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Without God, We are Indeed "Useless Eaters"

Even though they own most of the wealth, they want it all!! They see us as squatters. What do war, feminism, homosexuality, transgenderism, COVID and "vaccines" have in common? DEPOPULATION!The second part is about God. I am posting this as a reminder that we are nothing without our connection to

Makow -- Politically Incorrect Advice for Young Men (Updated)

What I wish I knew when I was 21. (I am 72 now.)This repost is needed now more than ever when the Satanists are messing with our perception of reality." Avoid women who exhibit any of the four-C's: compete, control, criticize or complain.  Avoid women who are overachievers or neurotic. Don't

Jews Run British Empire, said 1889 Book

(published in 1889)Fiat Banking is Behind Imperialism   By 1864, the Masonic Jewishcentral banking cartelalready had concentrated the wealth of the world in their hands. Westernimperialism (i.e. Ukraine) is a mask for the central banking cartelplan to control all the world's wealth."This Money Power of the Money Quarter of London is the only grand preeminent Imperialism existing on

Scamdemic is a Genocidal Cabalist Attack on Humanity

(Victoria Nuland is the Cabalist Jew responsible for the war in Ukraine. taught that God loves all his children equally. This contradicts Jewish belief in their own Chosen-ness and racial supremacy. Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (10):  "... it is indispensable to create trouble in all countries the people's

How Sex Became Our Religion

(Woody Allen with Mia Farrow's adopted daughter, Dylan. Sexual depravity is the hallmark of satanic possession.)"Never in the Jewish tradition was sexual asceticism a religious value." How did society become sex crazed? How did sex get separated from love and marriage?  We have been inducted into a satanic sex cult,

The Cabalist Conspiracy Behind Covid

Harold Rosenthal, left, with Walter Mondale."We even place within you a 'guilt complex' making you afraid to criticize Jewry openly." Our enslavement is because nations have allowed Cabalist bankers to create the medium of exchange (currency, credit) in the form of a debt to themselves when governments could easily do this, debt-and-interest-free. "Success" depends

Trump FBI Raid a Reminder of 1933 FDR Banker "Coup"

In 1933, the Illuminati bankers pretended to depose their go'fer FDR, thus giving him priceless credibility.  They chose Gen. Smedley Butler, a man guaranteed to betray them, to lead this coup. To this day, historians saythis plot was actually meant to succeed. By analogy,  Demonrat opposition to Trump is designed to give him

August 13 - Is the COVID Scam Over?

Please send links and comments to It's Over: CDC Says People Exposed To COVID No Longer Need To QuarantineUnvaccinated people now have same guidance as vaccinated people."Sorry you guys had to miss your grandmother's funeral, but at least you don't have to quarantine anymore!" That may as well have

August 11 - "Vaccines" -- Will Worst-Case Scenario Materialize? (left, the worst-case scenario)Please send links and comments to Will the data below morph into the worst case scenario at the left? Take the survey: COVID VACCINE ADVERSE EVENT REPORTSThrough July 15, 2022:· 29,635 deaths· 169,426 hospitalizations· 55,540 permanently disabledSOURCE: Robert Malone - Everything you wanted to

Nine Traits of Masculine Men

(Yes, it is a Honda. I just posed on a neighbor's.)Satanism is causing us to question everything. All the more reason to affirmthe natural order: gender and family.from May 2, 2012by Bobbi Wingham (a woman, ex feminist)Women need to encourage men to be who they really are and not who

"Anti-Jewish" Dresden Manifesto (1882) Conceded Defeat

(Left, Adolf Stoecker (1835 -1909) was the court chaplain to Kaiser Wilhelm II, a politician, and a German Lutheran theologian who founded the Christian Social Party and attempted to roll back Jewish control. He helped organize the 1882 "Anti Jewish Conference.") Is this why Dresden was so maliciously destroyed Feb. 14, 1945? The

I Finally Understand "The Truman Show"

(left, In The Truman Show, the hero discovered that he lived in a false reality constructed for him)Like Truman Burbank in The Truman Show, we live in a reality show consisting of actors and facades like a Western movie set. These facades -- democracy, wars, plandemics -- are designed to

Makow -- The Riddle of "Antisemitism"

"Antisemitism" is spreading as the COVID scam is correctly identified with Organized Jewry, (i.e. the Rothschild central banking cartel) Freemasonry and Communism.No one can justify genocide, but the stigma attached to "antisemitism" is duplicitous mind control. Antisemitism is legitimate resistance to the pernicious agenda of organized Jewry and Freemasonry, i.e. the NWO.This

Sex - We Have Put the Cart Before the Horse

(Horse = love. Cart = sex.) Traditional sexual assumptions turned out to be right. In the 1950-60s, a young woman would only have sex in the context of love and marriage.  "Making love" (sex) was literally an expression of a spiritual union i.e. love. In this state, your partner becomes part of

(((Aliens))) Have Abducted Our Women

SATANISTS ARE ENEMIES OF LOVEWestern men (and women) should be very angry at Illuminati Jewish bankers and their Masonic lackeys. Like alien invaders, they abducted our women, brainwashing them to become lesbian and frigid. This vicious satanic attack on society by our traitorous "leaders" has been marketed as "women's

Makow -- Organized Jewry is Essentially Organized Theft

( Jewish predators. Yukos Board, 2003. Judaism is defined by Cabalism which is Satanic. Cabalism is Communism.)As an ethnic Jew, it pains me to say that the essence of Cabalist Judaism & Organized Jewry is to plunder, enslave & exterminate the goyim and to establish a Satanic dispensation on earth. Don't

Father's Day--Girls' Romantic Ideal Based on Father

FOR FATHER'S DAY JUNE 20A father's love, nurturing and approval are essential for a young girl's healthy development as a woman.Girls model their romantic ideal on their father. About a third of all children live without a father at home. Feminism Deprives Girls of Father's Love Revised from June, 2005 & 2019By Henry Makow PhDMost girls receive too little

Reclaiming Male Power in the Viagra Age

The gesture of a man opening a door for a woman affirms both his masculinity and her femininity. Women used to align their interests with those of men and society. But humanity has been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati who are pushing depopulation and the breakup of the nuclear

Israel Shamir - The Trouble with Judaism

(left, Israel Shamir) that Jewish leadership is supplanting God.This is what the Scamdemic, Agenda 2030 and the New World Order are all About "It is possible there are no (or almost no) Jews who fully understand what the Jews want." Shamir writes. In the Jewish globalist paradigm, "Israel wants to
(It's that last 6% that keeps them up at night.)Please send links and comments to This is a mass shooting psy op SAFE SPACE What You Need to Know About the World Economic Forum's 2022 MeetingThe movers and shakers in the Western business world are part of the globalist

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