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Confessions of a Liberated Man

December 21, 2009

cup1.jpg"By women demanding 'liberation,' what they have achieved is to turn many men like me, ones who took commitments seriously, into men who say 'no commitment ever'. "

by "Peter"


(Peter is a successful Christian middle-aged Australian businessman who got shafted and bankrupted by a wife who pretended to be one thing before marriage, and became another after they had two children. Peter missed a warning: she already had two children out of wedlock but he had known her since childhood.

I do not agree with his embittered viewpoint but offer it for its vigor and discussion value. He says women are stupid but some of the smartest leaders of the patriot movement --Nesta Webster, Elizabeth Dilling and Lady Queensborough--have been women. He is proof that misandry breeds misogyny, and that the Illuminati is succeeding in reprogramming both women and men to the detriment of both and society as a whole. Peter was abused by his  wife and the Illuminati system of law, and he is permanently scared.)

I had always believed the best of women. My wife used to say to me "You put women on a pedestal, not all women are like your mother you know." I did not know she meant herself. But now, as it seemed that I could find two cases in history where women were directly subverted to cause the fall of the civilization the question as to the real nature of women came to the fore.

I then also discovered 'Assembly Women', a Greek play that talks of the Communistic nature of women and how if women are given political power they will destroy a society. I also read about the Roman Empire and how women were central to the fall of the Roman Empire. It was starting to look to me like the Illuminati knew exactly the nature of women and had used it numerous times before. So I followed that line of through for some time.

What did I come up with?

1. Women have 6.5 times less gray matter in their brains than men do. This is the stuff of information processing. Therefore women have the intelligence levels of boys in the age range of about 7-10. They simply can not process enough information to be good at logic, math, science etc. Then we see things like feminist leaders saying "maths, science, reason and logic are the tools of the patriarchy to oppress women. They must be destroyed. Women have a better way of knowing." Ergo. The Illuminati know women can not use reason and logic. And they know why.

2. 'Love is an Illuminati story'.

Because the human baby is born in such a state that it is defenseless for a very long period of time (which is entirely consistent with genetic engineering and diametrically opposed to evolution) there was a requirement to FORCE the adult males to protect the children.

Therefore the nuclear family HAD to be developed. Since it is not possible to force a man to give up his life through force in defense of the children, he had to be sold a story to do it. That story is called 'love'. And we find it in the Bible. "No man has greater love than he who lays down his life for his friend". The concept of 'love' is an Illuminati story to brainwash and mind control MEN into sacrificing their lives for 'women and children'.

3. 'Women are not capable of loving men and never were'.

The Illuminati programmed women such that they had little to no loyalty to the man but desired what the man provided. Women never loved the man himself; they loved what the man provided. This is such a shock to most men to find out because we have been brainwashed in 'love' and we think women have a similar attitude. They don't. And they DO NOT want men to know they do not have the same attitude. Once one realizes that women REQUIRE that men believe they love them to get what the woman wants, you can see why women protest so loudly as to how much they love the man. Yeah, right. Go and look in a divorce court and see how much a woman loves a man. One of the defining moments of my life was when I realized my wife NEVER loved me. That she only EVER loved what I provided. Big difference.

4. Women are all but worthless.

Now I had the 'scales' of 'woman on a pedestal' taken away, the question came to me. So what use are women anyway? The answer became very obvious on closer inspection as to what women do in their 'jobs' and in 'society' overall. Women are useful for making babies and raising them when they are little, though men actually do a better job of it. Women actually have nothing else they bring to the party that can not be better done by a man. There is no job and no task that women do better than men on average. None. Women are worthless apart from producing babies. And with 6B people on the planet, we don't need that many new babies. Ergo, women have very little to contribute.

5. Apart from babies?

An experience I had that really surprised me. As an experiment I asked my Ukrainian girlfriend, whom I do not love and who does not love me, if she would 'make love' with me as I used to wish my wife would when I loved her. I was amazed at the result. Despite not loving her, the experience and the feelings were every bit as intense and satisfying as they were on the few occasions my wife made love with me as opposed to having sex. I now have three women whom I am dating who have been willing to 'make love' with me like this and the experience is as exhilarating and satisfying as it every was with my wife. The conclusion being, apart from babies, women can offer me 'lovemaking and intimacy' that feels really good, but it does not really matter who the woman is. The woman herself is worthless; she can be replaced by another one quite easily, but the 'lovemaking and intimacy' is quite delightful.

So what is the summary? I was a boy who longed to grow up like my father, with a wonderful wife by my side, to raise my family. I was strongly Christian, did everything 'right' and I tried my best. I was severely abused up to and including having my children kidnapped and being cast into poverty. My so called women friends, not only abandoned me; they blamed me for my wife's actions clearly playing gender politics in my abuse. Since I knew none of this was 'personal', that some MEN had to be behind it, I went looking for and found the Illuminati. Not only that, I found they had subverted women a number of times to cause the destruction of a society in history.


I once thought very highly of women because those I knew in my youth were all so kind to me. I researched the true nature of women and discovered them to be nothing more than 'baby making machines' who will say and do whatever it takes to get some man to 'love' them to pay for them and their babies. I noticed that women bring nothing else to the table other than the ability to make babies. I also noticed that it is possible to 'make love and be intimate' with a woman even though I do not love her.

And I have noticed that women behave, universally, like children. And, quite frankly, I don't want a child running around my house. I had 5 (then 3) of them for 20 years.

These are the 'perspectives of a liberated man' on women today. One 'liberated man' who now sees through all the rubbish that women go on with through to their underlying nature see them as children whose primary function is raising children until those male children are ready to work or female children are ready to produce more children. Schopenhauer said similar in his essay 'On Women'. This is not 'new'. Many other men I know hold similar, or, if you can believe it, even more harsh opinions.


What does all this mean to the 'liberated man'? 

 I refuse to allow a woman to co-habit.

I refuse to 'pay for women' unless I am getting 'lovemaking and intimacy' in return.
I don't even engage in conversation with most Western women I meet as they don't have anything intelligent to talk about.
When a women says 'no' to me I drop her immediately. The only one who can say 'no' to me is the one who helped save my life.
I have no respect for Western women as they have given up thinking for themselves and they mostly hate men anyway.
I love to spend time with non-feminist women who see me as an opportunity for 'babies and money' and don't care about me any more than my wife ever did.

Basically, as a 'liberated man' who looks out onto the world of 'liberated women' I have no desire to keep one of these women any longer than she is willing to be totally compliant to what I want from her. Period. This is the true meaning of 'liberated' when it comes to relationships. You can end them any time you wish. By women demanding 'liberation' what they have achieved is to turn many men like me, ones who took commitments seriously, into men who say 'no commitment ever'.

Well done ladies. I am your new 'Liberated Man'. And don't the women who read about my story hate me!

More of Peter's Ordeal-

I hired lawyers in Dublin and Sydney and started through the process of defending myself. In Dublin, before even hiring a lawyer, my bank accounts were frozen, both personal and company. I was cast into poverty as I had no access to cash. I was reduced to begging from family and friends to buy food for myself. My children were then relocated to places unknown against my written non-consent. I made it clear I would consider this kidnapping. My exs lawyers in Dublin attacked me in every way they could while her lawyers in Australia delayed in every way they could. Of course, the legal bills mounted. For months I took no 'offensive' action. I kept asking her father to stop giving her money and asking our mutual female friends to intervene.

Crucially, in this time I started a new relationship. I was brainwashed enough to want 'Wife 2.0'. I just 'got a bad one' and the 'next one would be better' and there are 'good women out there'. You have heard all these phrases before. But as soon as I said I wanted to move forward with this woman she started using the same phrases as my ex had used and started to try and dominate and control me. So, I stepped back and said she needed to sort herself out and then we could go forward. She never spoke to me again. So I did the right thing there. But I was intrigued. How could a second woman, who never met my ex, who grew up in a different city, use the same phrases and act the same? They must BOTH have been somehow programmed.

So I went looking for the programming. I thought it would be subtle. I thought it would be hidden. I thought I would have to look hard. No. It's called MISANDRY and you can find it in bucketloads all through the main stream media. I was shocked. I had never noticed it before. But once you notice it, it is everywhere. The women slapping or kicking men in all 'comedy' shows. The endless stories of 'dead beat dads' but never a story about a 'dead beat mums'. The endless stories sanctifying women and villifying men. They are just endless. So I started reading these newspaper articles and blogs and other things. And all through them I found what is called 'convesational hypnosis' techniques being used as well. In short, the entire main stream media seemed to have taken on the task of demonising and villifying men. But they would not do that of their own accord. So then I started reading the family law legislation and the DV etc legislation. I found the same bias in these documents, more carefully hidden behind things like 'primary care giver' which is 'genderless code' for 'mother'. About that time I came across Henrys site. I read through his articles and decided he was a 'complete nutter' and moved on. I went back from the legislative systems to how they got into place. I found the new left in california, Herbert Marcuse and back to Gramisci all the way back to Lennin and then Marx. Our family law was based on the communist manifesto!! How could that be? My mind whirled for weeks on end. Sure, I was being abused, but this was obviously far bigger. My reading then led me to the Illuminati finding the communists and the Rothchilds using the Rockefellers as a front and the influence of the Rockefellers in womens studies. I then saw the interview with Aaron Russo where he clearly states Nick Rockefeller told him that the Rockefeller foundation pushed feminism to break up families and get women into the workforce so they could 'educate' the children. Suddenly, in two minutes, the pieces fell into place. And this Henry Makow guy was not such a 'nutter', he was absolutely correct and verified from the mouth of Nick Rockefeller himself.

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Comments for "Confessions of a Liberated Man"

Laura said (December 22, 2009):

f you want to blame someone for the despicable predicament of Western (and some Asian and Hispanic) women today, please go to the nearest mirror and look into it. Women do not do anything dynamic, they are receptive beings at the core. THey do not present new ideas. And if it seems like they do, they are only reforming what men thought of first. Women are followers and want to belong to something greater than themselves. All women want this, even white women. Getting to my point: women did not start the Feminist movement, MEN did. Who turned over power to redundant institutions that took away men's power as leaders of their own families? Well, you guessed it, MEN. Who let the educational system become a Marxist gulag indoctrinating our children into feminism, homosexuality and multiculturalism? Wait for it...wait for it.......yes,MEN did.

So please stop whining, get up off your assess, and DO SOMETHING!!! We women are waiting for you to take back power from the Illuminist Juggernaut. I think there are many more women in the Patriot (and other similar) movements than you realize. We are here waiting to support you if only you would organize and take back what was once yours and now belongs to the Global Cabal.

Mark said (December 22, 2009):

I am 59-year-old college professor and journalist and pretty much in agreement with you about the Feminist paradigm and how it has so completely corrupted a generation of women into working against their best interests and the best interests of society as a whole. I became aware of this in my 20’s when it became obvious that something was terribly wrong about the way men and women relate in America (although I couldn’t articulate it back then) and I stayed single until later in life. I’m happy I did. Like you, I don’t entirely agree with the writer of Confessions of a Liberated Man, but it was well written and did contain a lot of food for thought.

What do women look for in a man? They look for a feeling. And that feeling they receive through their central nervous systems is based on hormones. A relationship cannot be sustained by hormones. A couple must be in harmony on the spiritual, emotional and/or intellectual level. Hormonal attraction is a jump start, but lacking development in other areas, a relationship is destined for boredom and failure.

I married a Latin American woman and we’ve been together for 14 years now, during which time I’ve never cheated on her- though I’ve had ample opportunities to do so- and we’ve never been happier. She is intelligent, patient, loving, cheerful and a great mother. I wasn’t looking for a housewife or a mail order bride- I wanted an educated woman who is emotionally grown up and has a sense of herself as a woman- untainted by the feminist paradigm. The quality that made me interested in her to start with- besides her good looks- was that she instinctively recognized the dysfunctionality and slavish devotion American women to feminism and how it has poisoned man-woman relationships in this country.

I am sorry for the spoiled, pampered and self-absorbed American woman and her so-called sisters. American feminism was never about her, but she will defend it to the death- never realizing there was no place set at the feminist table for her- but only for her Vassar and Radcliffe -educated “sisters.” Much of this sickness is men’s fault too.

Men have to take their own consciousness back by controlling their sex drive- easy enough for a 59-year-old guy to say , I know- and by practicing restraint and civility and responsibility. This is really a problem that goes back thousands of years. Thanks for your excellent articles. I am a regular reader of them.

Graham said (December 22, 2009):

Regarding 'Confessions of a Liberated Man', there is a brilliant book - 'Ball Breaking' by Robert Spicer - written in the 1980s, but which seems to have disappeared. Amazon knows about it, but doesn't have it.

I include a short quote from the Introduction. QUOTE> Men deserve everything they get and more, for allowing themselves to be debased, abused and manipulated by a strictly speaking inferior creature. Nevertheless, they do it, and given the conspiracy against them from birth, I dare say it is understandable and forgivable. . . Ballbreaking is defined in this book as the harnessing of all weaknesses, failings and emotional insecurities of a superior human being to facilitate the willing acceptance of servitude, soul sale, surrender of potential, inferior companionship, blackmail, verbal sadism and mental cruelty by an inferior. .. Man, this great, intelligent, seeker, achiever, builder, improver, charter of the heavens, this gallant honourable creature is only a parody of what he could be, if only he were free of the emotional shackles instilled by his mother, reinforced by his father, reflected by his sister, set in concrete by society; and eventually, when he meets the 'right girl' - meaning the girl who is the most suitable and attractive his earning power can achieve - who is cunning and well trained enough to satisfy his conditioned emotional needs, his enslavement will be complete.
It is significant that if the sexes were reversed in that quote there would be no problem. Women would say it was merely stating the obvious. But when it is said about men, there is social outrage - and books disappear from shelves. That in itself says something about the social conditioning that has taken place. It must be remembered that 70% of the women on the Titanic (all classes) survived; 70% of the men (all classes) perished. Having entered the lifeboats under the principle of 'women and children first', the women commandeered them and ordered the crews to row away from the ship even though men were drowning and the occupancy of the lifeboats was only about 60%. Movies on the tragedy make much of the fact that the ship 'didn't have enough life boats', but never will they mention that what lifeboats there were were not used effectively because of the despicable behaviour of the women. Believe me, life, liberty and happiness for the male begins when he stops trying to find 'that woman' and transmutes the sex drive into more productive pursuits.

Merry Christmas from Graham in Australia

Tony said (December 22, 2009):

Peter is basically correct. As an American, I have not met a single women in fifty years who is not tainted to some point similar to his personal observations, including two wives of very different intelligence, morals, ambition and outlook. Pretty much opposites, actually, but both having the same mind set about men even though they would never express it in the same words, one as the other. In fact, they probably wouldn't have been able to make the other understand what was meant. Actually, the less intelligent one was the closest to a real woman. Were I young enough to be inclined to remarry there is no way I would even consider a western woman. Maybe not even a white woman.

I've been saying for many years that western women are out of place and out of control. Furthermore, they see men, as Peter discovered, as commodities. They demand the best commodity they can get at the cheapest price, a la Walmart sales. That's the mind set. It starts at about six, when mom gives them a few bucks to buy play makeup or some such "look at me" stuff.

However, it never enters their selfish minds that they must have some value to offer the man they want. It's as though the fact that they are female is enough, he should feel lucky. For most of them their conversation is vapid because their mind is. Full of worthless Oprah Winfrey type crap with little to no worthwhile knowledge or concept of a useful life. Extreme self-centeredness. To the point of self destruction.
Problem is, they take everyone in near contact down with their ship unless you bail out to save yourself. Then YOU are one nasty individual in the eyes of all the rest.

But it is just more of the same commodity mindset that sinks them. "Oh, the new has worn off this one, I'll chuck him and shop for a new one. Someone else will pay, they always do. The last one will pay for the kids and so will the new guy. I can sit on my ever fattening ass forever while someone else does the real work. The law is on my side and there are plenty of people out there who will help me drive the kids' father into the ground, getting every last penny." They get every last penny, which allows them to vegetate into blobs of bitchy nothingness. And are eventually avoided like the plague by anyone with half a brain.

Laura said (December 21, 2009):

Sounds like Peter married a slut (women w/illegitimate kids). This happened to my brother; his wife ran off, she previously had 2 kids out of wedlock..I have no respect for men who choose this trash to marry/shack up with...even if they are family members; friends..I have lost respect for Sara Palin and other women who choose to let their daughters live like sluts, having kids with no husband. If men choose these type women then they are equally to blame (dogs run with dogs). I refuse to choose friends or associate with men or women in this life style.

Dani said (December 21, 2009):

AF" said it more eloquantly than I could, but basically this man in Australia has fallen straight into the age old "divide and conquer" trap. As well as making the mistake of thinking that all women fit the negative portrait he's painted. You see a lot of women doing the exact same thing to men. They've gotten burned by a few, or have a bad father figure, and so now they speak disparagingly of all men. All men are dogs, all men are assholes, all men are jerks, all men only want you for one thing, all men will cheat, etc. etc. A girl I used to know many years ago used to "joke" that men are big dumb animals that need to be trained. That's another stereotype/meme being pushed by the modern feminist movement, that men are dumb oafs, and you have to train them the same way you do Fido, get them properly trained to heed every snap of your finger, and to think/speak/respond as a woman would. But then of course they no longer respect those men and treat them like crap, which then fuels many of those guys to adopt negative attitudes towards women, and so it goes, round and round. But that's of course what the powers that be want it seems. Divide and conquer.

Australia man sounds pretty far gone. He might do best to find an island populated only by big strong alpha males that spend their days working out math, science and logic problems, away from inferior women with their small brains and useless children. And then he can spend his days basking in the glory of all the big, strong, smart manliness that surrounds him. (Kind of starting to sound a bit homo erotic, kind of the same way the feminist/illuminati agenda has succeeded in getting many women so bitter towards men that they start to lean towards bisexuality with other women.) It's all about divide and conquer.

Mark said (December 21, 2009):

Peter deserves a bit more back up from the men who see what is happening.

I am glad you posted his story. It is sad but too often the truth and I have noticed the same things in women I have had in my life and I have known woman from all ethnicities. Once the programming takes over it is like the Stepford wives in reverse.

Roger said (December 21, 2009):

agree with Peter's story. The Australian government is trying to break up the nuclear family unit, and make the government your family, it's exactly what Aaron Russo said. Here in Australia 30 years ago (and I know it's a terrible thing to say) Police were indifferent if a man beat his wife (personally I don't think anybody should get beat), but now days the law has gone completely the other way, now everything is in the wife's favor, the wife gets everything.

On top of that you got Hollywood shows like 'Jew in the city' which teach women to shop till they drop and not worry too much about raising a family, and other shows like "Bones" which turn women into career minded pseudo men.

I disagree about Philippine women, my brother was married/ de facto relationship with a Philippine woman and she got everything; the car, the Mac-Mansion and everything in it. Philippine women are the most materialist women on the planet. You get a filipina over here and it's avarice, these filipinas suffer from avarice, it's all non stop shopping. And they're dumb too, they think shopping on credit cards is being rich.

Russian and Ukrainian women learn quick so you DON'T talk about your past, especially past failures. Just tell them you can't remember. Russian women are very loyal, and they like to work really hard. Russian women are very good with money too, you given her a bit of money and the next thing you know she renovated the bathroom and kitchen! Sure the Russian woman likes the latest Ipod, but she does it with hard cash, that's the difference. A simple way to keep a Russian woman loyal to you is to tell her that she is The Special One, and tell it to her all the time. You have to educate her with soft words. Don't believe me, try it on your child and you'll see a remarkable positive change in attitude towards you.

I think the only way to fight the Rockefellers etc, is to educate your own family about what is going on with the NWO, make your own family loyal to you as leader, all for one and one for all, less TV, and cut the credit cards up so they can't control you, and live more frugal. Remember a mighty God is a living man.:)


Joanne said (December 21, 2009):

Wow! Is this what society has come to be? As a non-baby making machine, after 42 years of childless marriage to the same man, each other's soul mate, and one and only sexual partner for the both of us, I can only state that the women I know of all ages do not fit that angry man's image. Our friends: couples, singles, widows, and widowers, young and old, definitely do not fit in his image of women, sex, and life. Suffice to say however, he would never fit into our congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses without changing his behavior either! To bad he never listened to us when we came to his door, (as we, personally, have gone to people's doors for 40 years) and gotten the real view of marriage, love, respect, obedience, and morality. Oh well, we keep trying.

Rodney said (December 21, 2009):

For almost 25 years I increasingly disengaged from my own society solely because of the influence Feminism has over every single British female (and most American and Canadian women too). I could not bring myself to act in ways that offended my inner concept of manhood, but which were demanded by the new Zeitgeist. For over twenty five years I lived with the impression I was the only one who could see what I was seeing. If one attempted to engage in discussion with other men about the groupthink disease women were inflicting upon society, one was immediately suspected of closet homosexuality. At least for the late 1970s to the late 1990s period, it is my belief this (slightly irrational) fear prevented men from speaking out more forcefully against women's self-obsessiveness. Thankfully the advent of the Internet allowed anonymous discussion and this new way of communication helped break the ice.

I relocated to the south of England during the mid-1980s to find the young women down there all hardcore feminists and many of the young males preoccupied with grooming. A few young males working for my employer -- who were nominally heterosexual -- still saw fit to wear eye makeup and lipstick (men's versions). If you ever want to meet authentically weird women then I recommend you go and spend a year in Sussex, Surrey, or Hampshire. The term Witch's Coven comes to mind.

Unlike others, I am not prepared to condemn Peter for taking a jaundiced view of white women. It is important readers do not overlook his supplementary comment where he explains his brush with acute poverty and the vile actions of his former wife who removed his own offspring to unknown places. There are many cultures around the world who would have excused Peter if he had shot dead his former wife as punishment for engaging in such heinously arrogant and aggressively cold-hearted behaviour.

I believe we should all admire Peter's ability to look through his emotional clouds and still effectively investigate and then perceive the truth of our common predicament. Our women have indeed been 'programmed' because whatever the Communists amongst us say to the contrary, they are biologically inclined to be so. Women evolved to respond positively to groupthink. They are indeed naturally inclined towards an acceptance of Communism or more accurately, Communitarianism.

Their emotional programming begins at an early age. I once performed a simple survey of a major branch of a famous stationers/bookstore chain in Britain. My objective was to identify and list all the magazine titles, published monthly, that were targeting a female readership aged between 16 to age 40. Chief amongst these of course was Cosmopolitan. The overall count was something like 50. In addition there were a significant number of smutty titles targeting the 10 to 16 year old age group (about 6 if I recall correctly).

Joshua points to the Conde Naste group based in New York City (and owned by an Ashkenazi family from Russia) as our villain of the peace. He is not wrong, but in doing so he also misses an important piece of history. Cosmopolitan was the 'trail blazer' for the dissemination of radical feminism and the 'stuffing' of white males. Radical feminism was actually imported into Britain (from America's East Coast) by the launch of Cosmopolitan's U.K. edition in 1973(?). Cosmopolitan was (and probably still is) a title that belongs to the Hearst Corporation. I used to curse the name of Randolph Hearst until I learned that a Rockefeller owned company acquired the Hearst Group several decades ago. So once again, the trail leads us right back to the same damned family that crops up every time we take the trouble to follow the scent of evil back to its ultimate source.

NJ said (December 21, 2009):

Peter, in my view, seems to be about half way there, (and he has the right beat on the Rothschilds and Rockefeller Foundation hands in the social engineering part of this).

Recognize though, not brain case size, but hormones. To me feminine women are a delight to have around. BUT, consider one more factor, and this is hard: Maybe no sex activity is best. Not just for population control reasons, but on sound advice from both Buddha and Jesus (Thomas).

This is to keep from coming back, yet a prospect of everlasting life. "Life is a bridge, don't build a house on it."

Joshua said (December 21, 2009):

I had a very similar experience. Once the Western Woman thinks your onto her game, she gives up. She is 'heartbroken' not because you
damaged her concept of love, you damaged her sense of aptitude in deceiving men. You bruised her ego. She doesn't feel as powerful,
and almost amazingly, she finds a way to blame you for that. But she will NEVER say that. In response to the segment above, its perfectly
plausible that they have a programming mechanism in place, they are called Women's Magazines. Most of them (all the dominant ones) are
owned by a single rich family. It is called the Conde-Nast empire.

and one of the younger heirs to the empire discussing his families fortune:

Chris said (December 21, 2009):

Peter’s story, unfortunate as it is, is based upon self-pity.

This self-pity has now morphed into anger and hatred and created its own ideology, no matter how flawed.

Perhaps the same emotions were stoked to popularize the feminist movement.

I too have had many problems with women: manipulative, cold and selfish women.

But few women are saints. This is the same for men.

Deny yourself the luxury of self-pity and you will regain some perspective.

Ron said (December 21, 2009):

What I am really writing about is the lady who commented on this article.

I’ve heard the stuff she says many times.
We’re not all like that.
We’ve all had some hard times.
You should think about the children.

What I keep listening for my whole life but never hear from a women is:
That douchebag.
She is scum.
She wouldn’t know honor if it bit her on her fat ass.
I would never befriend such human garbage.
They never badmouth their own kind.
Why is that?
I believe if you don’t attack evil then you are implicitly defending it.

When a man acts dishonorably I call him a scumbag.
He will not be my friend.
This is because I value personal honor.
I would like an intelligent woman’s response to this question.

AF said (December 21, 2009):

"And don't the women who read about my story hate me!"

How can any woman (or man) hate you for being hurt by someone you once loved and thought loved you back? No one hates you; I do not. I am a woman. I am soon to be married to a man once divorced. He has no children, nor do I. We are thinking about having them though. He is older than I which works well with our temperaments. Not to mention the fact that we love each other immensely. He does not view me as a procreating machine, and is not forced to co-habitat to ensure the safety of me or his offspring. It saddens me to see the ruin in your relationship; the resentment and numbness that fills you now. It is a shame you think all women are like this today. It is not so. I and my future husband have known about the feminist-communist-elite agenda for quite a while, and have written many papers on the subject at University. They think I am crazy. All it takes is a looking at historical patterns, which you have done, to see the truth.

However, I think you misunderstand the best way to combat the feminist agenda. As a matter of fact, you have done everything that the agenda would want you to do. The anger and hatred felt for women, the dissolution of marriage, seeing another human being as a 'baby-machine' or a sex-monger, commitment and love as a socially engineered construct...!

We are not machines. Women have been led astray as much as men have been hurt. Do you want your children to grow thinking love is a human construct, a biological additive? Does your love for your children stop simply because your wife leaves the marriage? We all have been abandoned, dumped, left behind, back stabbed, lied to etc. We have also abandoned, dumped, left behind, back stabbed and lied to others. This does not mean we throw our hands up and say "I give up! You can all go screw yourselves!".

You do not stop being a parent. You will get hurt. You will live. How you react to those situations define your character and how you will weather the rest of your life. I bet if you asked how your father, whom you admire, would deal with the situation he would be a man, move on, love his kids, be guarded with women but never disrespect anyone simply because one woman or many have been duped to believe a lie. There are others like you, like me, who know the truth. Do not fall right into the hands of some old elitist groups; they have no power over you but fear and betrayal and those are illusions in themselves. Love and goodness remains the truth.

I hope this message encourages you and others not to fall victim to the lies and stay on a better path. Do not give up. You have more to live for than just women or for yourself.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at