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Charlotte Roche's Mental Breakdown (and Ours)

April 15, 2009

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

 Charlotte Roche's repugnant "Wetlands,"  the best selling novel in the world in 2008, begins with the sentence, "As far back as I can remember, I have had hemorrhoids" and it doesn't improve. It is a disgusting, brutal assault on woman and girls, and on our sensibilities in general.

Disguised as "women's rights,"  it is the real hate literature, the real face of the NWO Communism and globalism.  It is the true Luciferian meaning of "revolutionary" and "progressive," i.e. the destruction of all that is natural, healthy and wholesome.

If a man had written about a degenerate woman who consumes her genital (and other) secretions, and neglects all feminine hygiene, he would be classified as a despicable misogynist. But if a feminist does it, she is celebrated for hammering the last nail into the coffin of femininity.

A reader on commented: "The first chapter was so intensely graphic (describing the protagonist's anal lesion surgery) that I literally had to take breaks between pages, fearing I might pass out."

Roche, 31, is credited with breaking taboos and giving modern women "a new vocabulary"  (i.e. to describe their depravity in "positive" terms.) She doesn't know she's actually expressing the self-loathing and desperation of women who have lost their female identity.

In a civilized society, Roche would be considered an embarrassing idiot and given counseling. Her manuscript would be returned. But because the global media is owned by  an occult sect called the Illuminati, she is turned into a role model and her book is hyped in 27 countries. You'll be hearing more about her soon.

English by birth, Roche was brought up in Germany. She is a garage musician and TV dj with a long history of doing disgusting things for attention. According to a fansite, she "would do virtually anything to scandalize herself and others, including cut herself and use the blood to paint pictures, shaving her head and experimenting with a variety of drugs."

"Wetlands," the story of Helen Memel, a patient in a hospital proctology unit , is a squalid meditation on her genitals, bodily functions and "sexuality." In a recent interview with Salon, Roche reveals the book's flavor, her background and the quality of her self-hate.

"You can clean and clean, and you won't ever stop being dirty. My mother tried to raise me in a very liberated way. I was allowed to have sex at a very early age. I was allowed to bring boys over to the house because she didn't want me fucking around in the woods. She's a very strong, political feminist, and she raised me in a very feminist way, teaching me that as a girl, I can do everything a boy can do, there's no problem. But still, the sexual stuff ... she never managed to teach me that masturbation is a good thing. Although my mother was liberated, I still feel that if I have dirty knickers [underpants], I have to hide them from my husband."

"If I'm being really honest, on the one hand I want women to be liberated, but on the other, I have terrible problems. I think I'm too fat, although I'm probably too thin. It's really difficult, for example, to live in a society like this with small tits. I don't even believe my husband when he says he likes the way I look. He has to tell me 10 times a day and I still don't believe him. I think he wants to fuck a blond, big-titted lady. You run around and you have complexes about everything. It's so difficult to keep it out of your head.

"And it is not allowed for me as a young feminist to say that women are masochistic. I am and all my female friends are. We stand in front of the mirror, we are naked, and we feel ugly as fuck. We see everything as wrong. We try and fight our body to become prettier and work on it. It's not at all free and self-confident. I don't want it to be like that, but I see that it is."

Her special brand of insanity seems inspired by "The Vagina Monologues."

"The problem with taboos is that you think you're the only one. And Helen always wants to know: Does it smell the same with other women? How do other women's vaginas look? We're all completely isolated. It's not a group of women that menstruate; we're on our own. But where does that come from? Mothers still don't think it's a good thing to be a woman."

The interviewer's assumptions are almost as sickening as Roche's answers: "Contemporary women are supposed to be liberated, hedonistic, you can go out and get drunk, sleep around. But if we don't have the words to describe the range of experiences other than the old negative ones, then nothing has really changed....The contemporary woman is supposed to be sexually available, as you say, but when a women is sick, she ceases to exist as a sexual being."

Feminism has made women redundant by depriving them of their natural identity as wives and mothers. Women like Roche are reacting with self-loathing. They are describing their bodily functions in the most disgusting terms. Apparently, this is a widespread phenomenon as documented in another Salon article "The Great Girl Gross-Out" .

Femininity is based on being pleasing to a man. Feminine modesty is attractive, to men as well. As shown above, Roche's mental breakdown is based on her rebellion against men.

"Very often, lately, people have come up to me and say "You look tired," and I hate it." she says. "Women are supposed to always look fit and healthy and pretty. But everything that is sick and tired is all very human -- and I think that being human is a big taboo. When people say that the book is about taboos, I ask them, what do you mean? Shit? Piss? Menstruation?"

Female psychology and physiology are based on the reproductive function. Women are like hearts pumping love through a family. They attract and give it. They are nest builders and nurturers. Most need the love of husband and children to fulfill their function.

Yes, we are animals. But Christian civilization taught that our bodies are the temple of the soul, and the soul aspires to God, i.e. spiritual ideals. We are supposed to mend our behavior according to our spiritual aspirations, to refine ourselves and be beautiful in the sight of God. These ideals are what makes us human, not our animal condition.

A culture looks to women to embody its spiritual ideals and transfer them to the new generation. The attack on women is an attack on civilization. They want to define human beings in purely naturalistic and materialistic terms. They want to mire us in our shit and become immune to it.

Roche: "I would look at the disgusting thing and describe it in a very detailed way. Maybe even to overcome the disgusting. You look at it as long as you can and then it's not disgusting anymore."

A great deal of what passes for art today would be labeled obscene just 20 years ago. This book is no exception. The decline of Christian civilization means that moral standards no longer govern what we read and see. We have standards for food and air but none for cultural products. We are under constant attack by perverts and psychotics.

In a NY Post review of  a recent movie "Observe and Report" Kyle Smith tells us, "Seth Rogen stars in a sinister, alarming, even gory study of a psychopath ...The script is wall-to-wall with filthy language, drug abuse, and gratuitous violence." So Smith gives it only 3 out of 4 stars.

Society has lost its bearings. This is not an accident but the deliberate program of the Luciferian cult, the Illuminati, which controls the world. They want to reduce us to an animal state or worse, better to serve them and their God Lucifer.

---See also my review of "The Vagina Monologues"
Special Comment by Philip Jones in Denmark:

This latest article of yours disturbed me deeply. Why, but it hit very close to home. I have never been to Canada, but have traveled to the US on three occasions, and believe me, however bad it is your side of the pond, it is much worse here, and Ms Roche's filth ridden book proves. This kind of attitude in women here is not unusual or extreme. It is the norm, particularly amongst the young. My wife has these past three years worked at various times in three schools. On each occasion, she was forced to resign because of the disgusting behaviour by the pupils, especially the girls. Behaviour which included spreading excrement on walls, urinating on the floors inside the building. The seemingly obsessive drawing of genetalia on chalkboards, and an almost maniacal preoccupation with all things to do with bodily functions.

 Recently, I have been confronted by demonstrations of indoctrinated feminism from sources I would never have expected. This pernicious lie is in the `ether` now, and it's influence pervades every organ of society here in Denmark. It is not an overstatement to say that women, mostly unconsciously are waging war on the masculine, and it is a `Total` attack on all things male. Unconditional surrender are the terms and most men here seem willing to accept them.

This past Easter, we drove to an old Danish town not so far from here. It is a very scenic little place, with beautiful architecture and on the surface at least, appears unravaged by modernity. But then there were the `women`!! Not one in a dress, nor a skirt, nor anything which would distinguish them apart from their menfolk. The whole thing is out of control. A female friend who travelled with us accepted my observations that the women looked very ugly and behaved in a most undignified manner, but stated quite rightly that the men looked equally awful and behaved similarly.

But then I pointed out the major difference. Yes, the men were scruffy and unkempt in their appearance no doubt, but still looked like men (of a sort at least) and so did the women. What amazes me about it all is what I call the `Mirror factor`. Don't these `women` have mirrors at home?

 My lord they are a mess here. All vestiges of femininity is gone. This hurts my very soul. Imagine a world without flowers, or birds, or mountains, or clear blue skies on summer days. Imagine a world without feminine women. For the latter I have no need to make use of my imagination. It is real and it is here and now in Denmark. The vast majority of Danish women look like men, dress like men, and behave like men, and no one seems to notice except me? And before the hordes of hell start writing in with their paper mache ideological ravings, I have the photographic evidence to support my claims. They are constructing the Luciferian Androgynous Human Being Here, and the experiment is far advanced.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Charlotte Roche's Mental Breakdown (and Ours)"

Rick said (April 18, 2009):

God, how sad. I remember my younger days in the early sixties, when a phone call from my girlfriend was all I needed to fall sleep. At the time, I was Hallmarks best customer, buying a romantic card and bringing red roses, was a very special occasion for me in those days. Being romantic and sentimental was such a wonderful feeling, priceless. Going to a matinée with your girlfriend, on a Sunday afternoon, was an experience of a lifetime. Just holding hands would give you a "sense of belonging" I have not had in many years and Lord do I miss it.

Today, I go to pick up my High School daughter, see depravity first hand and no parents seem to mind.It has become quiet normal to see two 14 years old girls(boys with breasts I call them), making out right in front of everybody. These girls are more masculine and tough, than any man I have seen lately and we all go about our business as if all is well and there is no need to be alarmed. This has become hell on earth and will gradually, get worse and worse. May God have mercy on ALL of us.

Taresa said (April 17, 2009):

I just went to Amazon’s site to look up “Wetlands” and I must say, I have never, EVER seen such an extensive list of critics positively gushing (no pun intended) over this book. I was mostly very sad, and of course, absolutely disgusted.

I am not sure what the world is coming to, but I want no part of it. It reminds me of one article you wrote where you stated that part of the allure of a woman was her mystery to men. ...

And that brings me to a very important point about who you are in this world, and how badly your voice is needed; I may not agree with some of the comments you make on your website, but the beauty in which you describe what a man and a woman’s relationship could be, or what it was before they started brainwashing all of us about what it’s supposed to be, has profoundly changed my life.

I had previously regarded all housewives and full time mothers as something to be looked down upon, and that the “real” women were the ones that went out and kicked ass in the workplace. How wrong I was and how grateful I am to you because your words help me to feel feminine again, and to remember that there’s everything right with wanting to sacrifice one’s self for the love of my husband and family.

And I’ll tell you, it never fails, that when I start talking to men about this “radical perspective”, when I confess that there’s a big part of me that just wishes I was in the home to take care of my man, rub his feet, cook his meals, and rejuvenate him at the end of the day so that he can go out tomorrow and work hard again for both of us, and it never fails, that the men I’m talking to will say, “Sounds good! When can I sign up?” So keep educating us Henry, and let me say thank you on behalf of so many of us out there that used to feel lost and confused about our sexuality.

Bravo and please, keep it up.

Inas said (April 17, 2009):

Thanks for your great site. I stumbled on it a few months ago and it actually helped me understand many verses of the Quran in a new light. I hope to write to you about it one day. The article about Charlotte Roche really offended my sensibilities and reminded me of the following verses:

Surely We created man of the best stature
Then we reduced him to the lowest of the low,
Save those who believe and do good works, and theirs is a reward unfailing.
Quran Chapter 95, Verses 4-6 Translation Marmaduke Pickthall

This basically means that humans have the capacity to be lower than the animals even though God created us in the best form endowed with His spirit. (For the feminists reading this, the arabic word "Insaan" does not actually mean man but human.) Contrary to popular belief the advent of Islam in the 6th century had done much more to raise the dignity of women at the time than feminism claims to in this day and age. So where is the dignity in "Wetlands"?

Keep up the good work which is evidence that you belong to the first category in the above verses.

Bruce said (April 17, 2009):

Go get 'em Henry.

You become what you resist. And certainly what you focus on.

The wise among us wonder what you do in the closet.

I'm sure you read every single word of her book. How's that working for you?

I had never heard of the book until I read your article. So now you are part of the spread of this.Difference is, I am not dumb enough to read it.



I didn't read it and I put my clothes in my closet.

You are one of those anal spiritual types who don't think it's relevant that the best selling novel in the world is depraved. What about your oft expressed concern for women?

You think the world will go away if you just ignore it. You're not content to be self centered, you have to ridicule people like me who are not. Who do you think spread the drugs to make you "spiritual?"


Jubin said (April 17, 2009):

I cannot tell you how much i am unnerved and disgusted by whores such as [Helen Gurley] Brown, not because of what they do, but because of their hypocritical logic and out right lying manipulation It's sad that so many men and women buy into her shit, i cant believe i am agreeing with you, i find myself increasingly doing so. i was reading 1984 again, its amazing ! absolutely amazing. the other day in my anthropology class ( i had to take it and i regret it ! )the homosexual instructor who is out, told us that Friday, this Friday its observe the silence day for lgbt, its not even lgbt anymore, its queers and confused and questioning as well, i kid you not lgbt is changing now to include 'questioning", so he was connecting this campaign to the aids "silence is death" campaign, so now we cant use the word gay, you've seen the commercials haven't you? oh thats so gay, shhhhhhhhhh! dont say that! this political correctness that makes me vomit! I challenge this type of tripe as much as possible, my grade can go to hell, I have to do what i feel is right. and i am a lefty's lefty (ok with a liberterian/independent streak), fuck that i defy all that shit, what happened to just common sense? anyway sorry to ramble but you've become a sort of touchstone of sanity.! thanks.

Greg said (April 17, 2009):

After reading Bobbi's posting below, I can't help but respond to the ignorance in that posting.

Maybe the feminist promoters today, who think that men should just respect all women and honor them, need to have some experiences that men were forced to undergo in the past. The idea that men were ordered to go to war, like in WWI, WWII, Korea, etc... and then come home and have no help in dealing with the psychological negative effects of war is something that most women will never understand. Maybe we have reached a point where the United States should create an all female military and send them off to war to be killed and injured. Then it might finally occur to some females why the men they loved were not as kind or loving as they expected them to be. I personally have friends who fought in WWII and Korea and the stories and photos they have from those wars would make most women cry in the first 5 minutes of living out those war situations.

Then we have women like "Bobbi" forgetting that it was the men, and it still is the men, who do the most dangerous jobs in the country and around the world. These men often lose their health or their lives due to the dangers they face. And yet humanity benefits greatly from the efforts of these men to provide for humanity things that only some are willing to partake in.

It is always easier to think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, especially if you have never taken any steps to walk on the other side of the fence.

Bobbi said (April 16, 2009):

You seem to take on such a cynical view of women in general and primarily focus on the mixed-up bunch. I believe a better approach would be to build women up, focus on their strengths, and teach men to be men who will in turn teach other men to be the "Knights In Shining Armor" that so many modern-day feminists unconsciously (or consciously) wish they had and need. Teach that men should treat women like women, highly honored. I believe that is the most powerful approach to destroy the negative aspects of feminism while leaving the positives in place. If women were treated kindly and well in the first place, there would have been no need for the negative aspects of feminism and it would be almost nonexistent. If we had more good men in this world, women would be laughing at the negative forms of feminists. Men's abuse and putting down/suppression of women is a significant factor in the existence of the negative forms of feminism. It is a reaction to an action. You may want to be careful lest you further foster in women what you abhor with the negative articles you write and the negative things you say about women.

One of the ways to changing someone is to "act as if." Act as if a woman is a true woman who knows who she is (even if she is not in this condition) and treat her that way with kindness and honor. It changes a person most times A woman who wishes her man was more dominant could "act as if" in order to change him, so it is safe to say that it also works vice versa if one so desired.

I believe your attitude reflected in your articles is negative and needs to be adjusted to reflect positive reinforcement of your agenda instead. It would be much more effective, and I am sure that you will also get much more positive attention from your feminist friends who will in turn be much more likely to listen to what you have to say.

"A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger." (Proverbs 15:1 KJV)

Pierre said (April 16, 2009):

Your statement “Female psychology and physiology are based on the reproductive function”, is absurd.

Female physiology is no more nor less geared towards reproduction than male physiology. Both males and females possess biological mechanisms which serve to propagate the species. Both genders also possess numerous other organs. We are not exclusively life support systems for the penis & vagina. To elevate the importance of these organs above the others is silly. To categorise one sex in terms of its reproductive imperatives, implicitly differentiating it from the other, is erroneous.

Ditto for the psychology. Speaking as a father, I resent that the love I lavish on my family is relegated to second place. I also have a need to be loved by my wife and children to fulfill my role as a father. It is why I get up in the morning. To imply that my psychological needs are less dependent on a healthy family unit than my wife's psychological needs is simply incorrect. There are many like me in the world. My psychology and physiology are based on the reproductive function just as much (or just as little) as my wife's.

So, with that out of the way, let's look at what Ms Roche is really all about.

Firstly, she is not the only woman to have obsessed with her vagina and its pathologies. Gynaecologists the world over are driving luxury models thanks to the precarious wetland environment. (By the way, the English translation of the original German title is misleading. “Feuchtgebiete” is literally “moist areas”.) She is also not the only woman (or man for that matter) to have been published on the subject. In reality, Ms Roche is not very original. The fact that she has found a niche following and attracted a few reviews is hardly the end of Western civilisation.

Secondly, she is by no means a modern phenomenon. The peasantry have always been excessively taken with their cunts and voiced their opinions on the subject to their peers. These days, it is just easier to be published, allowing the rest of the chattering classes access to their lavatorial musings. No matter who categorises Roche's writings, whether Salon says it, she says it, or anyone else says it, “Moist Areas” will never be a serious work of feminism.

Thirdly, throughout history, there has always been good art and bad art for the simple reason that all people are not equal. Some will always be more talented than others. Which is why we have Mozart on the one hand and Ice T on the other. It is in the nature of all free societies to reflect a gradient in their cultural strivings, ranging from the refined and the beautiful to the base and abhorrent. The same applies to feminist literature. Ms Roche I fancy is closer than most to the bottom of the pile (no pun intended).

Finally, she and her not-very-edifying work are nothing more than products of the unhealthy human preoccupation with the act of reproduction. This obsession is responsible for millennia of backwardness, repression, guilt, trauma and extremism. The sexual revolution and permissive age have done little to counteract this. Although the various dimensions of human sexuality seem to be more out in the open, the level of interest in this mundane activity has not waned in the slightest. What is needed is a revolution in the education and enculturation of new generations, which de-emphasises the sex act and lowers its perceived level of importance.

In summary, “Moist Areas” is a singularly unenlightened, unoriginal, psuedo-feminist work produced by a whining skank who reveals herself to be just as obsessed with her nether bits as any medieval peasant would have been. I mean, where's the progress? Those who find merit in Wetlands are in the dark, no more nor less than those who tut-tut and moralise over the contents while muttering about the decline and fall of Christian civilisation. Surely, people, it is time to move on now? How many thousands of years has it been that humanity has suffered from this stupidity? Get over this penis and vagina thing already!

As for Ms Roche and her ilk undermining Western society according to the secret agenda of a devil-worshiping power elite, I cannot say. I do however seriously doubt that this person will have an impact on my sphere of influence. We're all too sensible in this part of the world. (Cape Town).

Judy said (April 16, 2009):

Dear Henry: I have been so shocked by the Wetlands article that I may have made a mistake in the transmission. Your reader Dan is on the mark entirely. Have you read E.Michael Jones article in Culture Wars: Abu Ghraib, Torture and the American Empire? He is saying, as he has for many years, much the same thing. Did you know that in some aspects of occultism, particularly Tantric Sex that the practitioners advocate creating this female secretion during amazingly convoluted sex practices and eating it? There is unfortunately quite a long tradition in black or satanic magic which promotes this sort of thing. Yes, Dan, psychopaths eat it up. (Sorry, bad pun) Our whole culture needs an exorcism but as C.S. Lewis famously said the devil's greatest protection is that nobody today believes in his existence. I probably don't myself. All of this is hard for me to believe even though I was in college teaching when the feminists marched in armed with foundation grants and took over whole departments.Most of us really didn't know what was going on. We didn't protest because we had nice jobs and nice pensions waiting for us. Jones protested and look what happened to him. Mea culpa. We thought all of this was just a passing fad. I'm afraid that herein lies the problem. Few people can quite comprehend the enormity of it all --after all evil is a relative concept. Science tells us so. These feminists make Crowley look like a saint. Dan, what do you suggest? Henry, what can be done other than what you are so bravely doing? I'm willing to help. Judy (retired associate prof. of English at a New York college)

Dan said (April 16, 2009):

This woman has a husband? What she needs is an exorcist.

How many of these flash-in-the-pan apostles of infantile fascination with bodily functions do people need to have seen? Such comics now make Lenny Bruce sound Shakespearean by comparison. We know where these lives end up later on.
'In the toilet'.

Whining that women don't expose their vaginae during menstruation so they can compare in groups. 'We're so isolated'. Where is she even going with that one?
Listen- by now if there are groups of grown women who want to get together under the full moon and sit in a circle with flashlights nobody's stopping them. They'd not be hidden either, they'd be recruiting on YouTube.

This is what feminism always sounds like without a .Phd after the name. Even though infantile toilet fixation seems an unprecedented low so far. And in university libraries over twenty five years ago I saw 'scholarly' works in feminism suggesting 'solutions' like the banning of natural conception and mandatory abortion of male babies, resulting in a 'village of women' raising girls as a sort of Amazon horde. I can't remember the name of the author but she even proposed that once families are gone and only females are left, the taboo against pedophilia could be lifted - since the taboo had only been necessary (she said) because of men.

But feminists hate the feminine. They've written libraries of books over the last century against the feminine, against virtue, against even using the words sacred and holy. The writings invariably show a persistent theme from Sanger on, of despising of women who put love of their parents and husband and children above themselves.

Science never backed it up, even psychiatry would classify feminism a pathology rather than a philosophy and realpolitik, if the Great Foundations hadn't been holding the guns of funding to the temples of university boards of regents who are obliged to promote and applaud.

The real Luciferians who've promoted self debasement to the public for generations aren't interested in liberating people to obsess on taboos and excretions. They goad the people to debase themselves to sever them from the holy and sacred. When virtue is then out of them completely the Luciferian considers them fit for either slavery, or obliteration for they've thrown away their own souls already. It's sad because they never even know what they're doing to themselves, or the forces behind it, who are self-aggrandized by watching how the younger 'profane' worship them and monkey see monkey do, through the Illuminati controlled publishing and 'enter-train-ment' industries.

What's going to happen to this young woman? She won't get many best sellers out of her bodily function fascination. Where does she go from here? Writing children's books?
(I'm not kidding - a non-Phd 'feminist' writer well known in her native Arkansas back in the '70's did switch from poetry about fucking to writing rather creepy children's books. - after making a name for herself (Crescent Dragonwagon)with books of poems like, "The World is Fuck". She was a lunatic but smart compared to Roche. She knew the feminist/homosexual art of making up stories designed to turn normal decency upside down and make it the 'bad guy'.
One was a poem about a 14 year old girl in a school room class writing with all her love to the boy in the next chair. The teacher caught her passing the note, and of course took it read to the class. He started reading out loud without checking it first and read, "I love you - I want to fuck you". I can't recall how she did it but Crescent actually made this work somehow - that it was the teacher who turned red and was humiliated in front of the class instead of the little feminist Joan of Arc she'd created... There's nothing more dangerous to sanity than a sociopath with creative writing skills, and Illuminati backing.)

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at