'Anomalies in History - World War 2'

Breivik a False Flag to Discredit the Right

This is a drawing shown on a daily basis with reports from the trial in Norway's largest "news" paper Aftenposten.Breivik is a Freemason Doing his Bit to Advance Communism by Pretending to Oppose It40,000 Norwegians Mock Killer with Marxist Song He Hates "Thousands Gather in Norway Thursday to Denounce Breivik"

Hunger Striker Brendon O'Connell Writes From Aussie Jail

Brendon O'Connell, left,  is an Australian activist who was sentenced to three years in jail for posting a video online supposedly vilifying Jews in May 2009 at a demonstration against the sale of fruit grown on the Occupied West Bank by Israelis. O'Connell called a Jew who challenged him, a

Obama Receives Brazil's Ex-Terrorist President

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff arrived Monday for a two-day visit. Why is Obama consorting with a Marxist who has US blood on her hands? News this week in Brazil is that Dilma will challenge Obama about the Cuba embargo in her private meeting at the White House. She will say

"Women Don't Need Men"

"It's going to take some time to work things out. Meantime, women such as Magdalena Hinojosa (left) still find it hard to get a date."The "empowerment" of women was social engineering not social change. It was designed to make them seek career instead of family. They were told they could "have it all" but for most, that

Jailed Christian Activist Refusing to Eat

(left, Brendon O'Connell, age 40) Brendon O'Connell, the first person jailed under Australian "hate laws," is in the third week of a hunger strike.  Brendon O'Connell is an Australian activist who was sentenced to three years in jail for posting a video online vilifying Jews. He is seen insulting two

Iluminati Bankers Organized the English Revolution

Left, Zionist go-fer Oliver Cromwell "It was fated that England should be the first of a series of Revolutions, which is not yet finished." With these cryptic words, Isaac Disraeli, father of Benjamin Earl of Beaconsfield, commenced his two-volume life of Charles I, published in 1851. The origin of the

Illuminati Use China to Loot the West

   In return for campaign contributions, Clinton transferred secret military technology to China.) For a foreign power to get so much access in the West means that our nation states have been completely gutted. Part One was - "Colonial Elite Rules China for the Illuminati"by our Beijing Correspondent  (

Was Katyn Massacre Zionist Revenge?

A 1999 Document, "Warning to the Polish Nation" by a Polish half-Jew who met Katyn murderers in Israel presents the 1940 massacre of 14,000 members of the Polish elite in 1940 as revenge for abandoning Poland and its Jews to Hitler. This might shed light on Katyn II, the April

Polish Jew Exposed Zionist Subversion

Translated into English for the first time, "Warning to the Polish Nation" is a primary document for Polish nationalists.  While focusing on Poland, if true, it suggests there is indeed a pernicious worldwide Zionist agenda largely advanced by crypto-Jews.    by Marek Finkelstein-Dobrowolski(Translated from the Polish by June 16,

Illuminati Killed Communism to Reclaim Russia

 More confirmation that Freemasonry is a satanic criminal organization used by Masonic Jewish central bankers to strangle and squeeze the planet. left- Yeltsin, Gorbachev, Berezovsky (oligarch), and Abramovitch (oligarch) by "Sonja" in MoscowThis is a summary of Oleg Platonov, "Russia's Crown of Thorns- Secret History of Freemasonry 1731-1996," (1996) This

A Guide to Casual Sex

left,  Hollywood social engineers give casual sex a big "OK," which incidentally is a Masonic sign redolent of the Eye of Horus. Friends With Benefits grossed $150 million worldwide."Studies" are skewed to normalize self-destructive behavior. The perennial Luciferian (i.e. Communist) goal is the abolition of marriage and family through promiscuity and

A Thanksgiving Message

We cannot expect perfection in this world, but if we open our eyes, we can see wonders of nature, experience the love and friendship of people, gain knowledge and wisdom and just enjoy being alive.He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his

Ex-Pat Finds More Freedom in Lesotho & China

(left, 3 old school buildings in Lesoto) The hardest part isthe reverse culture shock. I saw the USA with a new pair of eyes. The'land of the free, home of the brave' was fast-paced,  ghoulish, andon edge. by Chester Yang ( The first time I left the USA was in

Ex-Pats Should Avoid South Korea

left, South Korea. It's crowded!From the Frying Pan into the Fire!Don't go to South Korea unless you're looking for a front- row seat on the Apocalypse.  by Daniel O'halahan( My escape from Amerika began in 1996. To say that I was disgruntled before 9/11 would be an understatement. After eight years

White South Africa Was Conquered by Guilt

left. Dr. H.F. Verwoerd, father of ApartheidAs with Germany, the globalists have used "guilt" to dispossess South African whites and render them impotent. (In the West, only Jews are allowed to have a race-based nation.)  by Chris de Wet( In 1994 the covert communist ANC took over the reins of

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