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Humanity is Under Occult Attack

by Henry Makow Ph.D.As you know, the elite attaches great importance to providing us with an external enemy: Huns, Nazis, Communists, Muslims etc. It also creates internal enemies by dividing us on race, sex and class.Thus, it diverts attention from itself, the real enemy, the elite organized in Freemasonry, an

"Art" Films Pack Ideological Sucker Punch

By Henry Makow Ph.D.In the old Soviet Union, art was considered a branch of propaganda. Ifa novel or movie wasn't "politically correct,"  it wouldn't be seen. The idea that art should reveal transcendent truths was out-of-the-question.I am noticing the same trend in the West where the Communist Party term "politically

Is 'Secret of the Jews' Also a 'Forgery'?

by Henry Makow PhD. In 1885, the Tsarist agent who secured “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” Yuliana Glinka, sent another report to the Okhrana that linked Illuminati Jews and Freemasons to a satanic conspiracy against civilization. According to this document , Freemasonry is modeled on Judaism, i.e. a secret

The Root Problem: Illuminati or Jews?

  By Henry Makow Ph.D. (This revisits an important article I posted in August 2006.) "Henry, The only solution to all these problems is to kill all the Jews." I got this email last week from George in response to my article about bionic women. "Kill all the Jews and

Why Do the Illuminati Hate Jews?

  By Henry Makow Ph.D. (This article, written in April 2006, is a reminder that people pretending to be Jews may actually hate Jews.) "Where the rubber meets the road, the Illuminati have an absolutely satanic hatred for Jews," a contact that did business with a prominent Illuminati family notified me. "Jew-hatred

Independent Historian Unveils Cabalist Conspiracy

  By Henry Makow Ph.D. David Livingstone, 41, author of "Terrorism and the Illuminati- A Three Thousand Year History" (2007) says Cabalists determined to be God have hijacked mankind. "The Cabala states that God created man to know Himself," says Livingstone. "Cabalists take this to mean they can usurp the

Military Wages War on Your Gender

  By Henry Makow Ph.D.  The US army is circumventing laws that shield women from combat dangers. The reason isn't just a shortage of male recruits. It is part of a larger psychological strategy to render us dysfunctional and docile by undermining heterosexuality and the nuclear family by denying/erasing male-female differences.

Chinese Secret Society Challenges Illuminati

Update: I now believe the substance of this article is nonsense. When I met Fulford in Ottawa in the summer of 2009, he as much as admitted these secret societies were Illuminati themselves. (HM - Jan 2012)  By Henry Makow Ph.D. A Chinese secret society with 6 million members,

Uncle Sam Wants YOU Gay (Your Children Too)

  By Henry Makow, Ph.D. I've said this before but it's more true than ever. A satanic cult (Illuminism) is undermining our family identity to render us isolated, childless, sex-obsessed, dysfunctional, and docile. I am referring to the Masonic Rothschild-Rockefeller cult-cartel which runs Europe and America and is behind  Communism and Feminism.  Destroying marriage and family

Stalin Intended to Strike Hitler First

  By Henry Makow Ph.D. "He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future."  --George Orwell Most people think the Nazis betrayed a trusted ally June 22, 1941 when they launched "Operation Barbarossa."  In fact, Stalin began planning to attack Hitler almost as soon as the ink

Holocaust and Holodomor (Origins of Anti Semitism)

This article is not by Henry Makow. It is by Nicholas Lyssson 1. ROLE OF JEWS IN UKRAINIAN FAMINE One might think the worst holocaust deniers—at least the only ones who command serious attention—are those who insist the Nazi holocaust, as it involved the Jews only, was without parallel. Guenter Lewy argues

Central Bankers Seek Totalitarian Power (Encore)

By Henry Makow Ph.D. (This first appeared a year ago and is basic to understanding our predicament.) The "War on Terror" is a ruse by central bankers to control every aspect of your life. Reviewing "The Red Symphony" recently, I was shocked to read an insider's statement that the bankers

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