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Henry, I just read your

Henry, I just read your article dated April 25. I guess I'm a little slow getting around. I want to thank you for your fine contributions to the cause of discovering the truth of our plight. I read of your experience and I feel it speaks for me in many

Time for a Change of Pace

It's springtime! Since 2001, I have written over 100 articles almost one a week. They were driven by a compulsive desire to understand the invisible forces controlling the world, and by a wish to share this knowledge. Lately this compulsion has abated. I have satisfied this desire to a

Hey, I'm what you would

Hey, I'm what you would probably call a conservative 20 year old Catholic. I agree with your anti-feminist writings. It's so true. I have a Chinese girlfriend of 21 and they (the Chinese) are just sooo different. This girl is smart (doing a Uni course and looking to set up

Professor, I just read one

Professor, I just read one of the articles on your website that attacks feminism. I am a 3rd year English student at the University of Guelph and I really wish the things you talk about there would make its way into the ciruculum. I've seen way too much "Women are

Dear Dr. Henry- Your site

Dear Dr. Henry- Your site is cool, funky, weird and deeply disturbing. I'm glad I discovered it! I have particularly enjoyed your articles on feminism and the NWO. Just so you know, I'm a 40 year old black man, raised as an army brat. My profession is that of local

A Young Feminist's Lament

Last week, a young feminist mentioned my web site in her web journal. A traditional woman recommended it to a friend who told her about it. "It seems to be a bunch of paranoid, ranting conspiracy theories about feminism and communism." This didn't faze her. What bothered her was

Dear Henry, I love your

Dear Henry, I love your website!!!! Your views about marriage are right on the money. My husband and I have a wonderful marriage because I finally learned what my true role was as a wife. I took a while but when I finally just let go and trusted him our

Hi Henry, I really have

Hi Henry, I really have been enjoying the great articles you've posted on Save the Males. Your insights are right on and so focused, especially when dealing with feminism relationship issues. God I wish that I could get together with like minded people and discuss these things, I live in

Americans are Rothschild Proxies in Iraq

Americans are serving alien interests and values in Iraq. They are advancing the Rothschilds' program of world dictatorship as outlined in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. These Lucifer-loving bankers and their confederates would like you to believe the Protocols is a forgery. It is not. It is

Looking to Dogs for Family

"People used to get dogs for their children," my wife observed. "Now they get dogs instead of children." "Instead of husbands and wives as well," I added. Marriage and family have been sabotaged by feminist social engineering. Even Ken and Barbie have not been spared. People are turning to

The Male Fallout from Feminism

Martha Kirkland is a "happy but poor" 30-something NYC artist who laments that she is dateless despite being "bright, thin, attractive, funny" and traditional. In an email, she writes that she and many women friends "all possess certain idealism about the very distinct differences between men and women and applaud

How Jews are Brainwashed and Manipulated

Jewish children are taught that Jews are disliked or hated due to no wrong-doing or fault of their own. Jews have been persecuted because of an irrational gentile trait, anti-Semitism. Explanations for this weird behavior include envy or scapegoating, or the Crucifixion of Christ. The Jewish child naturally grows up

Mr. Makow, I've just been

Mr. Makow, I've just been browsing your website, and I thought I'd share some thoughts. My wife and I started out our relationship as liberated, independent young adults in the media-inspired way. Coming of age in the 1970's as we did, that was almost universal. Both of us rejected organized

Henry, I would LOVE IT

Henry, I would LOVE IT if men would step up to the plate, and support me. That way, I could stay home, and be the "helpmate" I was designed to be. I would love to keep the house in order, cook scrumptuous meals, be the "neighborhood Mom", and have all

Dear friend: It has been

Dear friend: It has been a pleasant surprise to see some of your articles in the Lutheran weekly CHRISTIAN NEWS, which I regularly receive. That means that your intelligent, courageous and pungent articles are drawing many people's attention, which is excellent news. Besides, the mere fact that you are able

Did Rothschild Write The Protocols of Zion ?

by Henry Makow Ph.D.Many people think "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is anti Semitic "hate literature" and a fraud. Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote that the book exhibits "the mind of genius." Pretty good for a hoax, wouldn't you say? Solzhenitsyn said it exhibits "great strength

"Sexual Liberation" is Anti-Woman

An item in a story on blind dates in a local university newspaper caught my eye. The young female author advised girls to bring "protection" on the date, "just in case." The blithe notion that a girl might jump into bed with a stranger on a first date shows how

'Elders of Zion' Shape Our Culture

by Henry Makow Ph.D.Like the blind man trying to describe an elephant, I am just beginning to appreciate the true dimensions of evil in the world. The problem is much more profound than I thought. Since the so-called "Enlightenment" in the 1700's, Western culture has been based on a Lucifer-like

Dear Dr. Makow; You may

Dear Dr. Makow; You may publish my letter if you so desire but you haven't answered my question. In the grand scheme of things what can be done about the illuminati..? You are correct in your assessment that i know something about how the world works.. and have been a

Dear Dr. Makow: My son

Dear Dr. Makow: My son is graduating from Penn State. He could not receive his degree without taking a course on Feminism (communism). I find this remarkable. He had to pay for this class and take it to graduate!!! Isn't that incredible? I forwarded your writings on Betty Friedan about

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