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"Goy Bashing" - The Liberal Legacy of Hate

(left. Dick Wolf, Producer or the Law & Order Series.) For more than 70 years, the Liberal Jewish-controlled media have relentlessly attacked traditional American values. It must answer for the destruction of the social fabric due to its promotion of feminism, sexual dissipation (aka "liberation") abortion and homosexuality. I am

Nearly Everything is Mind Control

"You don't know the power of your own mind. It might not be under your control and the thoughts you have may not be your thoughts. You can take control of your own mind once you realize what is being done to you through mind control."(Makow- The central bankers want

America's Enemy is Talmudism, not Islam- Michael Hoffman

The West has been taken under by the Illuminati,a Cabalist (satanic) Jewish death cult dedicated to our destruction. A measure of its power is that it has convinced us that Islam, not them, isour enemy.  Politics and current events are noisy distractions from the activities of this criminal occult secret world government to increase their

The Feminist Formula for Killing Love

A woman's love for a man is expressed as trust. By attacking this trust, feminists kill love. Masculinity is defined by Power. Femininity is defined by Love. Heterosexual marriage involves the exchange of female worldly power for male power expressed as love. This requires "trust."from July 25, 2017by Henry Makow PhDI

Events Prove Protocols of Zion Authentic

(Is it a coincidence that these professors look Jewish and are reading Marx?)There is a direct link between the plans outlined over 100 years ago in the Protocols of Zion and the destruction of higher learning and religion in the West today.This is the fourth and final part (16-24) in a Synopsis of The Protocols of

Feminism Tricked Women Into Giving Up Their Power

(l. Cosmo Editor Helen Gurley Brown in her office in 1965) Women want love, marriage and family. Men want Sex.Before second-wave feminism, the watchword forwomen was "No sex before marriage."  Feminists like Brown duped women into givingsex in exchange for NOTHING. Thanks partly to her, almost 50% of American women are childless today.She deprived women of

Is Abortion a "Jewish Thing"?

Unexpectedly, the final battle of the NWO may come downto abortion or the sacredness of human life. The NWO ultimately is about the destruction of Christianity by Cabalist Judaism.Most Jews don't know this. Cabalist Judaism is not a religion but a satanic cult in which the "Jewish people" are God. In practice,

Excuse Me, Gay is Not Good

Charles W. Socarides, M.D., (1922-2005) was clinical professor of psychiatry at Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center in New York. Over four decades, he treated hundreds of gays and helped about 33% return to heterosexuality.In honor of June, "gay pride month," I present the second part of "How America

Women are Not Like Men

Reflections on gender differenceMe: "Mankind is satanically possessed." My wife's reaction: "Your fly is open." Satanists deny gender differences; but clearly, men and womenare a different species. Vive la difference!?!by Henry Makow PhDAfter almost 40 years of intimate association with women, I begin to realize they are very not like men. Women are defined by LOVE:

Soon Your "Credit Score" May Reflect Thought Crimes

I recommend Paul Joseph Watson's video (left) on China's "social credit" system, which isOrwell's 1984 on tech steroids. Like the US, China is Jewish-controlled.This is a harbinger of our dystopian Henry Makow PhDWe already have a "social credit" system -- it's called a credit score. Try to enact any business once you

"Kill Jews" writes Poway Shooter John Earnest

According to John Earnest, 19, (left), Henry Makow deserves to be killedbecause he is an ethnic Jew. Makow is also personally responsible for the murder of Christeven though he reveres Jesus. Makow believes Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion. It makes Jews God, and mandates that

Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture

There is a Greek saying that a fish rots from its head downward.If this article is correct, then our political leadership is far more rotten than we can ever conceive. Warning: These accusations that Presidents sexually exploit children will cause cognitive dissonance. But the idea is consistent with the notion that our "leaders"

It's OK to be a Woman!

(Photo Credit: Flickr, Konstantin Sutyagin)"Feminism has destroyed the things you most want, namely love, courtship, marriage and children." There are no two ways about it. We are under satanic attack. Church burnings and bombings are just the external manifestations.Feminism is mental. It convinced women to be sexually promiscuous instead of consecrating themselves

How I Found My Identity as a Man

"It helps to see heterosexual love as a mystical dance. The male leads; the female follows. You can't have a graceful dance without each partner playing his part."Heterosexuality is not based on "equality."  Women empower men by surrendering to them in exchange for love.Femininity is based on the exchange of power for

Feminism is Age-Old Slave Practice

left. "You've got the nigger woman out front and the nigger man behind and scared." The Making of a Slave by  Willie Lynch is a fictional speech written in 1970 by Dr. Kwabena Faheem Ashanti to illustrate scholarly findings in his book The Psychotechnology of Brainwashing.  So while it is fictional, it is fact-based. The speech

Even Jews Ask: Is Judaism a Satanic Cult?

'Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer -- so I wasn't lying -- and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.'"  Harold RosenthalMost Jews and Christians don't know this:The reason for antisemitism is that Judaism is defined by Cabalism, a satanic

15 Examples of Globalist Doublespeak

Just as the skewed term "isolationist" was applied to Americans who opposed US participation in the Cabalist bankers' second white genocide (the Second World War,) a slew of new terms frogmarch humanity into the Cabalist Orwellian NWO. "White supremacist" and "white nationalist" are applied to people of European Christian descent who

Fait Accompli -- Communist NWO is Gradually Unwrapped

We think of the NWO as something beingimposed on us. More accurately,the wraps are being removed onsomething that already exists.Western society is de facto Masonic - Communist & ZionistAnd what rough beast, its hour come round at last,Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?Yeats  - The Second Coming by Henry Makow PhDCorporations

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