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COVID is Classic Communist Brainwashing Operation

The term "Brainwashing" was popularized by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party.) American journalist Edward Hunter first described the experience of Chinese informants. These practices have been imposed on the West using the pretext of a phoney pandemic. by CK( of the psychological aspects of the COVID SCAM were created and
(left, Margaret Trudeau was a flower child and a slut) Canadians are in denial. Their Prime Minister's father executed 100,000 people. Karen Leibowitcz:  "In the age of sloppy journalism, few authors are sloppier than those who claim they 'debunked' the story that Fidel Castro is Justin Trudeau's biological father. They

Headlines for February 2, 2022

(Image source)Send comments and links to hmakow@gmail.comBreaking!!! -Fake Freemason Opposition Leader in Canada, Erand boy the Tool is OUT!!!!Erin O'Toole loses Conservative Party leadership vote-- Finally we may have genuine political discourse again bottom line - Their "vaccine" does not protect against the renamed flu. They won't say what's in

Headlines for February 1, 2022

  Send links and comments to Castro was a Satanist Jew.  That make his son, Fidelito one too.) Justin Trudeau says he WON'T meet 'Freedom Convoy' because of their 'hateful rhetoric' and would rather go to a BLM rally. Communists , anyone who wants to be

Headlines for Jan 29, 2022

Send comments and links to hmakow@gmail.comThis is the address to the correct videoParliament Hill in Ottawa experiencing absolute gridlock as #FreedomConvoy begins to arrive Hitler RantMark Trozzi MD--Comedy vs Tyranny. Funny Parody Video about Trudeau and more convoy rally song convoys converge on Ottawa  PHOTOS rat's name is Justin Castro

Headlines for Jan. 27, 2022

Fireworks Light The Sky As Truckers In The Canadian Freedom Convoy Pass By Roadside Supporters convoy are bringing seventy-thousand Canadian and twelve-thousand American truck drivers to Ottawa. Multiple convoys will converge in Ottawa Saturday for a massive protest against forced injection mandates for cross border truck drivers. These unlawful mandates

Makow- Plandemic Part of a One-Sided Race War

When you finally figure out that Organized Jewry is waging a genocidal race war against whites, using "vaccines" to murder, maim and tag you & your families, you're going to want to lynch every Jew in sight. Aggrieved people are the first to persecute other innocent people. As an assimilated

Headlines for Jan. 26

(Send comments and links to Swab confirms Fidelito is young globalist traitor. And Putin too! is what (((Communism))) looks like.New "arbitrary" Speech Code Reports that "cannot be appealed" Raise Concerns about Freedom on Campus Thousands on Twitter Say They 'Regret' Getting the Vaccine -- 'Side-Effects Worse than COVID'
(Left, Pierre Elliot Trudeau with Justine's father)  Justine's father was actually Fidel Castro.  In 1968, Russian defector Igor Gouzenko warned that Trudeau "would become another Castro and turn Canada into another Cuba."  Justine is finishing the job. p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120% }a:link { so-language: zxx }Fidelito's cuckold "father"

Justin Trudeau: Mind-Controlled Poster Child for Pedophilia?

Justin Trudeau's visceral hatred of males (re. he says it's peoplekind, not mankind) and Canada's European heritage has made him an international laughing stock. His promotion of homosexuality and communism seals the deal. Many now question his mental stability.Are these the symptoms of having been a victim of MK-Ultra mind control and his

Headlines for Jan. 22, 2022

Send links and comments to LEFT-- TOTAL MSM BLACKOUT OF CANADA-US BORDER CONGESTIONHuge Trucker Convoy Headed To Ottawa, Canada To Join Trucker Vaccine Mandate Protest premier warns Canada 'can't afford' to lose tens of thousands of truckers over COVID jab mandate to End Most Cabalist-Jewish Virus Restrictions, Including COVID

Headlines for Jan 20, 2022

Thank you to Twitter for suspending me. Their action inspired this new format which is proving to be both successful and fun.Send comments and links to hmakow@gmail.comChris Pirnak---Financial Catastrophe is Looming for Those Who Are Unprepared "I have gotten out of all of my stocks and I suggest you

The American "Right" is Largely False Opposition

(McCarthy -- March 8, 1954 Edition of TIME) In 1954, businessman DeWest Hooker discoveredthat Jewish central bankers (i.e. Bernard Baruch) funded "anti-Communism" to obscure the fact that Communism (i.e. the covid scam today) is in fact  Jewish satanist supremacism. Illuminati bankers manipulate public perception using false opposition like Donald Trump or Alex

Operation Keelhaul - Allies Sent 2.5 Million Anti-Communists to Die

(Masonic Jews Churchill, FDR, and Stalin at Yalta. Missing is their partner, Adolf Hitler) PROOF THAT THE WEST IS DE FACTO COMMUNIST AND OUR WARTIME "LEADERS" WERE WAR CRIMINALS WITH NO CONCERNFOR HUMAN LIFE OR INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM. At Yalta, Churchill and FDR agreed to repatriate 2.5 million anti-CommunistsRussians against their will. About

Judeo Masonic Conspiracy: Why the Plandemic Will Never End

(left, Christian Rakovsky with Leon Trotsky c. 1924. Trotsky, an agent of the Cabalist Jewish central bankers was supposed to succeed Lenin but Stalin beat him to it.) COVID IS A COMMUNIST PLOY In 1938, Illuminati insider Christian Rakovsky confirmed that the central bankers' goal is worldwide Communism, i.e. The New World Order.  "There is

Canada- Are "Vaccines" about to Become Mandatory?

(A mother's face does not lie. Fidel Castro meets his son at PET's funeral. This happens when you ignore people who warned you.And when you allow every institution in your society to be subverted because you don't want to get involved.)(Disclaimer- This may be fear mongering but the important thing

"The Aim of Freemasonry is the Triumph of Communism"

(Left. Trump and Hitler make Masonic Merkel sign. Our politicians are all Freemasons.)Illuminati insider Christian Rakovsky (Chaim Rakover) revealed that while the goal of Freemasonry is Communism, Masons will not have a seat at the NWO table. That is reserved for Jews. 1938 NKVD Interrogation Part One Most Politicians are Freemasons What

Headlines for January 9, 2022 ------------

SEND IMPORTANT NEW LINKS and COMMENTS to -----------------"Stupid me." That's how Professor Jordan Peterson describes his decision to get the COVID-19 clot shot.You can find out why in this two-minute clip where Peterson says "over-reaching bureaucrats are the biggest challenge to our health"--not a pandemic of the common cold.
(Harry Wade, a 22-year-old engineering student at the so-called University of Western Ontario was arrested and expelled for refusing to be genetically modified.)Recently I received this email from a student, "M":Henry, would you be able to give some suggestions, from yourself, or your well informed readers, as to what

Communism & Nazism -- Two Wings of Same Satanic Cult

(left, Illuminati sweethearts, Hitler and Stalin) Hitler was a bulwark against Communism? Hardly. Stalin funded the fledgling Nazi Party, told German Communists to stand down,supplied Nazi Germany with essential raw materialsand allowed Russia to be "surprised" by Operation Barbarossa.Like Hitler, Trump is false opposition to  Communism, which already has paralyzed America. What is

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