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China Intends to Absorb Mongolia

May 31, 2011

ghenizkhansquare.jpgBut race-proud Mongolians may have other ideas.

Did China build a metropolis on the Mongolian border to lure Mongolians?


There has been a lot of talk lately on the unpopulated mega-cities that have been built in China.

One such city is Kangbashi, located in Inner Mongolia near the Mongolian border. Completed in 2008, Kangbashi was designed to house 1 million people. The city is filled with extravagant sculptures, office towers, administrative centers, government buildings, museums, theaters, sports arenas and middle class suburbs. But as yet only 20-30,000 people live there.

Authorities such as Time magazine have interpreted Kangbashi as a harbinger of China's looming property collapse.

'Genghis Khan Square' lies at the heart of the city. This provocative site steals Mongolia's national symbols, including a huge statue of Genghis Khan himself. This statement reveals Chinese intent to absorb its neighbor.

To appreciate the potential for conflict, we need to understand the Mongol people.

Firstly, Mongolians do not perceive 'Inner Mongolians' to be Mongolian in any real sense. Only 20% of Inner Mongolians are ethnically Mongol and most of these are assimilated Chinese and can speak none or very little Mongolian.

Mongols have a very strong sense of race. They are only 3 million people living in a country the size of Western Europe. When asked what is special about Mongols, they all refer to Mongol 'blood'. 'Blood' represents the essence and special qualities of Mongol people; their strength and resourcefulness, sharp intelligence, unique nomadism, and the shamanic traditions that add a certain mystique to the people.

20101102_china6_23.jpgAll of these qualities are encapsulated in Genghis Khan, left, a man they believe definitely proved the genius of the Mongol people. He is the figurehead of modern democratic Mongolia: a huge statue of him stands outside parliament, his face is on the money, and a university is named after him. Mongolia's most popular beer? Genghis Khan Beer.

The Mongols I know have complete contempt for the Chinese people. They view them as brutish and of low intelligence. One Mongolian girl recently told me that the sight of Chinese children makes her sick. These attitudes largely spring from fear they will be absorbed by China.

China companies dominate Mongolia's mining economy, and are increasingly monopolizing other business in the country. In reaction, there are often beatings and murders of Chinese men in Mongolia, such as in bars in Ulan Bator or in the countryside when nomads are evicted form their ancestral land by mining companies.

serchmaa(1).jpgRecently, one of Mongolia's biggest female pop stars, Serchmaa, married one of China's richest men and went from being a superstar to the most hated person in Mongolia. A Mongol girl explained why, 'she had a Mongolian boyfriend for a long time and then married the Chinese man just for his money! She has no respect for her Mongolian blood.'

The Mongols believe China wants Mongolia for two reasons: one is that China has a weak gene pool and wants to strengthen itself with Mongolian blood. The second reason is that they want Mongolia's vast steppe to house their growing population.


Kangbashi demonstrates the Chinese desire to absorb Mongolia. They already own large parts of their economy, so why not build an advanced mega-city on the Mongolia border, fill it with Mongol symbology and cultural areas, and hope the Mongols embrace it as their own.

However, such a provocative statement could cause them problems. Mongols are warriors by nature; we are talking about people who idolize Genghis Khan and wrestle virtually naked in -20 degrees temperatures. Their willingness to be politically confrontational can also be seen in riots in Ulan Bator in 2008 in response to rigged election results.

I showed a 17-year-old Mongol boy a picture of 'Genghis Khan Square' and asked him what Genghis Khan would do if he saw it. He paused and then replied in all seriousness, 'he would kill all Chinese people.'

Such an extreme reaction is perhaps not needed though. The fate of Kangbashi is in their own hands. If native Mongols do not embrace the city in the coming decades it will look increasingly absurd; a Mongol homeland with no Mongols.


David Richards, 23, teaches English in Harbin, in North China.

Note from DR:

On an aside, your American and Canadian readers don't need to look far to see Mongol-type culture. Native Americans were originally tribes from Eastern Siberia/ Mongolia. Recent analyses of native american DNA show this e.g.  There are some striking similarities between Mongol and Native American traditional culture. For instance, the Tipi is very similar in construction to the mongol ger, traditional mongol and American Indian jewelry are strikingly similar, and they share similar spiritual beliefs. Native Americans also look very similar to Mongols, high cheekbones and a more muscular physiques than other Asians. I have shown Mongols here pictures of native Americans and they say they look very like Mongolians.

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Comments for "China Intends to Absorb Mongolia"

Terri said (June 3, 2011):

My husband and I were in a group of 12 English teachers who went to Mongolia in 1991, one year after they had achieved independence from the USSR. Mongolia had been under Chinese dominance for three hundred years followed by almost 70 years under tight Russian control. Very few foreigners had been allowed in to Mongolia and even fewer Mongolians had been any other place than the USSR.

We were assigned to Tsetserleg, Arhungai Province in the middle of the country. We either traveled by air, or in Russian jeeps or trucks over the 250 some miles from Ulan Batar. There was a “paved road” for about half the way. The rest was over rutted tracks.
Our students were Foreign Language teachers who all taught Russian, the only foreign language previously allowed. They knew nothing of the outside world except what the USSR told them. One unit in our American text books discussed world leaders. The only ones they knew were Prince Charles and Princess Dianna! The only foreign films they saw were from India.
In the three years we spent there, our students began to realize that neither the Russians nor the Chinese were their friends. These beautiful, intelligent people have begun to rebuild their national identity from Genghis Khan since they have no other heroes since his time.

Adolpho said (June 1, 2011):

Let’s see:

Chinese want to improve their genetic pool interbreeding with Mongols, so they can improve their IQs. Really? Now I understand why the Mongols are graduating 500,000 engineers a year and making satellites, high speed trains and planes like sausages, while the Chinese still live in the middle of nowhere in camel skin yurts. Oh, wait! Isn’t it the other way around? China is certainly facing a shortage of nubile women, one of the consequences of the China’s one-child policy, but in my opinion (and I know the women of the area) Chinese men are going to look for wives in Russia, Philippines, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand (Vietnamese women are beautiful, but Chinese and Vietnamese hate each other enough).

This guy Genghis Kahn you are talking about is the one who built an empire from Korea to Bulgaria, conquering half of Central Asia, China included? Well, let me tell you that the Chinese haven’t forgot that nor the Opium Wars nor Nanking nor many other ‘border disputes’. Maybe it’s time for a little payback.

Brad said (June 1, 2011):

It makes me laugh at Mongolians saying that they have a unique gene pool and are so smart vis-a-vis the Chinese! As for their unique "genetics" they look to us exactly like any other people from that region be they Koreans, Chinese or what have you. Their much vaunted "intelligence" hasn't given them any improvements in lifestyle in 1000 years and being invaded by the Chinese would probably be an improvement. It is never nice being dominated by a larger people similar to yourself, but what can you do? At least nobody can blame "whitey" this time. The problem is between one group of east Asiatics and another.

Dick said (June 1, 2011):

As usual, a very interesting and informative article from Mr. Richards.

Any time I hear about territorial conflicts, the first thing I do is look at a map. The ability of China to cooperate with nearby continental powers (Russia, India and Iran), specifically in the
construction of oil pipelines, roads and other joint infrastructure, is physically blocked by Mongolia, "Tibet" and the "Stans", with some exceptions that are less than ideal, like
China's connections to Siberia and mountainous northeast India.

A world map is an in-progress game of "Risk" between continental powers like China and Russia and the "British" empire, who creates
and supports these various benighted, ethnic strongholds with military, financial and diplomatic support. I don't know much about
Mongolia other than what I've seen in movies like "Story of the Weeping Camel", but would assume there are parallels with Tibet in
terms of how Buddhism has been used to perpetuate feudal relations and material backwardness. You can also look online for images of Mongolian soldiers training in Alaska with American military

Despite their noble racial heritage, what right do Mongols – who are basically stuck in the middle ages and are economically dependent on China to develop and import their raw materials – have to hate and criticize the Chinese, who are a technologically advanced civilization with one of the world's richest cultural histories?

Despite the many complications of China's "westernization", would you rather live in a nation where people depend on camel milk and
wrestle naked in winter, or where they build bullet trains and put on international olympiads? From this article, it looks like the
Chinese are attempting to extend these material benefits to their neighbors at no cost, which is a far sight better than invading and conquering them as Genghis Khan would have done.

Patrick said (June 1, 2011):

Hi Henry, regarding the Mongolia article, one way to counter the Chinese aggression is the Catholic faith. Recently, a Mongolian
priest was ordained Bishop!

Yes, it is tiny but he seems perfect for the job. Prior to him a lone Filipino priest had the lonely task of keeping the faith alive.
If anything will make the leadership of China angry it will be this, as pointed out by Dan.

On a sad note, several blogs by Englishmen in Mongolia related to the young Russian women sent to Mongolia and trapped working -sometimes as sex slaves. Just google Russian women in Mongolia. Very sad state of affairs. Ironically, as shown in one of the most brilliant films to come out of the USSR (at the same time USA put out decrepit movies such as Midnight Cowboy) was Andrei Rublev. [It predicted] the Asians would conquer Russian cities such as Moscow and take the Russian women on horseback. Now the Russian women are forced to go to them, to follow the money, probably Chinese businessmen.

Incidentally my brother's family tried to help a Russian orphan girl last year by sponsoring them to come to the USA through a legit group of dedicated and caring Americans. The orphans are usually told to leave the institutes by age 16, they are on their own, so this is a way for them to show them some hope and often they might get adopted. However, due to an incident a year and half ago I believe in Britain, the Russian gov't suddenly put a stop to any type of help from foreigners across the board. Many Americans were waiting and waiting, all paperwork completed, the plane was ready
but the final word was no, due to the British scandal. So sadly they end up in places like Mongolia.

Dan said (June 1, 2011):

There is long term planning behind these vacant cities which is undisclosed. This sort of buildup happened across the United States during the later 40's and 50's. The question is, which regions and demographics did the planners have in mind when they went ahead with construction. Make no mistake, all those "ghost cities" in China weren't built on wild speculation. There's a plan, and judging by the scope and scale of infrastructure investment I'd say the plan behind this runs through 2050.

The planners won't show themselves, and they have silent partners that aren't Chinese. The Chinese public don't know it yet, but their government and leadership are as globalist as ours are. There's no nationalism at the top anymore.

Readers of Jaques Attali may wonder whether the eventual residents of some of those cities may very well be Western immigrants to China after whatever unanticipated world economic shakeup is in store for us next.

Mass dislocations and global migrations have already been in motion. If we use an analogy of the growth of internet usage, global migration is at stage the 'information highway' was in 1991. There will be an explosion of global population shuffle.

According to China Daily, China today is more interested in attracting skilled talent, investors and what are known as “seagulls” - foreign merchants who work with multinationals and travel around the world - to contribute to the development of the economy.

However, it's not intended that these people 'settle' in China - or anywhere. Since 2010, the Chinese government has been organizing it's previously lax immigration. They aren't closing the door on technical professionals from the West, they are closing the door on laborers and skilled workers from Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia, etc.

It's too soon to see exactly how all these things are supposed to happen - we have to wait to find out what the globalist bankers have up their sleeve for the next economy to replace the fiat dollar economy they're in the process of folding. On sheer hunch, I'll say that when one system crashes a new rises in another geographic locale -- as happened with the seismic shift of capital from Venice to London and Amsterdam 3 centuries ago.

Ed said (June 1, 2011):

This article is very interesting. I always loved the history of the Mongols and the Turkic race. Anyone who thinks that Mongols are Sino-Tibetan peoples are WRONG. They are Altaic-Tunguistic people. These types of people have a rich culture in warfare, horses, nomadic herding and sprituality.

What ruins those great people of Mongolia and Siberia is Communism and Maoist China.

What I saw on YouTube, I saw Mongols in the street wearing Nazi Swastikas. Why? (And trust me I know Nazism sucks as well)

One man Mongol said on YouTube that their race is about to be extinct from the Chinese immigration and intermarriage.

Also the Mongol man said the Manchu bone stucture and Manchu people in China have been dissolved into the Chinese genepool. So imagine what is going to happen to Mongols in the next 20 years?
Thanks to that Illuminist Mao and Lenin, they ruined both the Mongols and the Chinese!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at