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Markets Signal Coming Depression

May 15, 2012

This article was originally posted at the height of the credit crunch Nov. 14, 2008 as "Credit Crunch: Occult Colonization of the Developed World?" It appears that the Illuminati will use the secession of Greece from the EU to precipitate another credit crunch and Depression.

In "The Telegraph" today, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard says Greece's exit from the EU will cost France and Germany 155 billion Euros and cause a Depression. The Illuminati will use this crisis to advance their agenda for world government dictatorship.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

"Economic crises have been produced by us for the goyim by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation."
-- Protocols of Zion, 20

How did the Rothschilds manage to emerge relatively unscathed from the financial meltdown?

 "You could say that we may have more insights than others," Baron David de Rothschild coyly told a reporter during a recent visit to Dubai.

Does "more insights than others" include being personally responsible for the financial meltdown? "World events do not occur by accident," Denis Healey, former British Defense Secretary said. "They are made to happen... staged and managed by those who hold the purse string." According to another insider, the Illuminati were responsible for the last Depression too.

For hundreds of years, mankind has been force-fed a diet of depression, war, Communism, division, depravity and dysfunction by central bankers like the Rothschilds. They want to translate their monopoly over our government's credit into a total monopoly over power, culture and religion, i.e. the New World Order. 

The Protocols of Zion: "It is indispensable to...utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation, by the inoculation of diseases, by want, so that the "goyim" see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else." (Protocol 10:19)

According to the Dubai interview, "Baron Rothschild shares most people's view that there is a New World Order. In his opinion, banks will de-leverage and there will be a new form of global governance."

Referring to Dubai's Muslim character, Rothschild said, "There is no debate that Rothschild is a Jewish family, but we are proud to be in this region."

If the "Baron" is just an innocent businessman plying his trade, I owe him an apology. However, I suspect he (or his siblings) belong to the Illuminati Council of Thirteen. The Illuminati are generational satanists and their agenda is to impoverish and enslave humanity. Naturally, I want to be wrong but the "credit crisis" may be the beginning of a plan to reduce the developed world to permanent third world status.


In 1992, Maurice Strong, head of the UN Conference on Environment and Development, laid out the real intent behind the global warming campaign: "Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring that about?"

Could this be behind the credit crunch also?

We are familiar with the specter of the IMF forcing third world nations to restructure their economies. For example, Pakistan recently agreed to raise taxes and cut subsidies in return for an IMF loan. How long before the IMF makes similar demands on the US and Europe? (If the government controlled its own credit, it could create money without repaying it, or interest.)

According to Webster Tarpley, a "confidential strategy paper aims to impose [an IMF] dictatorship on the entire planet, wiping out all hope of economic recovery, the modernization of the developing countries, and national sovereignty" as well.
It proposes the usual form of IMF orthodoxy - "austerity, sacrifice, deregulation, privatization, union busting, wage reductions, free trade, the race to the bottom, and prohibitions on advanced technologies."

Stephen Lendman adds:  "Economist Michael Hudson reports that 1% of the US population owns 70% of its wealth, a huge increase over earlier periods. This plan aims to increase it. To turn the US and world economies into banana republics. To make its workers de facto serfs. To crush competition and empower corporate giants. Mostly ones in America."

Tarpley is hopeful that the BRIC-bloc  (Brazil, Russia, India and China) will stop this initiative but I doubt they are independent of Illuminati control. 

This "third world " scenario is consistent with the Illuminati's longstanding plan for colonization of the earth. For example, the Protocols envisions: "There should be in all the States of the world, besides ourselves, only the masses of the proletariat, a few millionaires devoted to our interests, police and soldiers." (7)


The source of this conspiracy against mankind is the Cabala -- "Jewish mysticism" -- which dates back to Egyptian and Babylonian mystery religions. The Illuminati are Cabalists, also known as Zoharists or the "Illuminated" from their adherence to the Zohar (part of the Cabala) or "book of light."

The Cabala currently enjoys a vogue in Hollywood. It is Satan's Bible, the source of all Western occult, witchcraft, black magic, ritual human and animal sacrifice, sex worship (i.e. regenerative energies of nature, phallus worship etc.) numerology and sorcery. It is the source of the so-called "New Age" religious movement.

"Cabalism is true Illuminism," Texe Marrs writes. It teaches that evil is transformed into righteousness, and that "Lucifer is Lord. Satan is the true and only god. That is the essential doctrine of Cabalism [and Freemasonry.]" (Codex Magica, p. 426)

In each generation there is a  "Ba'al Shem," a Cabala adept who claims magical powers, bilks the faithful and lives in luxury. He is known as "Chief of all the Jews." Does he advise the financiers?

In the 18th Century the Ba'al Shem of England was Samuel Jacob Falk (1710-1782.)  In Sept. 1762 a Dr. Adler published an account of Falk's activities  in "The Gentleman's Magazine." He described the Cabalist as "a Christened Jew and the biggest rogue and villain in all the world." The Cabalist offered to teach Adler certain mysteries if he could procure "one pound of blood out of the veins of an honest Protestant."

Adler took his own blood to Falk who used it to paint occult symbols and the name of God and the angels around his garden. He then performed "cruelties on a he-goat too loathsome to describe." (This account is from "Secret Societies and Subversive Movements" 1924, by Nesta Wester pp. 184-188.)

Cabalism is a satanic cult and the central bankers belong to it. Our leading politicians, including George Bush and Barack Obama, also belong.

In Nesta Webster's words, "it is in the Cabala, still more than in the Talmud, that the Judaic dream of world domination occurs with the greatest persistence."  (371) The Zohar relates that the Messiah will declare war on the whole world: "They will all perish when God visits them in His wrath." ...the Holy One, blessed be He, will exterminate all the goyim of the world. Israel alone will subsist..." (374)


The Cabala portrays the "Jews" as kings with the world offering up its wealth and  slave service. In practice, the "Jews" refers to the Illuminati Order (Freemasons) which consists of Jews and non-Jews. The Cabalists have no use for outsiders including non-believing Jews.

Interview 100 Jews and I doubt if 10 are acquainted with the sources of the Illuminati's hatred of humanity, the Talmud and Cabala. I doubt if 10% have any interest in world domination. Nevertheless the Illuminati control organized Jewry including Zionism as well as most other religions and organizations. Humanity is in their grip.

I ask myself if the Illuminati is genuinely motivated by this demented Satanic/Jewish ideology or whether it just serves as a useful pretext/vehicle for their political and economic domination.

Certainly we are seeing a Talmudic control being imposed on the world similar to the bondage Jews suffered from their rabbis in Medieval times. Increasingly, there is a web of trivial government regulation in the name of "equality," "communitarianism" or fighting "terror."

According to the Protocols of Zion (5): "We shall create an intensified centralization of government in order to grip in our hands all the forces of the community. We shall regulate mechanically all the actions of the political life of our subjects by new laws."

Mankind is victim of a hoax of unspeakable proportions. All wars are contrived and orchestrated. Our politics, culture and values are similarly contrived and controlled. We are entering a Dark Age.

Unwilling to confront & expose the Satanists who are pulling the strings, we are willing accomplices in our own destruction.


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Comments for "Markets Signal Coming Depression "

Steven said (May 17, 2012):

The last sentence speaks volumes and exposes the downside of racial solidarity plus political correctness, godlessness and the undermining of public morals.

"Unwilling to confront & expose the Satanists who are pulling the strings, we are willing accomplices in our own destruction."

There is behaviour that people like and then there is behaviour that preserves the people. Those behaviours are not the same thing.
This is true for all peoples including the Jews.

Glenn said (May 16, 2012):

The truth is that Greece could solve their current financial problems in four easy steps. They would have to be willing to stick it to the rest of Europe and to risk being blackballed by the international community, but it could be done.

The following is the prescription for Greece:

1) Default on all debts.

2) Leave the euro.

3) Issue drachmas that are debt-free and that do not come from a central bank. Instead, have the Greek government create them and spend them directly into circulation.

4) Enjoy a return to prosperity.

Exactly as Iceland did, as USA and EVERY OTHER COUNTRY on earth should/must do.

Central banking is a zionist ponzi scheme enslaving all people in all countries in perpetual debt.

Jason said (May 15, 2012):

I just finish reading the article that was just published on your website. I have to say, it certainly holds water!

It's been a couple years since I have been on date, and in a way it is kind of disappointing. I was raised by a single-parent, my mother, who raised me to be respectful and courteous, especially towards women. However, going though high school and college, I have noticed a lot what has been stated in the article; women tend to be the most "programmed" of the sexes from what I've seen.

Naively enough I tried pursuing these go-getters, but with little or no success. It is almost like they have a buffer zone around them. Even while studying at a University, I thought I will be more successful with women than back in high school. I was even more surprised! Most the them only wanted to date guys that were part of their Fraternity/Sorority group, or date the ones that appeal to their own outwardly presentation. Very little individuality.

Of course, me being apart of the whole "Truther" movement, it seems now I am even more on the fringe. Women seem to only care about carnal or superficial things. Even the more "intelligent" of women seem to not to care what is going on the world. From my perspective, it seems that men are filling both the maternal and paternal roles of society. Even my mother has lamented to me that women are generally stupid, (I am sadly in agreement with her.)

I am not discouraged that I will one day find a great companion who will respect me for being me and I for her. So, I again would like to thank you for confirming what I have been observing for a long time now. Keep up the great work! Maybe one day I can be a contributor for your very informational website.

Guiseppe said (November 21, 2008):

love your work....all my research pionts to an occult group ...the freemasons,illuminati.your work needs to go public on a large scale.the world needs to know..........all war,social movements are a creation of this group.the death of the west,the disappearing male.the piosons in our water and plastics.the rockefellers have killed billions.cancers are common.they want to terminate whatever that is good about our lives.v for vendetta.v for vendetta.i am going to jion the canadian action party and do what i can.

Caroline said (November 21, 2008):

I found your article extremely informing, but thought the 'third world' scenerio(NWO) that is being imposed upon the world by the elite is called the 'fourth world' ie one world goverment. . ? Aren't the very terms 'first world, second world, etc." illuminati terms themselves that were used during the cold war? I can't even remember where I read about that but it suddenly popped into my mind when I was reading the prophecy of Daniel: "And thus he said: the fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon the earth, which shall be greater than all the kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces." Keep up your incredible research Henry, and God help us all.

Wade said (November 20, 2008):

Currently I live in Los Angeles & just wanted to say that your articles on rising feministic ways to further the NWO are very interesting & have been a great help for me with which to relate to, as I am witnessing almost everything that you’ve spoke about FIRST HAND… so its nice to know that someone else out there understands & has enough courage to post it…

Jay said (November 19, 2008):

I like your writings and I agree with you a lot but you need to offer a more scholarly investigation into your claims about the Kabbalah. I am a student of history and I assure you the first Kabbalah surfaced in the 1200's in France. The Sephardic Jews who lived in the area may have produced it or it is more likely an artifact from the interactions of Sufi's with the Jews living in the south of France. One thing we know though is that it did not exist before that time anywhere in Jewish or Hebrew history.

To derive so much meaning from something with little evidence is disturbing. I judge an investigator by how well he or she nails a subject that I know something about. In this regard you have failed. Your quotes are all from equally misinformed investigators. Honestly your quotes about the Kabbalah are like learning about Al-Queda from reading Bush's speeches.

I am going to give you a brief rundown on what I think is going on.

The Freemasons are actually Muslims. The Templars actually did convert via the Assassins. Philip the Fair and Pope Clement were actually right.

Most people don't realize that the Muslims had been trying to conquer Europe almost from the beginning. It was Charles Martel and the Catholics who finally stopped them.

Rabbi Sabatini (sorry about the spelling) converted to Islam on his deathbed. He always was a muslim. Queen Elizabeth I, Bacon and the whole Protestant court was infatuated by alchemy and all of the other sciences that Islam had preserved during the dark ages. Protestantism, while founded on real grievances, is actually the midwife religion between Catholicism and Islam.

Chamish is right. The people running Israel are not Jews. they are Freemasons. The Kabbalah is a Freemasonic device that has its origins in Sufi/Coptic mythology probably taken from Egypt.

The NWO has chosen Islam as its world religion. I just returned from Germany and Amsterdam. Both will be 50% Muslim very soon. Prince Charles converted to Islam. I have that from a very good source who knows.



My role is to put the pieces in the puzzle and I am confident this is where the Cabala belongs.
I can recognize a sewage swamp without wading in it, what you call "scholarship."

You betray your own ignorance with statements like 1."I assure you the Cabala first surfaced in the 1200's in France" 2. The Freemasons are actually Muslims 3. The NWO has chosen Islam as the world religion. All of this is nonsense.


Dragan said (November 18, 2008):

Hi Henry, first I want to offer you most hearty congratulations to your work that has helped me in my research, and no doubt, countless other people, to find out what is really going on behind the smoke scenes. Thank you! I have found out in the past years that what you are saying is mostly spot on.

I am not sure myself who is really on top of the ruling pyramid, Jesuits or Bankers, and how much of the world they have managed to cover. One thing is for sure, and that is that whatever name they are under, the rulers are in service of the Dark One! The world would never be in such a mess if those in charge had humanity's interests in their hearts.

Henry, I love the way you connect all you say to the root, to God. And this is where the heart of the matter is, those who want to rule know that first thing they have to do is break our connection with God, the Creator, the all pervasive consciousness to love. We have naivly or otherwise allowed this to happen and thus became slaves of materialism, survivalism, sexuality, pleasures, envy and fear, as you so eloquently point out in your esseys.

I had a dream the other night which made an important point. In short, in my dream two men were raping a baby, one of the men was baby's father. This was happening in a public place, with some other people present, people who were only observers and not taking part in the horrible act at all. Somehow those others were accepting that it was OK what was happening in front of their eyes because no ne said a word, myself included. When I woke up I was shocked at my non-reaction, at my justifications and at my lack of emotional response... I realised that what the dream was pointing to was the fact that I have become emotionally numb, that I have forgotten how to care. Likewise, this lack of geuine care is the one of the major factors why we are in the mess that we find ourselves and our beautiful Earth in. If we really cared the Dark One would find himself out of job on this planet!

Dan said (November 18, 2008):

Christ -- when he [Robert- below]invoked the name of Franz Bardon I nearly fell of my chair. (by the way Bardon was German 'Fraturnis Saturnis' (sic) black magician, a pedophile who committed suicide during the 1950's - facing prison. ).
This snobbish dork is heavily under delusions of grandeur typical of those under the influence of pop culture occult. If he talked to me like this in a bar I'd bitch slap the punk.

ugh. I mean 'been there, done that'.

Jack said (November 18, 2008):

Regarding your latest article, "Credit Crisis...". I've long assumed the Global Warming hoax is little more than codephrase for orchestrated food and fuel shortages to achieve population reduction by starvation.

You properly connected the warming hoax to the current markets crash. Now the Blame Game begins. While thinkers recognize that the physical economy is going to be devastated by the markets crash, the masses will except the warming myth as (distorted) reality, and presented by the 6 o'clock news anchor, that Global Warming caused by consumerism is the real villian in food and fuel shortages. Then, like history revisionism, guilt will be conferred upon every soul who has ever made a purchase via an industrial revolution energy source.

I'm compelled to disagree with you on this point: Goebbels was right. The masses will follow the leader like lemmings; and for this reason the masses will repudiate any and all attempts to 'expose the satanist that pull the strings'. The minority thinker, not influenced by the distorted realities, is very much on his own.

James said (November 18, 2008):

Henry, Hi guy, I hope all is well with you. Wow...really liked your latest on "Credit Crunch: Occult....". I guess if you had the mindset that you wanted to RULE the world, you would have to pull unto Satan for justification and empowerment. Everyone else on the planet would have faith in their God and do you fight that??? Just as big of a dilemma is how do we, of a peaceful and God loving nature, combat Satanism and it's machinery?? Stay You know I have a hard time trying to convince people that there are people "out there" that want to RULE the world...and America is in their way!! See the patterns... I ask..this one maybe a passing thing like in the previous cycles....however, there is lots of Evil machinery [chemtrails, FEMA camps, guillotines,Neo-con-Nazi-Zionist programs in DC, media brainwashing, etc....] in place that cost lots of money and is just about all set up for a test run. So knowing that deceit is Satans best tool, confusion will reign. Hey I just did something..I get a spell check for Satan needing capitalized , but try GOD!! Anyway, "knowledge is POWER" and knowing your enemy are key in anything we do...and especially with whats coming. Keep it up brother..and take care, James

Robert said (November 17, 2008):

Usually I half-enjoy your writing, but your latest scribble about "cabala" is shameful, rabid ignorance. For starters, "Cabala" as you call it is properly (in English, anyhow) Quabbalah, the Cosmic Language. It is a combination of color, sound, and geometry that activates powers. Any abuse of the system is a perversion by hominid megalomaniacs, but the core principles are untouchable by such whores. Quabbalah is found in the first words in Genesis: "In the beginning was the Word..."

If you take the time to study the etymology, you will find that "cabala" has another meaning altogether different from Quabbalah.

And if you have any interest whatsoever in the pure system ("Jewish" or otherwise), you might find the non-dogmatic, anglicized version presented by Franz Bardon to be honest (The Key to the True Quabbalah). As it is, you are merely indulging yourself in your rush to print -- and it doesn't even read well.

By the way: I'm not Jewish, and I have no sympathy whatsoever for them. I was raised Catholic, but have long since deprogrammed myself from all that, and now am simply enlightened and living in a state of grace. I received the "Lost Word" (John 1:1, Quabbalah) by direct revelation, 40 years ago.

You, however, remain willfully and arrogantly ignorant, and thereby do an insulting disservice to your readers and yourself.

Robert Nelson



I am putting pieces in a puzzle and this is where the Cabala goes. I don't know what hocus pocus you are using--"simply enlightened and living in a state of Grace."


Tony said (November 17, 2008):

Regardless of who is responsible for them, one's insights become amazingly clear with study of the Protocols, do they not? It is a key to the modus operandi of those in power which was never supposed to be public. You have become adept at relating manipulated occurrences to them. And you do mankind a high service by relating those insights to people at large.

You rightly realize that, in the end, it is the same old war between God and the devil, no matter how you define those entities. This war we on earth will always have to fight; always have to choose sides. It is the true purpose of human life on earth. The satanists have done an excellent job of masking our true purpose and the few like yourself do the work of unmasking it.

It is a high and worthwhile calling. Never quit. Never back off. Some will always see and understand with this "new" knowledge that can save them from much evil, much confusion, much agony, giving them a chance for better, more worthy, lives while making the devil's work harder. You are not the first to do this good nor will you be the last. Your time is now and you are using it well.

James2 said (November 16, 2008):

1. taxes and government spending will increase
2. government regulation and control over our lives will greatly increase
3. economic disorder will greatly increase
4. police state powers will greatly increase
5. imperialistic wars will continue unimpeded and likely increase
6. some form of carbon tax based on the false idea of manmade global warming
7. renewed attacks on freedom of speech through hate speech laws and fairness doctrine
8. renewed attacks on the right of the people to keep and bear arms
9. renewed attacks on the right of the people to peaceably assemble
10. job losses will continue unabated through next year and may even accelerate
11. some kind of a Hitleresque mandatory paramilitary youth corps
12. some kind of a Hitleresque mandatory environmentalist youth corps
13. the establishment of a universal snitch society
14. a possible false flag event leading to the reinstitution of the draft

prognostication: a prediction based on present indications or signs

Jean D'eau said (November 16, 2008):

If Barack Obama is going to be manipulated by the "Illuminati" represented in his entourage by Emanuel Rahm, then America is probably near to becoming a police state: the "Illuminati" have no other logic than continue using America as an agent of destruction against their opponents while millions of Americans are not so willing to cooperate any more unless being forced.

There are serious clues that a new "terrorist attack" is in preparation, so destructive that Obama would not have other choice left than punish the "rogue state" guilty of giving asylum to the "terrorists". As western intelligence sources are these times focused on Pakistan, we can imagine that the next "punitive" war will take place in that country.

A new 9/11 is probably going to be the "test" to which will be submitted Obama, as mentioned by Biden in a recent electoral speech. Biden has even precised that the "test" will take place around the end of January. What could a new fake "terrorist attack" look like?

The reason why the "Illuminati" have interest in attacking Pakistan is that the country is now politically much closer to China than to the USA. In particular, the current Pakistani leadership is part of a deal concerning the construction of a gas pipeline from Iran to China through Pakistan. No need to underline the geostrategic importance of this project.

I hope to be wrong but, if a new 9/11 is going to happen, then I can`t see how a State of Urgency could be avoided in the USA and, consecutively, a civil war between those Americans who will refuse to become slaves in their own country and those who will be brainwashed enough to play the role of the "Illuminati`s" pretorian guard.

James said (November 16, 2008):

Thanks for another excellent article. I completely agree with your analysis of the New World Order and their plans.

This weekend meeting of the G20 will tell us whether or not their plans for an IMF world bank will succeed. I personally do not believe they will be successful. I believe that Russia, China, Asia and Latin America no longer want to be under IMF control.

In reality, the Anglo-American IMF and World Bank are nothing but a continuation of the ancient Babylonian or Chaldean economic system. The one world socialistic debt ruled super state that the globalists are attempting to establish is actually described in the Old Testament book of Habakkuk. In chapter 2, verses 3-6, there is a vision that was to speak "at the [time of the] end" (Hab. 2:3, NKJV). In this vision, the latter day "Chaldeans, " or globalists, are attempting to gather all nations together into a global "debt net" (compare Hab. 1:6, 15; 2:5-6, NASB). The same prophecy indicates that the globalists will fail, and that the world will turn against their system. Let's hope so. The results of this weekend's meeting of the G20 should be very revealing.

Dan said (November 15, 2008):

Henry, I didn't know about "Ba'al Shem". This isn't common knowledge to Jews either, is it? A Jewish friend never heard of any of this stuff. He never knew anything about the occult side of any of this until a year or so ago listening to Alan Watt. His family are 3rd or 4th generation Californians more or less agnostic. He never knew anything about Talmud beyond associating it with the guys in Manhattan that wear black hats and braids.

I've always found that's standard with suburban American latter generation Jews I've known. Their view of Jewish history comes from family stories passed down of small farm village simple life in Poland, Germany and Russia. Due to persecution the meme usually passed down is the first of a family that got off the boat at Ellis Island kissed the dirt and wanted to forget everything possible about the old country and religion and pursue the possibility of becoming whomever they wanted to be in a new land where you weren't lined up against the wall and shot from time to time for just being a Jew.

Of course there are lots of nuances and differences in these stories, but they really never cracked open the Talmud, Hebrew might as well be Japanese, and till lately may have thought Cabala was a variety of Mexican picante sauce. I've attended mainstream suburban synagogs and found the experience remarkably par with the laskluster routine dullness of a Sunday at in a Presbyterian Church. What I now think of as the 'sheep routine', completely sanitized and basically something one joins because they have children and don't want to appear 'strange' in their neighborhood.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at