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Americans are Rothschild Proxies in Iraq

Americans are serving alien interests and values in Iraq. They are advancing the Rothschilds' program of world dictatorship as outlined in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. These Lucifer-loving bankers and their confederates would like you to believe the Protocols is a forgery. It is not. It is

Jews Don't   Want a Monopoly on Suffering

Hana Brady was murdered at Auschwitz in February 1944. She was a 13-year-old Jewish girl from Czechoslovakia. Her fate was tragic. It's deplorable therefore that the Illuminati's Jewish wing is using it in a propaganda drive to advance its totalitarian Globalist agenda. More deplorable, the same group may have

Complacent Canadians Forfeit Their Freedom

Canada took a step closer to tyranny Thursday when a lawyer who defends suspected "terrorists" received a terrorist death threat himself, from a Canadian government agency. Rocco Galati referred to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) but seemed afraid to identify them outright. "I'm on the verge of tears

Sen. McCarthy & The Khazars' Curse

Communists continue to malign their arch Henry Makow Ph.D.If the late Sen. Joseph McCarthy had been wrong about Communist infiltration in the 1950's, wouldn't he have been refuted and forgotten? Instead, 50 years later, media connected to Khazar (Jewish) bankers and their allies continue to vilify him, indicating that

Déjà Jew All Over Again

Who said the following? "Instead of agitating for war, the Jewish groups in this country should be opposing it in every possible way, for they will be among the first to feel its consequences. The greatest danger to this country lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion

George W. Bush: "Alter Boy"

The Newsweek caption under an old picture of H. W. Bush's family attending church says, "George Sr. once taught Sunday school and George W. was an alter [sic] boy." The spelling error (since corrected) is perhaps the only truthful thing in this article by Howard Fineman (March 10,2003) which

War Could Create Resentment Against Jews

 by Henry Makow Ph.DLast week, The Boston Globe "outed" Sen. John Kerry's Jewish ancestry.The newspaper hired an Austrian genealogist who established that Kerry's grandparents were Jewish and changed their name from "Kohn" to "Kerry" in 1902. Sen. Kerry, a practising Catholic, was amazed. "This is incredible stuff," he said. "I

Zionists Made Deal with the Devil

 by Henry Makow Ph.D. Under the 1935 Nuremberg Laws, only two flags were permitted in Nazi Germany. One was the swastika. The other was the blue and white banner of Zionism.According to Lenni Brenner's online book Zionism in the Age of Dictators (Ch.7), the Zionist party was the only other political

Zionism, Anti Semitism and American Democracy

 According to Shahak, Judaism is a xenophobic totalitarian belief system that has morphed into a fanatical Zionist ideology that now threatens the whole Henry Makow Christians who believe Israel represents an outpost of Western Civilization might benefit from a book entitled "Jewish History, Jewish Religion" (1994) by Israel Shahak, a Professor

Reply to an Israeli Friend

Uri and I were friends at university in Ottawa in the early 1970's. After he settled in Israel, I saw him on visits there. Whenever tensions in the Middle East increased, my concerns always turned to him, his brilliant wife and beautiful children. Recently I emailed and asked for

Is the Conspiracy Jewish?

I was once asked this question on an American patriot talk show. The assumption was that, as a Jew, I could answer it. After reading "A Controversy of Zion," by Douglas Reed, I can venture a reply. I begin by explaining my perspective. Recently I borrowed a video on

Communism, Zionism & Feminism Share NWO Pedigree

George Orwell's warning in "1984" of a nightmarish global police state was not an idle exercise. It was coming true in 1949 when the novel was published. The attack on the World Trade Center Sept. 11, staged by NW0 controllers with Hollywood flair, heralded the next phase in this

On the Brink of Nuclear War

n the summer of 2002, most Americans seem blissfully unaware that the world teeters at the brink of a nuclear catastrophe. The latest Debka-Net-Weekly "intelligence" bulletin reports that Sadaam Hussein is in the throes of a decision: whether to launch a preemptive strike on U.S. forces surrounding Iraq, or to

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