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Jews - The Voodoo View

(left, Rabbi transfers sins to chicken)Frankly, I don't know what to make of this information from a Voodoo initiate but it may be credible. I invite readers to help  us draw conclusions.Voodoo:  "A Jew is anybody having had for mother, or better still for long-term mistress, a Jewess, or better

David Duke Downplays Jewish-Khazar Connection

(left, Khazar Rabbis) The Khazar-Jewish connection is too important to be dismissed. Common sense tells us that five million Jews could not appear in Poland/ Russia after the decline of the Khazarian empire in the Tenth Century unless they were Khazars. by Henry Makow Ph.D.We owe David Duke a debt

Feckless Goyim Downplay Protocols of Zion

An example of the colonized goy mind is when David Duke says the Protocols of Zion are "a work of imagination.""You believe the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. But what is that beside the unquestionable and historic conspiracy which we have carried out, and which we have never denied

"Hate Speech" Laws Require Us to Accept Evil

Historical background on "hate speech" laws Patriot Veteran Tony Blizzard wrote this article for "The Spotlight"twenty years ago. It is just as relevant today. Because "hatred is based on love," reasoned Aquinas, "it follows that hatred is a great power for good in man's life. Hatred enables man to avoid

"Inherit the Wind"- How the Illuminati Brainwashed Christians

(left, In the movie, Clarence Darrow, played by Spencer Tracy, interrogates William Jennings Bryan, played by Frederic March.) The movie "Inherit the Wind" (1960) based on the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925, helped makeAmericans adopt the doctrine of evolution. James Perloff shows how Hollywood distorted the facts to advance the

White Minority Status a Political Time Bomb

Studies show that Whites vote Republican when confronted with the prospect of becoming a minority. But instead of exploiting this potent issue, the GOP plans to abandontheir base and cater to the future majority. "We will destroy every collective force except our own." - The Protocols of Zion 16 "Collective identity"

Is Putin False Opposition?

The Illuminati is using Russia-US friction over Ukraineto lay the groundwork for World War Three. The dialectical opposition between Russia and the US is a little too neat to be credible. It's almost as if the USSR and the USA have Henry Makow Ph.D.In March, when Hillary Clinton compared

Satan Worship: The Coming One-World Religion

Left, Illuminati Jewish program to discredit the Bible and Christianity include claims that a tomb containing the bones of Jesus and Mary Magdalene was found.  As James Perloff shows, the Illuminati set out to systematically destroy Christianity and belief in God. Do we need any more proof that we are

The Korean War: Another Illuminati Fraud

For the Illuminati, war is revolutionary because it advances world government.Peace is "counter revolutionary." In this brilliant synopsis, James Perloff shows how the Korean War, indeed North Korea itself, were unnecessary andcompletely contrived.  An estimated 1.2 million people died on both sides.A good day's work for Illuminati Satanists. "I had actually

Does Talmud Teach Bestiality, Pedophilia, Incest?

Pedophilia and Bestiality are seeping into popular culture. Could the Talmud be the source? Elizabeth Dilling  (1894-1966) did more than anyone to expose thetrue nature of one of Judaism's holiest books. By Elizabeth Dilling (from The Jewish Religion:Its Influence Today, pp. 22-23) St. Paul, who had been a Pharisee, often

House of Cards: Politics in a Time Warp

(Kevin Spacey as Majority Whip Frank Underwood and Kate Mara as reporter Zoe Barnes) For an $100 million series, could Netflix hire writers capable of reflecting what actually goes on  in Washington? Of course not. "We have already contrived to possess the minds of the goy communities...[they are] looking through

The Jew of Wall Street

(left, Leonardo di Caprio as Jordan Belfort)Throughout history, organized Jewry subverted Christian societies and undermined Christian values. The movie,The Wolf of Wall Street, continues this tradition by glorifying and normalizing deviant, degenerate behavior."The goyim are a flock of sheep and we are their wolves. And you know what happens when the wolves get

Al CIA-duh is False Opposition

Left, British Foreign Secretary (1997-2002) had the courage to tell the people the truth about Al Qaeda in 2005.In early 2003 he had resigned as Government Leader in the House, due to "the decision to commit Britain to military action in Iraq without international agreement or domestic support." 'Al Qaeda' isn't

Rejection of Zionist Hegemony Goes Viral in France

(Left. Dieudonne makes the resistance gesture "the quenelle" that is sweeping France.) There is nothing the Illuminati hate more than a grassroots movement they didn't originate. French comedian Dieudonne ("God given")has spoken truth to power and power doesn't like it."Power addicts want to be feared; they can't handle being mocked.""THERE

"Science" - The Matrix of Masonic Mind Control

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Philip Collins explains how the Illuminati took control of science and determined our assumptions about the nature of reality. Scientists play the game or risk persecution. This article summarizes the thesis of Collins' book, (left.)  "The ruling class seized control of science and used it

How Widespread is White Resentment?

Why are people of European-origin the only ones being asked to become minorities in their own countries?  H. Millard (below) expresses the resentment some Whites feel but don't dare utter. I am posting this article to initiate a discussion. I do not agree with many of its assumptions. For

France Fights Masonic Jewish Hegemony

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } (Left. FNP Supporters. France is one of the few Western countries to have a strong nationalist party.) David Masada is a patriotic young Frenchman. We asked him to report on the Front National Party, which recently made gains in local elections. He believes the FNP

Jews Unable to Understand Anti-Semitism (Updated)

Daniel Goldhagen is the author of "Hitler's Willing Executioners" which blames all Germans for the Holocaust. In his new book, he argues anti-Semitism is a "pathological prejudice that spans the centuries and therefore is a uniquely destructive force." It would be easier to teach a wolf to sympathize with his

News Media Collaborated in 9-11 False Flag

A new book shows how humanity is under constant covert attack from Cabalistic (Masonic) Jewish bankers, using the news media to falsify reality. Thus they contrive wars to degrade, disinherit and ultimately destroy us. If we heed their siren calls, we are complicit in our own destruction.   "We have

Obama - A Jewish President Fights Israel's Wars

(Baruch Obama's grandfather, Stanley "Dunham"-  Wikipedia waxes about his grandfather's "Irish" antecedents but my Jew-dar isn't buying it.) This week Americans will tell Obamathey are fed up with waging wars of aggressionon behalf of the Illuminati &  Organized Jewry.  This 2007 article is a timely reminder of the real nature

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