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Were Hitler & Nazism Zionist Creations?

 (Poster depicts how Cabalist Jewish bankers and Freemasons are behind both sides in war. This also applies to Hitler.)"The Second World War is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism." --Rabbi Felix Mendlesohn, Chicago Sentinel, October 8, 1942 "World War II was a Zionist plot to make way for

British Jews Tried to Stop Balfour Declaration

(left, Edwin Montagu, a hero for assimilated Jews) One hundred years ago, Jewish MP Edwin Montagu accused the British government of anti-Semitism for colluding with the Zionists.From March 11, 2006 By Henry Makow Ph.D.When the British Cabinet issued the Balfour Declaration in 1917, it was over the strenuous objections of its only Jewish member,

Brendon O'Connell- Iran-Israel Conflict is a Charade

Iran's military mastermind and inspiration is murdered. Iran is outraged but what does it do? Destroy some empty hangers on a US airbase in Iraq. Has Iran folded like a cheap tent? Last April, Brendon O'Connell suggested the mid east conflict is a charade.above left - Iranian Parliament "It's

Has Australia Sold Its Water Rights to China?

Bushfire Crisis: The De-Kulakization of Australia (2)  Part One is here.Linde asks if the agenda is todepopulate the Australian outback in advance of a Chinese takeover. The "world's first multi-jurisdictional water management framework."Canberra, Australia, 6 June 2019 - Mekong basin-wide planning, environmental monitoring, flood and drought management, climate change adaption, and stakeholder engagement

Chabad Plotted Slav Genocide in 1994

This Russian video claims Putin, like Trump, is a puppet of the Cabalist Chabad cult which controls Russian economy. Click the "gears" icon to get an English translation of subtitles. I felt it lacked new facts. However a linked text reposted below is confirmation of the genocidal mentality of the

Rudolph the Hooked-Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, written by Robert May, a Jew, was inspired by how Jews were ostracized because of their big noses. Santa (Satan?) plays the role of God, choosing Rudy to lead the other reindeersThis Christmas song-staple illustrates how Christians gradually have been stripped of their religion and inducted into a

Brendon O'Connell - China is Rothschild's Model for NWO

As far as Brendon O'Connell is concerned, the question is, who owns China? Not if China owns Australia. The whole world has been "gifted" to China, not by Satanists, but by the Rothschilds who own it. Israel's role is to facilitate this. "Once you understand the massive Soviet Rothschild penetration and

Hitler's British Handler

A meeting between F.W.Winterbotham, Head of the Air Section in the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), and SIS agent Baron de Ropp, right, on the Baltic shore in East Prussia, 1936. Was Baron William de Ropp (1886-1973) Hitler's British handler?"When Churchill was questioned in Parliament about British failure to support [German army efforts

Noahide Laws = Gentile Slavery

The Noahide Laws look benignbut they are an underhandedway of putting humanity under thethumb of Satanist rabbis. The Noahide Pandemic by the Irish Savant ( The Noahide Laws are, according to Wikipedia, "a set of imperatives which, according to the Talmud, were given by God as a binding set of laws for the

How Zionists Hijacked US Jewry

   (The Menorah movement was an attempt to define American Jewish life in non-Zionist terms)EVERYONE IS A PAWN IN THE NWO GAME. JEWS ARE NO EXCEPTION           How the central bankers made US Jewry anappendage of the gangster state of Israelby stifling American Jewish culture.Now all Americans are go-fers for Israel."Today
(In this interview with Adam Green in May, Christopher Bjerknes explains that the real goal of Zionism is not a "homeland for the Jews" but a world empire ruled by Rothschilds and their fellow Masons & Jews. I don't usually repost articles so soon, but this one exposes the Left-Right dialectic. Essentially the

Alfred Lilienthal - Patriotic American Jew Fought Against Zionism

(Alfred Lilienthal, 1915-2008) Alfred Lilienthal belongs to the ranks of courageous Jewish pioneers who opposed the Jewish supremacist agenda. Others include Myron Fagan, Benjamin Freedman, Elmer Berger, & Henry Klein. In the 1950s, Alfred Lilienthal warned that the U.S. is fighting Israel's wars to dominate a region. The US is not fighting for our freedom as the

Did Joshua Anticipate "Greater Israel"?

"From the wilderness and this Lebanon even unto the great river, the river Euphrates, all the land of the Hittites, and unto the great sea toward the going down of the sun, shall be your coast."  Joshua 1:2-4Far from being the seemingly insane ramblings of some irrelevant desert dwellers, the Bible is the

Did Israel Genocide the Bronze Age Empires?

Historians don't know for sure what caused the Bronze Age collapse, but many believe the transition was sudden, violent and culturally disruptive.  Scholars believe a combination of natural catastrophes may have brought down several Bronze Age empires.Anthony Migchels says they are ignoring the evidence in the Old Testament: "Moses and Israel claim to have been behind

"David Goldberg" Admitted he was Jewish Agent

(Listen on YouTube) A March 2019 recording establishes Goldberg's loyalties. He wasn'ttrying to save the goyim from Jewish fanatics who have taken control of the White House, as implied in later recordings. He was not murdered. He is a psyop.There is no evidence he is a real person. His purpose was

Mass Shootings Follow the Gladio "Strategy of Tension"

(left, the two people presented as the El Paso shooter) The latest Deep State mass shootings and the associated hysteria are reminders that governments have a long history of sponsoring murderous attacks on innocent civilians. "Gladio" was a strategy of "creating tension" designed to make the public give up rights

Most Terror is State-Sponsored: Gladio

Senseless tragic events such as those in Paris Friday must be seen in the context of a series of lethal terror bombings in Western Europe from 1950-1990. These criminal attacks were carried out by many NATO country intelligence agencies who all serve the Illuminati.The program, called "Operation Gladio," created the illusion of a Communist terror threat, much

Why Arrest Jeffrey Epstein Now?

The Federal Court of the Southern District of New York is an Illuminati Jewish conclave  where Cabalist business gets done. After years of turning a blind eye, they have laid charges against Epstein. Given the case filed against Donald Trump in 2016, where a woman claimed Trump raped her at age

Trump-Kushner's Palestine Swindle

Eric Margolis: "This whole 'peace deal' is a big smokescreen to cover Israeli land expansion and more ethnic cleansing. Many thoughtful Israelis are dismayed by their far right-wing government's expansionist plans, seeing nothing but more troubles and violence ahead."1. Israel steals Palestinian land, homes and businesses. 2. The US convinces the Gulf States and

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