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Illuminati Persecute Heterosexuals

Turkey baster families? Three Hollywood movies tout artificial insemination. by Henry Makow Ph.D.Every day,  heterosexuals face an insidious mass media campaign designed to make homosexuality the social norm.This vicious underhanded attack on heterosexual identity is disguised as defending "homosexual rights." To defend gay rights, heterosexuals are taught to deny gender,

Dewey: Dysfunctional Education & Society

BY L.C. VINCENT (for Some of the fruits of John Dewey "vision" in the classroom include:-  schools no longer employ teachers, but "facilitators" who are no longer "authority figures" , but friends who help children "get along."-  children's "social interests"  and "self expression" are more important than their "intellectual

How Gloria Steinem's CIA Role Was Censored

(Like Barack Obama, Feminist Gloria Steinem is a CIA asset tasked with subverting the United States in the interests of Illuminati banker world government. This article confirms that the "women's movement" is a psy-op; and we can infer that this is also true of "gay rights."  Essentially, the Illuminati is

Oil Spill = Illuminati's Covert War on America

by Henry Makow, Ph.D.We think of war in terms of missiles and tanks and bombs. But a far superior form of war is to disguise attacks as false flag terrorism like 9-11, natural disaster like Katrina or an accident like the April 20 BP oil spill.This way the victim is

What is the Secret of Jewish Success?

Written in response to Mark Twain's "Concerning the Jews" by Sam Peyo(for"In the oneness of allness, I am, in some degree or aspect, guilty of, or infected with, or suffering from, everything that I attack." (Charles Fort)   The question of why Jews have been so efficient at amassing

Jews and Porn

hey henry tell your readers what group owns most of the porn companies. yeah jews. -Tmy reply:why don't you expand this letter with some research and i'll post. name a few namesExcerpts from T's Reply:(Editor's Note: Clearly righteous Jews must recognize and repudiate other Jews who have played a disproportionate

Lamebook -- Rebellion of the Stupid

by Ben Martin (for you want a glimpse into the decadence and immorality of the next generation of Americans, look no further than particular site, which gets 12 million hits a day, allows users to post their most "humorous" conversations from the social networking giant  Needless to

Readers Who Escaped From Amerika

Reg  (Taiwan) Eleven years ago I graduated from university in Newfoundland, Canada.  While in university I noticed many of the bad things happening that you mention on your website, but couldn't quite realize it.  I was involved with the student left-wing movement; I studied Philosophy, got a student loan, became

American Gulag -- Feminist Laws Persecute Men

"We shall regulate mechanically all the actions of the political life of our subjects by new laws."  Protocols of Zion- 5by Stephen Baskerville Ph.D.(Abridged by Henry Makow) Men accused of rape today enjoy few safeguards. "People can be charged with virtually no evidence," says Boston former sex-crimes prosecutor Rikki Klieman.

A Male's Pathetic Appeal for Love

by Henry Makow Ph.D. Recently a young man named "Confounded Intellectual" posted a pathetic appeal for love  on a popular website. "So many men are simply starving for kindness from a woman but ...find sarcasm and cynicism instead," he wrote. He spoke of "a climate of hostility among women towards

Confessions of a Liberated Man

"By women demanding 'liberation,' what they have achieved is to turn many men like me, ones who took commitments seriously, into men who say 'no commitment ever'. " by "Peter"for (Peter is a successful Christian middle-aged Australian businessman who got shafted and bankrupted by a wife who pretended to

The Strategy Behind Same-Sex Marriage

by Rollin Stearns(for Traditional marriage has been under attack for a long time. In the past decade, the main battleground has been same-sex marriage.My state, Maine, was one of of the six states where it was legal. But then, in a referendum last month, a majority of voters overturned

Women are Leading Men in New Movies

(Makow Comment: these movies are designed to masculinize women and feminize men. They're not social change. They're social engineering. People imitate what they see on the big screen. The Illuminati who control the mass media are deliberately destabilizing society by attacking gender. ) Boorish male louts, step aside. It's the

On Turning 60

by Henry Makow Ph.D. The girl at the McDonald's drive thru took one look at me and asked if I wanted a half-price "Senior's Coffee."  "Sure," I said. "I turned 60 last week." If life's purpose is to leap nimbly from the Student Discount to the Senior Discount, I

Feminists Hatch "Rape Crisis" On Campus

by Heather MacDonald (Originally, "The Campus Rape Myth" From "City Journal" Winter 2008Abridged) It's a lonely job, working the phones at a college rape crisis center. Day after day, you wait for the casualties to show up from the alleged campus rape epidemic--but no one calls. Could this mean

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