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Another infamous commercial is for

Another infamous commercial is for Pizza Pops... A boy is sitting on a couch spacing out, and we hear his father roll off the roof and grab onto the eaves-trough. Through the picture window behind the boy we can see his fathers legs dangling as he pathetically asks for his

I stumbled upon your article

I stumbled upon your article 'When Love is a One Night Stand: What do women want?' on I got hooked on it and came here to your web site to read some more. You have such an awesome understanding on what is wrong with today's society. I often thought

Holly Ares Snyder from Smith

Holly Ares Snyder from Smith College wrote: Obviously, you are the kind of man who cant stand to be around powerful, self confidant women. your misogyny and bigotry is disgustingly obvious in everything you write. and by the way, a lower birth rate is a good thing. the world is

Hi Henry, I send your

Hi Henry, I send your site to just everyone. I love it and do not feel threatened at all by your suggestions. I feel men are under siege as you have stated, but imagine a woman who longs to be appreciated for her femininity yet is trapped in a man's

Wow! What a clear description

Wow! What a clear description of Male Female Unity and Harmony!!! How/Where did you come up with the Man is God principle and Woman the Creation principle? And that God and Creation are in love with each other? I have a friend who teaches a Bible study for women that

Dear Henry, I couldn't agree

Dear Henry, I couldn't agree with you more. There are three implements of control in any given society: the government, the media and the educational system. For us, compulsory education was invented by the Illuminati, specifically to get our kids out of our hands, and into theirs. All the great

From: Alan Barron, convenor,

From: Alan Barron, convenor, The Memucan Institute. The United Nation's chief demographer declared that the very existence of some nations has now been endangered by fertility decline, and the international community's insistent call for "gender equality" is making the problem even worse. According to Dr. Joseph Chamie, Director

I appreciate your perspective. I

I appreciate your perspective. I thought I was the only one who saw things this way. Have you ever considered the root of feminism? It is the deception that young people should be able to choose their own spouses. This immediately places the female in control of the situation, and

Dear Henry, Wondering about

Dear Henry, Wondering about the legitimacy and reason for the inflation over feminism, I came upon your article, "Gloria Steinem: How the CIA used Feminism to Destabilize Society." It shed the light I was looking for. I had problems understanding why anybody would take feminism, and women studies, seriously.

Dear Henry, I have been

Dear Henry, I have been rereading "Dear and Glorious Physician" by Taylor Caldwell and came across a passage that reminded me of your own struggle to publicize the dangers of feminism. It may not give you heart but perhaps you may find it useful. "...I know that it was inevitable

The Young Lady is a Tramp

Last December, a baseball player was sentenced to 45 days in prison for having sex with minors. Cass Rynes, 19, from Prince Edward Island received oral sex from two local girls age 12 and 13. He maintained they pursued him, and he thought they were older. This unusual case has

Dear Dr. Makow: Yet another

Dear Dr. Makow: Yet another excellent article. Please do Keep up the courageous and noble work, despite the predations, condescensions, and petulance of useless 'air-displacers' such as "Lilian" and "Friendbergstein". Fact-of-the-matter is that the overwhelming majority of people, at least in America, are very happy with the way things are

Michael Moore Shills for Illuminati Bankers

"Fahrenheit 911" blames the Bushes and Saudis for 911 and Iraq to divert our attention from the real masterminds. In assigning responsibility for the Iraq debacle, there is not a single mention of Israel or neo conservative Jews. Yet last year Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper trumpeted: "The war in Iraq

Zionism: A Conspiracy Against Jews

 by Henry Makow Ph.DIn 1935 the steamer "Tel Aviv" made its maiden voyage from Nazi Germany to Haifa with Hebrew letters on its bow and a Nazi flag fluttering from its mast. The Captain of the Zionist-owned ship was a member of the Nazi Party. A passenger described the spectacle

Dear Henry, A friend of

Dear Henry, A friend of mine, who used to be a Security Manager for a large legal firm in the Square Mile of the City of London, once told me a very dark, yet very interesting story about how the 'old boys network' operated after hours at this legal firm.

From If you want

From If you want to induce some vomiting or outraged laughter, go to this site: Save the Males Yes, would somebody please think of the men. Who will cook their meals and press their shirts if the little woman is off having a life. The author is not a

The Hypocrisy of Anti-Hate Laws

Around the world, legislatures are passing "anti-hate" laws while they themselves finance and promote hate. For example, Congress is set to pass a "hate crime" bill (S625; H.R. 1343) that could make it a crime to "hurt the feelings" of homosexuals. Canada has already passed similar legislation. (Bill C-250)

by Anton Chaitkin, Executive Intelligence

by Anton Chaitkin, Executive Intelligence Review June 11, 2004 (Edited for brevity.) These days, when an army of men stands in a football stadium, or on the Washington mall, chanting Jesus slogans, weeping, each man hugging the next man and purging his sin in front of a giant video

Being Men in the New World Odor

Liz, a single mother with a management job remarks that this web site doesn't provide enough guidance for men. (Her June 10 letter is below.) "It seems to tell them what to look for in a wife, but not how to become the man this kind of woman is

Just wanted to let you

Just wanted to let you know that your insights are incredible. I have come to the same conclusions on many topics that you discuss but I am not as well read as you are. Your analysis of current topics offers me a great mental release as I try to understand

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