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Jewish Fanatics Targeted Dome of the Rock

By Matthew Tsakanikas(for year, the Jerusalem Post on-line edition reported a story that could be the cause of endless conflicts. An article entitled, "J'lem posters call for 3rd Temple" by Abe Selig (29/03/2010), said that 200 buses in Jerusalem were driving through Arab neighborhoods advertising a third Jewish Temple

Disillusioned Republican Has Faith in Tea Party

In reality, the GOP establishment types are more like Fabian Socialists (arrogant elites who wish to move us toward NWO collectivism in a sneaky, gradual way because it is to their benefit).by Lt. Commander Charles EastonJudge Advocate General's CorpsU.S. Navy (Ret.)(for from "The Disillusionment of a Republican" Here  What

The Mindset of a Cairo Protester

When my eldest daughter was 5 years old, she asked, "Mummy, what do elections mean?" There was only one candidate! How do you explain elections in which there is no choice?By Nancy S.(for Walking the streets of Cairo over 20 years ago, I was struck by the apathy I

Egypt: Setting the Stage for WWIII?

by Henry Makow Ph.D. Muslim Brotherhood: Prepare for War With Israel Egypt's Future; War With Israel Israel Supplies Egypt With Crowd Dispersing GasUS Neo Cons Fear Islamist Takeover Obama Effectively Withdraws Support for MubarakUS "To DO" List Begins With Muslim Brotherhood (link below article) In order to make sense of

"Civilization, a Form of Slavery," said Darwin Grandson

"Think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism, Marxism, Nietzsche-ism. To us Jews, at any rate, it should be plain to see what a disintegrating importance these directives have had upon the minds of the goyim."(Protocols of the Elders of Zion 2-3. "Us Jews" refers to Cabalist i.e. Illuminati

Nazis SS Funded Nascent Israeli Army

Photo of a medal struck by the Nazis (Goebbels) to commemorate Zionist "friendship". Nazism and Zionism were two sides of the same Illuminati coin.  By Henry Makow Ph.D.I knew the Zionists collaborated with the Nazis but I didn't know the Nazis actually funded the Zionists! In his 1988 book "Blowback,"

The Plan for a Jewish Homeland in Australia

Andrew Casey lifts the lid on a little-known campaign to establish a Jewish homeland in NW Australia.(Edited by Henry Makow)       *******************Isaac Steinberg (1888-1957, left) was the first People's Commissar for Justice after the Russian Revolution - a close comrade of V.I.Lenin - but they fell out and he

Let's Take America Back From Israel!

Zionists and Talmudists control the U.S. Government! FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski (left)[Editor Note: This article reflects an average American's justified anger at the extent of Zionist control in the US. It's important to remember that while organized Jewry plays a major role, and deserves blame, it is empowered by

Wikipedia Shills for Zionist Hatemongers

Let's just call it Ziopedia or better, Wickedpedia. by Henry Makow Ph.D.Recently I saw how Wikipedia helps Zionist crazies distort the truth. One of these crazies inserted this slanderous paragraph into my Wikipedia entry."In 2008, the Canadian Jewish Congress filed a human rights complaint against, Henry Makow, for a column

Is Ahmadinejad "Controlled Opposition" ?

by Anthony Migchelsin Arnhem, Holland(for Henrymakow.,com) Of course, it is always pleasant to hear a prominent politician speak some truth about 9/11 and even more so when these words are spoken near the crime scene. It provides a little justice to the 3000 victims of the Mossad/CIA/Globalist mass murder. At

Hungarians Find Glamorous Anti-Zionist Leader

by Jean D'eau(Budapest Correspondent, Krisztina Morvai is among the very few politicians in Europe who dares to criticize Zionism. Last year she was herself much criticized by the Hungarian Jewish organization which is a fanatic supporter of Zionism (MAZSIHISZ) because she happened to post this message to them on

Organized Jewry as a Nation Dispersant

by Krister, in Sweden(for by Krister, in Sweden (updated Sept 24 - for  Recently we became aware of a statement from a  American Jewish women-activist, who some ten years ago with grants from the Swedish government, founded a Jewish 'study-institute' with the name "PAIDEIA", that seems to be

Edgar Steele's Feckless Racism

By Henry Makow Ph.D. (Given the current attempt to frame Edgar Steele, a reader asked for my take on him. Here it is, in an article originally entitled "Why Jewish bankers Love Anti-Semites," written exactly five years ago. I believe Steele is sincere but misguided. I hope he gets help

Insider Says We're Entering "the Age of Satan"

 From Aloysius Foszdyke  The sheeple now have the truth and we know that they'll do nothing. In any event it is far too late. There is no escape.Told you that the Mad Monk (Tony Abbott) wouldn't get in. That said, we had to do a lot of back room work.

Illuminati Persecute Heterosexuals

Turkey baster families? Three Hollywood movies tout artificial insemination. by Henry Makow Ph.D.Every day,  heterosexuals face an insidious mass media campaign designed to make homosexuality the social norm.This vicious underhanded attack on heterosexual identity is disguised as defending "homosexual rights." To defend gay rights, heterosexuals are taught to deny gender,

Was the WTC Demolished by Mini Nukes?

(Ed. Note- This would explain why everything disintegrated into a fine dust.)From AnonymousIf you want to know what really happened during 9/11, you should visitthis site: has links to an interview with a former officer of the Soviet nuclearintelligence unit, Dimitri Khalezov.This interview runs for over 4 hours and has

"Protocols of Zion"-- Damage Control

By Henry Makow Ph,D. Mankind is slipping into a permanent coma according to a diabolical plan that has been public knowledge for over a century. When The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" were leaked in the 1890's, Masonic Jewish bankers did effective damage control. They tricked the gullible goyim into

"Satanist Insider" Told to Sign Off

By Aloysius Fozdyke The other images group around me to support me: let all be worshiped, for they shall cluster to exalt me. I am the visible object of worship; the othersare secret...Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he

Satanist Insider: "There is No Escape!"

"The Tazer is a Cattle-Prod! ...There are no constraints left [on] the road to totalitarianism." [Editor's Note: Aloysius first gave the world this information. Recently, I asked him for some insight on Zionism and Freemasonry. I expressed disappointment with his response. He sent me a new reply today. Some may

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