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Is a 'Latino-Jewish' USA in the Works?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently came out as JewHave Jews found a way to swelltheir numbers and their power?With 200 million people with Jewish roots,is a 'Latino-Jewish' USA in the works?by  Brabantian(  Israelis and Jewish leaders have begun a bold new approach embracing people of partial Jewish ancestry. And this has big political

"First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Berlin"

from Jan 2, 2008by Wolfgang Eggert ( After the events of 9/11, Leonard Cohen was asked if he had envisioned the catastrophe and its underlying extremist theme ahead of time.  Cohen's answer was affirmative ("First we Take Manhattan might be understood as an examination of the mind of the

Conservative Catholic Media Shills For Anti-Catholic Masonic Hate

(Cardinal Francis George (1937-2015) tried to resist Jewish pressure. Conservative Catholics helped crucify him.) "Catholic traditionalist movement" exerts a subtle but devastatingly masochistic influence on the wider Catholic culture. Indeed, if the Catholic trad movement didn't exist, the globalists would have had to invent it. Then again perhaps they did." -Jude

Betty Friedan: "Mommy" was a Commie

I reprise this key 2003 essay as a reminder of how Communists use deceit to subvert society. Theirappeals to "social justice" and "equality" are a con game.Their real goal is to get rich by selling out the people. Nancy Pelosi is worth $100 million.   Bernie Sanders: $2 millionObamas -- $135 million.  

Democrats - A Communist Coalition of Disgruntled Minorities

By Henry Makow Ph.D. The midterm results last week can be understood by the following quote from yours truly:"Organized Jewry is a corrosive acid that seeps into the fissures of society (class, gender, race) to undermine it in the name of "social change." Despite this moral posture, there is no genuine desire to

The Real Winston Churchill

Churchill described the Second World War as the "most unnecessary war in history." But he served bankers in the City who had made good his stock market losses and saved his beloved Chartwell from foreclosure. A manic-depressive, he thrived on the rush of war and cared little for ordinary people.Winston Churchill was a crypto-Jew who sold out

Khashoggi's Murder - Why the Fuss?

Famine, starvation, 100,000 dead in Saudi war on Yemen,school bus is strafed, women are stoned for adultery, none of this registered until a journalist is murdered. Why?Khashoggi was an important member of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is Freemasonry of the Communist (Soros) stripe. Under the guise of "Islamism," they advance globalism by supplanting nation

The Judeo Masonic Roots of Modern "Cult-ure"

Just as our bodies need food, our souls also have needs, for meaningand inspiring models of truth, courage, goodness, beauty, and love.The satanic cult (Cabalism) that controls modern culture defines humanity as soulless animals, better to exploit and cull us. The film "Why Beauty Matters" (left) shows that we are being starved spiritually.

Islamism/Zionism: The Hegelian Dialectic

from Aug 25, 2004by David Livingstone ( Following the dictates of Hegelian dialectic, the Globalists have created two antagonizing forces, the "Liberal-Democratic" Zionist West, against Terrorism, or "political Islam", to force us into the acceptance of their final alternative, a New World Order.The West and Islam have had a long era of

John Hankey - Trump is Rewarmed Bush Admin

(left, Hankey's updated documentary)John Hankey deserves credit forreminding us thatDonald J. Trump is a shysterand US politics is a charade. (Don't have an hour? See this four-minute trailer.) by Henry Makow Ph.D. As America heads for the midterm elections, the country has never been so polarized. Trump is considered a national savior by his

Where Have We Seen Trump Before?

Hitler was elected to make Germany great again. The bankers had something else in mind. Total destruction and devastation.Donald Trump betrayed his election promise to defuse tensions with Russiaby gratuitously restarting a cold war.  In this article written before the election, I compared him to Hitler who also was false opposition, tasked bythe Illuminati to

Freemasons Worship Satan - Texe Marrs

I'm going to keep this here until I get some more responses. (See the new First Comments.)Society --Jew and non-Jew alike --is in the grip of a satanic cult that routinely engages in magic and sorcery. On a personal level, most of us are also satanically possessed to a degree. We must acknowledge the malevolent nature of Cabalist

The Holocaust as Trauma Brainwashing

In the 1960's the Jewish philosopher, Hannah Arendt, left, was slandered and ostracized when she concluded that "almost without exception" the Jewish leadership were Zionists who cooperated with the Nazis. The Zionist-Nazis collusion must be kept quiet in order to give Israel the moral license to conquer Palestine and the Middle East. 

The Fraudulent Khazar Claim to Palestine

The Khazars bought the "Jewish" franchise in the 8th Century.They needed to distinguish themselves from their neighbors who wereChristians and Muslims. As John Beaty shows in his book, Iron Curtain over America,the NWO is very much a recrudescence of the old Khazar empire,extended to the whole planet. The Bolshevik

Liberal Jews, Sex & The New Satanic Order

Teen novelist Norma Klein (1938-1989)taught 1970's teenagers to engage in sexfor is own sake. A Jewish reader reflects onher influence and the "pervasive Jewishness" of Klein's work. A Key Article from August 31, 2009by Henry Makow Ph.D. Born in 1949, my lifespan corresponds to a massive social engineering campaign by the Satanic elite to

Nazi Collaborators, Zionists Don't Represent Jews

(Rudolf Kastner 1906-1957)Rudolf Kastner, the Zionist leader in Hungary, made a deal with Adolf Eichmann. For allowing 1700 hand-picked Zionists to go to Palestine,he would help transfer 460,000 Hungarian Jews to death camps. Kastner acted with the approval of the World Zionist Organization. Hewas murdered in 1957 to suppress the scandal. Details Here. Zionist bankers funded

Illuminati Bankers Mainstream Ritual Human Sacrifice

(Satanists want this statue of Baphomet erected in Little Rock AR, but it hasn't been)Kevin Barrett writes that the Washington Post  is mainstreaming Satanic child ritual sacrifice. Satanists control the banking system. They wish to expand their credit monopoly into a monopoly over information, expression, and behavior. We are being inducted into their satanic cult, the Illuminati (Cabalism, June 26, 2008by Henry Makow Ph.D.E. Michael Jones has written a 1200-page book "The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History"  that documents the subversive role played by organized Jewry throughout history. The book is available for purchase  here.According to Jones, this role is subversive in the

Ron Radosh & Hollywood's Communist Pedigree

Ron Radosh (b. 1937) is someone who should be on your radar.  A Jewish academic historian and lifelong Communist, he turned his back on Communism after writing a history of the Rosenberg spy case. He was vilified by his fellow Communists because he proved that the Rosenbergs were guilty. He realized that

Jews & Christians are Bamboozled by Judaism - Michael Hoffman

"Orthodox Judaism above all is, a religion of deceit and self-worship, and pride is the paramount destroyer," says Michael Hoffman who adds: "I view my work as an expression of love for Judaic people and as a conduit for their liberation."Politics today is a "debate over which vehicle is best for the supremacy of

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