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The EU And Faux 'Far Right Populism'

According to exit polls, Dutch anti-EU candidate Geert Wilders, left,got just 12 per cent of the vote.In Holland, voters are no longer playing the Illuminati's "democracy" game. They stayed home for EU elections Thursday. In the UK, Nick Farage's UKIP  made gains, but it appears the pro-EU labor party will

Miley Cyrus & the Abduction of Western Schoolgirls

(left, Warner Brothers blocked  the MK Ultra "Tongue Tied" video on YouTube. Obviously it struck too close to home for these satanists. An analysis of the MK-Ultra references by Jeff C was also blocked and Jeff C's channel removed from YouTube even though he muted the lyrics. This is censorship

Feminism is the Real Terrorism, says Young Turk

Some day the Illuminati will answer for their vicious psychologicalattack on women aimed at destroying love, marriage and family. Osman expresses the rage of young men everywhere. by Osman (  I am a 21 year-old-Turkish university student in Istanbul. It was very scary for me to realize that almost all

Marriage "Straight Talk" Ignites Firestorm

Human Resources professional Susan Patton, left, created controversy when she suggested that women who want family should get their "Mrs." degree at college, where they'll find compatible men and avoid their biological clock running out. The negative reaction, which I will examine tomorrow, is indicative that Feminismis not about "choice." It's

British Man Laments Lost Love

Feminists don't like to see a womanengaged to be happily married. They attack her mind and, like Communists,destroy society one person at a time. Mark, a successful British businessman,describes how "the love of his life" slipped through his fingers."The poison traveled though her veins and is now in her heart,

"The Economics of Sex"

According to a video, "The Economics of Sex," the Pill has made sex a commodity, one where supply far outstrips demand. This is good for men but bad for women whowant marriage. by Henry Makow Ph.D.To get our minds off more serious things, the above is a witty little

Mockery: Mind Weapon of the Illuminati

Left, Sarah Silverman: "My partner and i want to have anabortion, but we're having trouble conceiving." Bill Cosby's legendary gentle observations about friends and family are a world away from the destructive lifestyles and values that are today's stand-up comedy.The term "shock jocks" was first associated with Howard Stern. But

A Prescient 1909 Vision of the NWO (Encore)

"There is in existence a plan of world organization about which much has been said for several years past, in favour of which determined propaganda has been made among the masses, and toward which our present rulers are causing us to slide gradually and unconsciously.""The people will not cease to

"The Manosphere" - Healthy Reaction to Feminism?

Is the "Manosphere"misogynist or doesit empower men again?The manosphere is a network of bloggers who refuse to put women on a pedestal as the Illuminati order them to do. They ask difficult questions  like, "If feminism is so concerned with inequality, why doesn't it get more women to die of

Marxist Minstrels - The Beatles

On the 50th anniversary of the "British i.e. Illuminati invasion,"the world is feting the fab four. Instead, we revisit evangelist David Noebel who in 1965 had the discernment to recognize the Beatles' perverse influence.  We look at Noebel through the eyes of a Leftist who  ridicules him as a right-wing

Wendy asks: "What are Young People to Do?"

(Left, not Wendy) Wendy, a sensitive and intelligent person,brilliantly captures the social and financial challenges facing young working class women today. "I can easily imagine a future where everyone is gay, and children are conceived in test tubes. "by Wendy( I've been reading your articles about feminism, and I have long agreed with

Fashion Joins War Against Men

(Men's Fashions. See many more examples here.)The goal of these feminazi engineers isn't to turn men gay - it's to do away with 'gender consciousness' entirely.   These lunatics want a 'gender free society'.  Heterosexuals are oblivious to this underhanded, vicious and hateful attack on their identity and meaning."Revolution's Race to

Semen as Male Elixir?

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } (left, Kolbe) Bila Kolbe, 62, advocates the rejuvenating benefits of what he calls "masturbation," which is sexual arousal without ejaculation.I'm not endorsing his views but presenting them as a change of pace for your consideration.  In fact, I disagree with them. I believe in transcending sexual desire,

Why do Women Love Gay Men?

"Are women so insecure in the company of real men that they prefer emasculated ones?"by Henry Makow, Ph.D.(from July 10, 2012)"Why are women these days so enamored with homosexual men?"A reader, Mark, asked this question recently.  "There's a gay guy at my work who's totally obnoxious, self-centered, and spiteful, and yet

Soviets Razed Churches, Spared Synagogues

   A key article from 2007 unveils the true nature of the threat that imperils mankind. Could it be that Judaism is a really a secret society like Freemasonry where the members don't know the hidden agenda, which in fact is Communism?  "Like the Nazis, the Bolsheviks had difficulty killing large numbers and disposing of the bodies. Schoonmaker reports that

Vibrator Spoiling Marriage Vibe

(left, looking guilty)"R" raises a question  plaguing his marriage. Does his wife's vibrator  habit constitute "cheating"? I received this email in response to yesterday's article on porn making men impotent. Hello Henry:    I am an older married gentleman and want to bring up another topic that affected my marriage and

Porn is Making Men Impotent

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }  ILLUMINATI SOCIAL ENGINEERING According to Canadian psychiatrist Norman Doidge, porn has rewired the brains of millions of men.They have become inured to normal sexual and emotional cues. As men become impotent, Japan's heterosexual breakdown  is heading to America as surely as floating debris from its tsunami.

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