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Jewish Congress Menaces Homeless Newspaper Over My Articles

January 11, 2008


by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The Canadian Jewish Congress wants to close down  The Toronto Street News over its policy of running  articles from my web site. The end of the Street News would deprive 50 impoverished  people of about $300 a month which they earn by selling it, says Editor and Publisher, Victor Fletcher, 63.

Last year, the CJC also complained about my website to the Canadian Human Rights Commission without success.

Victor has been publishing the bi-weekly street newspaper for nine years. He gives it to the homeless for  25 cents or less, and they sell it for an average of $2.00 a copy.  The newspaper sells 4500 copies per issue.

“It gives the the homeless a sense of dignity,” he says. “I have been subsidizing it all of these years. I lose money and would quit if I could make myself do it, but I can't.”

“It's my therapy. Otherwise, I might do something drastic because there's so many outrageous things happening.”

Fletcher prints stories the mainstream media won't touch, like the spread of tuberculosis in homeless shelters.

He says the CJC, which has a multi-million dollar budget and about 20 staff members, got the Toronto police to  demand he stop printing my work, as well as issue an apology and allow the CJC to print a statement. Fletcher says the police told him the CJC received more complaints from Toronto Jews about my column in the Street News than about anything else.

Fletcher admits he screwed up when he carelessly ran a screed from Hal Turner's website without reading it carefully.  He has printed an apology for that. But he says the CJC is trying to tar me as a racist like Turner but he is drawing the line.  He will not print their statement.


In the statement, Len Rudner, the Ontario Regional Director for Canadian Jewish Congress, CJC says:

"In his December 1st – 20th article “The Worst Anti-Semites are Zionists,” Henry Makow offers his theory that the Jewish people somehow control the world’s money. He claims, among other things, that the Zionists have taken over the US government and that organized American Jewry run the central bank. According to Makow, this (Jewish) cartel "is behind all major wars and depressions of the past 300 years, behind Communism, Fascism and the Holocaust, behind 9-11 and the bogus war on terror."

It is incomprehensible that in this day and age of tolerance and enlightened thinking one could blame the world’s problems on “the Jews”. Has history taught us so little that we still blame “the Other” for all the world’s problems? The Jewish people make up less than half a percent of the world’s population…it is preposterous to accuse “the Jews” of controlling world finances. Preposterous of course for most Canadians but not those whose goal is to advance the concept of the Jews as evil. It is nothing but hateful rhetoric that should find no home in any respectable publication.

It is unconscionable that these opinions find space in any newspaper in Canada. These comments are beyond offensive, and may be criminal. Printing these beliefs is irresponsible. The Toronto Street News has, to its credit, acknowledged their error in providing a forum for these pieces and apologized.  It has also agreed not to publish Turner or Makow again.

The Toronto Street News provides a valuable service for its constituency but that service ought not to include a platform to promote hatred. The decision of this paper to discontinue the publication of articles by Turner and Makow represents an important confirmation that the Toronto Street News understands the role that it plays and the responsibility that it carries."


Rudner is using the tired, disingenuous sleight-of-hand of characterizing opposition to the Zionist political agenda as “hatred of Jews.”  By his logic, the majority of American Jews are antisemitic because the majority are against the war in Iraq.

Zionism is a gimmick the central banking cartel uses to cause wars to weaken all countries and religions and fold them into a thinly-veiled one world dictatorship. All countries are ruled by traitors, "globalists" --who are the lackeys of this international cartel. This is why there is not one serious contender against the Iraq war. Israel will be the HQ of the banker world government. It is their private fiefdom and helps spread their hegemony. Israel has nothing to do with being a Jewish Homeland.

I have never blamed “The Jews” or said “Jews control money.”  If that were true, I would control money. I speak of the central banking cartel. It's time they and their lackeys like Rudner stop hiding behind Jewish skirts.

I have always blamed the world government conspiracy on a union of European (mainly British-American) aristocracy and Jewish finance joined by money, marriage and Freemasonry (i.e. Cabala.)

I have always said an elite or Illuminati conspiracy has subverted  every social institution incl. government, religion,education, business and media. If anything, I am criticized by antisemites for showing how broadly-based this conspiracy is. For example, the Toronto Police Dept. has a Masonic pyramid with an unfinished capstone in front of its College St. headquarters.

Significantly Rudner cites “Zionists are the Worst Anti Semites.”  This article exposes his real fear: that ordinary Jews will recognize that Zionists have shackled them to Israel at the expense of everything else.

In the article, Jewish educator Harry Hurwitz accuses Zionists of “poisoning the air of Jewish communal life in America” and “suppressing the basic American principles of free speech and free press.” How ironic!  

Hurwitz lamented that American Jews have lost their separate identity and become hostages of the Zionist agenda. This is so they can be used as a political instrument.

Rudner exemplifies the worst qualities of Jewish political discourse, intellectual dishonesty and authoritarianism. In the name of "tolerance," he would intimidate and shut down anyone who exposes his agenda for what it really is. This authoritarian spirit, so like Communism and Fascism, is engulfing the world under the ruse of the "War on Terror."

In 2000, the CJC led the way in the removal of Christian prayer from government and schools.

Rudner is making my point: that Zionism plays a significant role in the Luciferian New World Order and disorganized Jewry should play no part in it. The NWO conspiracy has a long history of manipulating ordinary Jews. They put Hitler in power. Nazis and Zionists cooperated to make Jews go to Israel. They sacrificed Jews to give moral impunity to their pernicious agenda.

Adolf Eichmann said Budapest Zionist President Rudolph Kastner "rendered us a great service by helping keep the deportation camps peaceful,[by lying about the destination of the trains so] I let his [Zionist] groups escape. After all, I was not concerned with small groups of a thousand or so Jews."—A. Eichmann, "Eichmann Tells His Own Damning Story", Life Magazine, Volume 49, Number 22, (28 November 1960), pp. 19-25, 101-112; and "Eichmann's Own Story: Part II", Life Magazine, (5 December 1960), pp. 146-161; at 146.

I urge you to support Victor Fletcher in his defiance of the Canadian Jewish Congress. Send your Paypal donations to [email protected] and I will forward them to Victor. I am donating $50 myself.

"I'm mad as hell about it," says Fletcher. "I have not yet begun to fight."

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Comments for "Jewish Congress Menaces Homeless Newspaper Over My Articles"

Mehmet in Turkey said (January 14, 2008):

Mr. Makow, for very long time i've been reading your columns on and you're one of the fascinating writers whom i've ever read. Probably you know us well, in whose country the Sabbateans had ascended. And up to this day, their influence is immense on my country.
Finally, i found somebody like you whom think in a different way. We're living in interesting times, at which people all over the world wordship A PIECE OF PAPER. Never knowing their real potential, people were suppresed into a state of constant slavery.
But men like you will make a difference, and those who made up of plans to suppress human soul should know: God's plans are greater than theirs.

David said (January 14, 2008):

Dear Henry: Every talking point of the Canadian Jewish Congress could be immediately turned on that organization. They are guilty of the same tactics they use against people who they disagree with.

As an American, there are many disturbing convergences between the sorry state of my country and people in critical government positions who have -- shall we say? -- extremely pro-Israeli views: Michael Chertoff, director of "Homeland Security" (which in my view is nothing less than the American Gestapo or stateside KGB) is the son of a Russian rabbi and a dual citizen of the U.S. & Israel. He was assistant attorney general for the state of New Jersey on and after 9-11, and was instrumental in deporting the 5 "dancing Israelis" from Urban Moving Systems (an Israeli front organization in NJ), so they never had to explain their apparent foreknowledge of the crashes into the WTC towers. Why did this Jew do something so obviously against American interests, and yet still be rewarded with high office in Washington?

The vast majority of the neo-con advisors who talked Bush into a "cakewalk" through Afghanistan and Iraq were disproportionately Jewish: Elliot Abrams, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith. Two former AIPAC executives are being tried as I write this for espionage against the federal government. The ex-director of AIPAC (American-Israel Political Affairs Committee) in 1992, while wooing a potential donor by phone, was secretly taped bragging about the control AIPAC had over the White House and Congress. When the recording was made public, he quickly resigned. The comptroller of the Pentagon before and on 9-11 was a rabbi named Dov Zakheim, who never explained the disappearance from Pentagon coffers of over $2 TRILLION just before planes hit the towers.

Jonathan Pollard the convicted jailed Israeli spy did untold damage to America's defense shield and the billions of US taxpayers dollars spent, but I have yet to hear an Israeli -- inside or outside the government -- apologize for what he did to this country. All we hear is "America, give us more foreign aid, march with us into Iran/Lebanon/Syria/fill-in-the-blank!"
Why is it such a stretch for Americans like me to believe that Israel has undue influence over our so-called leadership in Washington?

Mike said (January 14, 2008):

I have been reading your site for a couple of months now. I must say that your site does not promote anti-semitism. I was starting to fall into the trap of the jewish race ravaging the world, until you and others opened my eyes to N.W.O. agenda. If anything you helped me to realize to not blame the JEWS, but the satanic cult that control the sheeple. I was wondering if you have heard of Alan Watt this gentlemen is a fountain of knowledge: If not I urge you and your reader to check him out since listening to him for about a month now, im seeing the world with new eyes. Keep up the good work.

Clifford said (January 13, 2008):

The Canadian Jewish Congress has a bigger problem than The Toronto Street News. While they may succeed in depriving 50 impoverished people of their meager livelihood, they cannot prevent the Internet from spreading your message to millions of truth-impoverished people whose lives hang in a balance controlled by an elite too few understand. From one Jew to another, "Give 'em hell Henry!"

Clifford Shack

Bob said (January 13, 2008):

Understandably , because your excellent presentations do challenge the mainstream policy of the powerful pro zionist/Israel factions , every effort will be made to obstruct your communications ...Please keep up the good work . Your work serves effectively to dispel the grave injustice of stereotyping which has caused all Jews to bear an endless legacy of suffering throughout History.

Peter said (January 13, 2008):

My maternal grandfather from Scotland was a 32-degree Mason. As I understand it, only the
33rd and up have the secret master plan that they use in subtle increments so that no one can
figure out what it is they do.

My mother never said anything about her father that would indicate he was ever involved in
something evil. He was her No. 1 until she left home to get married.

The secrecy within the Masons is so well-managed that very few people have ever dared to
talk about the ultimate aims of the Masons.

Tom said (January 13, 2008):

The Jews came here (North America) and took advantage of the British tradition of free speech and now want to end it, since it allows people to say negative things abut Jews. How about their suggesting that they not do negative things themselves, like steal and smear others? Outrage laid upon outrage. Did you see where a Rabbi slipped Bush a note in Jerusalem saying he must not do anything to harm Jews? A totally outrageous tribal mentality; the Deity is the Tribe. Rabbis worship "the race," meaning certainly not the Semitic race, since the
Arabs are Semites, but simply the people who call themselves Jews, including the Ashkenazim, who don 't apparently share genes with
anybody who ever came out of Palestine. We must all bow down and worship Jews, send our sons to die for the Jews, and let them rip off the wealth of all us benighted goys with their world-embracing usurious rackets. I'm getting tired of this. I assume others are too. Now, you talk about something "bad for the Jews"?
2nd comment

Your piece today is an excellent summary of your position, and it leads me to retract about 98.5% of what I said in my lst comment,
because, as you say, YOU sure as hell don't control money. Rudner cites the Jewish demographic mini-status as if it proves anything. About 400 people own about 1/2 of the world's wealth. What percent of them are Jews? (See October Vanity Fair to get the trend.) But you, Henry, are I do believe right about the bankers' technique of using everybody and everything as a shield for their usurious thefts and outrageous ethics.

William Cooper said (January 13, 2008):

know that your site is generally geared towards increasing spiritual, historical, and political awareness of the creeping of the NWO into our daily lives, and I recognize the vital importance of helping people to become aware of these issues. It seems to me at this point though, that simple awareness isn't enough. Perhaps it is a good idea that people begin to find places to begin growing their own heirloom veggies, raising their own animals organically, and essentially starting their own society.

We are blessed to be in Canada, where there is a lot of 'empty' space. It is vital to investigate alternative methods of energy production like small-scale hydroelectric power and learn such skills as agriculture and bushcraft. We must become pioneers of this brave new world, and throw convention to the wind. I do not consider these ideas to be radical or revolutionary, but rather, a return to common sense and the natural result of the human spirit that exists in all of us. I hope that you will consider these possibilities as part of a wider solution to the sickness that is infecting us all from every angle, and every means of attack imaginable.

William Cooper

J in Norway said (January 12, 2008):

Reg. "Jewish Congress Menaces Homeless Newspaper Over My Articles"

"He claims, among other things, that the Zionists have taken over the US government"

FYI, see in this video what Richard Perle himself tell how they controll Congress,
end of video: "He'll go out in the next election" ch?v=iXB79iZOJJ8

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