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What is Missing from Our Lives?

(How can we learn if we deny our Maker?)Make a list of the things that are missing from your life.I don't mean material things (like a new car.) I mean spiritual things like ecstasy or love. That is God.Humanity desperately needs to update its conception of God. Be ye therefore perfect as your

Ronald Bernard - "Have Our Hearts Turned to Stone?"

Bernard's Illuminati initiation required him tomurder children in satanic ritual sacrifices. This was a line he could not cross. Why?In Part Three, he tearfully recalls how as a childhe was sexually abused for two years by his foster guardians. The Dutch banker has emerged as a courageous opponentof the illuminati, and deserves our attention and Henry Makow

Does Isaiah Explain the New World Order?

"How can Christians not notice the hatred of non-Jews implicit in  Isaiah 60: 3-12?" I asked in a tweet. "I fell into that trap," Jerry replied. "Christians no longer view themselves as Gentiles, they want to/do believe that they are now the "chosen": Zionism."  What do you think?  Isaiah's supremacist Jewish vision has

Charles Lindbergh - Bankers Bury an American Hero

Charles Lindbergh is an example of why there are so few positive role models depicted by Hollywood movies.American heroes must first receive the kosher stamp of approval.We live in a de facto Communist society andall "entertainment" is agitprop."We shall erase from the memory of men all facts of previous centuries which are undesirable to

Protocols "Forgery" Argument is Flawed

Jewish apologists claim that the Protocols of Zionwere a direct plagiarism of this book published in 1864.However, this universally-accepted claim does not withstand scrutiny. by Henry Makow Ph.D.Next to the Bible The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is perhaps the mostly widely read book in the world. Published in Russia in

Protocols 12-15: Freemasonry Serves the Elders

"The goyim enter the lodges in the hope of getting a nibble from the public pie...These tigers in appearance have the souls of sheep and the wind blows freely through their heads."  Protocol 15The Protocols of Zion portray Freemasons as being under the thumb ofthe Jews. But if you

Protocols 5-11- The Slaughter of the Lambs

"The goyim are a flock of sheep, and we are their wolves. And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock?" Tyranny in Place.The evidence is everywhere.Globalism is their "Super State."But it is forbidden to mention the Protocolsin polite company.This is Part Two in a Synopsis

Is the Pope a Catholic?

(left, John Paul II)My self appointed task is to keep alive the knowledge ofthe Judeo Masonic conspiracy that has engulfed and subverted humanity.  Many classics like Piers Compton's The Broken Cross have been forgotten.According to Piers Compton, the Papacy was actually subverted by the Illuminati in 1958 when John XXIII, became Pope. This was the

Traitorous CIA Serves Globalist Masters

"The CIA was in fact the brainchild of Wall Street and designed by Wall Street from its inception to be the tool of the financial mandarins for the complete subversion of the Constitution and the US Government, and the destabilization and looting of the rest of the world."Book review by Robert David Steele( I

Terror Distracts from Traitors Within

What do the Protocols ofZion say about terror?'IT IS FROM US THAT THE ALL-ENGULFING TERROR PROCEEDS.'  Protocols of Zion, 9-4"Our fight is your fight," BibiTerror is mentioned about a dozen times in the Protocols of Zion as a way of ensuring total submission to Masonic Jewish world government. "The GOYIM are a

The Mass Media as Human Pesticide

colonized satanic cult cull herd (from Oct 17, 2009) by Henry Makow Ph.D.  In the 2009 documentary, The Demographic Bomb  the Director of the UN Population Division,  Hania Zlotnik admits the UN got women in developing countries to sterilize themselves by having TV stars do it in soap operas. In developed countries, the

Henry Klein: Zionism is the Curse of Jewry

Henry Klein (1879-1955) represented the majority of Jews who just wanted to assimilate. However, as he explained in this 1945 essay, thebankers needed to use them to achieve Masonic Jewish world government tyranny.As result, Jews have been finagled into advancing "globalism" and no doubt they and not Freemasons will be blamed for

Western Society in Spiritual Malaise

State of DespairOver 120 years ago, the author of The Protocols of Zion noted with satisfaction that the mood of the people in the great citiesof Europe was "cold and forlorn."  This is one of many things that convinced me the Protocols are genuine. No plagiarist  would care about this.  Since the

Zionism Vs. Communism: Secret Allies?

Churchill was wrong when he saidIsrael was the best solution forthe Jewish question. As events unfold in Syria, we see thatSoros' Communism & Trump's Zionism  are not competitors. They aretwo pincers holding humanity in its malevolent Henry Makow Ph.D. It appears that the fate of the world hangs on a turf war

Was Bob Dylan a Decoy?

Did Satanists reward Bob Dylan the 2016 Nobel Prize in "Literature" for his role as a decoy? Just like Barack Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize?  When Bob Dylan said he "sold his soul to the devil" what did he mean? Miles Mathis suggests Dylanbetrayed his artistic integrity & audience in

Why Is Israel Permitted to be Racist ?

(BEACH SCENE, TEL AVIV) Tired of being browbeaten daily about the evils of racism and the joys of diversity?Then, cast a glance at Israel, the only Western country allowed to maintain its racial identity.  Wonder why that is?  Masonic Jewish central bankers intend for whites to become a minority.Last week, a UN official quit

Trojan Horse for Rothschilds: Liberals, Jews, Freemasons

The hysterical reaction to Donald Trump suggests he threatens the Rothschild's plot to enslave humanity. Nearly a century ago, a former white Russian general Count Arthur Cherep-Spirodovich, (1858-1926) began a campaign to resist this tyranny. "I expect the Hidden Hand to seek my life for exposing their diabolical deeds and sinister plans; but we cannot

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