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Patriots Must Stop Their Infighting

A Call For Patriots to UnifyOn November 22, 2021, on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, Spoilt Brat Kyle Rittenhouse, unjustly attacked Hero Lin Wood, who helped raise $2 million dollars for Rittenhouse's bail.  However, ingrate Rittenhouse blames Lin Wood for his being "held in jail for 87 days."  by "Jennifer"(

Texe Marrs in 2018- Cabalist Agenda is to Enslave Mankind

"The plan of the Jews is to employ the tools of chaos magic --to use deception, lies, craft and magic --to obtain... the conquest of the Gentile world... and the establishment of a [satanic] Kingdom on earth. Thus the world will eventually be "mended" (repaired or restored) and "made perfect." Perfect for them,

Makow-Don't Be So F**king Naive

The coronavirus pandemic is a media creation, fake news, the biggest psychological warfare stunt in history. They're lying.Their modus operandi isto destroy you while sayingit's for your own good.  They are destroying society toprotect your health!from April 11, 2020by Henry Makow PhDThere is a scene in the Jewish self-celebratory movie,

Gary D. Barnett -- Americans are Pathetic Cowardly Fools

"Only a nation of pathetic cowardly fools would allow such an abominable fate for their own defenseless offspring. This type of behavior indicates a total lack of intellect, and a mass ignorance of reality. It also indicates widespread indifference, which is the incarnate of a sick and immoral society.""Once the

Satanist Insider Confirms: The Culling Has Begun

Question:"...are the mRNA vaccines as dangerous as some MD's say, or is that just designed to sow fear?"Answer:"When influenza season hits there won't be enough morgues or coffins. Those left will be easy pickings. Starvation, lack of medication or a bullet are all cheaper than a vaccine. We're playing for
Svali's revelations almost 20 years ago of a well organized Satanist conspiracy add a new dimension to current events. How much is pertinent today in your view?It is hard to accept Svali's assertion that the Illuminati is "Aryan supremacist (German is spoken at the top) but welcomes Jewish apostates." Also, hard to
The true "Jewish revolutionary spirit" is "to overturn" God and replace Him with Lucifer who represents the perverse self-interest of the Illuminati (i.e. central bankers, Organized Jewry and Freemasonry.)  This is behind the #scamdemic. from June 26, 2008 and August 1, 2018by Henry Makow Ph.D.E. Michael Jones has written a 1200-page

Makow -- Antidote for Despair: Non-Violent Resistance

(The Communist program of "Demoralization" described by KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov in 1984 has been realized.Note the "Mistrust Justice." The Supreme Court took care of that.)Hundreds of Millions have suffered under Communism and Fascism. Now it's our turn. Covid is just a flimsy disguise. In a recent Twitter poll, I asked "Why

Gary Barnett - The False Promise of Normality

Left. Red Pillers chased by pod people in "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers"... Today they'd be wearing masks."Society is happy to toe the line of tyranny because they actually believe that they might gain permission from their masters to simply live. These are the fools among us, and they

Nurse Disgusted by Medical Perfidy

"I'm a medical professional & I've known that this was a SCAMDEMIC from the very first day they announced it, & I've never been so disappointed & angry with the medical community as I am in this very moment. Unfortunately, I have conversations with other peers in the business &

Makow --We Are In Deep Shit

We are In Denial about "Red Terror" We FaceCommunists follow the same old playbook. Everywhere their approach to non-conformists has been to exterminate them.  The US is headed down this path. Think Russia, China, Romania, Hungary ...Communists abhor people who cling to their human identity --race, religion (God), family (gender) and

Genocide is Globalist End Game

In 2020, the Zionists launched open warfare on all of humanity, open warfare they are no longer even trying to keep secret. They emphasized there can be NO RETURN TO NORMAL until they have completed their plan for the mass genocide of humanity. Patrick O'Carroll graduated with an honors degree
(Helga Zepp-Larouche,72, is Lyndon Larouche's widow, and head of his movement.) Seventy-five years after World War II, the world is threatened with a new fascist dictatorship. It comes in the form of an attempt by the City of London, Wall Street, and various leading central banks to consolidate total control

The Virus is Communism; COVID is the Excuse

"Soviet" Agents Designed IMF, World Bank & United Nations"We live in a totalitarian society dying to take off its mask in a way that makes tyranny appear normal, natural, and necessary, so the masses will accept increased degradation and servitude."I wrote this in 2009. It is happening now. "Soviet" Agents Designed IMF, World Bank

Is this Man the Antichrist?

David Mayer de Rothschild, 42. Could this handsome and charismatic Jesus wanna-be be the awaited Jewish false Messiah AKA the Antichrist?  YM is an avid end times Muslim researcher with an interest in both Islamic and Christian eschatology - "We are experiencing a Bolshevik takeover on a global scale to

Lockdown Lunacy is Typical Occult Behavior

(left, Ontario's Satanist Premier, Doug Ford) Having banished mention of God in polite society, humanity is being inducted into a satanic cult that uses deception, intimidation, and coercion to control.C.J. Hopkins writes, a hallmark of totalitarianism is "mass conformity to a psychotic & totally delusional official narrative."  This is typical occult behavior. Satanic cults control and

Gates' Vaccine will Create GMO Humans

A retired attorney considers the legality of mandatory vaccineswhich change our DNADo they seriously expect the public to accept vaccines from manufacturers who are protected from liability? You trust Bill Gates, don't you? IMPENDING COVID-19 VACCINATIONS: A BRIEF ON SAFETY AND CHOICE IMPENDING COVID-19 VACCINATIONS: A BRIEF ON SAFETY AND CHOICE  By

Jews Taking the Heat for Jesuits?

William Boot: "All your writing is sensational and circular between Freemasonry, Illuminati, Communism and the Jews.You delicately skirt the issue of theCatholic Church and the Jesuits implying the Jesuits are crypto-Jews.I can assure you, they are NOT!The Jesuits are CHAMELEONS transforming/morphing themselves into ANYTHING they need to be in

Satanist Insider- #Scamdemic Masks Chinese Expansion

 WHO chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has a very dodgy and secret past, and was only installed in the job through heavy lobbying from the Chinese.Aloysius Fozdyke has been writing for this site since 2010 when he revealed worldwide Satanic control. He is a member of the satanist Alpha lodge in

Chris Pirnak - The Revolt of the One Percent

(left, Wall Street Vs. Main Street)RECORD 16.8 MILLION HAVE FILED FOR UNEMPLOYMENT""S&P 500 books BEST WEEKLY GAIN in 45 years" The Fed is working overtime to prop up the stock market. As result, two classes of people have emerged: those with investments and those without. The future will see more

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