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Protocols "Forgery" Argument is Flawed

Jewish apologists claim that the Protocols of Zionwere a direct plagiarism of this book published in 1864.However, this universally-accepted claim does not withstand scrutiny. by Henry Makow Ph.D.Next to the Bible The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is perhaps the mostly widely read book in the world. Published in Russia in

The Nuremberg Show Trials

Nothing better illustrates the Communist (Masonic Jewish) character of the Allied war effort than the Soviet-styleshow trial that took place afterward. Never before - or since - has a defeated enemy in any conflict been convicted of so-called 'war crimes.' "If the standards of Nuremberg had been applied impartially, most other Allied military and political

FBI Insider: Trump Foiled Another Israeli False Flag

 Israel has the technology to crash airliners and planned toblame ISIS for one such disaster. The CIA-Zionist "deep state" needs to keep terrorist tension alive but Trump told the Russians about this plot."Russia is actually our only hope, along with Trump, that this diabolical system can be broken."Latest- Trump denies mentioning

Did Jews Help Plan the Holocaust?

The Hoyer Memorandum suggests that Sabbatean (Illuminati) Jews  were complicit in planning the extermination of their fellow Jews. The purpose was to trauma brainwash Jews to believe they needed "a homeland" of their own when thanks to Freemasonry, they dominated every country they inhabited. "My Jews knew full well, what world Jewry had in store for them and they

Israeli Historian Exposes Zionist Lies

Ilan Pappe's new book demolishes the myths about Israel but leaves thelargest one standing, that Israel was primarily intended as a Jewish Homelandrather than a proxy for Rothschild imperialism & the New World Order. He dismisses the only practical ("two-state") Palestinian solution and instead callsfor an end to Israel's racist

Jews Active in Post-War Nazi Financial Empire

Paul Manning's 1981 book is more evidence that wars are a charade designed to kill patriots. Nazi Germany was funded and controlled at the top by Illuminati Jewish bankers. Hitler and Bormann were Illuminati agents. In this excerpt, Paul Manning, an establishment journalist who stumbled on the truth, says that Illuminati Jews play

Boston Marathon Psy Op Four Years Later

(left, Jewish-looking spectators nudge explosives under railing April 15, 2013.) Tamerlane Tsarnaev had told a masseuse that he was "going with his company to run a drill, for security". Obviously, he had been set up. Salman Hossein believes the false flag was perpetrated by Zionist Jews, who orchestrated the entire

Putin & Trump Following End Times Blueprint?

(Left, Putin and his handler, Rabbi Berel Lazar? Armageddon needs a nudge.) Researcher David Livingstone believes the Illuminati Plan is to fulfill the Book of Revelation, which they know is actually derived from Kabbalah. Albert Pike says as much, and bringing it about is their Great Work.Livingstone: "Because chaos precedes

Zionism Vs. Communism: Secret Allies?

Churchill was wrong when he saidIsrael was the best solution forthe Jewish question. As events unfold in Syria, we see thatSoros' Communism & Trump's Zionism  are not competitors. They aretwo pincers holding humanity in its malevolent Henry Makow Ph.D. It appears that the fate of the world hangs on a turf war

The Man Behind the "Anti-Semitic" Memes

(left Scottie Spencer, 25, American hero?) I had a great influence on Scottie Spencer buthis influence on society has been greater than mine. by Henry Makow Ph.DFew people have done more to alert the world to its subjugation by Cabalist Judaism and Freemasonry than an unemployed 25-year-oldman from Youngstown Ohio, Scottie Spencer, who

The "Jewish" Conspiracy is Western Imperialism

Jewish merchants and bankers have always dominatedCommerce in Europe. In 1935, "Leslie Fry" described howSpain, Holland & England respectively becamevehicles for Masonic Jewish commercial and political domination.In the 20th Century, the United States finally  inherited this mantle   from England.Warmongering liberals and the Israel-loving Trumpconfirm that the US is the latest instrument of the Communist and

The "Jewish" Conspiracy is British Imperialism

The Masonic Jewish owners of the central banks are behind all imperialism, including the colonizationof humanity. The "New World Order" is an extension of British and American imperialism which are proxies for Masonic Jewish mercantilism.Updated from May 30, 2004by Henry Makow.Ph.DConspiracy theorists believe modern history reflects a long-term conspiracy by an international financial elite to enslave humanity. Like blind men

Vehicle Attacks are "Not Our Style" - Radical Muslim

Vehicle Attacks Are Not Done By MuslimsSalmon Hossein is a radical Muslim living in Bangladeshwho believes all terror attacks in the West are organizedby intelligence agencies under the coordination of Salman Hossein( Westminister Bridge/House of Parliament attacks and the Berlin Marketplace were textbook Mossad ops carried out with the assistance

Judaism is a School of Magic (Witchcraft)

If the world doesn't make sense (i.e. Pedogate, ISIS, fake news, gaslighting, migration, ff terror, demonizing Russia & gender), it may be that society is under a magic spell, which I equate with Satanic possession. Francis is a Voodoo adept who describes the true esoteric character of Judaism."Any ritual practice is considered as valuable [if]

The Feckless Gentile Leadership

Only in Russia did the aristocracy have the interests of the people at heart. That's why the Jewish bankers had to destroy the Romanovs. Everywhere else the gentile elite joined the Masonic Jewish conspiracy and betrayed the national interest. This pattern continues today.Hoffman: "Where in Coningsby, with its elucidation of Disraeli's "insider" revelations ascribedto a Rothschild-like

Purim Recalls Judaism's Genocidal Agenda

Left, Esther denounces Haman. Threat of Jewish genocide is excuse for actual Gentile genocide.The Jewish festival of Purim, March 11-12, may seem benignbut it has a dark contemporary meaning. It manifests the Zionistdetermination to exterminate all those who stand in the way of Israel and the New World Order. Sound farfetched?

James Perloff: Should We Ourselves Brace for March 15?

Left, For the Rothschilds, 2017 actually represents many significant anniversaries.The date, March 15, resonates throughout modern history. In an eye opening article, James Perloff suggests it may again play a significant role in 2017.(March 15 is a week from Wednesday)FROM WASHINGTON TO THE MIDDLE EAST, SHOULD THE WORLD BRACE FOR MARCH 15?by James Perloff(Slightly

Hatred of Trump = Jewish Hatred of the Goyim

(left, The Jew's Tears, Israeli dual citizen, Sen. Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer tears up over travel ban.Israel is a racist apartheid state- see Note below)"More of us (Americans) are waking up to the fact that Trump is merely a proxy: The insane, deranged hatred directed at him is really meant for us Christian,

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