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Why are Christians So Naive about Judaism?

"Judeo Christian" is an Oxymoron Anyone with a genuine Christian faith would recognize that Judaism defined by Cabala and Talmud, is not only the antithesis of Christianity, but also its mortal enemy.Whence comes the imaginary camaraderie between Christianity and Judaism? And why are Christians so ignorant - or timid?by The Liberty Bell(abridged by

ISIS - Why the West Rebranded Al Cia-dah

(Left, CIA-Mossad-sponsored ISIS sends press releases of its atrocities in order to establish itself as a permanent enemy in the mind of Western public.) "Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death." -- Adolf HitlerWestern intelligence had to establish "ISIS" because

Illuminati Jews Plotting World War Three?

(On Jan 22, the Journal of Atomic Scientists moved the Doomsday Clock from five to three minutes before midnight.) The chances of winning the Powerball lottery are greater than nine Jews overthrowing Ukraine's President and promoting ArmageddonNATO top commander in Europe says 'military option' possible in UkrainePutin says Russia will

American Viper -- Are Americans Too Stupid to be Free?

(left, Interviews with audience shows the movie is extremely effective as brainwashing.) Movie proves the Illuminati can turnany nation into the moral equivalent of Nazi Germany "Military men are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns of foreign policy." - Henry Kissinger"It is difficult to get a man

Israel Dedicated to World Conquest

"Greater Israel as a slogan doesn't stand for the conquest of a country from Egyptto Mesopotamia, it stands for world control."(Disclaimer: Francis claims to be a Voodoo adept. He has written provocativearticles for this site before- see links below. I agree that Cabalist Judaism isessentially about world domination but I think

Pagan Symbols Reveal Disturbing Connections

False Kings and Priests, the Serpent Necromancers'Ancient pagan symbolism: Spread eagle/birds of prey represent power, strength, leadership, vision. Wreaths denote sovereignty, used in ancient pagan worship6-point Star of Chuin/David...Merkabah with Mossad/American eagle predates Judaism, pagan symbol of authority over demonic spiritual realm. Menorah/ Chalice similar shaped items, symbolize light. Solar

United States, Britain, Israel etc. are Just Colonies

Left, how our "leaders" look to their Illuminati overlords. We revisit "The Col House Report" 1919 which demonstrates that almost 100 years ago, the United States already was a colony of the "Crown"i.e. the Masonic Jewish banking cartel headquartered in London.  As Col. House outlines the plot to return the

Illuminati Promote Both Sides of Ukraine Crisis?

Left, Ukraine Truth Where You'd Least Expect It  - The Sept-Oct issue of Foreign Affairs Since its inception in 1921,  the Council on Foreign Relations has been a key instrument of Illuminati control. From the start, Foreign Affairs has been its house organ. When Illuminati errand boys David Cameron and

Douglas Reed- Anti Gentilism Came before Anti Semitism

Douglas Launcelot Reed (1895-1976) raised the alarm about the Illuminati Jewish conspiracy in key books like The Controversy of Zion (1978).A former London Times correspondent and author of 24 books, his fearless revelations effectively ended his career. In this provocative excerpt from "Disgrace Abounding"(1939), he says Nazi race policies are a

Hebrew Scholar issues Warning to Christians

Karaite scholar says present-day Jews descend from satanic Babylonian "Shelanite-Judah" cult that exterminated original Hebrews."The basis of their law is total cultural separation for the complete take-over and enslavement of inferior are already seeing their next move, to exterminate those who believe they are Christian."Dr. Asher is a Karaite

The Third Temple and Plans for "Greater Israel"

Left, A large full-sized Menorah candelabra, designed to burn olive oil - weighing half a tonne, covered in 92 Lbs of pure gold, and worth $2 million sits in a glass case overlooking the Western Wall. It awaits placement in the Third Temple to be built onthe site of the

Jewish Intolerance of Criticism

For a people who can dish it out,Jews sure can't take criticism Kevin MacDonald wrote this article in February 2009 when Israel was also bombarding Gaza.It raises many interesting questions like:1. Why are Jews so intolerant of criticism?2. Is there such a thing as a "good Jew?" and are they

Do White People Need a Survival Strategy?

(left, Feminism and "Diversity" are examples of how Illuminati Jews dis-empower White males.)Mark Green comments on the double standard that allows Jews, Blacks and Hispanics to pursue theirracial interests but forbids people of European origin from doing the same thing. Do Whites need nationalorganizations to protect their interests? Green: "Jews

How the Jews Outwitted Napoleon

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } July 14 is Bastille Day Napoleon (1769-1821) tried to control the Jews and make them assimilate. However, all his efforts had the opposite effect. By breaking up the feudal trammels of mid-Europe and introducing equality, he actually set them loose.  (See "1882: EUROPE'S CHRISTIAN LEADERS

Worshiping Jews is Racist

(Left, Michele Bachmann. Politically Right or Left, our politicians all must be kosher-certified.)  On Nov 28, 2002, the Norwegian daily newspaper Nationen (Oslo) published an op-ed piece by Christine Mohn attacking Israel Shamir for being an "anti Semite" for criticizing Israel. Shamir issued this 'form reply', "Philo Semitism is Racist,"

Oz Foreign Minister Lifts Veil on Jewish Control

(left, Bob Carr)WORLD DOMINATION LITE Do our governments represent us, or political party donors? Bob Carr,Australian Foreign Minister, (Mar. 2012-Sept. 2013) under Labour PMs Gillard & Rudd reveals that organized Jewry buys Australian foreign policy. This is typical of all Western nations. Guess who is dictating Western policy in Ukraine,

Egypt's Al-Sisi is Illuminati's Man

Al-Sisi is a Crypto Jew. Coup is disguised Zionist Occupation  "The old (Mobarek) regime is back, but with a fascist touch."Our Cairo correspondent sets us straight about who represents the NWO in Egypt. by "Nancy" ( CAIRO - I have been quiet lately but that hasn't been because of lack of events. Unfortunately those

Jews are Prominent in Pedophile Bust

At least 386 minors were removed from harm's way, said Inspector Joanna Beaven-Desjardins, left, commander of the Toronto police sex crimes unit.Police deserve credit for taking downan international pedophile-child porn ringwith links to Jewish organized crime. Is there something in Jewish culture or religion that results in disproportionate tendency to pedophilia?

Israel Sinks Deeper into a Moral Abyss

Israeli policy is based on racism, hate, aggression and deceit,says Max Blumenthal in his book, "Goliath: Life & Loathing in Greater Israel."   A survey of Jewish Israeli attitudes on Operation Cast Lead [Gaza War Dec. 2008-Jan. 2009) concluded that the public's "consciousness is characterized by a sense of victimization,

Cabalist "Creative Destruction" Behind Syrian War

Current events are driven by an occult agenda, the Cabalism of the Illuminati. (Left, Michael Ledeen, part of the Illuminati Jewish Junta.) The Syrian "civil war" is wholly funded and directed by the West. It is part of theArab Spring whose purpose is to "sow chaos from Morocco to Afghanistan."In

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