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Criticism of Israel Not Kosher!

"The cover was not intended to be anti-Semitic; the New Statesman is vigorously opposed to racism in all its forms," said Editor Peter Wilby in his grovelling apology.  Although Wilby promised not to self-censor, the material below is no longer on the magazine's web site."Big Jewry, like big tobacco, is

Henry Blodget : "Why do People Hate Jews?"

(left. Scene from 1998 movie "Pleasantville" made by Red Diaper baby Gary Ross. Learn the shocking reason David's mom is in color but his dad is in black & white.) The reason they want to sever our connection to God is they intend to take His Henry Makow Ph.D.Last

Do Jews Suffer from a False Identity?

Many Jews are profoundly out of touch with their own truth. by Henry Makow Ph.D. (revised from April 2003) The Jewish people have been deceived (or have deceived themselves) on two counts: 1. Most do not descend from the Biblical Jews. They are Khazars, from southwest Asia. 2. Judaism

Is Stephen Harper a Jew?

(Canadian PM Stephen Harper) Thanks to his shameless pandering to Israel, Harper's Conservatives got 52% of the Canadian Jewish vote. Muslims outnumber Jews 2.3 to one but it's money not votes that count. by Henry Makow Ph.D. Even Jews find Stephen Harper's pandering to be "creepy."  In 2007, Toronto Jews

"The Avengers" Signals Illuminati Intentions

The Avengers is the highest grossing movie of all time, making $1.1 billion in just two weeks. According to Aspen, it describes the Illuminati (i.e. Cabalist/Masonic Jewish) intention to produce the chaos and destruction necessary for the return of the Messiah (i.e. Green Hulk) and to bring about Illuminati dictatorship.(Editor's

Markets Signal Coming Depression

This article was originally posted at the height of the credit crunch Nov. 14, 2008 as "Credit Crunch: Occult Colonization of the Developed World?" It appears that the Illuminati will use the secession of Greece from the EU to precipitate another credit crunch and Depression.In "The Telegraph" today, Ambrose

Breivik a False Flag to Discredit the Right

This is a drawing shown on a daily basis with reports from the trial in Norway's largest "news" paper Aftenposten.Breivik is a Freemason Doing his Bit to Advance Communism by Pretending to Oppose It40,000 Norwegians Mock Killer with Marxist Song He Hates "Thousands Gather in Norway Thursday to Denounce Breivik"

Geert Wilders Delivers a Blow to the Euro

Geert Wilders, left, is the only force in Dutch politics resisting Brussels. With the collapse of the Dutch government Monday, Wilders' nationalist party could be swept into office. The Rothschilds might just want the Euro to  collapse in order to justify something even more constrictive. by Anthony Migchels (

Yom Kippur War: Was Israel Ever in Mortal Danger?

(left, Sadat & Mubarak during Yom Kippur war)Would the Illuminati Sacrifice Israel?Israel is the spawn of the Illuminati. Would they ever allow it to be destroyed? Was Israel reallyin mortal danger in 1973?   by Henry Makow Ph. D.On Oct 6 1973, Egypt and Syria launched a coordinated surprise attack

Is Alex Jones Controlled Opposition?

There are more controlled opposition patriot leaders than real patriot leaders.  [Editor's Note: This is an ongoing debate in patriot circles. I invite readers who are familiar with Alex Jones' sites to comment on whether he spins the NWO and downplays the Jewish role.  If he is controlled, what is his

Libertarians -- Another "Jews Against Communism"

(left, Bernard Baruch, 1870-1965)Ninety per cent of the funding for "American Jewish League Against Communism" came from Rothschild front-man Bernard Baruch. The Rothschilds, who controlled the "socialist" Roosevelt administration and backed the Bolshevik Revolution, were also, via Baruch and Kohlberg, behind the "right-wing" John Birch Society and the Libertarian movement...It

The Satanic Core of Libertarianism

(left, Bernard de Mandeville, the Satanist who inspired Libertarianism and Austrian economics)Satanism defines man by carnal rather than spiritual desires,  "liberating" the former and crushing the latter.  De Mandeville's Fable of the Bees demonstrates that Libertarianism is rooted in Satanist dogma. Libertarianism is part of the Illuminati Dialectic with Communism:

The "Catholic" Wing of Libertarianism

(left, Ignatius Loyala, the Marrano Jew who founded the Jesuit Order.) The Jesuits were never true Catholics. Jesuits are part of a long-term Illuminati Jewish plot to infiltrate and subvert Catholicism from within, even though most Jesuits are probably not aware of it. Indeed, Lew Rockwell is right: the Salamancan

Jeff Rense's Abuse of Power & Trust

(left, the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld) No Readers for You!!!No one can hold our movement hostage, especially someone with US Secret Service connections.     by Henry Makow Ph.D.Jeff Rense rants about our politicians' abuses but behaves like a petty tyrant. He postures as a champion of free speech but

Zionists Push US Into Another World War

Ayatollah Khameini (left) has been cast in the role of Hitler  in the Illuminati's   spectacular new sequel, "World War Three." Once again the West rides to the rescue of Jews threatened with "annihilation."  by Henry Makow Ph.DThe ducks are lined up for another world war. As in previous world wars,

Polish Jew Exposed Zionist Subversion

Translated into English for the first time, "Warning to the Polish Nation" is a primary document for Polish nationalists.  While focusing on Poland, if true, it suggests there is indeed a pernicious worldwide Zionist agenda largely advanced by crypto-Jews.    by Marek Finkelstein-Dobrowolski(Translated from the Polish by June 16,

The Significance of the Masonic Logo

"By means of this Word, a magician can demand obedience from the invisible and superior deities."-Manley P. Hall The Secret Teachings of All Ages[Editor's Note:  I don't know what to make of this article so I am asking my readers to help evaluate it.] by Nathan Wiedmann( doesn't always matter

White Luciferians Still Run South Africa

(left, Gill Marcus, left, Governor of South Africa's central bank. Daughter of Lithuania Jews, she was a gender studies professor before assuming the helm of a gold mining company and a bank.) Other than CIA / Zionism, we have no natural enemies. The re-colonization of Africa by the Zionist

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