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The Fraud that Begets all Others

(left, the "key" to understanding the world today bears repetition) The Only Game in Town The medium of exchange (money, currency, credit) has no intrinsic value. It is a coupon created in the form of a "debt" to a cartel of Masonic ( Cabalist, Satanist) Jewish bankers. This is something government could do

Are There Any "Good Jews"?

With anti Semitism growing, it is important to discern which Jews are part of the Illuminati (Sabbatean) conspiracy.  In a 15-minute lecture, Allan Brownfeld describes Zionism as "a subversive force" which has corrupted Jewish life in America.He says the silent majority of US Jews are Americans first and regard Judaism

Jews say, Anti-Zionism is Pro-Jewish

Zionism is an instrument of the Rothschild plan forsatanic world government. It has already invaded the West and threatens the East. Millions of Jewshave died for this demented plot. A few, TrueTorah Jews, recognize the danger of Cabala (Freemasonry, Zionism)and try to warn their fellow Jews.  They put the interestsof their

Hitler Was a Godsend to Israel

Truth is "Hate" Because Zionists Hate Truth Last week, Ken Livingstone, left, Mayor of London from 2000-2008, was suspended by the Labor Party for saying Hitler had supported Zionism ("before he went mad and ended up killing 6 million Jews" and claimed there was a "well-orchestrated campaign by the Israel lobby to smear

We Have De Facto Communism

Left. Segregated bathrooms are the last line of defence against the occult Jewish (central banker) attack on gender designed to dehumanize and enslave the goyim. For Satanists, sick is healthy and normal.Deutsche Bank, PayPal, General Electric, Dow Chemical, Pepsi, Hyatt, Hewlett Packard, Whole Foods, Levis Strauss & Co. These blue chip companies are

Migrants are an Underground Army - Ten Signs

Left- IPhones and best new Mobile phones distributed by secret intelligence services to these 'refugees' for free?An anonymous writer makes a convincing case thatthe migrant invasion was organized by the Illuminati bankers as a future military force.Related- Is FEMA Raising a private Army in the US? by Anonymous15 April 2016 at 11:22 (in


David Livingstone Filmmaker Paul Cross Father Bedros Hadjian Julian Lee on Celibacy Many Ann (Illuminati Defector) Kevin Abrams Kevin Annett (Canada Native Genocide) Judith Reisman (The Porn Agenda) Chris Jon Bjerknes (Zionism) Clifford Shack Diversity in the Workplace Wolfgang Eggert (Jewish Fanatics) E. Michael Jones (The Revolutionary Jews) Tony

Zionism = Satanism: An Israeli Seeks "Intervention"

(left. 14 yr old girl shot four times. Proof Nazis and Zionists were cut from the same cloth, Freemasonry, i.e. Satanism.)What kind of people reduces a subject population tothe point of desperation where children with kitchen knives are attacking soldiers armed with machine guns? JonathanOffir, an Israeli musician living in Denmark,

Reader Challenges Fear Porn in "Alternative Media"

"B" is a retired lady who has takena stand against theZionist-inspired hysteria directed against Muslims. Migration is being used byMasonic Jewish bankers to divide and polarize the people.We need to focus on them andtheir toadies, who seem toinclude their ostensible "critics."We don't want more migrants butwe don't want to fall into the Zionist's

Jews Evade Blame for Christ's Crucifixion

It's time Jews "own" Christ's Crucifixion. In private, they boast of it. The Chosen People do not believe in God.The essence of Judaism isreplacing God with the Jewish leadership.  Michael Hoffman:  "To assert that the Romans bear the principal share of responsibility for the death of Jesus is a contrived argument

Some Evangelical Preachers are Satanists

(Oral Robert, seen here with Elvis Presley in 1974) Oral Roberts (1918-2009) pioneered TV Evangelism reaching millions of followers worldwide, bringing American Pentecostalism into the mainstream. According to "Judy," a victim of satanic ritual abuse, he and many evangelists were Satanists who committed unspeakable atrocities. There are an estimated 285 million Evangelicals, comprising 13.1%

Migrant Invasion - The Illuminati Plan for White Genocide

A 1912 book exposes Illuminati Jewish war against white race.The migrant invasion of Europe and the US can be traced to a long-term Illuminati Jewish program to destroy the white race.  Anti-Communist Jew, Myron Fagan reveals this program, and Dan (comment below) shows that George Soros is financing this racist assault.  This

Kabbalah - Blueprint for Gentile Genocide

We know the Talmud regards non-Jews as animals. In this eye opening article, Rev. Ted Pike reveals that the Kabbalah goes much further and blatantly calls for Gentile genocide. The secret of genocide: We have been conditioned to associate "genocide" with Jewish victimhood but wars started by Cabalist (Illuminati) Jews and Masons throughout history

Flat Earth Psy Op is the Real Conspiracy

(It's "what if the earth were flat" you tin hatters!)The Flat Earth fad is a "conspiracy theory" designed todistract, divide and discredit those who understand modern society has been enslaved by the Judeo Masonic (Satanic) conspiracy. It  creates cognitive dissonance, and make us question all our assumptions, especially those which are True. "This flat

Freemasonry Has Doomed Western Society

Lodgeroom of Forrest Lodge No. 19. Huntsville ALIs there any hope for a society that allows a sataniccult bent on its destruction to operate openly, and embraces its membersas its leaders? "Freemasonry" is the lever satanist bankers use to controlthe world. Even the alternate media will talk about the "Jews"

The Communist Jews Behind Sen. Joseph McCarthy

(McCarthy -- March 8, 1954 Edition of TIME) In 1954, businessman DeWest Hooker discoveredthat Jewish central bankers (i.e. Bernard Baruch) funded the "anti-Communist" movement led by Sen. Joseph McCarthy. His affidavit reveals how Illuminati (Satanist) bankers manipulate public perception using false opposition like Donald Trump or Alex Jones. If they get mainstream media exposure, they are certified kosher.This is

2016 - Zionist (Satanic) Control to Increase

Israel is the vanguard of a Satanist-Imperialist designthat applies not only to the Middle East but, under US andNATO auspices, to the whole world.  "A Jew was not created as a means for some other purpose; he himself IS the purpose, since the substance of all divine emanations was created ONLY

Putin and Zionism: A Complex Relationship

When I read that Putin and Netanyahu had agreed to cooperate in fighting terror, I thoughtWTF? Doesn't he know that Israel is the #1 source of terror (along with the CIA and MI-6)? In a long article published today, "The Saker" explains that Putin has to play stupid. There

Catholics Put Freemasonry in Correct Perspective

left, Ernest Jouin sounded alarm Western Society is DoomedBecause Freemasons control the media, we don't understand the calamity that has befallen humanity.  Over the centuries, only Catholicism recognized that Freemasonry is Satanism and fought a valiant but unsuccessful rearguard action. The following are excerpts from a Dec. 8, 1930 speech "Papacy

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