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Brandon Smith -- South Africa is Harbinger for America

"When this happens in USA its a peaceful protest. When it happens in any another country its RIOTS...."Like moths, Communists have shredded the Western social fabric. Is the blanket about to turn to dust?Brandon Smith - "It is also only a matter of time before a covid variant (like the

Western Family Stuck in Covid-Controlled Thailand

(Constant pressure to vax)"Knut Hamsun" and his family are stranded in a remote resort town in Thailand. He worked in the hospitality industry but has been unemployed for 18 mos. and is reaching afinancial "breaking point."They can't leave without being vaccinated."Local politicians are also heavily 'subsidized' or 'helped' by local

Stephen Lendman -- Rebranded Flu is Fear Mongering

(A hat-tip to Stephen Lendman, 85, a fellow ethnic Jew fighting the Communist covid hoax.)"Instead of explaining that covid is renamed seasonal flu and that differences among variants are too minor to matter, the public throughout the West is carpet-bombed with fear-mongering fake news that's all about pushing people to

Makow - Ten Things I Like About Mexico (and 5 Things I Don't)

l. Bougainvilleas are everywhere. They blossom year round. We walk down lanes strewn with petals. I didn't leave Canada. Canada left me. Canadians have no civil rights.Although a citizen, I cannot return to my country of 70-years unless I accept experimental gene therapy & absurd hotel ($2000) & 2-week home quarantine

"Diversity" is White Christian Genocide

(l.The relationship of Organized Jewry to humanity) "A Racial Program for the 20th Century" (1912) exposed the Communist Jewish race war against white nations.Critical Race Theory, gender dysphoria, BLM and the migrant invasion ("Diversity") can all be traced to a long-term Communist (Masonic) Jewish program to destroy Western civilization financed by Organized Jewry (Rothschilds,

Freemasonry: Mankind's Death Wish

The source of the world's problems: The Gentile "leadership" has been chosen for its willingnessto sell its soul to Cabalist (satanic) Jewish central bankers by joining Freemasonry, which is Judaism for Gentiles. Translated, our "leaders" are opportunists and traitors."Freemasonry plays the same role in Western society as the Communist Party did

How Communist Jews Weaponized Blacks

(left, Jewish money organizing another 'grass roots' movement.)  Dontell Jackson, a black man, says organized Jewry has deflected blame for the slave trade to whites, in order to create a sense of grievance in blacks and guilt in whites. The author acknowledges the influence of "The Alt-Right History of the US" and absolves whites of all guilt which

Stephen Lendman - The Dystopian New Normal

(David Dees was a visionary. Although he died just over a year ago,  he could clearly see what was coming.)"These are no ordinary times. What was inconceivable pre-2020 is today's reality. What's going on should terrify everyone paying attention.The scourge of toxic covid mass-jabbing for social control and depopulation on an

"ESG" - The Globalist Program to Destroy Free Enterprise

Apparently, this is photoshopped but it could be real in the near future. The Cabalist bankers are forcing all companies to observe "ESG" - Environmental Social Governance which puts "moral impact" ahead of sales, efficiency and profit as a measure of a company's performance. Like individuals, companies are being
The most frustrating thing about the rigged election & covid scam is the lack of effective resistance. Apart from whinging on the Internet, Americans seem determined to bend over and take it up the ass. This is not what you'd expect from a fully-armed population. I can't think of one
The COVID HOAX was never about the "virus", which never even existed; it was always about frightening goyim-gentiles into taking the Zionist COVID-Lethal-Injection (ZCLI). (Disclaimer- This plan can be termed Communist, Satanist, Cabalist, Masonic as well as Zionist.)In 2020, Karl Schwab stated that a "cyber-attack" will soon happen that will cause
Regarding the recent COVID-Lethal-Injections, the Zionist-controlled media are suppressing the mortality headcount (those who died) and morbidity headcount (those who suffered adverse reactions). In Jun 2021, the mortality headcount is in fact over 900,000 worldwide. The actual morbidity headcount is currently several million worldwide. The Zionists are reporting only one percent

Kurt Lewin - How Communists Brainwashed You

(l. Communist Jew, Kurt Lewin. Hand to throat is a Masonic sign of recognition.)Russ Winter reveals that there is a network of "cultural warriors" numbering in the millions emanating from the Tavistock Institute in London. They infest government, education, psychology and health care, & are dedicated to brainwashing you. The covid
The true "Jewish revolutionary spirit" is "to overturn" God and replace Him with Lucifer who represents the perverse self-interest of the Illuminati (i.e. central bankers, Organized Jewry and Freemasonry.)  This is behind the #scamdemic. from June 26, 2008 and August 1, 2018by Henry Makow Ph.D.E. Michael Jones has written a 1200-page

Mike Stone's Hollywood Memoirs - Why Most Movies Are Crap

Melissa Joan Hart, the star of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, said that after she read the original script for the movie version of The Mod Squad, her immediate reaction was, "Who do I have to blow to get this?" (Movieline, Aug. 1999)She knew the score. by Mike Stone( first Hollywood movie I ever made was directed

Makow - Should Covid Commies Worry About Violent Resistance?

Not only did the Communists steal the election, they want to liquidate the 80-plus million patriots who voted for Trump.Cancel culture is about cancellingyou and the Western nation state.Covid vaccines are about killing you.Their goal is to destroy you & your values.We must awaken from our slumber and realize that we have been declared redundant. We

War Dead are Victims, Not Heroes

Monday May 31 is Memorial Day in the US-Memorial Day normalizes war, the same war that Satanists have waged against God and man for centuries. All wars are psyops. COVID is far from their largest psy-op. It's small potatoes compared to World War One, World War Two, the Cold War, Korea,

Gary D. Barnett - Government is Our Mortal Enemy

(Massive anti-government demo in London Saturday. See the pics.)This can only be described as a plot to destroy the bulk of humanity for the single goal of destroying everything achieved to date, all for the express purpose of restructuring a world where the few control the many in a global technocratic system based on a master and slave

Makow--We're Satanically Possessed by Cabalists

We've gone from a Christian dispensation which lifts the individual to God; to a Masonic Jewish one which seeks to dispossess and treat him like Henry Makow PhDLong before Facebook and Twitter banned conservatives, Cabalist Jews and Freemasons  banished the Creator from Creation.They have replaced him (with themselves.)The word
(left, Igor Shepherd)The Wyoming Dept of Health suspended Igor Shepherd after this talk & his website StoptheVaccine has been deleted, However his video talk is still up.  His website can still be accessed by the Wayback Machine.  He & his wife have moved out of Wyoming but they were

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