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Was Surveillance the Purpose of the Internet?

left, the all seeing eye David Livingstone implies that all-pervasivesurveillance was the intention, and not an accidental byproduct of the invention of the personal computer & Internet. (Editor's Note: David Livingstone is a friend, and a brilliant researcher with an encyclopedic mind. However, we have a longstanding disagreement over style.

Sterling - Media Spins Jewish Racism as White Racism

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrame(Left, Sterling & Stiviano. Basketball team owner's racist remarks ignite controversy.)By spinning Jewish racism  as white racism, the mass media reflectsthe real race-hatred:Illuminati Jewish hatred of white Christians and goyim in general."To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not

Oz Foreign Minister Lifts Veil on Jewish Control

(left, Bob Carr)WORLD DOMINATION LITE Do our governments represent us, or political party donors? Bob Carr,Australian Foreign Minister, (Mar. 2012-Sept. 2013) under Labour PMs Gillard & Rudd reveals that organized Jewry buys Australian foreign policy. This is typical of all Western nations. Guess who is dictating Western policy in Ukraine,

Satan Worship: The Coming One-World Religion

Left, Illuminati Jewish program to discredit the Bible and Christianity include claims that a tomb containing the bones of Jesus and Mary Magdalene was found.  As James Perloff shows, the Illuminati set out to systematically destroy Christianity and belief in God. Do we need any more proof that we are

Elites Colluding to Start Nuclear War?

"It has all been depicted, in satanic detail (including the nuke color coding, as seen in the first rainbow), in the Denver International Airport murals."A reader, Christopher, says the Illuminati have planned a nuclear war. Naturally, I hope he is wrong. "It is extremely na├»ve to believe that Communist Russia

"Gay" is Not the Same as Homosexual

Despite the fact that Hitler and many of his close associates were gay, the Nazispersecuted homosexuals. Cuban researcher Servando Gonzalez explains that "gay" is a political term invented by Tavistock, designating Illuminati agents and activists. It has been applied to all homosexuals as a way of co-opting them for the

A Prescient 1909 Vision of the NWO (Encore)

"There is in existence a plan of world organization about which much has been said for several years past, in favour of which determined propaganda has been made among the masses, and toward which our present rulers are causing us to slide gradually and unconsciously.""The people will not cease to

Illuminati Banker- We will Dissolve all Nations

In his book Geneva Versus Peace (1937) the Comte de Saint Aulaire, French ambassador to London from 1920-24, recalled a dinner conversation with Kuhn Loeb Director Otto Kahn, left, which took place shortly after WWI. This shocking expose is fast disappearing down the memory hole. We have already posted segments dealing

Rejection of Zionist Hegemony Goes Viral in France

(Left. Dieudonne makes the resistance gesture "the quenelle" that is sweeping France.) There is nothing the Illuminati hate more than a grassroots movement they didn't originate. French comedian Dieudonne ("God given")has spoken truth to power and power doesn't like it."Power addicts want to be feared; they can't handle being mocked.""THERE

Chanukah Doesn't Cut It

This New Yorker cartoon by Tom Turo  suggests an unease with Judaism. Jewish Holidays like Chanukah have nothing to do with religionand imply Jews are their own God. by Henry Makow Ph.D.(from Dec. 2, 2011)I complimented the supermarket cashier on the Christmas carols on the P.A. The store is owned by a

Churchill and the Jews

"The Jews are very powerful in England."  --Winston Churchill in a letter to General Holman, 1919.According to Martin Gilbert, the "great statesman" Winston Churchill was a brown-noser and errand boy for Illuminati Jewish bankers.This is the NWO which most politicians secretly Robert( In "Churchill and the Jews" (2007),  Martin Gilbert 

Israeli-Based Online Casinos are a Scam

 P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Many online casino companies are based in Israeland prey on customers worldwide.Our correspondent, "Saul" worked for one. "For non-Jews living within America, Canada and Western Europe, it's important to realize, whatever strategic military purpose Israel may serve, do not be fooled -- the Israeli government

Illuminati Playbook: The Phony Opposition

The Illuminati often achieve their goals by pretending to support the opposite. It's counter-intuitive but they advancedworld government by supporting nationalism in Canada. It boils down to, if you wish to controlthe opposition, you have to lead it.    At a meeting in Copenhagen June 10, 1931: Arnold Toynbee, "Director

Is History Shaped by Race?

                                       Blood is the key to understanding politics and history, according to a rare book.Semigotha (1912) is a 580-page historical-genealogical handbook written in German in tiny Gothic script. It claims to trace Jewish blood in German noble families, asserting that Jewish blood has "spoiled" German and European blood. This

Israel a Prison for US "Deadbeat Dad"

Saul is an American Jew, a professional, who is a prisoner in Israel because of feminist child support laws. He tells his story and describes sexual mores in Israel "Saul"( I'm an American "oleh hadash" [new immigrant] in Israel now 5 years.  My Israeli ex-wife apparently had divorce in

Israel Sinks Deeper into a Moral Abyss

Israeli policy is based on racism, hate, aggression and deceit,says Max Blumenthal in his book, "Goliath: Life & Loathing in Greater Israel."   A survey of Jewish Israeli attitudes on Operation Cast Lead [Gaza War Dec. 2008-Jan. 2009) concluded that the public's "consciousness is characterized by a sense of victimization,

Zionists Sacrificed Jews to the Holocaust

The word "Holocaust" is a Biblical term for "burnt sacrifice."  Why refer to genocide as "a sacrifice"?Because the Illuminati bankers deliberately sacrificedEuropean Jews to create the State of Israel, the capital of the Rothschild's occult New World Order.The London-based Illuminati bankers wanted Jews to set up the State of Israel

The Myth of Hitler as Monetary Reformer

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } (Left: The Emperor has no mustache......) The widespread notion that Hitler created debt-free credit is erroneous. The German taxpayer continued to pay interest on the substantial national debt and commercial banking largely financed the war at interest.  "Schacht's policies did absolutely nothing to limit massive

News Media Collaborated in 9-11 False Flag

A new book shows how humanity is under constant covert attack from Cabalistic (Masonic) Jewish bankers, using the news media to falsify reality. Thus they contrive wars to degrade, disinherit and ultimately destroy us. If we heed their siren calls, we are complicit in our own destruction.   "We have

God is a 9-11 Truther

God Supports 9/11 Truth (Why Doesn't the Christian Church?)Many high profile Christian leaders echo the official LIE, and support the fraudulent war on terror it spawned. God is on the side of the TRUTH regarding 9/11. Christian leaders and the Church should be on God's side,  or something is very

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