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Is the New World Order "Jewish"?

Let's begin by defining the "New World Order." The mainspring of the New World Order is the desire on the part of the world's central bankers to translate their vast economic power into permanent global institutions of political and social control. Their power is based on their monopoly over credit.

Let's Reserve Sex for Marriage

How far we've traveled in 50 years! In 1955, you would raise eyebrows by advocating extramarital sex. Today many will be horrified to hear me suggest that sex should be reserved for marriage. Don't ascribe this opinion to my "fundamentalist Christian upbringing" (as one reader recently put it.) I am

Heterosexuals are the New Jews

Recently a young man informed me that "masculinity" is responsible for war and violence. He is parroting the feminist ideology taught in schools and mass media. Hitler blamed "the Jews" for Germany's woes. Now feminists make men the scapegoat. Natural heterosexual behavior is made to seem pathological. Male family leadership

>Professor Makow, I am a

>Professor Makow, I am a young female college student who is double majoring in biology and environmental science. I am certain that this is not the first email you have received from a woman. However, I must say, I am very much surprised that you believe in such a conspiracy.

G.W. Bush has been trapped

G.W. Bush has been trapped in the Iraqi quagmire by the (apparently) Rothschild created and manipulated zionists and their US lobbies. I believe he won`t be trapped any more. I believe G.W. Bush must be given a second chance and not be judged on his past mistakes. I believe he

Dear Dr. Makow, You

Dear Dr. Makow, You may or may not be aware that sections of the American city underclass regard going to prison as a rite of passage. We are all aware that prisons everywhere are rife with forced homosexual activity, which awareness is mostly passed over in silence. Indeed, a

Henry, Your last article shocked

Henry, Your last article shocked me. It was absolutely fantastic. It was so well written there is very little I feel compelled to comment upon. I wish I was there with you exposing her delusive reasoning. As a Muslim, I felt you truly understood the Islamic world's plight-- better than

Note: This information was sent

Note: This information was sent to Manji for comment. I said I would regard it as confirmed if she didn't reply. She did not. Henry * Manji is not a Muslim....she hails from the cult of Aga khan, who are considered heretics by Muslims. The only reason muslims never persecuted

Dear Dr. Makow: Your articles

Dear Dr. Makow: Your articles are amazing. I really loved your latest. Oh, true! And, sad, for so many people who are suffering so much under the hidden thumb of the banksters. You have confirmed many of the thoughts, feelings, and suspicions that I have had for MANY years about

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