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Are Jews a Nation, Race or Religion?

None of the above.Judaism is anoccult secret society. Jews and their Gentile acolytes areunwitting members of a satanic cult. from June 12, 2009By Henry Makow Ph.D. I had an "Eureka" moment when I read an interview with Shlomo Sand, the author of "The Invention of the Jewish People."  He shows that the Jews

Voodoo Adept Sees Civil War - Part Two- Revised

Part One - Voodoo Adept Foresees Civil War The Illuminati have found a way to achieve their aims despite apparent setbacks. We are trying to understand how they will do it. Civil unrest may be a possibility.Francis is a voodoo adept. While his specific scenario for civil war seems outlandish, current events

Trump's Troublesome Ties to Evangelicals

Left, Paula White, Kenneth Copeland and Others Lay Hands On Donald TrumpThursday we looked at Trump's Zionist Connection. Today, we focus on his ties to America's 90 million Evangelical Christian Zionists, 81% of whom voted for him.(Disclaimer: Where there is smoke, there is fire. Cynthia Underwood has found a great deal  of smoke.)  " The religious

Trump- Have Americans Been Neo Conned?

left, Andrew Breitbart and Bibi Netanyahu at the founding of Breitbart News in Jerusalem 2007. Breitbart could easily be a Mossad operation.Trump- Israel's Trojan Horse? Latest- Wayne Madsen - Trump Must Stop NeoCon Invasion of His AdminAmericans are holding their breath wondering if Trump is the "real deal." Some are wondering if

Election Mirrors War between Masonic Factions

Anthony Weiner's computer contains written proof that Hillary Clinton is a direct agent of George Soros and the Zionist brand of the Illuminati, and she is most definitely a traitor."Walter Benjamin" is a Freemason who claims Trump's support comes from a patriotic faction in Freemasonryopposed to Zionist world domination.  He doesn't offer much proof of

Trump Victory Necessary to Get US Into World War?

I predicted Trump will win and asked my readers whatthe Illuminati's game plan is. While most readers favor Trump, Kevin Boyle and others suspect his real role is to lead Americans into WW3.Americans would never follow Hillary into battle. by Kevin Boyle ( Thanks for the article on Trump. I have been thinking about

Megyn Kelly - Queen of Media Whores

Megyn Kelly is the prototype of the all-American Girl - blonde,  buxom, beautiful and reeking of wholesome down home midwest American values and Christianity. This is also why she is so dangerous.(Disclaimer- For a change of pace, I am letting a contributor vent. I like his passion!)by Karl Svensen( Fox TV news caster

Satanist Jews (Illuminati) are Edomites

(left, the wolf in sheep's clothing is on the Coat of Arms of the Fabian Society) "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Judahites, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." (Revelation 2:9)The Satanist conspiracy that has subverted mankind may be over 2000 years old. 130

Barry Chamish (1952-2016) Exposed Illuminati

"Barry Chamish didn't go looking for dirty secrets; they found him."Barry popularized Rabbi Marvin Antleman's revelations aboutthe Sabbatean Jews who formed the Illuminati and took over the world. He went on to expose Israel's use of Yemeni Jewish children asradiation guinea pigs and the murder of Yitzak Rabbi by the IsraeliShin Bet. Barry alienated

Fake Terror is Oldest Trick in Zionist Toolbag

left, Ahmed Khan Rahami is accused of setting off bombs Saturday that injured 29 people on a New York Street His fatherreported him to the FBI as a potential terrorist which is how he may have been recruited. The real perpetrators of the 9-11 attacks have not been identified or brought

My Short Romance With the "alt right"

(left, Pepe the frog is the mascot  of the alt right. Here Pepe Pinochet drops leftists into the sea from helicopters.) The "alt right" movement is a reaction against political correctness and the Judeo Masonic (Communist) agenda.Pete Nesbitt found its irreverence refreshingbut as the Pepe mascot suggests, he discovered an ugly underside. "It's

Rejection of the Feminine is Rooted in the Occult

Lilith's refusal to lie beneath Adam is tantamount to the earth refusing to receive a seed. There is nothing inferior or "unequal" about this, no matter what this text has Adam say. It is part of the yin-yang, the active-passive, masculine-feminine dance that is at the heart of nature.Man serves

Trump - Blackmailable (formerly Mossad's Mussolini?)

Trump with Ivanka in 1996, age 15.Every candidate "must have their Panama" said The Protocols of Zion, referring to a scandal in 1888. "P" no longer stands for Panama. It stands for Pedophile. This is why Trump will never prosecute Hillary or investigate 9-11. He likely participated in a pedophile sex ring

Letter from a Working Class Jew

(left, not Sid)A lot of Jews are struggling too. "People are still in complete denial of the fact that working all day does not benefit us at all; it just keeps us in our pathetic position."by Sid Green( was born into a Jewish family in the United States. My siblings

Third World Tsunami Sinks EU

"The decision to flood Europe with combat age savages in a hurry was clearly a major error, probably a fatal one for EU masters."  Europeans have awakened to the genocidal agenda of their traitorous Dan( must not forget for minute that the BREXIT referendum was a gamble, a reaction

Brexit- What is the Hidden Globalist Game?

Boris Johnson's stepmother Jenny, the second wife of his father Stanley, is the stepdaughter of Edward Sieff, the former chairman of Marks & SpencerThe prompt acceptance of the narrow referendum win should make you suspicious. Brexit is supposed to be a blow to the masonic Jew World Order. But all the

Is John Todd Still Alive?

The highest ranking Illuminati defector may be a prisoner in a US prison hospital. Born in 1950, he would be only 66 today. Despite death reports, Diana thinks he may be alive: "I'm writing because I am an avid reader of your website. I saw once that you posted an article on a

Michael Hoffman - Judaism is Satanism

"Judaism Discovered," Michael Hoffman's monumental 2009 study of Judaism is subtitled, "A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit."  But, what does Hoffman really think of Judaism?Michael Hoffman writes: "The core of Judaism, like the core of Gnosticism and Egyptian Hermeticism, is magic, the manipulation of the universe, contra God's creation; i.e. against

US Police - Army of Zionist Occupation?

American city and state police are Freemasons. What free society would allow its law enforcement to belong to a satanic cult?  Zionism, along with Communism, are Masonic orders.  As Justin Gardner reveals, they are increasingly trained and coordinated by Israel. Your tax dollars may be financing a nascent army of Masonic Jewish occupation. In

Miko Peled - The Best Israeli

Watch this video to see what the best Israeli looks and sounds like, an Israeli who has won friends for the Jewish people worldwide, instead of enemies.By Henry Makow Ph.D.In his speeches, Miko Peled tells the story of how Zionists literally expelled Palestinian families from their homes and took them for themselves. Sometimes

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