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The Real Winston Churchill

Churchill described the Second World War as the "most unnecessary war in history." But he served bankers in the City who had made good his stock market losses and saved his beloved Chartwell from foreclosure. A manic-depressive, he thrived on the rush of war and cared little for ordinary people.Winston Churchill was a crypto-Jew who sold out

Khashoggi's Murder - Why the Fuss?

Famine, starvation, 100,000 dead in Saudi war on Yemen,school bus is strafed, women are stoned for adultery, none of this registered until a journalist is murdered. Why?Khashoggi was an important member of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is Freemasonry of the Communist (Soros) stripe. Under the guise of "Islamism," they advance globalism by supplanting nation

The Judeo Masonic Roots of Modern "Cult-ure"

Just as our bodies need food, our souls also have needs, for meaningand inspiring models of truth, courage, goodness, beauty, and love.The satanic cult (Cabalism) that controls modern culture defines humanity as soulless animals, better to exploit and cull us. The film "Why Beauty Matters" (left) shows that we are being starved spiritually.

Islamism/Zionism: The Hegelian Dialectic

from Aug 25, 2004by David Livingstone ( Following the dictates of Hegelian dialectic, the Globalists have created two antagonizing forces, the "Liberal-Democratic" Zionist West, against Terrorism, or "political Islam", to force us into the acceptance of their final alternative, a New World Order.The West and Islam have had a long era of

John Hankey - Trump is Rewarmed Bush Admin

(left, Hankey's updated documentary)John Hankey deserves credit forreminding us thatDonald J. Trump is a shysterand US politics is a charade. (Don't have an hour? See this four-minute trailer.) by Henry Makow Ph.D. As America heads for the midterm elections, the country has never been so polarized. Trump is considered a national savior by his

Freemasons Worship Satan - Texe Marrs

I'm going to keep this here until I get some more responses. (See the new First Comments.)Society --Jew and non-Jew alike --is in the grip of a satanic cult that routinely engages in magic and sorcery. On a personal level, most of us are also satanically possessed to a degree. We must acknowledge the malevolent nature of Cabalist

The Holocaust as Trauma Brainwashing

In the 1960's the Jewish philosopher, Hannah Arendt, left, was slandered and ostracized when she concluded that "almost without exception" the Jewish leadership were Zionists who cooperated with the Nazis. The Zionist-Nazis collusion must be kept quiet in order to give Israel the moral license to conquer Palestine and the Middle East. 

The Fraudulent Khazar Claim to Palestine

The Khazars bought the "Jewish" franchise in the 8th Century.They needed to distinguish themselves from their neighbors who wereChristians and Muslims. As John Beaty shows in his book, Iron Curtain over America,the NWO is very much a recrudescence of the old Khazar empire,extended to the whole planet. The Bolshevik

Liberal Jews, Sex & The New Satanic Order

Teen novelist Norma Klein (1938-1989)taught 1970's teenagers to engage in sexfor is own sake. A Jewish reader reflects onher influence and the "pervasive Jewishness" of Klein's work. A Key Article from August 31, 2009by Henry Makow Ph.D. Born in 1949, my lifespan corresponds to a massive social engineering campaign by the Satanic elite to

Illuminati Bankers Mainstream Ritual Human Sacrifice

(Satanists want this statue of Baphomet erected in Little Rock AR, but it hasn't been)Kevin Barrett writes that the Washington Post  is mainstreaming Satanic child ritual sacrifice. Satanists control the banking system. They wish to expand their credit monopoly into a monopoly over information, expression, and behavior. We are being inducted into their satanic cult, the Illuminati (Cabalism,

Ron Radosh & Hollywood's Communist Pedigree

Ron Radosh (b. 1937) is someone who should be on your radar.  A Jewish academic historian and lifelong Communist, he turned his back on Communism after writing a history of the Rosenberg spy case. He was vilified by his fellow Communists because he proved that the Rosenbergs were guilty. He realized that

Jews & Christians are Bamboozled by Judaism - Michael Hoffman

"Orthodox Judaism above all is, a religion of deceit and self-worship, and pride is the paramount destroyer," says Michael Hoffman who adds: "I view my work as an expression of love for Judaic people and as a conduit for their liberation."Politics today is a "debate over which vehicle is best for the supremacy of

Los Angeles Native Describes Civic Decline

Tents and cardboard shelters litter the sidewalks of many city streets. On skid row, entire city blocks are occupied by tens of thousands of homeless men and women, eighty-percent of them black. Los Angeles native Mike Stone reports on the homelessness, crime, and corruption that is turning California into a third world shithole. Despite all

Is Israeli Barbarism Rooted in the Old Testament?

Israeli military shot over 500 Palestinians in the head during Gaza protests The whole world, including many Western Jews, are shocked at Israel's brutal response (detailed below) to protests by unarmed Palestinians. According to Mark Weber, hatred and savagery are actually prescribed by Judaism, which is not really a religion but

Myron Fagan Sounded Alarm in 1967

Why America is Going Down the Drain Myron Fagan (1887-1972) was a distinguished and successful Broadway producer,writer and director. A Jew, he tried to alert his fellow Americans to the fate planned by the Illuminati.  Here are 12 trenchant pointsfrom a 1967 address, "The Illuminati & the CFR," that resonate

Chuck Baldwin: Israel Has Been a Disaster for Mankind

Almost everything about Organized Jewry is a fraud.Start with the Talmud, the original tirade of hate against the goyim. Move on to the Cabala where they claim to be God. Next, their banking system which charges our government for the use of its own credit.  Add their fraudulent claim to the
Reminder - George Soros was Behind Iran DealAmerican politics today are defined by two versions of the Jew World Order, Zionism (nationalism) on the Right and Communism (globalism) on the Left.The article below is a reminder that when George Soros pushed through the Iran nuclear deal to the consternation of

George Soros Subverts Israel as Well

(Left, George Soros)The Rothschild Money Power seeks to re-engineer and enslave humanity using Freemasonry and Organized Jewry. The Rothschilds have two pincers: Communism (globalism) and Zionism (nationalism) that appear to be at odds. This conflict -- real or artificial -- was on display last week when the Zionist Netanyahu accused the Communist

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