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Watching Porn is Sadistic

(Shelley Lubben, left, exposed the porn industry.)Porn "Stars" are bruised, drugged prostitutes. Ex-porn star Shelly Lubben calls it the "final frontier of satan" contaminatingall who David Richards (Revised from Feb 22, 2010)( Richards, 24, is a UK citizen teaching English in Mongolia. See his personal statement at end.)WARNING!! DISTURBING MATERIAL 

The End of Woman

Thanks to feminism, femininity is almost extinct. This psychological genocide is called "women's liberation."When culture is controlled by Satanists, "progress" is defined by Henry Makow Ph.D. I have been attending a small vegetarian cooking class. The teacher is a woman aged 70 who could pass for 55. There is

American Extols Gender Roles in Indonesia

(left, Indonesian beauty)After three FAILED American marriages, Bernard Grover found "balance" in the traditional gender roles practiced in Indonesia.This may be the reason the East will surpass the West. "In total, I have been married for 20 years.  The last three have been the happiest with my submissive Asian wife. 

Heavy Metal Fans Become PC Pussies

 Legendary Heavy Metal Singer, Keith Caputo, left,switches teams after 20-year-career. Fans say, "You Go, Girl!" WAR ON GENDER REACHES HEAVY METAL SCENE One fan, Zachary Childe feels betrayed. "Metal heads" were once testosterone-fueled "hard asses" that never towed any line. Now, fear of a "hate crime" has turned us into pussies."by Zachary

Female Attire Attacks both M/F Psyche

(The modern female dilemma: Dress like a man or a whore?)"I suspect we have all become hardened a little by modern women's clothing styles."  The war on gender as seen in female Wendy Holland( idea that wearing jeans or slacks was somehow attacking my mind would have seemed

General Motors' Hatred of Heterosexuals

Illuminati Jewish bankers control most major corporations and use advertising for social engineering:  to neuter the goyim herd. I was reminded of this May 2007 article because Cadillac is running another more subtle heterophobic ad.  Maybe you've seen it. A lithe young lady is caught in a rainstorm. She seeks

Rebel Bishop Affirms Gender Differences

Traditional Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson, 72, left, defies the PC (C is for Cabalist) dogma polluting the earth. "Common sense is the grip on reality given to us by God."  The Illuminati, who control government and media,  defy God and common sense by hate-filled attacks on heterosexuals and gender. The attack

Refinding Femininity Saved My Family

"Don't hate all feminists! We were raised this way, and I didn't know there was any other way to live.All I had to do was let him be the man, and be the woman."I'm sick of being treated like a poor, brainless idiot just because my family is the center of

Six Reasons Working Women Aren't Equal

(left, another young Kenyan woman)Homespun truth from a bible believing Kenyan woman, Mary, age 26by Mary( I would like to tell you of some of my conclusions I have come to from observations and experiences at employment, for males and females. God created us differently and to do otherwise

Aliens Have Abducted Our Women

ENEMIES OF LOVEWestern men (and women) should be very angry at Illuminati Jewish bankers and their Masonic lackeys. Like alien invaders, they abducted our women, brainwashing them to become lesbian and frigid. This vicious satanic attack on society by our traitorous "leaders" has been marketed as "women's rights." Feminism

I am Homophobic (and you should be too!)

(left. Gay men prefer sex with heterosexuals.)The Illuminati are replacing heterosexual norms with gay norms in order to undermine the gender identity of 98% of the population. So far, society has been blind to this insidious attack which ranges from relentless psychological warfare in the mass media, to "grooming"

"The Hunger Games" Sugarcoats Tyranny for Kids

(left, the Satanic elite look like a friendly bunch)The movie makes the New World Order look innocuous so we don't have to worry about Marcos( A father who took his daughters to see "The Hunger Games" told me, "How can the movie be so evil, if the heroine fights

"My Shangri-la" - The Last Outpost of Femininity

(left. "John Day" and wife)In my view, the Philippines greatest natural treasure is the women who love and appreciate the male and who love to bear and care for children the male can give them. After 1 month I found I didn't need pills to make love every other day.

Freemason Sponsors Drag "Miss America"

 MISS GAY AMERICA is the pet project of a Freemason Norman Jones, left. His alter ego Norma Christie, was crowned the first Miss Gay America in 1973.The negation of gender differences is  characteristic of the satanism grippinghumanity. Gay drag queen contests are occult rituals.   by David Richards( Each year,

Perverse Masonic Initiations Pervade Society

Initiation rituals like hazing are Masonic and satanic in origin and compromise, intimidate and blackmail the victim. They also establish a tacit Masonic pecking David Richards( the Illuminati tighten their grip on humanity, we increasingly resemble them.We are becoming more inhumane by the generation. A telling example is the

God Vs the Mini Skirt

Left, Lady Gaga,"the Goddess," comes with Holy Grail "After I have been with her for a while, I realize she is nothing like the girl I initially worshiped. That girl doesn't exist. And you have given the love and adoration that your Creator, the Creator of the entire universe deserves

NWO Promotes Failed Zionist Gender Experiment

(left, woman guards a kibbutz) Gender denial failed on the Israeli Kibbutz. Nonetheless the Illuminati bankers promote this discredited occult ideology in order to undermine society.   by Glenn Wilson(  A brave and fascinating experiment in women's liberation was conducted by the Israelis when they set up their rural

A Transsexual Defends Gender Differences

(left, transsexual, not Cynthia)"I would characterize femininity as essentially being passive and expressive in the many ways in which the full colour of a female is appreciated...that is for her to rely on the security of the man as the dominant breadwinner and for her to be the homemaker, whilst

My Submissive Asian Wife Empowers Me

I have never felt so masculine and empowered, as I do now.  I feel stronger at 50 than at 20 for one simple fact, I have a woman who treats me like a man.  In return, she is treated like a woman and all her needs are fulfilled, as

Attack on Heterosexuality is Satanism

The essence of  satanism is to substitute the perverted mindset of the Luciferian central bankers for God-given reality.  This means that all that is natural and healthy must be deemed sick; all that is true is false; and all that is good is evil.This applies to the promotion of homosexuality

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