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Cognitive Dissonance Defines Our Lives

November 16, 2010

VR360.jpgby Henry Makow Ph.D.

The dictionary
tells us that cognitive dissonance is "a feeling of discomfort that comes from holding two contradictory ideas at the same time."

For example,
in the movie "Chicago," when a wife catches her husband in bed with two women, he insists that he is alone.

"What do you mean?" she says. "I can see two women!"

His reply: "Believe what I tell you; not what you see!"

Naturally, the woman had cognitive dissonance. She also had a gun and resolved the contradiction by shooting her husband.

"Chicago" is a revelation of the Illuminati method. They instruct us to believe what we are told instead of what our eyes, ears and common sense tell us.

The "what we are told" is a satanic spell cast by the Illuminati, a satanic cult led by Cabalist Jews and Masons that controls most of our information, education and so-called culture by funding an army of opportunists and dupes. 

As you know, this cult derives its power from the central banking cartel which is using its monopoly over government credit to gain a monopoly over everything on earth: wealth, power, mind and spirit.

Humanity is under a satanic spell that consists of lies and corruption,  i.e. deceit and decadence.

The Illuminati (Freemasonry) has infiltrated and taken over most organizations. 
We are to occupy the lower ranks of their cult as servants and chattels. The TSA is conditioning the public to accept routine sexual abuse. 

The Illuminati began as a satanic Jewish heresy called the Sabbateans which spread to half the Jews in Europe, including the Rothschild syndicate. They took over Freemasonry and subverted most nations by intermarrying and pretending to convert. 

The Illuminati spawned Communism. Their aims and methods are identical: the end of freedom, marriage, family, inheritance, patriotism and private property, (they will own everything in the guise of the "State.") They are a satanic despotism that secretly rules the world, a cancer infecting society.

They were behind both the Nazis and the Communists, hiding their tracks by persecuting non-Sabbatean Jews. Thus, in World War Two, they were able to destroy Germany and much of Europe, and advance their plan for central banker world tyranny. 


The template of cognitive dissonance is where they replace God with Satan, light with darkness by calling darkness light. This is the source of
our cognitive dissonance and it takes place all of the time.

Thus, when it is obvious that the universe is governed by a magnificent creative power and that following the inherent natural and moral design results in health and happiness, we are punished for espousing this view. We are told the universe is empty and chaotic.

Why? Because the essence of the New World Order is replacing what is real with what is false i.e. replacing God with the cabalistic central banker who is reorganizing the world according to his interests. When he is done, we will not remember the truth.

This Illuminati banker is behind most wars and revolutions; he is behind the so-called "Enlightenment" -- all designed to undermine and control humanity, and enable him to supplant God.

"Humanism" only deifies the cabalist banker. It debases humanity by stripping us of our connection to God.

So there we have the template: instead of acknowledging our Creator and his design so we may prosper, we are taught to deny His existence, defy His morality, and live in a dysfunctional solipsism in the name of "freedom."

"Modernity" is simply the satanist's rejection of inherent order and purpose. It is the glorification of the alienated individual's dysfunction and reflects the Illuminati Jews' alienation from man and universe alike. Modernism eschews the universal in favor of the solipsistic and personal because truth is universal.  

Our cognitive dissonance comes from the contrast between what God (common sense, instinct, intuition and our senses) reveals, and what the paid liars and dupes of the Illuminati tell us to believe.

I wasted much of my life because I listened to the bankers' "great men" instead of myself. 


9-11 afforded many such examples. We are told planes hit the Pentagon and Shanksville PA.  But there was no wreckage. We are told Larry Silverstein demolished WTC-7 but not the twin towers? WTC-7 was wired for demolition but the twin towers weren't?

9-11 provided a
pretext for a bogus war on terror, designed to
strip us of our civil rights. The real terrorists are the central bankers, their politicians and mass media.
They murdered over 3000 people in broad daylight.  

Gender is a "social construction" except when women act like men and vice versa. Women are stronger and better than men. 

Children don't need heterosexual role models. Women don't need husbands; children don't need fathers and mothers.

Homosexuality was a developmental disorder until 1973 when the Rockefellers decided it was made to disorder marriage and family. Now our traitorous leaders and educators are imposing it on heterosexuals.

Romantic love is the purpose of existence. Sex (especially with a beautiful woman) is the highest experience life has to offer. The more sex the better. (All not true. We are really seeking God's love which they took away.)

It goes on and on. Like residents in former Communist countries, we need to discern the truth behind the deceptions of the government, mass media or schools.

The cognitive dissonance we experience is the difference between truth (God) and lies (the Illuminati's satanic spell.) In the Protocols of Zion, the author repeats, "our watchwords are force and make-believe."

Deception only works on a credulous audience. We won't suffer cognitive dissonance if we understand our metaphysical and political predicament  

I invite my readers to send examples of "Believe what I tell you, not what you see."

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Comments for "Cognitive Dissonance Defines Our Lives"

K said (November 22, 2010):

One can actually be steps ahead of the illumines' efforts by consistent meditation. Avoiding TV, Hollywood, and news clears the consciousness and one is ready to combat these efforts. Seeing ahead and avoiding group think is one of the blessings. The media is illuminati-track(sickness, immorality and the oh so important pharmacological sellers). Sit-coms are disrespecting tear down illustrations and teach immorality and lying as amusement.

I went 5 years (02-07)without a TV, but received as a gift a nice flat screen about 2 years ago. It sits unplugged.

Byron said (November 19, 2010):

Let's not forget the "plane crash" last April that killed off what was left of the Polish nationalist leadership. No ambulances sent, no bodies, no luggage, no real investigation, no real coverage.

Daniel said (November 17, 2010):

A list of – believe what I tell you not what you see.


You are a free person – you aren't because you don't even know what a free person is and when you see them you think they are weird, with strange ideas and must be crazy – free people are outside of the system.

You own property – you don't own anything – if you stop paying your taxes on any level you will find out who owns your property. If it was you property it could not be taxed because you own it.

The federal reserve bank is a US government entity – it is not, it is a private central bank with unpublished ownership.

You US Dollar is the world best currency – it is not it is fiat with no real value other then use – just as sea shells once had value.

You vote allows you to decide the out come of US policy making – your vote is nothing but a psychological tool making you think you are something other then a slave.

The queen of england is just a figure head – the truth about the queen can be found in this years (2010) speech she gave to the UN – she tells you the rare truth – what she owns and who she rules.

The UN is for peace – the UN (French for One) is a tool for taking over the world. Agenda 21 on the UN website explains what the UN is really for.

Genetically modified food is good for you – this one will be found to be deadly – just look at the honey bees.

Cell phone and a electromagnetic environment are safe – this will prove other wise – it is a tracking tool.

Flu shots, any shot given to you is good for you – the Amish do not get shots – if you want to see healthy people – visit a Amish farm.

Fluoridation of water is good for you – Fluoride is listed as a poison and is not good for you.

Public education – educates people so that they will live better – just makes them better cogs on the wheel and has nothing to do with education.

Non-profit foundations aid mankind – they are the power structure behind the ending mankind as we know it.

911 was done because people hate our freedom – this was true but saying that the elite had nothing to do with it and some guys in a cave in the middle east did do it is a lie (note – Government Employee Insurance Company – Geico commercials – so easy a cave man can do it). Who owns Geico – not the government.

Obama's health plan – has nothing to do with Health of people but rather the health of insurance companies

The list goes on and on – it is truly endless – everything you know and have been taught is basically a lie. Everything from Science, to comedy is there to control your thoughts – it is a system of lies that continue to hold you in a technological slavery – Lies come from the shadows not from light one experiences in Love.

SM said (November 17, 2010):

C D- "Chemotherapy and Radiation are your best Hope for survival!"
Reality - Poison your Body and Mind trying to poison the diseased cells, and die when your Immune system or another physiological system shuts down or cannot perform at basic levels.

C D- "Take the shot!, This Vaccine will prevent you from having a disabling disease!"
Reality - Take the shot and get a Ultra deadly dose of Mercury and other Immune system handicappers that bring on a Auto-Immune disorder far worse than any disabling disease that would be easier to diagnose and Heal from than the Toxic leftovers of most Vaccines-
Vaccines are also prepping us to answer the call for a "special epidemic" vaccine someday in the future, this will likely be a "Hot Shot" prepped for the sheeple and a mass culling of the humanity to help achieve the "500 million only" Goal.

C D- "There are NO Chemtrails, those are contrails!!!" Oh my Heavens- Next to 911/planes this is the most mind boggling Cognitive Dissonance out right now. Sadly I witness many believe this fairytale cast under a Satanic spell while looking at them with their own eyes, and thinking with their own Hijacked mind!
These are truly spells cast about, and I believe as one C-D is believed, it becomes easier to pass off the next C-D on these dupes.

Thank You for your Work and Time spent on your fellow mans behalf. I for one, am very Grateful for you-

Kev said (November 17, 2010):

As far as 9-11, it takes beginner detective skills to figure out the OFFICIAL version is impossible!

What kinda force does it take to make a 110 story skyscraper disappear in 10 seconds? To believe the official conspiracy theory is to believe you could hit a 110 foot tall tree with a axe and in 10 seconds the whole tree turns into saw dust! People need to come back to reality but that's NOT gonna happen, most can't even see the fact that they are being sprayed like a bug! Gee I wonder where all the bees went, probably where all the people are going, IN THE GROUND!
Lucifer will use his minions to create the counterfeit to Gods omnipresence, thats why there are cameras EVERYWHERE along with an invisible wifi grid which gives them 3 dimensional imagining (check the patents) We live in the land of make believe, a world of counterfeit. Our clouds are counterfeit along with our food, water and next we are gonna get a counterfeit Christ. Thanks again for all your incredible work Henry as your treasures in Heaven will be HUGE!!!

Tom said (November 17, 2010):

Your article reminded me how throughout human history we have all been scientifically misled about the true nature of our physical existence. Take the theory's of Sir Isaac Newton for example. Much of Newton's so called "science"
was nothing more than alchemy and mysticism and much of his science came directly from the Qabalah and the Babylonian mystery religions.

Karl said (November 17, 2010):

Over the years I have dated many women trying to find just one who has not bought off on this 'shop 'til you drop' and 'it's my feminist body, abortion is OK' mantra. In that effort I have come across 9 women who had abortions and each and every one of them are bitter, often into drugs or alcoholism to hide the pain. I have seen up close and personal how feminism and abortion truly destroys what is most precious about a woman. They may never admit it, but abortion and murder are the same and the female part of them cannot cope with that cognitive dissonance.

I finally found one who has not bought off on it and in fact wants just the opposite. She wants a man to be a man and will let her be a woman.

Most in this modern society have not a clue what that means, but I know you do and I am certain I do.

Zen said (November 17, 2010):

It's bad to kill are be killed, but war and killing are good against the enemy of choice.

Suffering of the innocent is bad, but collateral damage to families and children is OK if it's the enemies kids.

Killing is wrong, but play violent video games and watch violent movies and TV all day long

Be frugal and don't be selfish, but live to make money and buy things on as much credit as you can get

Be religious and go to church, but don't be a religious fanatic or 'get carried away'

Be cool and accepted, by wearing offensive, destructive and death worshipping clothing and shredded jeans

Submit to law and order, but wreak havoc on your computer games and blow things up

Be smart and go to school, but really only learn to be a repeater and submit to head-stuffing and act and talk like a dumbed down idiot to be accepted

Speak up and have an opinion, but don't protest or break the shifting politically correct boundaries

Men--look good and have a strong, sculpted body, but act effeminate, the new cool

CB said (November 17, 2010):

That was the entire point made by Kubrick, in “Barry Lyndon”.

The Narrator is an elitist snob, but is believed, due to the use of his British Accent, OVER what is plainly shown in the actual action, on-screen. Nobody got it. NOBODY.

We do not believe our own eyes, and ears. Turn off the audio and watch the Twin Towers Buildings come down. They are a very obvious Controlled Demolition. But the talking heads are saying something else.

YY said (November 17, 2010):

As long as you yourself continue to point the finger at everyone besides the dope of Rome and the damned Jesuits, you yourself are as guilty as the rest of the blowhards for spreading everything but the truth. You will not escape judgment either. Have a nice day.

EJ said (November 17, 2010):

Unfortunately one of your strongest beliefs, that there is a "God" of some sort out there is a prime example of cognitive dissonance.
How is one to believe that "God" loves you when you are told to Fear God?? When men claim "God" directed them to wipe entire cites, killing all but the virgins who will later be raped by the soldiers?? Numbers 31:17-18 When men subjugate women to horrendous torture and control? When fatwas say it is OK to take an eight year old as a bride. Or Jews can have sex with a three year old cause "the hymen will grow back." Is this the work of a Prime Creator or the disgusting behavior of humans?

The Christians as of late are now concerned about being "wiped out" as if they hadn't set the murdering, culture busting, torturing example for a thousand years. This is the Karmic Wheel, this is the consequence of incredibly bad behavior. The few real truths in life never change, one being that one's thoughts create one's reality. If these fools believe their is a devil, then there *is* in their minds at least and it will fuel them like telling the team to "go win one for the Gipper."

There are millions of us who have no need for a belief in any sort of "God" and live wonderful, love-filled, healthy lives and we are staring at all this nonsense screaming WHAT TH F**K IS GOING ON??? You people with all your "perceived" beliefs and truths don't seem to have a clue. It seems to be always about "My God is better then your God and I'll kill you to prove it."

With sadness and deep concern,



Apparently, you didn't notice that I wasn't referring to the Old Testament God.


Art said (November 17, 2010):

Hey Henry,

Have you seen the documentary "The Fourth World War"?

I saw it a few years ago. It's about how North American leftist groups need to join forces with radical South American leftist groups, and emulate their radical tactics. Then it shows people with bandanas over their faces, throwing Molotov cocktails at police. The documentary seems to be promoting worldwide revolution.

After the video, at the very end of the credits, it says:

Special Thanks:
Rockefeller Foundation

Rockefeller Foundation

When I saw that, I thought: Why is the Rockefeller Foundation funding documentaries telling us to throw Molotov cocktails at police? Why is the Rockefeller Foundation promoting world revolution?

Now the American government is molesting children at airports. It's as though they're actually pushing us to revolution. Sometimes I wonder if even 9/11 was supposed to be in-your-face and obvious that it was an inside job, so that people would be willing to sacrifice America in revolt. I wonder if they want worldwide revolution so that they can finally get rid of the nation-states and bring in true world government.

Not too long ago, I saw a clip of an interview with someone from the CIA on television, saying that if the American people were to revolt, they would get out of the way and let them.

Are we all playing into their hands?

John said (November 17, 2010):

The current flap over TSA "Enhanced pat downs" provides a classic example of "Believe what I say, not what you see." The government says, "We want to protect you from terrorists." Meanwhile, TSA agents are free to sexually assault those who refuse to be stripped naked by X-rays.

Now, what was that about protection again?

Mike said (November 17, 2010):

I always enjoy reading your columns, while not necessarily agreeing. As far as cognitive dissonance, the examples abound-aside from the BIG LIES we-as individuals-are all too willing to believe the little lies, that wear down relationships like grains of sand and, if paid attention to early on, will abort bad relationships in the beginning and save all concerned a lot of grief. Perhaps our acceptance of these lies sets the stage for our swallowing the bigger ones.

I'm a 58-year old man, non-fanatic Christian, good job, nice home, Iraq war veteran, single parent of three now-grown kids, and I frankly have given up on ever trying to find a mate after my ex walked out 32 years ago (and never contacted her kids again, BTW).

While I'd love to have a family again (blended and reproduced) I've tried EVERYTHING to find a mate-and I have come to the conclusions that a) by what used to be NORMAL standards, I'm one heckuva man and b) for reasons best known to women, even after my kids were grown, I've been unable to find a mate.

God has given me a multitude of blessings but a wife hasn't been one of them. The Army prohibited me from pursuing contact with lower-ranked ladies, for good reasons. I did the dating agencies, and the pen-pal thing in a couple of genres. The women I come in contact with in the NY area are varying degrees of crazy, not to mention bitchy and combative, and I already had one mentally ill spouse. I am thankful that the courts did not financially castrate me.

Not to take up your time, as in discussions of why women are attracted to career dirt bags, the only rational thing for me to do at this point is to accept my status and move on with my life. The anti-male, anti-life propaganda messages have done their work all too well.

Mona said (November 17, 2010):

our article jogged my memory about a report I read back in July of this year. The story was about a dance studio offering a very special course to young girls as young as 7, and they SAY it is NOT what it appears to be. The class is a course in...wait for it: POLE DANCING. I couldn't believe it! They even invited the Mothers to participate. They SAY it's a harmless course that teaches flexibility, but I SEE little strippers in the making.

Paul said (November 17, 2010):

Fortunately for me I have not watched one minute of TV for 25 years nor do I listen to radio. I do a considerable amount of reading and deep thinking. When one steps away from all the garbage thrown at us and looks, really looks, one is amazed.

When I tell people I don’t watch TV they look at me as if I’m insane. I consider it a sewer pipe terminating in your living room with its effluent flowing freely into willing, sponge-like minds. What a shame.

However, what I really wanted to discuss is the role of Satan. This is what struck a chord with me. I could not agree more. I listen to the Bible on CD every night and have done so for the last 15 years. When looking at modern life through the lens of God’s truth you can really discern Satan’s hand in almost all things.

I am constantly amazed by the hubris of these people. Do they actually think they’ll get special treatment in Hell? I feel sorry for them because they do not know Christ but, as Jesus said, no one comes to the Son unless God has enabled him first. All of us, including these extremely wealthy people will die eventually. Do they have no fear of God? I guess not. Hence my sorrow.

Thanks for letting me rant Henry. Never stop, you have more people reading your stuff than you can possibly imagine.

Dan said (November 17, 2010):

You bet. In the words of Chico Marx, "who you gonna believe - Me, or your own two eyes?"
But how can people with a television habit, who talk on cell phones all day, and check emails obsessively all day even know how much dissonance overshadows their mind from these things?

As little as 20 years ago only geeks even had rudimentary internet, and only obsessive/compulsive "A" type personalities carried cellular phones -- which were the size and weight of a brick. Back in 1999 a young guy I knew complained that since his girlfriend gave him a digital phone to carry, he couldn't pick up other girls in bars anymore because she had an uncanny radar for knowing exactly when to call. He called the phone his 'Yuppie Leash'. I think of these things as "Illuminati Leashes" on the sheep.
So far it's been voluntary. Soon it won't be. This is the last chance people have a chance to deny their 'Master's Voice' and quit exposing themselves these toxic inputs.

Seeing how in the space of a decade the majority of people in my world are addicted to these things I can only assume cognitive dissonance is somehow addictive, for that's what Television, digital phone chatter, and 'multitasking' does to to the mind.

Aw hell, Frank Zappa said it better than I can 40 years ago.

I am gross and perverted
I'm obsessed and deranged
I have existed for years
But very little had changed
I am the tool of the government
And industry too
For I am destined to rule
And regulate you

I may be vile and pernicious
But you can't look away
I make you think I'm delicious
With the stuff that I say
I am the best you can get
Have you guessed me yet?
I am the slime oozing out
From your tv set

You will obey me while I lead you
And eat the garbage that I feed you
Until the day that we don't need you
Don't got for one will heed you
Your mind is totally controlled
It has been stuffed into my mold
And you will do as you are told
Until the rights to you are sold

Michael said (November 17, 2010):

An obvious example of "Believe what I tell you, not what you see" is the "theory" of Evolution. They tell us that every form of life which God created "evolved" from more "primitive" forms...but there is no evidence in the fossil record for those theorized "transitory" forms which would bridge the gap between plant and animal, sea life and those on land, land animals and birds, etc, etc, etc.

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