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Truth Hurts: Satanists Run Society

Did God raise us up over thousandsof years only for us to fumble the ball? The truth is so painful to read. We don't want to face reality. A Canadian reader, Marco, 28, can."This is full-spectrum warfare for our minds and souls. God is on the side of the one who is genuine

My Satanist College Roommate

(not Rachel) Personal contacts with Illuminati My college roommate--whom I agreed to room with without knowing her well--was a programmed SRA survivor whose programming had "gone bad""As we became confidantes, she confided in me that SHE AND HER FATHER WERE LOVERS. AND THEY BOTH LIKED IT. "by "Sheila" When I was a junior

The Rockefellers Alienated Women from Men

Feminism is an excellent example of how the central banking cartel uses the awesome power of the mass media  (i.e. propaganda.) to brainwash women.  In 50 short years, many women have been taught to fear and distrust men. They have lost touch with their natural loving instincts. Consequently, the family is in disarray, sexual depravity is rampant and birth

Men - Seek Helpmates, Not Soulmates

Thomas Hardy and T.S. Eliot married their secretaries. Dostoyevsky married his translator. I married my webmaster.It was love at first site. "Love perfection but do not seek it in a flawed fellow human being, a woman. ""And God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I

"Adam's Rib": Cabalist-Gay Subversion Has Deep Roots

Cabalist Jews have been sabotaging gender relationsfor a long time. "Adam's Rib" (1949) taught that "man is evil and weak, and woman is strong and virtuous, so women don't need men".Hollywood has always been dedicated to social engineering andbrainwashing - inducting society into the Cabalist (Masonic) Jewish cult.Society is unaware that Masonic Jews (Communists) and

"Anti-Jewish" Conference (1882) Conceded Defeat

(Left, Adolf Stoecker (1835 -1909) was the court chaplain to Kaiser Wilhelm II, a politician, and a German Lutheran theologian who founded the Christian Social Party and attempted to roll back Jewish control. He helped organize the 1882 "Anti Jewish Conference.") A Dresden conference shows how Jewish hegemonywas a fait accompli 137 years ago,

The US Went Communist Long Ago

For most of the twentieth century, the United States tolerated a party openly dedicated to the violent overthrow of the government and the enslavement of its people. This party, the CPUSA was funded and directed by a hostile foreign government. It engaged in industrial and military espionage, trained guerrilla units

Makow Epiphany -- I am an Egotistical Person

(left, not Pat) The recent death of an acquaintance due to cancer made me ask, "why couldn't I have been her friend?"  Pat Xavier is her real name. This article commemorates Henry Makow PhDMarijuana is legal in Canada. It gets me out of my ego. Last night, I had an epiphany: I

Why Do the Illuminati Promote Sexual Dysfunction?

(left, Former Israeli PM Ehud Barack lurking outside Epstein's home where teenage girls come and go.) You'd think that successful and powerful men like Ehud Barack would be ableto attract a suitable spouse to satisfy their sexual needs instead of boinking teenage girls.Apart from the morality of exploiting vulnerable girls, it

Satanists Use Women to Destroy Western Civilization

(Female fashion shows the downward trajectory of Western culture)Culture is based on the expression of spiritual ideals like beauty, truth, love, and justice. Western civilization was founded on Christian ideals. In Chicago in 1912, a woman could be fined for showing too much leg, smoking cigarettes or using profanity. We had a culture that consecrated women for

The Conspiracy Against Women

Women are submerged in a toxic online stew that fosters feelings of Grievance and Entitlement.Men confront this resentment everyday as the Illuminati seek to cuckold them, destroy marriagesand foster lesbianism. by Henry Makow PhDMy wife sent this link to an article and podcast with Caroline Criado Perez, author of "Invisible Women - Data Bias

Insider: Protocols Largely Realized (1976)

Harold Rosenthal, left, with Walter Mondale."We even place within you a 'guilt complex' making you afraid to criticize Jewry openly." The cause of mankind's enslavement is that nations have allowed Cabalist bankers to create the medium of exchange (currency, credit) in the form of a debt to themselves when free governments could easily do

Goyim! The Cabalists are Gaslighting You

(left, Ben Garrison's brilliant tableau entitled"Cultural Marxism." The spider is George Soros.) God is ultimate reality. Mankind is inflicted by a cancer called Cabalism (Satanism.)  Its goal is to supplant God and redefine reality according to its interests and perversions. Thus it must sever our ties with truth by making us question
In his courageous defence of American patriots inthe WW2 sedition trials, Klein exposed the cancer that is devouring the world today.Klein said: "Communists control not only our government but our politics, our labor organizations, our agriculture, our mines, our industries, our war plants and our armed encampments....Anti semitism is a racket..."(Revised

Women Have Become Time Bombs

In 1934, a young, Oxford-educated ethnologist, Joseph Daniel Unwin (1895-1936), published a book 'Sex & Culture' which concluded that throughout history societies destroyed themselves by adopting feminism and "sexual liberation."   "Sexual licence amongst males, is bad, Unwin found, but sexual licence for women blows up the whole social edifice rather quickly." 

The "Jewish Banker Conspiracy"

(Bishop Gregory of Nyssa 335-395 AD --Cabalist Judaism has pitted Jews and Freemasons against God and man alike.) I am reposting this basic article because more people are awaking to the mortal threat facing humanity. If Trump were to follow his Cabalist masters,he would start a nuclear war in his second term. The Democrats are

Nature Doesn't Give Rain Checks to Women

I have a lilac bush in front of my house. It looked like this.For ten days.Now there is not a single blossom left.The moral of the story is that, despite our hedonistic proclivities,sex appeal is tied to fertility and procreation. Women have about ten yearsto attract a mate and

Harry Hay - The Communist Roots of Gay Pride

(left, Harry Hay, the father of Gay Rights, 1912-2002) A plank of the Communist Manifesto (1848) called for the formation of a Rothschild central bank,not bad for a "proletarian" movement.  Like a snake shedding its skin, every country with a Rothschild bankis being inducted into a Cabalist Jewish satanic cult. (This

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