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Feminism Tastes Bitter after Job Ends

Sasha Spencer provides an insightful analysis of how feminism programmed her to fail.  "I can now lament at leisure my squandered youth and beauty.  I seem to have done it all backwards."                                                                                By Sasha Spencer (                                                                       As a girl growing up in the American Midwest in the 1970's, I

A Transsexual Defends the Jews

A Letter from a Transsexual named "Lola""If Jews are the main force behind pornography, as you argue in your article, why is the most violent, degrading, and sexually perverted porn in the world produced today in Japan--a country with virtually no Jews?"by Dr Lasha  Darkmoon( Dear Ms Darkmoon,I read your article

Young Man Struggles With Father Loss

"I never had a father figure growing up so I didn't have a firm hand.  I was basically allowed to do anything I wanted and looking back I realized I needed structure and someone to teach me about responsibility.  I needed a father that would sit me down at a

Illuminati Escalate Insane Attacks on Gender

WOMEN BECOMING OBSOLETE(left, Billboard for "French Connection" outside Eaton Center Toronto, with caption, "Who is Woman?") "There is no question that the Illuminati is bent on spreading dysfunction. Our political, business and cultural leaders are either fools or traitors, or both."By Henry Makow Ph.DI spent last week in Toronto, where

A Native American's View of Manhood

(Left, Sitting Bull)"Lose the idea that you must learn to think like a do not."by Robert Pierre (   I was compelled to reply to the recent article entitled "Where have all the good men gone?" because for the past few months, I have been asking myself the same

Where Have all the Real Men Gone?

Maureen (left) "I've been a mother for 16 a single one....struggling like everyone to keep from going completely under. Have been a massage therapist since 92.......My son is 16 and my daughter is 11. I 'm quite upset about the change that's been brought from feminism. We women CANNOT

Feminists Reclaim "Slut" Moniker

Why do feminists want to make being a slut respectable?by Henry Makow Ph.D. "A woman has a right to wear what she wants, without her appearance becoming an excuse for sexual assault."That was the message Sunday afternoon at the Ottawa SlutWalk, according to today's Ottawa Citizen. "The walk consisted of

The Hoax of Female Empowerment (Reprise)

"Commander in Chief" was canceled after its first 2005-2006 season but it has been replaced by numerous shows featuring female role models that disparage men and seek fulfillment in careers rather than family. After yesterday's article, a reader wrote, "There is so much anti-male bias throughout our western culture today

Confessions of a Disillusioned Republican

by Lt. Commander Charles EastonJudge Advocate General's Corps U.S. Navy (Ret.)(for  As a GOP activist who saw the George W. Bush administration from within the outer circle, my naïveté about politics began to fade. I should have known better because I was not fresh off of the turnip truck.  By

Do Not Donate to Illuminati Charities

Wolf in sheep's clothes. Appropriate emblem for the Illuminati Fabian Society. by Joan Prince(for Over 350 years ago, the apparition of Our Lady of Good Success in Quito, Ecuador predicted that at the end of the 20th century, Satan would almost totally rule the world by means of Freemasonry. Does

Thirteen Virtues of a Christian Woman

"In hindsight, as women begin to see the effects of women's liberation, they begin to acknowledge that women are more dominated than ever before, only this time often by vile strangers, instead of the ones that love them."By Debra Siddons(for Debra Siddons is a freelance reporter and Truth activist, covering

Flipside of Feminism: Men Don't Grow Up

By Erin Patrice O'Brien for  Wall Street Journal)   (Edited by so long ago, the average American man in his 20s had achieved most of the milestones of adulthood: a high-school diploma, financial independence, marriage and children. Today, most men in their 20's hang out in a novel sort

Veteran UK Soccer Broadcasters Fired For "Sexism"

Richard Keys (right) suggested "dark forces" were at work. And indeed they are. He and his colleague are examples in the Illuminati's war on freedom. by Henry Makow Ph.D.Two 20-year soccer commentators for Rupert Murdoch's Sky Sports lost their jobs Wednesday over comments that were made off-air!Richard Keys and Andy

Young Male Battles Feminist Tide

by "M"for I am a 24-year-old conservative male. In a modern society which constantly promotes promiscuous sex and random hook ups, it's difficult not to fall for the fake perception that such behavior brings happiness.I met my now ex-girlfriend almost three years ago.  At that time, she was very shy,

Damning Arab Take on the American Male

"You let your women take control, and your society will unravel- it will make your men weak, and destroy your society to its core. "  (From "Happier Abroad" Forum) What you are about to read is a rare look into how the West and its culture is perceived by an

"Civilization, a Form of Slavery," said Darwin Grandson

"Think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism, Marxism, Nietzsche-ism. To us Jews, at any rate, it should be plain to see what a disintegrating importance these directives have had upon the minds of the goyim."(Protocols of the Elders of Zion 2-3. "Us Jews" refers to Cabalist i.e. Illuminati

Gay Promotion Proves Illuminati Are Real

By Henry Makow Ph.D.(Jan 26, 2006, revised Dec 31,2010)Apart from false-flag 9-11, nothing better demonstrates Illuminati subversion  than their attempt to make us behave like homosexuals. Until 1973, homosexuality was recognized for what it is, a developmental disorder.  (See also, Gay is not OK.)Then, overnight it was redefined as a

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